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The evening before the concert in Ascoli Piceno, there was also another engagement for Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero, the “Partita del cuore”.
The event does not have a competitive response, everyone wins, but the aim is something else, solidarity, in fact the proceeds will go to charity.
Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca were part of the singers’ team, which won the match.

Moments of physiotherapy before taking the field.


In the locker room before starting.
Here is the beginning and the entry of our boys.


As you have noticed, Ignazio was missing the child in front of him and he jokingly knelt down. 😁
A few moments before the start.
Muscle warm-up.
Now a few moments during the match.


Interview with Piero.

These small pitchside interviews are done to get people watching from home to send in a small contribution by calling a pre-set phone number.
SPEAKER= Match of the Heart for Romagna, we are with Piero Barone, already hot!
PIERO= We seem almost serious, don’t we? (He means they look like real footballers).
SPEAKER= You are very sweaty. (like real football players)
PIERO= Already sweaty before starting, water, we are loaded. But I have to tell you that there is great professionalism and I like this a lot, indeed, they are making me too anxious, I have more anxiety here than….
SPEAKER= Do you think you are a football player?
 PIERO= But no, I’m a tennis fan, the sport I practice is tennis, but I repeat, a lot of anxiety before entering the court because I see that there’s a lot of competitive spirit. I’m loaded.
SPEAKER= Of course you’re energetic, do you think you sweat more in tennis or football, since you’re trying it?
PIERO= Tennis maybe, but with this heat, everywhere ….. but tonight we’re all here for a simple reason, you know someone says it to remember this number (for donations), so the goal we have to score today is common to all, it’s a common goal which is solidarity. Some more, some less, were affected by what happened (flood in Emilia Romagna), but I like running and this morning I ran and here they are very pragmatic, here they get up immediately, they give little space to words but much to deeds. (Piero means that after the flood the tourist places were devastated and he, going for a run, realized that people worked very hard to quickly bring everything back to how it was).
SPEAKER= I’ll ask you a question, what is your favorite thing about Romagna?
PIERO= I really like the optimism and personality here in Romagna, they give you a smile and make you forget about life’s problems.
SPEAKER= And it’s a beautiful thing!
PIERO= I think everyone agrees with me, and it’s true, it can’t be hidden.
SPEAKER= Yes, after everything they’ve been through, they’re off to a great start right away.
PIERO= Did you see how they immediately got back on their feet? Chapeau, congratulations!
SPEAKER= Great. Good game!
PIERO = Thank you!
PIERO= What should I say, that we are here at the Partita del Cuore. Tonight we all have a common purpose, solidarity.
We take the field with a smile, without great pretensions of scoring or not, but it’s nice, we need to stay united in these moments and we’re all here.

Interview with Ignazio

(Ignazio was called by the speaker to do the interview, then the team goalkeeper arrived)
IGNAZIO= I want to tell you something, she (the speaker) went to the coolest, the most beautiful to interview them then she said, ok let’s do the interview with you.
Then you came (the goalkeeper is a nice guy), it’s over! 😁
GOALKEEPER = (laughs) It’s better thanks, come on it was a moment of fear, every now and then the blows on the head also create something positive (he refers to the fact that at the beginning of the match, in the action which also involved Gianluca, the goalkeeper received a knee on the head).
SPEAKER= Did they update you on the result, on the score? (His team lost)
GOALKEEPER = Unfortunately yes, we also taken a goal from Moreno (partially from him in the video).
MORENO= You would have taken my goal.
SPEAKER= I’m noticing that there are three of you here, Ignazio are you trying to change your partners?
IGNAZIO= No, absolutely not, I adore them two (goalkeeper and Moreno), but I love my partners (Piero and Gianluca) too much, and then he raps (Moreno is a rapper).  NO, I keep my mates!
SPEAKER= Piero (he can’t be seen in the video) he wanted to replace you….no, I asked him if he wanted to make a change but he said he doesn’t change his two partners.
PIERO= Do you want a serious interview? Do it to me, tell me.
SPEAKER= Free theme.
IGNAZIO= Guys, I speak for everyone, 45597 (it’s the telephone number for donations), today we are all united for a great cause, for Emilia Romagna, I live in Bologna, I don’t know if you know, so it’s something that has touched me closely, and it’s nice that in music there are no barriers, we know it, we are 28 players, we all play different music, and there are no barriers, and that’s the same in football. We are therefore all happy to be together, send a message, donate to 45597. Thank you all so much for your support of the National Singers team and Romagna.
Now I’ll leave you the microphone, you can interview the cool ones! 😁
SPEAKER= There could be no better closure than this.

