Il Volo Professional ~~ Porta a Porta with Bruno Vespa

Pora a Porta Facebook
Porta a Porta Facebook

Hey Everyone!

 The celebration of Il Volo’s victory in San Remo continued this week when The Guys appeared on Porta a Porta with Bruno Vespa again. 

Porta a Porta seems to be a great show for them.  Bruno obviously cares for them a lot vise versa; they always seems to have good energy and audience appreciation–in my opinion–and did I mention they always sound amazing?  *school girl sigh* 

This time was no different, so enjoy it all!


~~  Kelly



Porta a Porta Facebook
Porta a Porta Facebook



Click here –> Porta a Porta Program, March 2015 ~~ (video); LiJoy

Click here —> Summary of Show  ~~ All About Il Volo


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7 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Porta a Porta with Bruno Vespa”

  1. Thank you Kelly !! I loved watching our guys on this show !!! They were so relaxed and funny !! Are we going to get any translations ?? Just asking. It’s frustrating not knowing what they are saying.

  2. It is awesome knowing there are people willing and able to trarnslate such a great show for us language impaired folks.. Thanks Kelly for the info!

  3. Thank you so much for the translation summary. It was fun watching but hard not to understand what was being said. Thank you and can’t wait for more.

  4. Kelly I too loved watching Il Volo on Porta Porta they seem like they really have a good time. I don’t understand Italian but I can tell they are happy and I know they like and I think they trust in Bruno Vespa. What a great show they put on.

  5. This was a excellent show, the guys are so relaxed and enjoying themselves… They are so entertaining in their natural state… Not only when they are on stage… This just goes to show they are blessed with natural talent… No need for electronics to enhance their voice and no script to enhance their personality…They can break into song at any moment and into laughter just as quickly… My face hurt from smiling though the entire show.. Thanks Kelly

  6. Thank you Kelly. This was a great interview. Really appreciate the translation. I have my Italian – English dictionary right next to my computer, but it would take me a month or more to figure out all of these Italian interviews!! 🙂

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