A Note From Linda

A loving gift from Gina
A loving gift from Gina

I cannot lie, the past few months have not been fun and games. No one, I think, is ready for a drastic change in life style, especially at my age. Never-the-less it has given me time to reflect on family and good friends and how they always come through when you need them most.

Don’t let anyone tell you cards and good wishes don’t make a difference in recovery. Suddenly several weeks after my first admission here cards started coming from everywhere on a daily basis! The mail lady would see me on the elevator and tell me how many cards she put in my room. Said I got more mail than anyone else.

They weren’t just any cards either. Even the envelopes were beautiful! They had butterflies, flowers, birds, kittens and puppies on the envelopes to match the cards inside. They came from everywhere, Florida, Texas, New York, California, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Oregon, Maine, Georgia, and other places I forget – Oh yes – one from South Africa, everyone was impressed with that.

You sent messages of get well, prayers and lyrics from Il Volo Songs and other uplifting sayings. You shared your experiences and how you came to love “Our Boys.” Every time I read your stories, they reminded me of my first time hearing them and they are all remarkably the same. Some of you sent me pictures. Thank you for that. They hang on my wall.

We did not go wrong, Ilvolovers, I know first hand now that those of us who follow those amazing young men can’t help but be touched by their talent, looks and sweetness, their love of family and friends, their ability to have fun and stay true to their values. I love too how they love and care for their fans even though they’re tired at times they still cheerfully make time for their fans.

I think they make us better people. I know they do judging from the cards and letters I recieved and the people I have met. Loving them means loving each other. They bring the best out of us. They make us tolerant loving people who treat each other as we wish to be treated.

Thank you all so much you can only imagine how you’ve lifted my spirit!

I’m dedicating this post to Marie who passed the word to begin with. We are true BFF’s – We met on line 2 years ago (on Il Volo site), then phone calls, then in person. We connected immediately and formed a lasting and deep friendship. We’re in touch every day. We keep each other sane and make each other laugh. Sometimes we cry together too. Love you Marie.


Ditto Linda,

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  1. Linda, It is so good to hear from you again. (or should I say “read” you again). You are a wonderful part of our large family. Somehow, I think that the revelation of love hidden in the spirit of the music of Il Volo helps lift us all up. Actually, it is not “hidden” (just a turn of phrase) it is out there for all to hear and feel. Bless you! Be strong.

  2. Hi Linda just emailing Marie & chatting & she said you were going to be here. Wonderful to see & know you are still carrying on & staying strong. You are always in my prayers. I hope St. John’s is comfortable for you & you are gaining some improvement even if it is still a little. You are right in saying Marie is a good friend & it was nice that she was able to get down to see you in January.
    I am sending you Il Volo love for now & will send another letter soon.
    Stay strong & keep thinking positive.

  3. Hi Linda. It’s so nice to hear from you and that you are doing better. I certainly will keep you in my prayers. Keep those positive thoughts.

  4. Linda, you post reaches the hearts of all of us…First to know that you are recovering, and second because you share the sentiments we all feel… Il Volo has brought us together and we are an Il Volo family… They put so much love and joy into every song they sing ,every interview, and every time they meet their fans…We all feel it and it brings out the best in us… They do make us better people and I am sure that they do not even know their power or maybe better wording would be their gift from God to help all who know them and their music and they find their way into our hearts… They lift our hearts to a peaceful place and we then share the love with our Il Volo family…

    My prayers are with you Linda, and it truly is good to read your post and see you here today…

  5. Hi Linda, I have been wondering about you and so glad you are doing a bit
    better. I have been praying for you and wanting to hear of your progress.
    Keep looking up. I hope you have gotten to hear about Il Volo winning
    the San Remo Festival.
    I loved the surprise to see your picture and that big smile. I hope you
    keep getting better and better. You are loved by the Flight Crew very

  6. Hi Linda! So glad to read you here again. Mary B. and I were just talking about you the other day and hoping things were going well for you. You must have read our minds. 🙂 Prayers of strength and comfort continue to flow your way. Amazing love and friendships Il VOLO has brought into each and every one of our lives.

    1. Linda, Know that your Flight Crew pals keep you in their thoughts and prayers. You are such an integral part of our group. We love you!! Am sending a letter to you today—-

  7. Hi Linda
    Having gone through a long recovery myself several years ago I know somewhat what you are going through. My brother in law also had a long steep recovery before mine, and his mantra was every day to say “It;s better than yesterday.” That certainly put me onto the right way of looking at things! Every day IS a bit better!
    Hope you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  8. Linda, I’m so glad to see you back with us and on the mend. Il Volo music/love is a wonderful healer. Our guys share their love so freely, we can’t help but do the same! Welcome back!