Interview with Gianluca

SPEAKER= Gianluca, nice to see you, among other things in an almost new guise.
GIANLUCA= Almost, the last time with the National Singers team it’s already been 5 years, but this time its for an important cause, we need to make everyone aware, especially the youngest, not to be indifferent to whats happening, but to make a contribution, this is the most important thing right now.
SPEAKER= Also because you dont live so far from Romagna, so its a situation youve experienced.
GIANLUCA= Yes, we were out, unfortunately (Il Volo was on tour) and this hurts even more, when you know that friends or loved ones are experiencing a period of difficulty and you are distant and you are powerless and this happens because we are often travelling, so I am really close to everyone, it was a difficult moment, but I see that there are so many events that are needed to make a contribution to revive this great region.
SPEAKER= As for Il Volo, Arena di Verona was extraordinary, now there will be a very special concert in Ascoli Piceno and then at the Arcimboldi.
GIANLUCA= There are many projects. Next year its 15 years of career and well come out with something new and youll really see Il Volo in a new guise, maybe like youve never seen before.
SPEAKER= Its a music that remains, what you sang four years ago.
GIANLUCA= But it is also true that we have changed over time, what we would like to show is that we are not just one thing, because we are not three tenors, we can really show something else, building a new repertoire which I believe is the most important thing at this point in an artists career, that of building ones own repertoire, and this will be the “keystone” which we hope will bring us many more years of career.
SPEAKER= What you did in the Arena, we will also see in Milan, thank you very much Gianluca.
GIANLUCA= Thank you.

So, in summary, Il Volo took part in the Partita del Cuore on Thursday evening, on Friday they had the concert in Ascoli…………..but that’s not all!!!!
Saturday they were at the VIP Master!!

But what is the VIP MASTER?

It is a summer event, this year it is the 32nd event (our boys have already participated in 2017), it is a tennis tournament between VIPs. It usually starts on Friday evening at a beach facility, where attendees can take selfies with people in attendance.
There is also a lunch on the beach, where the tables of the VIPs will be separated only by a simple rope, so that people can easily photograph them.
On Saturday  the real tournament begins at the Tennis Club in Milano Marittima (a seaside resort in Emilia Romagna). So people can see their VIP darlings having a real game of tennis and maybe take pictures with them.
This year the organizers also wanted to think about solidarity, joining the fundraising for the flood victims.
Among the various VIPs, this year there will also be Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.
Access to the grandstands of the central field is – as per tradition – free admission. An important appendix will then be the one in a solidarity key, with a fundraiser for the flood victims.
(Gianluca with Patrick, one of the organizers of the event)
PATRICK= Here, Gianluca from Il Volo is here.
GIANLUCA= A third, but the other two will soon arrive too. Great Patrick.
PATRICK= How are you?
PATRICK= You got some sun!
GIANLUCA= A little, not as much as you.
PATRICK= My goodness, guys!
GIANLUCA= Bye everyone!
PATRICK= Here we are, Ignazio from Il Volo has also arrived.
IGNAZIO= Bye, see you tonight!


