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Every time I read this title MUSICA CHE RESTA, I think that a title of a song could not be more suitable than this, for a song sung by our boys.

But let’s find out more about this song, little news, because privacy is absolute.

We all know that GRANDE AMORE had already been written for many years, and who held the rights on the text, made our boys listen to the song, this man, is called Pasquale Mammaro.

And here’s what Pasquale Mammaro has published these days:


PASQUALE MAMMARO = Once again at the Sanremo Festival with a song proposed by me to Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio! I hope that “Musica che resta” will be able to repeat the success of “Grande Amore” …. the song is signed by my friends Piero Romitelli, Emilio Munda, Antonello Carozza and … Gianna Nannini

And Piero Romitelli, has published this:


PIERO ROMITELLI = Return to the Sanremo Festival with “Musica che resta” interpreted by IL VOLO. I am happy to share this adventure with my old friends Emilio Munda and Antonello Queens Carozza. The piece is also embellished by the pen by Gianna Nannini. Thanks to Pasquale Mammaro who made all this possible.

In the newspaper of Marsala, this beautiful article that I translate for you.

Marsala Live Article – Click Here


Marsala – As we wrote a few days ago, Il Volo is among the 24 Big that will participate in the next Sanremo Festival, aired from 5 to 9 February 2019. They will present the song entitled “Musica che resta”. The official announcement was given by Pippo Baudo and Fabio Rovazzi during “Sanremo Giovani”, on RAI 1. The group, formed by the Marsala Ignazio Boschetto, by Piero Barone and by Gianluca Ginoble, won the 2015 Sanremo Festival with the song “Grande amore” and with the same piece represented Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, ranking in third place overall.

IL VOLO said: “It will be the best way to celebrate ten years of our career. Returning to sing in Sanremo, the stage that saw us born. And as we wrote above, the song is titled Music che resta’ (Music that remains) and was written by Emilio Munda, with Piero Romitelli and Antonello Carozza, the whole was enhanced by the collaboration of the rocker Gianna Nannini who, after hearing it for the first time, she fell in love.”

Emilio Munda, one of the authors: “I’m really excited about this result. The only thought that the song ‘Musica che resta’ will be heard all over the world during 2019 makes me very happy. The song is a lyrical pop genre. With Il Volo I have touched all the variety of artists and genres. I love to range in all musical genres as I collaborate and write for Francesco Renga, Nina Zilli, the Nomads, Umberto Tozzi, Valerio Scanu and others. Love for lyrics is losing a little polish? The lyric was born in Italy but in recent years is appreciated much more abroad, as in Russia or the United States, but I hope that this song, which thanks to Sanremo will reach everyone, will give many to approach again or for the first time in this genre. I hope that this music pleases, even to young people like me. How do I live these hours? I’m living them like a whirl of emotions. It is the first time that I have participated in such a great musical project: a piece that takes part in the 69th edition of the Italian Song Festival, interpreted by an international group. I always want to thank my friend Piero Romitelli, and Pasquale Mammaro who has taken care of it from an editorial point of view.”

Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca were artistically discovered at “Ti lascio una canzone” (I leave you a song) by Antonella Clerici (2009) – which took place right at the Ariston Theater in Sanremo – they undertook, within a few years, an international career of the highest level. They have trod the most prestigious stages, winning a series of very prestigious record and prestigious awards.


I would say that the authors have a lot of confidence in their composition, so let’s get ready, because this song, hopefully, will leave its mark !!

MUSICA CHE RESTA, in our heart.


Credit to owners of all photos.


Today is Ignazio’s turn. I found this video, shot immediately after the Sanremo victory. The entire city council and the whole city of Marsala gave a beautiful recognition to a very happy Ignazio and he does not lose his sense of humor.

Here is the translation:

(The crowd applauds and shouts IGNAZIO, IGNAZIO ……. Ignazio gets up and turns smiling, at that moment a girl’s voice shouts “Bravo my love!!”, everyone laughs.)

