Revised: Vote for Il Volo for Eurovision 2015

So sorry, forgot to add the link…

Click here —> Vote For Il Volo as Your Favorite Act



Eurovision 2015 Logo
Eurovision 2015 Logo


vota!! vota vota vota! You can vote more than once. If every one of my friends on here votes just twice, it will land them in 2nd place! Right now they are tied for 3rd!!

Vota!! Vota vota vota! È possibile votare più di una volta. Se tutti i miei amici di qui voti solo due volte, si fanno in 2° posto! Adesso sono legati per 3rd!!

Vota!” ! Vota vota vota! Es posible votar más de una vez. Si todos mis amigos de aquí votos sólo dos veces, se hacen en 2° puesto! Ahora están vinculados por 3RD!


Some say they can’t vote more than once, but I and several others were.  So give it a try.  Don’t believe the picture above, it is from a few hours ago.  At present, 11:18pm EST Il Volo is in 3rd place with 744 votes.  First place is 1501 and no one seems to be voting for her right now.  I’ve watched the Il Volo numbers go from low 700s to this!!

This voting ends tomorrow, but didn’t notice a time?


Don’t know how “critical” this voting is, but you never know!  Looks like the guys are already on their way to Vienna to check things out after their trip to Abu Dhabi!

Ok, all Il Volovers – let’s vote!



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  1. Me too I just voted twice for IL Volo I just now went to the website and voted once went off and went back on it and voted again for IL Volo seemed to work. it seemed pretty easy. Good luck to everyone Let’s vote.

  2. Ok folks…It’s time for a slight warning. Many of these polls don’t mean much. Websites get their viewer numbers up for advertising dollars (we don’t sell ads). So, the fastest way to gain numbers is to run a popular poll. Get it?
    Of course, I voted anyway (some of us just can’t resist). Just don’t take them too seriously or expect an award type of outcome.

  3. Marie is right. This doesn’t really have anything to do with the final outcome, but its fun to vote for bragging rights. 🙂
    This morning, Il Volo is still in 3rd place, 100+ behind 2nd and 500+ behind 1st. I think it might be a good barometer of sorts to see who the front runners with the fans will be.

  4. Kelly, I see you couldn’t resist either. We may be a little gullible. Could it be because we’re all in love and think Our Guys need to win EVERYTHING?

    1. I don’t think we’re gullible. 🙂 We know that this is a random poll with no outcome on the actual Eurovision result. I think we just want The Guys to know how much we love them — even in something this small. 🙂 And in doing, we–in some small way–tell the world that yes Il Volo is different, and they better believe we are paying attention. They should too. 🙂

  5. I voted once and when I tried a second time it would not let me. It says underneath that you can only vote once for an artist but you can vote for more then one artist. I listened to “Warrior” which is in first place and not sure it will stay there. It has a ‘message” that might appeal to some fans. It also stated that the competition will be tough and for fans of their artist to be alert and support them.

    1. I don’t know, but it keeps letting me vote!! Yes, it does say “thank you for your vote” at the top, but if you look at the numbers, it increases by your vote! I just refreshed my page and voted again. It had gone up 3 (including my vote) – so someone is out there voting for our guys!! They are now less than 400, about 350 or so out of 1st place.
      Nina Sublatti – “Warrior” 16.67% (1,704 votes)

      Il Volo – “Grande Amore” 13.59% (1,389 votes)

  6. I was able to vote two times. Will keep voting. I want to see them win every poll or contest. They work hard on their craft and will always have my support.
    Barb W

  7. I got lured in quickly. 🙂 Have voted numerous times. Will keep voting as long as it accepts my vote. Why not? Don’t know how much clout THIS contest holds, but it will sure show that no matter where the guys are concerned their devoted fans will ALWAYS come through for them! 🙂

    1. I thought I was voting multiple times because it always went through. However, I discovered it said “YOUR VOTE HAS ALREADY BEEN RECORDED” on top which I didn’t notice before. So I took out my ipod and voted on there. And I will vote on my phone also! So if you are being rejected on your computer, go vote on your phone, or your laptop or your ipad or whatever else you have!

  8. I got out and went back and it let me vote again. So will try as long as the voting closes.

  9. I have voted multiple times and now they are only 10 votes out! Vote Il Volo fans!

  10. WE DID IT!!!!!
    Il Volo – “Grande Amore” 16.03% (1,729 votes)
    Nina Sublatti – “Warrior” 15.93% (1,718 votes)
    Even if this poll doesn’t mean anything, Il Volo know they have the best and most dedicated fans! Especially on International Women’s Day! Hmmm… the power of women, or is it the women of power? Lol!

  11. I just voted again & they are at 1869 the last I looked.

    I can’t get enough of this CD. I am either crying or dancing. I know when the guys come to Toronto Ignazio is going to have to sing Vacanze Romane to me personally & I will probably cry all over him.
    Never mind the popular songs of today I want more Italian love songs & I am going to request a seat on the stage in front of them to sing to me personally the whole concert. YEA IL VOLO THE BEST SINGERS IN THE UNIVERSE. Its amazing every time I hear them their voices are better & better if that is possible. This CD proves it. When each one of them sang solo for a few bars on Porta Porta they just sat & sang & was so relaxed they sounded so beautiful. They weren’t shouting or singing loud just calmly & so amazing. I have got to turn back my age clock I have to marry Ignazio I can’t stand this any longer.

    1. Agree….but I think Marie and I will have to fight you for him! I love it when Ignazio sings the high notes of “vivere” on Romantica.

  12. Sorry Jana I have had dibs on him from WAAAYY back as Marie will attest to we have been arguing over him for years

  13. Ladies you will have to stand in line for Ignazio. Only solutions is to have a lottery.
    If more female persons saw his picture on the sand in the desert the line just grew.

    1. oh, man, I never win lotteries! You are probably right about that picture – it’s now on my phone as my wallpaper! lol

      1. Too late. Would have fought with all of you, but was staring at the picture and didn’t notice the fray.

        Step aside Ladies, He belongs to me!

  14. ILVOLO fans always come through. Even if the poll has nothing to do with Eurovision outcome at least our guys know we love and back them all the way. Go Team IL VOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Allene – don’t know when you tried to vote, but I think the poll has been closed for several hours now? But look!

      Il Volo has the best fans ever!
      Il Volo – “Grande Amore” 17.24% (2,050 votes)
      Nina Sublatti – “Warrior” 16.5% (1,962 votes)

  15. Voted!

    Il Volo’s new interview with the thumbs up/thumbs down option was so cute. I approve of the thumbs down at horoscopes but was quite offended at the thumbs down of cats! Hmp! Ignazio’s midway thumbs of Taylor Swift made me laugh. 😛

    1. What interview are you referring to? I must have missed that somewhere? Guess I was too much into the voting – lol! Yes, often dog people are not cat people. I have 2 cats myself, however, we always had dogs growing up, but I always wanted a cat!

      1. Still, I think people should appreciate cats and dogs equally. 😛

      2. thanks for the link, very cute! I missed a few of them, it went so quickly, I’ll have to watch it again.

        Yes, I Iove both cats & dogs!! 🙂

  16. Hey, have you checked the final totals?!
    IL VOLO WON with 2050 total, which was 88 more than second place. Ha! 8 is my number for abundance, and 11 is my number for a new beginning on a whole new plane.

    Bringin’ a smile to my face!
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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