(in this video Gianluca is interviewed together with Antonio Razzi ex politician)
SPEAKER= The protagonist is the music, also this time I promised you that I would bring you beautiful music. Antonio has already done the interview with us yesterday as well ….. are there also neighbors Antonio?
ANTONIO= Yes, Gianluca is my great friend from Abruzzo, from Roseto. He often comes to Pescara (it’s Antonio’s city), we’ve been friends for some time.
GIANLUCA= We share the love for our region which is Abruzzo and we try, each in his own field, to take it higher and higher, because Abruzzo is a great land and we must always promote it to the maximum.
ANTONIO= And Gianluca and I always do it, because we are two well-known people, he in music and I in other things, but we always do good for our Abruzzo.
In this case you also have tennis in common. Greetings to the studio.
GIANLUCA= Greetings to the studio, obviously these are events where we have fun, we are together, but the goal is always important to remember that it has not been a peaceful period for many people, who are continuing to suffer and make their economic contribution and not only it is an important thing to support the towns and all the cities that have been affected by the flood.
ANTONIO= And then I was able to see my friend Gianluca, a great footballer (Partita del Cuore), I saw him play and technically he can play in Serie A easily.
SPEAKER= Now let’s go collect the prizes, you’re the line!
Michele Torpedine with Valeria Marini (Italian actress), Eleonora and Gianluca.
Some moments of the tournament.
And here are some photos from the evening.

Il Volo VIP Master 2023 and 2017.

Again guys, I was speechless.
It was a really intense weekend, which started with the Partita del Cuore, continued with the concert in Ascoli and finished with the VIP Master tournament, and two of these events were done for charity.
I am really very proud of everything you do and also of the fact that you always think of people in need.
Thank you guys!!! ❤❤❤
Daniela 🤗



……in fact it didn’t end here, Il Volo has just announced that on August 3rd there will be a concert at the wonderful Royal Palace of Caserta (near Naples) and there will also be Placido Domingo and the soprano Daria Rybak in the event A NIGHT FOR KINGS.

See you soon!!



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

Ignazio’s Genius and Nico’s Energy!

Let’s mix it up a bit today! I decided to write about two amazing young men who celebrated birthdays this week! Our own Ignazio Boschetto and Nico Arezzo! Two shining stars. Similar personalities and similar genius! In the dictionary, under the word music, you will find pictures of Ignazio and Nico. They are the epitome of music!
It’s been a while since I wrote about Nico. Many of the new fans don’t know who he is and, the old fans ask me about him all the time. They like to know what’s going on in his life and his music. They’ve been following him since day one! For me day one was the Verona Festival Show in 2017! An astonishing young man. For those of you who are meeting Nico for the first time, hold on to your seats because you’re in for an exciting ride. Of course, we can’t talk about Nico without talking about Ignazio! The man behind Nico!

Collage of Ignazio photos

So, let’s start with Ignazio!
For all those new fans, I know you all love Ignazio our amazing tenor but, did you know he is also a producer? At 25 Ignazio started his own production company.  Does that surprise you? It doesn’t surprise me. It makes a lot of sense to me. At the beginning of 2020 Ignazio started a production company called, Floki Production and the first person he signed was Nico Arezzo!

So much of this I said before but, it needs to be said again. If Ignazio did nothing more than sing the rest of his life, he would be remembered as a singer who captured an audience at a very young age and continues to intrigue them with every passing day.
He is the voice that never ends! The voice that intrigues! The voice that takes your breath away! The voice that leads you to ecstasy!
Ignazio’s story is about music but, it is also about family! Ignazio comes from a very close-knit family starting with his dad, Vito, who has recently left us but will always be in our hearts, his mom, Caterina and his sister Nina. Why do we know these people so well? Because we met them when Ignazio first started out and the guys traveled with their parents. So, when we talk about Ignazio or any of the guys we always seem to come back to their families, as well we should, because we know that Ignazio’s good values come from his parents.
This morning when I started writing this story, a story came up on Instagram that I was a bit surprised to see. It was Piero walking around San Luca. I’ve never seen Piero there before. I know Piero lives in Bologna now but, I always consider Bologna as Ignazio’s city! But this is actually a good introduction to Ignazio’s early years.