The city council expresses all the satisfaction of the city for the great goal achieved by the fellow citizen Ignazio Boschetto who, as a member of the trio IL VOLO, has won the 65th edition of the Sanremo Festival. (applause and again the girl’s voice “Bravo my love……..fantastic”).

And now, the proposal to appoint the fellow citizen Ignazio Boschetto as ambassador of the city of Marsala in the world. (much applause and ritual photos, the mayor tries to bring back the order but there is too much noise of the crowd and then Ignazio takes the situation in hand raising his voice ……. too nice)

IGNAZIO = Gentlemen, as it is an official session ……. (everyone laughs)

Ignazio 01

Man = The President Enzo Sturiano delivers the resolution to Ignazio Boschetto. (kisses and applause)

Let’s read the official prize:

“The city of Marsala,  the gold medal to the civil value to Ignazio Boschetto, member of IL VOLO, ambassador of the city of Marsala in the world. The president of the City Council, Enzo Sturiano, city of Marsala, 18 February 2015”. ( photo and then the anthem of Italy sung by the whole crowd).

Ignazio 02

IGNAZIO = There would be many things to say, because it’s really unexpected, starting from a small city like Marsala and starting to study a little for fun, and then after 11 years, you’re ambassador of your city, so it’s really something inexplicable, it is also difficult to explain the emotion, but what I can say and that in recent years, sometimes I was also criticized by Marsala, people thought I was a haughty guy, who had found the opportunity to go on air to Rai1 and has become who knows what!!

What I have learned, and I do not want to be a teacher, is that before judging a person, one must know him. (applause).

Ignazio 03

The problem we have today is that many people judge immediately, instead of doing the actions, we all judge and say only words.

In fact here today, I came with a friend of mine, he came to my house. I unfortunately was not there, but then at home we talked about it, it’s this boy here . . . get up.

What’s your name?

Antonio Maniscalco?

Well, this guy is Italian boxing champion right? Lately I’ve heard people say that Marsala has recently forgotten about her talents and is only interested in me.

Instead I hope that Marsala is aware, even of these small but great realities, that they are like him in boxing and many other people in all sectors, because Marsala is full of talents.

Ignazio 04

What I wanted to tell you, is that I am the first who would like to have a friend ambassador in fact, I’m the first one who would like to share the emotions with another person, but I think that many people speak only to talk, and to get out the air from their mouth.

I wanted to say thank you, because in recent years I felt supported by Marsala, and, apart from the politics there is, with Enzo there is a great friendship.

I have always pulled back with regards to politics because in my position it is always better to avoid, but with Enzo there is a friendship that goes beyond politics, it is a beautiful person.

And then there are all of you here, I think that in the end there is always something that unites us, in this case THE MUSIC unites us all.

Ignazio 05

We may be acquaintances or friends, but in the end we are all the same, we are all in the same place, so sometimes I think there is no need to make any difference.

So I wanted to say thank you to all the inhabitants of Marsala and the city council. (applause, people shout Mayor you, Mayor you and Ignazio respond to them)

I would not run a city ….. I must be mayor of my life, first of all.

Thank you very much for this nomination, I am truly honored and I hope I will never disown this nomination, because it is really nice to be ambassadors of your city and I hope to always bring prestige to this city.

Man = You have the keys to the city.

(follows a hug, and then several short questions)

Ignazio 06

IGNAZIO = I think that in Marsala we have many beauties, there is the Stagnone (a reserve with natural landscapes, there are also salt pans), but I think that first of all the inhabitants of Marsala have to take care of it, because if all the inhabitants of Marsala will take care of all the things we have here it will increase tourism, it will increase the number of people who will come only for a weekend. So I think we are an important part of a new economic and tourist recovery in Marsala.

Touring a lot, you realize many things, when you go to Vancouver in Canada, you realize that there is not a cigarette on the ground, if we had the same efficiency of other countries…….. when I arrive in Marsala I wonder, “but you imagine, if everyone had respect for the city. “

Interviewer = I spoke with Mr. Tony Renis, he complained that none of the boys contacted him to announce the victory of Sanremo.

