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Two weeks ago, Gianluca surprised us, because he published the entire letter from a fan named Martina.

It is a very sweet letter, to which Gianluca briefly replied.

Being a writing, I thought that everyone would translate it, in fact many Facebook pages immediately published the translation.

A couple of days ago, however, a specific request for this translation arrived via e-mail, therefore, we publish it, perhaps not all of you have read it.

(Judy, this is for you)

This is the letter published by Gianluca.

Dear Gianluca,

My name is Martina. I am 19 years old and I have not walked since birth due to damage done by doctors. You are my strength, for this I have decided to write you this letter.

I’m excited just to write about you.

It excites me because every time I do it comes back to me the most beautiful awareness I have, that of having you in my life! I have you in a special way, in a way like I have never had any person before, I have you, and you are there, if real,  you  are alive and breathe the life you improve with the mere fact of existing.

There are no words that can explain, there are no eyes that can keep you inside without bursting into a cry of pure joy, there is no heart that can resist bursting with love, there are no hands that are enough to hold yours even at a distance, there are no and never will be arms so long to be able to embrace everything of you, given what it is then, your immensity!

There is one thing I know, that you will always be the most beautiful fable that I will tell myself to find courage, and the most beautiful one that I will tell when I am a woman when I am a mother, to my children, to make them believe in dreams. I will tell about you.
I already see myself there. Excited to tell them how much this man has profoundly changed my life, how much love I received from him, how much he made me feel, how much courage, strength and determination he gave me, how much life he unconsciously taught me … and I’ll tell him how I first met happiness !!

How someone up there gave it to me stuck in your smile and in your beautiful eyes, and in those arms that I held tightly enough to leave a mark inside my soul. Thanks to you, this wheelchair no longer exists for me even if it exists.

@ gianginoble11 I hope to hug you soon even if it is not easy having this situation … you are my strength.
your Martina

And here is Gianluca’s simple and affectionate answer.

Hi Martina, you moved me, you are in my heart. 

Hope to hug you soon.

In these moments of Covid, Gianluca also wanted to sponsor this beautiful initiative.


The book, dedicated “To the victims of Covid-19 and to those who fight every day to treat the sick and defeat the virus”, also has a beneficial purpose. The authors have in fact decided to support, with part of the proceeds, the “Banco di Solidarity Santina Ruggieri” in Roseto degli Abruzzi.

But there was also another event. Gianluca went to visit a museum, the museum that talks about the people of Abruzzo.

Here is the article announcing Gianluca’s visit and which I am translating for you.

IL PESCARA Article – Click Here

Gianluca Ginoble from Il Volo paid a visit this morning to the Museum of the People of Abruzzo. The young tenor from Abruzzo arrived in Pescara accompanied by his father Ercole, his grandfather and his uncle, to make – with interest and curiosity – a journey to rediscover his roots. Here’s what Ginoble said:

“For me, enhancing Abruzzo, my land, is important. I do it with music and with my voice, but it is a great pride and a privilege to know that I have such beautiful things close to us, true works of art. For older people, they have the value of memories. They are important, however, especially for young people, who must know and appreciate them, they must discover and pass them on. And it is also the task of parents, families, to guide them along this along this path.”

On his itinerary Ginoble was accompanied by the vice president of the Genti d’Abruzzo foundation, Luigi Di Alberti, and by the director Letizia Lizza, who guided him through display cases, finds and artifacts. Gianluca paid particular attention to musical instruments self-produced by shepherds, but also to tools related to the typical products of the area, such as wines and oils. Enchanted stop also in the ceramics room. The artist has promised that he will soon return to the city to visit the Cascella Museum as well.

Here, a nice video of the visit, with the translation for you.

VOICE= A third of Il Volo, this morning, at the museum of the people of Abruzzo, in Pescara.
Exclusive opening for Gianluca Ginoble, a special visitor.