Ignazio's parents, Caterina and Vito Nina and brother Ignazio giving a thumbs up Left to right: Vito, Caterina and son, Ignazio

In an interview, Ignazio said he would go on Sunday morning walks, with the family, in the center of Bologna. Under the portico there was a lady who made fresh pasta and he said his mother would buy Tortellini from her for Sunday dinner.
What are these porticos?
The Emilia-Romagna region of Italy is known for its porticos. Bologna is in the province of Emilia-Romagna.  Ignazio was born in Bologna and after living in Marsala through his teenage years and early twenties, he returned to Bologna.  In all the cities the shops are covered by porticos so you can shop in any weather. Entire blocks are covered by porticos. The most famous portico being the Portico of San Luca. The Portico was built to protect a painting by St. Luke of the Virgin Mary and Jesus from the rain. Every year the painting is taken from the Basilica of San Luca and brought in procession to  the Cathedral of St. Peter’s in Bologna. This procession happens every May. The San Luca portico is the longest covered walkway in the world. It is 2.24 miles.
So, our story for Ignazio begins in Bologna where he grew up, went to school, played lots of soccer and sang in the choir until the time his family decided to move back to Marsala.
At ten years old Ignazio found himself in Marsala. The last place in the world he wanted to be! But like any other ten-year-old, the minute he made friends everything changed.
Ignazio the Singer
While Ignazio’s life in Bologna was all about soccer, his life in Marsala was all about music.
In Marsala Ignazio joined the school choir. Every day he would practice his singing and the people who visited his mother’s pizzeria had the opportunity to hear his beautiful voice! Eventually one of the customers approached his mother and suggested Ignazio take singing lessons. So, Ignazio traded his soccer ball for music lessons and the rest is history!  
Ignazio the Songwriter

In my story Land of Sages and Fools ~ Made of Devils and Saints, I focus on a different side of Ignazio.

Ignazio in a white tshirt sitting outside in a red chair

I wrote: “Sometimes I feel like I spend every day of my life writing about Ignazio! In the last year I wrote over fifty stories about the guys and, it seems as if half of them were about Ignazio’s projects. Because of all his projects, on occasion I’ve had to write two and three stories a week about him, wearing many different hats. Entertainer, Lyricist, Manager, Entrepreneur!”

Sicily and the region of Trapani

Last year Ignazio wrote the theme song for a new Rai Series called Màkari! Truthfully, who better to write a song about Sicily and the region of Trapani than a native child! No, Ignazio wasn’t born in Sicily but, for Italians, who your parents are is who you are so, in fact, Ignazio is Sicilian.
It amazes me that the young boy who went to Sicily kicking and screaming when he was ten, became the spokesman for Marsala, around the world, and now for the region of Trapani. Ignazio came to embrace the land of his parents and he loves all the wonders of Sicily. Sicily is different than Italy. Yes, I know Sicily is Italy but, how the Sicilians live and, who they are is very different. Ignazio’s song invites us to take a better look at this other land in the south. It speaks of “a land of sages and a land of fools, made from devils and saints.” Yes, that’s what Sicily is! They honor their saints while keeping their superstitions!
Ignazio invites you to live a new reality through his eyes. He invites us to see a different side of Sicily through his beautiful theme song, Màkari.
Ignazio the Producer
So now we’ve met the singer and the songwriter so next we need to meet the producer. But first we need to meet Nico!
Nico the Energy
Nico’s story begins in Ragusa, Sicily! Nico (Domenico) Arezzo was born in Ragusa, Sicily on October 2, 1998. You might say he was born and raised on a stage, initially “with drumsticks in his hands” … but soon the need to put one note after another brought him to the guitar.