IGNAZIO = Obviously there is controversy. Like any relationship, over time …. when the glass breaks, it breaks. Critical aside, I do not want to think about it, we won Sanremo and it’s a nice emotion, and I want to enjoy it at the limit of everything, so I let it slip away.

Ignazio 07

IGNAZIO = Marsala has a population of warm people, when you come back to Marsala, you never feel alone, there is always the person who makes the joke, that makes you laugh, maybe, if you go to Milan and it’s a little more difficult to find people like that. But as I said before, maybe we should have more respect for our city, because we know that we have a beautiful city and we think only to exploit it but not to preserve it.

(At this point, Ignazio was asked for an opinion on political matters)

It’s something that does not belong to me. I have always said that I do not like giving preferences, however, I have a person here next to me that is very valid. I say only this, and in friendship I can say that I hope that all of Marsala will understand what this man can do, politically speaking, I’m for nobody.

Follow the images of the crowd outside the Town Hall, all sing Grande Amore with Ignazio, a woman imparts to him the wrong words and Ignazio scolds her and everyone laughs.

Ignazio 08

Ignazio 09



I believe that night all the citizens of Marsala felt proud of Ignazio. They filled the municipal hall and also the whole square in front of it.

How fun to hear the whole square that sang the verses of Grande Amore, which only a few days before had won Sanremo.

But the thing that struck me the most were the answers of Ignazio, clear and mature answers, of a serious, honest boy who does not want to obscure the success of other people.

This is simply Ignazio, one of the three jewels of IL VOLO.


Credit to owners of all photos and video.

Jane & Marie in Sicily…Part 1

Let me tell you about Sicily.  So different from northern Italy.  Reminded me of Arizona or New Mexico – arid, warm, sunny.   We even watched a gecko play on a sun baked wall while enjoying the warm breeze sitting in the shade of our Marsala Villa. 

I digress…

Montepagano to Naples was our longest drive.  We arrived in Naples in the late afternoon and happily gave up our rental car once we reached the city.  Very crazy drivers live there.  Here is a photo of the building across from our balcony and one of the plaza in the historic section of Naples.  So representative of what we saw of the city.  





Naples was just a stop over for us and we would see it again in a few days.  We wanted to be ready for our early morning flight to Palermo. So, we walked a few blocks, ate at an outdoor ‘ristorante’ on a small plaza and went back to “Bruno’s Historic Home”.

Palermo..city of my ancestors.  With the dazzlingly beautiful abundant mountain ranges on our left and the elegant Tyrrhenian Sea then the Mediterranean Sea on our right we knew we had made the correct decision to drive this amazing island.



Breathtaking barely describes the drive.


Marsala has houses that look like adobe.  The Streets are wide enough for one and a half cars.  Drivers will pass you anyway!  It’s a wonder there are any Italians/Sicilians left alive!  It’s not just that the streets are narrow, but the houses are all connected and right on the street. The streets are more like narrow alleys.  No curbs. No sidewalks.  Just a string of adobe walls.  They park and live inside these.

The  city turned out to be larger than we thought.  A lot larger….I know that because we were lost there most of the time and drove around looking for our next stop-over.  We gave up (so did Missy) and stopped at a small store.  Naturally Jane and I were the only English speaking people around.  Fortunately, “mi dispiace” (I’m sorry) and “guida” (help) were two of the Italian words I had practiced and ended up using the most…everywhere.  Jane became an expert in Italian sign language, pointing at addresses on paper and making herself understood. We were saved, once again, by handsome Italian men (why did I ever leave?) One fellow called the owner of our B&B then hopped in his car and led us to meet her….another point for a gracious people.  What a lovely place Villa Rustiko was! It had an equally lovely owner, named Matina.  Who, by the way, sang with a Ignazio when they were in school. 


What we were really waiting for was to meet Nina and we were about to do just that.  She knew we were coming, so you can imagine how excited we were when we drove up to…


I think Nina’s smile is even more captivating than her brothers.  Yes, I said that…just look… that’s Nina flanked by her happy helpers.