GIAN = It’s the first time, and in any case a great pleasure to enhance places like this. I’m proudly from Abruzzo, so absolutely, when you can give visibility to places like this museum, it’s always a great pleasure for me.

VOICE = Maybe it will also be an opportunity to find inspiration for some song.

GIAN = Why not, we are working on new things, it is a period unfortunately, which does not allow us to shoot, to tour right now, so we can concentrate a little more on the music, for sure.

VOICE = Young, important, eager to know the traditions of his territory, so we welcomed him, very happy with this, and now we will accompany him along the exhibition itinerary, which tells the story of our region. We also found out that he is an antiquity history buff so we are really happy with this visit.

VOICE = How did you find out about this possibility to visit the museum?

GIAN = Thanks to my uncle, whom I greet, whom I love very much.

I also had the pleasure of meeting special people, so thank you.

VOICE = Uncle would like you to visit him, he has been waiting for you for two years.

GIAN = I know, but sometimes we see each other, based on commitments, and then with the lock-down it was not possible, but sometimes we see each other. The importance of the family, the family is the most important thing, must always be valued.

Finally a last video, just to show that Gianluca does not forget to train his beautiful voice!

Congratulations Gianluca, your kind soul can only bring big smiles in our faces, smiles of pride because once again we are aware that each of our three boys is a real rare pearl!

I heard right “….. we are working on new things ….” – wow wow, what a thrill !!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


While they were in Abruzzo for the Chieti concert, Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero made a very special visit.

This video was broadcast by the Abruzzo TV news program.

Man = Exceptional visit to the small patients of the pediatric oncology department of Pescara. The singing trio of IL VOLO has arrived to bring gifts and joy.

Not only 01

Woman = They kept their promise, they returned to find the small children of the oncohematology department of the hospital in Pescara, the children of IL VOLO.

Occasion, the stage of the tour, for the concert at the Civitella di Chieti, before going on stage, Ignazio Boschetto, the Abruzzese Gianluca Ginoble and Piero Barone, wanted to meet the small children who in these days, are hospitalized in the structure of Pescara.

Among small gifts, photos and hugs, a moment of true solidarity among those who suffer.

I= We do a little, but we know that it is worth a lot for these children, and it is a pleasure every time, to be able to come here to Pescara and thanks to AGBE (Association Parents Emopathic Children) that gives us this opportunity.
Woman = Gianluca, for you Pescara and Abruzzo, have a special value.
G = Absolutely, then I adapt to what Ignazio said and what we want to do is give strength to children, and especially to families, being close to them with a few gestures, for us it is important.

Not only 02

P = There is nothing more beautiful than sharing our passion, we are extremely lucky, because there is nothing more beautiful than seeing the people who look at you and smile at you.

A gesture of great significance for the AGBE, which accompanies children and families, in the difficult moments of their lives. Achille Di Paolo, is its president.

AdP = We are proud to have these guys, who support us every time. Whenever they are in the area, in Pescara, even in the Marche, a visit always make a visit to us. They fill us with joy and above all, they make our children smile and this is very important.

P = We have to thank heaven every day, for what we are experiencing right now, we are all extremely lucky, but we don’t realize it. These experiences give you a strength that fills your heart and makes you understand so much about life.
I = It’s nice, when you can give a smile to younger children, it’s always a beautiful thing. Besides, I am one who tries not to see only the tragedy, today we live in the present and tomorrow, we will worry, when it will be tomorrow.
Today we are here, in the present and we are with these young people and we try to give them a smile now.

Not only 03

G= I am very close, like Ignazio and Piero, to AGBE, we thank them for all the work they do every day, to stay close to these children, and their parents, who need support, above all moral support. Children are naturally unaware of what is happening, but parents, it is clear that they need as much strength. We promise to return, this time too, absolutely, every time the boys, Ignazio and Piero, are here in the area, for a concert, or whatever, we promise to come back, to give you a smile too, to stay together, which is the most important thing.