Nico with his mom, dad and sister  Very young Nico at the drums

Both of his parents are entertainers. His mother Emanuela Curcio is a dancer and a dance teacher, and his father Peppe Arezzo is a pianist and an Orchestra Conductor. Nico also has a younger sister Emma.
But what is it I see in this family that gives me a good feeling? Values, good values! Like Ignazio’s family! Their good values stand out! It seems they were raised in the same way!
I talk a lot about values because I think it molds beautiful people. To understand where I’m coming from, let’s take a closer look at the Arezzo family.
When you’re a family of entertainers, it seems someone is always traveling so, whenever everyone has the opportunity to be together, it’s a festival. And what do they celebrate? Everything!
Nico explains it in this way.
I’m down! (in Ragusa). It’s Christmas time. We celebrate birthdays when it’s not the right day. We celebrate birthdays when we are together. Tomorrow or maybe the day after tomorrow it’s my turn!
And during his time at home for Christmas 2020, Nico experienced his first earthquake. He said, Yesterday I felt my first earthquake in history. It was weird, powerful! I’m down! It’s Christmas time and everything is shaking! Happy birthday to everyone.
How did Nico get to where he is?  Certainly, he got his talent from his mom and dad but how did he get to where he is today?

Nico first came to my attention in 2017 when he won the Festival Show in Verona with the song “Se Vuoi” (If You Want). I happened to be in Italy at the time and I was very taken by his performance. Nico can be very engaging and, you can get lost in Nico’s words and actions. Nico said “Se Vuoi” made him move! I say Nico made “Se Vuoi” move! Nico said he was drawn to this song because, “It’s a song that forces the body to move even without wanting. It’s a fresh song that turns on everything that can be turned on … the same freshness that I want to convey now that the music has taken my whole life.” 
The song is exciting and lively, like Nico! I remember that his voice captured me. He has lots of rhythm and expression. He immediately captured the audience. And I know he captured the attention of at least one of the judges that night, Michele Torpedine.

Michele Torpedine presents Nico the trophy for winning the Festival Show

I remember watching Michele during the performance. He was feeling Nico’s every move. I was not surprised when he took Nico on!
So, we have the beginnings for both these guys now let’s put them together to see how they work together.

Nico with guitar Nico with Ignazio both smiling

And so, the collaboration begins!
Let’s listen to what Michele Torpedine had to say about this event, “This is the first moment where we understood.”
What makes Nico so good? He’s very talented and the team is amazing! Nico Arezzo, Ignazio Boschetto and Michele Torpedine! Collaboration complete!

Nico is versatile! How about Nico and Ignazio singing a Pino Daniele medley? Anyone who sings a Pino Daniele song, gets a seat in my corner!

Nico along with Ignazio, Davide Marchi and Francesco Landi, wrote and set to music the song “Volo” which Nico sang at the Sanremo Festival Giovani in 2019. In the song there is the desire of the singer to live 360 degrees, with joys, pains, emotions and also a lot of love. But that’s not all, what struck everyone about his performance was his ability to play the guitar, an element that has conquered the public, the judges and the critics. He can make that guitar Scream!
In January 2020, Ignazio started Floki Production. Nico was the first artist to sign a contract with Ignazio under Floki. This made lots of sense to me.  In many ways Nico reminds me of Ignazio. He knows what he wants and, he goes after it.
Perfect Audio! 4 Cameras! A Crazy Band and, it was all LIVE ON INSTAGRAM! 
Ignazio the Genius
And, in the mist of the pandemic, Ignazio did a high-quality sound LIVE on Instagram to present the first release by Floki. “Gorilla!” This was never done before but of course the genius of Ignazio brought it all together. It was an amazing event!
While the music world was trying to restart, Ignazio, at age 25, has made his debut as a producer. Ignazio said, “Production has always been my dream. It started with an idea to give a chance to those who deserve a break.” Ignazio reminds us “as it happened 11 years ago to himself, Gianluca and Piero.”