    1. So glad to hear that you are better. You have been in our prayers. I thank God everyday for Il Volo and the joy and hope they give others with those passionate voices they have. Keep on keeping on. I am glad we share a common love—you know!

  9. Hi Linda, prayers are so powerful indeed. Judging from all the lovely comments, you have friends. We all have one thing in common and that is this phenomena called “IL VOLO”. Their music heals our aches and pains. They transport our souls to a happier plateau. I will keep you in my daily prayers my dear. Get soon.

  10. Hello dear, Linda,

    I am so glad you were able to post your lovely message about Il Volo and how much their music has meant to all of us. Your words are so touching and true. I pray you will steadily gain your strength and little-by-little be feeling better. You are in my thoughts and prayers!!! Hugs to you. ♥

  11. Hi Linda! I am delighted to see you up and posting. I’m so glad that all the cards and prayers kept your spirit up and and the rest of you chugging along! I’m sure listening to the latest IL VOLO CD has also added to your recovery. Music truly does have the power to heal and inspire us. No better inspiration than IL VOLO to help you along. You are still in my prayers, trust in God.

  12. It was wonderful to read Linda’s post and hear she is stronger.  I am so proud to be a small part of our Il Volo family.  The Love they share with their fans creates a warm loving bond that grows stronger between our Flight Crew just sharing their music, pics and stories.  Listening to their voices brings me such Joy, and hope it continues to do so for Linda too.

  13. I was just on face book and saw you and I thought OMG, Linda is back. I was so happy to see you were recuperating enough to communicate with us. So I immediately came over to the blog to read your story. I have thought of you often and you have been and will be in my prayers. Hope you will be able to post more often. We all miss you.

  14. Great to hear from you, Linda!

    So grateful that cards, prayers, IL VOLO Love, and the music of angels accompany your healing process. …And that fantastic mug!

    Prayers for all the best,
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  15. Dear Linda,

    I enjoyed reading your post very much. From a fellow IlVolover, I hope you get well soon.

  16. Hi Linda, so nice to hear from you again. I tried to send you a card, with some things inside, early on, but it was returned; so I e-mailed you but. Don’t know if we ever conected, anyway I hope you are getting along better now. Do you stay up with the blog. If you do, you know that our love for the guys just never ceases, it continues to grow, as they grow. Sometimes I think that they might get tired of hearing it, or reading it, but then when they need to feel supported, they know where to turn. I will be sending a greeting again, in the meantime, take care, and God bless. With Il Volo love, Kathryn (Kitty) Mason

  17. Dear Linda, how lovely to read your post! It is like old times – I always enjoyed reading your input to this site and do you remember the banter involving Ignazio? It made me laugh and may that memory make you smile too! Go well Linda and God Bless you.

  18. Hi Linda, I am working on another “WE LOVE IGNAZIO” and “PASS THE TIME” package. Hope each day you are feeling better.

      1. Ignazio would have certainly allowed me to ‘ship him’ but at the moment he has commitments. Just daily collections of his image.
        I am looking for a seamstress that can make a doll in his image.
        Anyone know Barbara Vitale? Maybe we could get his barber to send us some of his locks.
        I had a thought one day that we could buy his locks for a few dollars and that money could go to UNICEF in his name. It does not cost anything to dream.

  19. Linda it is so great to see your face and read your post. I think about you often but, strange as it must seem,it was just yesterday that I was thinking about your posts and how informative and amazing they were and how much I miss them. And low and behold there you were sending us a photo and post !! And what a lovely surprise that was !!
    You’re a trouper Linda and I pray that you are feeling better and stronger as the days go by. Our beautiful boys will feed your soul and help you along that path so let their voices and love shower you with their healing power for many hours everyday. As if you don’t already do that !!
    We want to hear from you so please send us another post soon !!!

    1. Glad to hear you are better. I am listening to the new CD nad it is BEAUTIFUL. I don’t speak Italian but The Guys keep getting better and better. All I need is a plate of pasta, a glass of wine and I will think I am in Italy. You take care

  20. Hi Linda, Was so very happy to hear that you are feeling better every day. Isn’t it amazing the magical powers of healing that our beloved Il Volo has (have)?! Listening to Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca, can lift your spirits every day. I know, because they do that for me. Hope we hear from you again real soon.

  21. Hello Linda (and fellow IL VOLO fans)…
    Have never posted before anywhere but have been wondering how things have been going for you and hoping for the best. Your messages are always so delightful to read and very informative. When I want to know what’s happening with ‘our boys’ (which is always!) I can always count on your website to fill me in & keep me ‘abreast’ (ha, ha) of the news.
    I’m so happy to read your post and wish you continued strength…you are in my prayers and thoughts, girl!
    Love and hugs —- from Ontario, Canada

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