And here is the AGBE video of the visit of IL VOLO.

Also these days, Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio, have also given this special message.

I = A few days ago we heard about a sad story, we met a little girl, her name is Jo. She needs an intervention at the heels, this intervention can only be done in America at a cost of around 500,000 euros. We are here, to raise awareness, people like us, who can help us, even with little.
P = For more information, go to the Facebook page, “Jo’s dreams”.
G = We can help this little girl, who needs all of us, please…

Not only 04

Below are the donation codes from Jo’s photo enlarged.


This is the least known part of our boys, but it is a part that does them much honor.
Always look to those less fortunate than you.
Try to give a smile to those who don’t want to smile.

What a big heart. ❤️

Thank you guys!



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

Il Volo Professional ~~ Italy CD Signing Tour — Pescara and Bologna




Here are days three and four.  Look at those crowds!  They love them.  🙂

~~ Kelly


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Click here —> Il Volo Visits the Headquarters; ilrestodelcarlino.it ~~ Athina via LiJoy


And Don’t Miss Out…!!!



Il Volo Professional ~~ The Guys Go Home Part 3: Pescara

Hey Everyone!

I don’t think anything I could say would match what Gianluca has already said, so I’m going to keep it short and sweet today, simply saying, “Enjoy!”

~~ Kelly

Recognition Ceremony

The day before the concert, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were honored at a ceremony at Roseto degli Abruzzi.  The mayor and several other officials were in attendance as well as several of The Guys’ parents.  You can see them hiding out in a few of the photos…   😉      And as always, they never shy away from a moment with their fans…

Click here for video —>   Reconition in Prescara; Gianluca’s Speech; Paolo Di Vincenzo Facebook.

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What It Means to Sing At Home; Gianluca’s Words

All About Il Volo —> http://www.ilvolo.mus.br/2014/09/gianluca-ginoble-and-the-emotion-of-singing-at-home/


Concert Day

Included sound check, a Meet and Greet and what appears to be an interview for one of the mammas….


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The Concert

Gianluca’s Facebook

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Massimo Fregnani Facebook


We Are Love

lo che non vivo ;Shared by Ercole Ginoble Facebook


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Il Volo ~~ Pescara 2014 Playlist

By Queen1700 and sabrina8d




All About Il Volo —> http://www.ilvolo.mus.br/2014/09/il-volo-concert-in-pescara-a-very-special-evening/

Italian Article —>  http://ilcentro.gelocal.it/pescara/cronaca/2014/09/06/news/applausi-e-ovazioni-il-trio-il-volo-entusiasma-pescara-1.9882076



A Proposal     <3



  Congratulations on another sold out concert, Guys!

Il Volo Professional ~~ Miscellaneous Happenings and a New Song

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I’ve been MIA this week.  Lots of little things about The Guys have popped up over the past two weeks as they got ready to head to Pescara.  I understand that that show is SOLD OUT, and the others are on their way.  There are still tickets available for anyone that is wanting to make a quick trip to visit:

Massimo Fregnani Facebook

Again I say, if you’re surprised by that, you have two choices: you can leave because you’re on the wrong website, or you can stick around and fall in love!  (Choose option two!   🙂   )

Anyway, let’s make a quick turn around Il Volo’s world before we settle in for the upcoming concerts.  And pay attention; there’s gonna be a quiz at the end.   😉


Special Guest Announced for Italy Tour

Daniele Falasca with Gianluca
Daniele Falasca with Gianluca

Il Volo has announced a special guest for the remainder of their tour through Italy.

Daniele Falasca is a musician, composer and accordionist.


Here is his bio from his YouTube channel (translated by Athina Angelopoulos)

Musician / Composer

Attracted by the sounds since he was four years old thanks to the passion for music of his grandad. Courses of classical accordion completed at the age of 16 and a few years later he took his diploma in piano with the highest marks and with honors from the Conservatory “A. Casella” in L’Aquila under the guidance of the maestro Vincenzo Di Sabatino. He attended master classes in classical piano with the maestro Bruno Canino and the maestro Aldo Ciccolini.