Photo collage of IL VOLO

Speaking of Floki, Ignazio says, ′′Working through a small label gives you the opportunity to follow means, believing in people even before the project and following them step by step on their path, discarding logic on the side.”
Ignazio signed Nico Arezzo a year ago but, he had his eye on him since 2017 when he appeared on Xfactor and the Festival Show in Verona. Ignazio said: “After the victory at the Festival Show, Michele Torpedine started following him and, slowly, he and I came to the decision to create a label.”
Ignazio spoke of the release of Gorilla and the debut of Floki. “Yeah! This is the moment Nico has been waiting for, for two and a half years. We could have anticipated the times, but I think we did the right thing to wait. Nico needed to grow calmly in writing. And he’s doing it very well. Yesterday was a debut for me too and it’s a great satisfaction to see written on Spotify under the title of the song, Floki Production.” I know I loved seeing Floki Production on Amazon too!
Wonderful achievement, Ignazio!

In “Gorilla”, Nico comes alive! He is the Gorilla in the jungle! He has the feeling and the expression for this song. He’s bouncing all over the stage. He’s definitely got the moves! It’s so catchy! And people love it!

Nico with gorilla art superimposed on his photo Nico at the piano

Following the release of Gorilla, Nico did an interview with Nico Donvito, an Italian Music Blogger. In this interview, I saw another side of Nico. We hear this young man talk about his music. His place in the music industry. How he got there and all the people who are responsible for his journey. When I listened to this interview, I shook my head and said, he’s just like Ignazio.
I heard a, very, intelligent and responsible young man who has worked hard to get to where he is. He talks about, who he is, where he came from and how he sees his future.
Right out the gate, Nico impressed me with his insight. Nico saw “Gorilla” as a means of escape from where we are in our world today and an expression of where he finds himself in the world.
Nico said, Gorilla’ has a fresh taste, because in the last few months we have been a bit obliged to heavy thoughts, to stop and reflect on important things, to close ourselves in ourselves. At a certain point the moment comes when you need a beer on the beach with your friends, ‘Gorilla’ is just that, something not at all thick which and, in certain situations, can be essential.”
That’s pretty deep and right on. It was almost as if Nico was saying I wrote this song two years ago, but this was its moment. It’s when it was needed. To say that the ‘Gorilla’ is that moment in time when you need to kick back or as Nico put it when you need a beer on the beach with your friends, yes, that’s exactly what “Gorilla” is. Its’ light and intriguing and it brought us away from all the madness that preceded it. Perhaps, the finger sign that Ignazio made the day that “Gorilla” was released, that seemed to upset so many people, was nothing more than Ignazio saying: Let’s take the weight of the world and toss it aside. You had your way and now, we’re going to have ours!
And where is Nico now? In his own words, “There are days that if I focus, Traffic Lights go green when I want.”