We gave her a gift from all of the Flight Crew.


She seemed to really like it and immediately put it on (her eyes light up like her brothers too!)  Later when I asked to take a picture of her wearing it she brushed away the flour that had landed on the apron from her work. Now, didn’t that make it even more special? 



Using some of Jane’s expert hand signals and a translator app, we spoke with Nina for a while.   Then she made us a marvelous mushroom and sausage pizza. 


I must tell you that I dreamed of this!  Eating pizza at Nina’s!  Life is good! 

I’m sure Nina thinks I have a learning disability.  All I remember doing was nodding and throwing my hands around a lot.  I was, after all, surrounded by Boschetto DNA and wanted to gather up as much as I could.  Jane wrote a sweet note for Nina’s brother on the back of our Flight Crew card.  After about two hours and more slow conversation (that would be Jane..I was still flapping and gathering) we said our goodbyes and returned to our splendid Villa for the night.

Next I’ll take you to (shudder) Naro.

Il Volo Professional ~~ La Vita in Diretta, Ignazio Returns to the Beginning and Buon Natale!

Hey Everyone!

Yes, I’m behind, and I’m so sorry!  🙁

La Vita in Diretta Christmas

The Guys have had a busy weekend, starting with an appearance on La Vita in Diretta on Rai1 on December 19.  The sang, “Christmas Medley” from Buon Natale, and according to our affiliate, All About Il Volo, they were warmly welcomed–as is becoming the norm, no?   😉     You can read their review below, and enjoy the pictures and video at the same time.

Grettings from Il Volo; La Vita in Diretta Facebook; LiJoy

Click here —> Il Volo on La Vita in Diretta ~~ All About Il Volo

Claudia Ferringo Facebook

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Ignazio Returns to Premio Nave Punica

AAIV3Before heading to La Vita in Diretta, Ignazio made a stop as a special guest at the Permio Nave Puncia Contest in Marsala, and international pop music contest that he won as a 14 year old.  In a review, again from All About Il Volo, it is noted that Ignazio had some words of encouragement and inspiration for this year’s contestants.  How awesome is it that he gets to do that?  🙂

Click here — > Ignazio Returns to Premio Nave Punica; Citta di Marsala ~~ All About Il Volo

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Flashback to Ignazio on the show

by: Il Volo

Buon Natale From Il Volo!

To you too, guys!  To you too!

~~ Kelly

Easter Traditions in Italy

Holiday traditions around the world vary from country to country, and region to region. Many of us will be celebrating Easter this Sunday with our own unique traditions. We are so lucky that our Maria Pia L. from Rome took a few minutes to share some Italian Easter traditions with us. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca may have Easter traditions of their own too.  Guys what about it?  How do you celebrate Easter in Marsala, Montepagano and Naro?  We’d love to know!

Maria Pia says, “This is the Holy Week and all we Roman Catholics are preparing for the Easter Sunday. As you know, for us Easter is the most important event as it represents the Christ’s resurrection.

Here we’ve the habit of exchanging Easter eggs in chocolate, preparing hard-boiled eggs to be colored and decorated in various ways, and of course, preparing a lot of food and a lot of candies that vary from region to region.

But there is a candy which is famous throughout Italy i.e. the COLOMBA PASQUALE (EASTER DOVE). It identifies Easter as the PANETTONE identifies XMAS.”  Thank you, Maria Pia!

UPDATE: Just in case we do not hear from Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca on their Easter traditions, Maria Pia, whose father was from Abruzzo added this, “Well, I don’t know what the Sicilian [traditions] are, but I can say on Gianluca’s behalf which is the Easter breakfast in Abruzzo, as my father was from there.

On Easter Sunday the table is set with a beautiful tablecloth and there you put the breakfast cups, a particular cake,  made only at Easter, and made of eggs, flour, butter, baking powder and grated “pecorino” (a  tasty cheese typical of central and South Italy), then salami, hard-boiled eggs, other candies and wine. And this is just the prelude to a wonderful lunch.    