Currently he is working with great musicians such as: Fabrizio Bosso, Marco Tamburini, Tullio De Piscopo, Luca Bulgarelli, Luca Colombo, Fabrizio Mandolini, Amin Zarrinchang and many other great jazz musicians, Italian and from Abruzzo such as: Daniele Ferretti, Massimiliano Coclite, Arturo Valiante and Glauco Di Sabatino. He has released 4 albums and all the tracks are his own compositions!!!


And here’s a fun fact: Daniele was Gianluca’s piano teacher before and during Ti lascio una canzone!

Click here —> http://www.radiowebitalia.it/daniele-falasca-in-tour-italiano-con-il-volo/

and here —>  http://www.pescaranews.net/notizie/interviste/4819/abbiamo-intervistato-il-fisarmonicista-daniele-falasca-che-si-esibira-pescara-il-prossimo-5-settembre

for the Italian articles, and visit Daniele’s YouTube Channel

here —> https://www.youtube.com/user/VideoFalasca/featured

I think his contribution will give the concerts a very special, “old world” (a term for which I can’t think of an equivalent and I’m not sure is exactly expressive of what I’m thinking) feel.    What do you think?

By Daniele Falasca


Gianluca Receives Recognition

DuriMontepeganofestivalng some of his vacation Gianluca enjoyed the Rinascimento Paganese Rosetano Festival  in his home villiage of Montepegano, and he was recognized in a video montage including Il Volo.   You can see the video below.  According to our friends at All About Il Volo, Gianluca said that he loves his village and wanted to spend his vacation there–which I’m pretty sure he did.   😉


Athina shared this fun video tribute of the Jazz Festival he also attended on LiJoy’s Facebook page.  She mentioned that you could see some familiar faces; see if you can pick them out.   😀

By Montepagano Jazz Festival


Another Song for Ignazio

It was reported by Linda that Ignazio has been working on a project with his friend, Gino di Vito.  Now we know what they have been working on: a new song!  Ignazio has been responsible for the arrangement and the lyrics, and Gino the portions of music for Guitar.



duosis01It is to debut at the finals of this year’s 57th Festival di Castrocaro,on August 30, by Chiara Cusumano and Giorgia Vassalo , also known as The Duo Sisters.

Click here — > http://www.ilvolo.mus.br/2014/08/festival-di-castrocaro-duo-sisters-and-a-song-composed-by-ignazio-boschetto/ to visit All About Il Volo and read all about the Festival and the Duo Sisters.

Good Luck, Ignazio, and we can’t wait to hear your song!

EDIT:  Ignazio’s song, “Paura d’amare,” debuted today!  It is my understanding as I research that The Duo Sister’s didn’t win the competition, unfortunately.  But congratulations to them on making it to the finals, and congratulations to Ignazio for having another original song showcased!

I’m still looking for a full video and lyrics/translations, but here is a taste from TheIlVoloversMx (thanks to Athina for pointing it as well as the still photo out on LiJoy’s page):

The Duo Sisters at Festival di Castrocaro; Athina Angelopoulos
The Duo Sisters at Festival di Castrocaro; AthinaAngelopoulos


Click here- –> https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=506363096166363



 EDIT #2:      Full video of the performance

By Il Volo


 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Many people nominated The Guys for the challenge but it was Maestro Placido Domingo’s nomination that drew them out:

Maestro Domingo

By Roscle



 EDIT: Ignazio

Great job, guys!  This is a very worthy cause, and in the spirit of Gianluca’s plea via twitter for people to donate, we stand behind The Guys in their effort to raise awareness.  If you would like to learn more about this devastating disease and donate in Il Volo’s name, you can go to http://www.alsa.org


~~ Kelly