Nico’s new song, “Polline (pollen)” has been released.  Nico says, ‘I wrote almost all of my song in this notebook. ‘Polline’ was born a year ago. This summer this notebook fell into the sea, dried in the sun and ‘Polline’ remains legible.”
In a review a writer said: This is a “new piece in the path of the artist produced by Ignazio Boschetto. Nico Arezzo’s ‘Polline’ is the single that marks the return of one of the most talented songwriters of the new generation already the winner of the Festival Show a few years ago.”
I couldn’t have said it better myself!
Nico tell us, “This song has been ready for at least a year, in the meantime I have written many other things, I have explored a new musical genre that you will listen to soon and I am evolving but, this piece, I absolutely did not want to abandon it because I am very attached to it.
‘Polline’ is a song to which I am very attached, especially, literally. It’s a piece that comes almost as a challenge. They said to me, ‘Can you talk about a relationship that’s over but, looking back, you can say ‘but it was beautiful’? And so, even though there may be a small void hidden between the lines of the song, thinking that I haven’t lived through that story would make me sadder.”
And how did Nico preview this new song on Instagram? Honey jars! Nico said, “I’m releasing a new track this month. Every day I will add a jar of honey in my fridge with a letter on it, not in order. I start today! Go into my stories, write in the comments the first word you think of.  Try not to guess right away or you will ruin everything for me! Every day a jar a letter! Oddly, though my Italian is very limited, I guessed what it was!
What is the song about?  The answer is in one line of the song!  “They say you can understand a person from what you find in his fridge.” Let’s go to Nico’s fridge and see what he’s really all about!
Another amazing video! It makes me smile! It makes me laugh! It makes me happy! Nico, everything you do excites me! From day one I knew you would bring a fresh approach to the music industry and, I was right. You have such energy and, all your projects are ambitious like you. Your videos present the real you!
Before I end this story, I want to go back to my story about Ignazio’s song Màkari. Why? Because this song says a lot about Ignazio. It tells us who he is and where his heart is! Everything else falls into place.
In a video, Ignazio talked about the summers he spent in S. Vito Capo in the landscape of Màkari. What is it that draws him back year after year? Is it the “silence” of the land that screams for you to open your eyes and look around at the wonder of the landscape or, the traditions of the land that go deep into your soul? It seems to Ignazio, Màkari is joy and love and so he will never forget it! And what does that say! Simple! This is Ignazio’s story!!! His story of Sicily, the land he left to pursue his dream and the land he is drawn back to time and again. Yes, Bologna is his home but, Sicily is the place he comes home to!
Mix  Ignazio’s Genius and Nico’s Energy and what do you get? A Complicated but, always Delightful mixture!
Join me next week as I go back Through the Fields of My Mind and open the door to a new adventure!

Happy Birthday Ignazio & Nico!! 

If you would like to share a story with me, please email:  susan.flightcrew@yahoo.com
To read more Il Volo stories visit us at www.ilvoloflightcrw.com
*Floki Production by Ignazio Boschetto and Michele Torpedine. Polline was produced at Take Away Studios in Modena.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

Il Volo Off to the Races Again By Giovanna

The November stage of the 2020 Formula 1 Grand Prix had some special guests.  Il Volo was invited to sing the Italian National Anthem before the start of the Sunday, November 1 race to re-inaugurate the Ferrari Imola Course in Emilia-Romagna, which is hosting its first competition after years of renovation.   Down below, there’s link to Il Volo’s pre-race performance below for you to enjoy.

The Imola Course is only 25 miles east of Ignazio’s home in Bologna.  We all know that the Il Volo guys, especially Ignazio, have a love of fast machines in general, and Formula 1 racing in particular.  This was Ignazio during their 2019 summer off, at the Red Bull Formula 1 race car “stable,” and the Triscina Go-cart Track.  La Vela’s photo is just Igna being his usual self with children.

If you’re not familiar with Formula 1 racing, here’s the short story.  To quote my son Barry, “It’s the fastest cars in the world on the toughest, curviest tracks on earth.  It’s the best of the best.”  Spoken like an Italian.

If you didn’t know, the Ferrari course at Imola has not hosted Formula 1 racing for 14 years. The translated article below explains why. 

The Enzo and Dino Ferrari International Racetrack hosted Formula 1 for the last time in 2006. In the same year, the reconstruction and modernization work began, which lasted throughout 2007. The pit area was completely rebuilt; the only surviving building is the historic and former Marlboro Tower (now sponsored by Aruba). The changes to the route, carried out under the direction of the architect Hermann Tilke, led to the elimination of the “Lower Variant” for cars. Over the years, work has been carried out to adapt the track to the increasingly high standards required to host international competitions. This led to obtaining the Grade 1 License necessary to host Formula 1.

Author’s note: Next is a translation of two articles and the lead photo that appeared in the Italian media this week announcing Il Volo’s appearance to sing the Italian national anthem (il Inno di Mameli). 


The boys of Il Volo Chosen to Perform the National Anthem on the Occasion of the Emilia Romagna Formula 1 Grand Prix Set for November 1. 