As you can see here in Italy every occasione is good to eat and to stay with relatives and friends.”

Maria Pia, Thank you so much for this update! I see that my family still carries Italian genes – as we definitely  take every “occasione ” to eat and spend time with family and friends!  We spend a lot of time talking about eating too!   Happy Easter to all!   I am so excited you all are enjoying this post!  Michele

 Italian Easter treats from the Internet

br can

More from the web!  I found “Easter in Italy: Traditions and Calendar of Events” from Monteverdi LLC’s Daniele S. Longo of the Chief Marketing Office, Monteverdi Tuscany interesting, I hope you enjoy it too.   Michele

Easter in Italy: Traditions and Calendar of Events

The weeks before and after Easter represent a very special time of the year for all Italians. Many cities and villages host ceremonies and events whose origins can be traced back to hundreds or thousands of years while people prepare meals based on “secret” family recipes handed over from generation to generation.

For all Italians, Easter “week-end” begins on Thursday. I remember being a young child scouting for leaves and colorful flowers in my neighbors’ gardens. As from tradition, all churches designed elaborate sketches nearby the main altar. Each drawing, representing a special scene of Jesus Christ’s life, was “colored” with flowers or leaves—petal by petal, leaf by leaf. Petals could not be colored so the children had to scout for specific colors needed to complete the artwork. The deadline was always the 6:00 p.m. mass and I remember that many times we were finishing the “tappeto di fiori” (carpet) or “sepolcro” (tumb) while churchgoers were reciting the rosary, just a few minutes before mass began. Tradition asks that after attending mass, people visit at least three or more churches between Good Thursday and Good Friday, always being careful to visit an odd number of them.

The most emotional celebrations and events usually happen on Good Friday when many cities host ceremonies recalling events related to the Passion of Christ and when priests bless homes and buildings. If you happen to be at Monteverdi during Easter week, make sure you visit the cities nearby. In Pienza, just a few miles from Monteverdi Tuscany and Castiglioncello del Trinoro, a religious procession (“La Processione degli Scalzi”) showcases a statue of “Cristo morto” (dead Christ) along the main streets and squares. Twelve hooded and shoeless people holding candles open the procession and a band plays sacred songs. on the same day, in Chianciano, people dressed up in traditional historical costumes (Roman soldiers, Ponzio Pilato, the Holy Women, Erode’s entourage …) accompany the statue of Christ and the Virgin Mary in their journey around the city. The procession, called “La Giudeata di Chianciano,” is a tradition dating back to the 17th Century. Interestingly, all of churches’ bells get fastened on Friday and no bells will ring until the Resurrection of Christ. Also during this time, you should not bow nearby a church’s altar. (This is the only exception during the entire year!) When I was a child I was told, “Jesus is not home right now. He shall be back soon.”

Holy Saturday is a very “quiet” day. Italians spend most of the time with their children getting ready for Easter and mostly cooking. Each region has its own typical set of traditional Easter dishes. However, lamb, “Colomba di Pasqua” (Easter dove), and Easter eggs make the list of almost every household’s Easter meal. The day ends usually at church with a long and elaborate evening mass. At midnight, all the bells are “released” to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ.


Easter Sunday and Monday are all dedicated to family events and elaborate meals. On Easter Monday, Italians celebrate the discovery by the Holy Women that Jesus is no longer in his grave. I am not sure who and when the tradition started, but on that day, you won’t find most Italians at home. We all scout for isolated and remote places to go (i.e. mountains, lakes, countryside …). However, as there is a limited supply of remote places to go, we all end up meeting our family members and friends somewhere.

If you are looking for a place to go to during Easter week-end, come and join us at Caffé Monteverdi in Castiglioncello del Trinoro, Siena. Take time to tour the village, enjoy a breathtaking view of the Val d’Orcia and learn about our villas and the upcoming pool and hotel.

Buona Pasqua
Daniele S. Longo
Chief Marketing Office, Monteverdi Tuscany

More  Easter Traditions in Italy

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