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In these days, as you all know, there was Ignazio’s birthday.

Reading among the various loving messages that have been delivered to him from all sides, I found this by Melina, who is really special and I translate for you.



Ignazio, today is your twenty-fifth birthday. What to say that hasn’t already been said? Instead of the usual wishes, I would like to make considerations that go beyond the praise of your wonderful and amazing voice and your intense, expressive and emotional interpretative ability.


There are those who are convinced that you are a buffoon, superficial and light, not understanding – that this is just a stage costume, that you wear for the show. The reality is quite different! In life you are serious and responsible in professional work. Humorous, profound and reserved, as you are easily embarrassed, you can sometimes seem overly shy, maybe even if you love your art immensely, the thrill of the stage and of the audience, sometimes you would gladly do without, of the exhibition that accompanies success. Your subtle intuition masked behind an apparent light-hearted nature, everything understands and warns, sees things that escape others and those you meet immediately perceive the affection or aversion and act accordingly. You are also cheerful and playful, your smile lights up around you, but always in you that bit of intimate melancholy, for those who knows how to look beyond the facade.


You have many defects like every human being, however there are some that in the world where you work and live (and not only in that) are truly unforgivable, such as not knowing how to pretend, lack of hypocrisy, spontaneity and too much sincerity, not measuring gestures and words, for the use and consumption of those who observe you, always saying what you think, always showing yourself for what you are, without seeking admiration at all costs. Furthermore you are overly modest in hiding the charity you do, it would be all good publicity, my dear, realize it! And then there is also the tendency that you have, to reveal the emotion … well of course, some might say that: “Tears do not show the fragility of a man, but the greatness of his heart!” But anyway, you could avoid it. You know, basically you are too “normal”, you should give yourself more tone and more importance, as befits an international star. Less confidence with every guy!


It has been said that you were supposed to be a technicolor film and instead you are a black and white film: it’s true! Because the black and white films are the most refined and sought after, they are soft, shaded, they are not aggressive, they leave room for imagination. In conclusion your being “normal”, your strengths and all your faults, preserving the child’s soul, which is the prerogative of great men only, are the things that define you and make you authentic, are what we love you for and we appreciate. Never change your essence, especially not to please the right-thinking people who will always have something to say, so keep yourself, the good man, who you are!

Happy birthday Ignazio, that love and joy will accompany you every day of your life.


Melina, let me tell you that you sent a fantastic dedication to Ignazio, you interpreted the feelings of many fans.

Surely Ignazio was enthusiastic about these sweet and sincere words of yours.

Grazie Melina 😘


Ignazio, you are unique and incredible!


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Ambassadors of the Flight Crew in the World

s - sanremo ilvolo_cmtv_230

My Dear Young Gentlemen of Il Volo,

You have been honored with many important awards and many more will certainly come your way. However, your truest award will always be the one we, The Il Volo Flight Crew, give you every time we hear your voices, see your handsome faces or read your accomplishments. It is the knowledge that we will love and support you to the end of time. If there was a greater award we would give that too.

You may not know us, but we know you well, from the freckle on the end of Ignazio’s nose to the scar on Gianluca’s cheek. We knew you before your countrymen. We knew you when you had curls. To us you are family, to some of us sons or grandsons, to others best friends or heart throbs. We know your families, your friends, your supporters and your critics. More, we know your visions, your morals, your values and your goals. Our support for them is unending. Above all, we know your songs.

This is not an award that was voted on. There were no polls. There was only our time with you and our pride in your talent and in yourselves.

Honor this award, Gentlemen of Il Volo. Hang it above the others.

In Faithful Love and Devotion,
The Flight Crew


A Comment From Jeannette

Sometimes you people tear my heart out of my chest. I am astounded that Our Guys, Our Very Young Men, have the power to bring such peace and happiness to those of us who need it, when we need it. Here is another example of that very thing. I’ve been keeping it to myself for a while, but I want to share it with all of you. I don’t know Jeannette. I know she has recently commented a few times. I know we will all welcome her with open arms. I think you will all agree she is one of us.

All App Art Produced by Laura Batke
All App. Art Produced by Laura Badtke

I too have a fan story of how these wonderful young men changed my heart… I am a Great Grandmother, so not a young teen but young at heart… I lost my husband, friend and love of my life February, 2013… I was in such a deep dark place without his love… I had no reason to wake up in the morning, but somehow I did… One day a friend sent me a couple of Youtube videos of Il Volo… I am of Italian heritage, my parents were born in Palermo Sicily and she thought that maybe hearing some Italian music from this young Italian group would somehow brighten my sad heart…

There are no words that I could put in writing that would express how Il Volo and their music has up lifted my heart… I started reading more about them on the internet… I listened to their music videos on YouTube… I soon realized that everytime I heard them sing or saw their beautiful faces that I was smiling… For the first time in months I was SMILING… I bought their albums, played them in the car… I bought their PBS specials and watched them late at night when I could not sleep… Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio have brought me out of that deep depression into the light of day… Their music brings memories of my parents singing the Italian songs to me when I was young… The love songs brings the happy memories that I shared with my husband rather than just the memory of losing him too soon in my life… These three young men with the voices, have brought love back to my heart and life back to my soul… I too think of them as my Grandsons as I have one grandson of their same age… I worry about them as I would my grandson that they are working to hard, not getting enough sleep and so many other things a grandma worries about… I am thankful that their managers treat them with love and tenderness like they would their own family…

These three young men have given me a gift… Their beautiful personalities, their unbelievable voices have brightened my soul and I am again able to smile and feel the happiness around me once more…

Thank you Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio… One more tidbit before I close… My Birthday like Gianluca’s is Feb. 11… My father’s birthday like Piero’s is June 24… So maybe they truly have a connection to my soul …
J. Giglio

g - laura not

Me:   Jeannette, may I share your story…?


Jeanette’s response:
Oh my goodness, I am surprised that you would want to feature my story… I just spoke from the heart of the journey I have taken with this talented young group called Il Volo… Who would ever think that teenagers and their music could touch the heart of a great grandma…Change the course of grief into a journey back to happiness… In many groups that talk about Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio, they call them angels with voices that are gifts from God… I am here to tell anyone who will listen, they certainly are!!! I believe in Angels on earth… Angels on earth touch people in a way that helps them move forward!!! For me, that is exactly what these three young men have done and I would be happy to share my story… Thank you so much for asking, and I am so happy to have this site today and I will continue to visit it daily… I feel like I will find friends with shared interests here as we all love Il Volo…
I - photo from Laura Badtke


Thank you for sharing this with all of us. Our Boys are certainly exceptional and so are you.