The guys from Il Volo will sing the National Anthem before the Emirates Formula 1 Grand Prix in Emilia Romagna, a beautiful event two months after having excited the audience of the Verona Arena at the Seat Music Awards.  Music and sport, an essential combination which is often talked about together.  Power cars are undoubtedly an expertise of our country, and in particular the Formula 1 world championship represents an important opportunity to highlight the “Made in Italy” brand.

In this untypical sports season, Italy has been home to three (race) stages.  After the two already staged in Monza and Mugello, Formula 1 will be on November 1 in Imola on the historic racetrack dedicated to Enzo and Dino Ferrari.

To celebrate a return of the highest category of auto racing to Imola, the trio of Il Volo was chosen, specifically to emphasize the importance of “Made in Italy.”  A performance to the notes of the national anthem at the Dino Ferrari International Racetrack will get the television audience excited, before concentrating on the curves and straights of the racetrack on the banks of the Santerno.

Author’s note: A few years ago, when Piero cut off the long “cuiffo” (flipped up curl) that he used to wear on the front of his hair, he explained on Instagram, “I got rid of it because it felt like I was wearing the last turn of the racecourse at Mugello on my head.”  Does anybody remember this look?

By the way, the boys have performed at the Grand Prix before.  The Flight Crew covered their visit to a Grand Prix a few years ago, at the Etihad Airlines Track in Abu Dhabi in the Emirates, pictured here.

Is it obvious which two love cars, and which one loves clothes?

On with the articles!


Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble have agreed with enthusiasm to participate in this prestigious event.  The three guys are long-time fans of Formula 1 and proud to represent Italy.

From the boys themselves:

“It is an honor for us to have been invited to the Grand Prix and to once again interpret the Mameli anthem (Italy’s national anthem). Every time we’ve had this opportunity, it was not easy to hide our emotions!  We thank the President of Formula Imola, Uberto Selvatico Estense, and wish a big ‘ in bocca al lupo’ to all the drivers.”

If you don’t know that expression, it’s literally “Into the wolf’s mouth” and is the Italian way of saying “Good luck.”   

The President of Formula Imola, Uberto Selvatico Estense, continues.

“I am really pleased to publicly announce that Il Volo will perform the Mameli Anthem at the next Formula 1 Grand Prix in Imola on November 1, 2020.

This magnificent singing trio has characterized Italian music and culture throughout the world for some time.  So, who better than they could interpret the Italian anthem, thrilling the world-wide spectators of the most awaited Grand Prix of the season.

A special thanks, as well as to the artists, to their manager Michele Torpedine for the great willingness and enthusiasm in supporting the initiative that marks the return of Formula 1 to Imola after 14 years.  This is another opportunity to listen to the music of Il Volo, as we wait for the 2021 tour.

From the author:  Even the Italian car fanatics are proud of Il Volo.  This extra clip is excerpted from “FormulaPassion.It” web page:

The Trio Will Do the Pre-Show at the Grand Prix of Emilia Romagna This Coming Sunday

Il Volo has been invited to open the Emiglia Romagna Grand Prix, which kicks off Sunday November 1 at the Enzo and Dino International Autodrome of Imola.   The trio will perform the opening ceremony interpreting Mameli’s anthem to pay homage to the drivers arrayed near the starting line.

Author: You can tell the Il Volo guys were excited about this.  Starting at 3:30 AM my cell phone Instagram kept lighting up with videos of the pits, crews, and tracks, by the Il Volo guys or whichever relatives were with them doing the filming.   I had videos of the pits and “stables” coming up on my phone at the same time as the ESPN professional filming of the same areas, and some of the ones from Il Volo were noisier and more exciting.  Here’s one to check out.

All the guys got into video selfie-ing in the pit areas.  Here’s one of Piero.

In the Italian media this week, Piero said that one reason Il Volo was proud to sing the national anthem was that so many Italian young (and old) people have been singing it together at twilight from their balconies and doorways as an act of unity during this epoch of isolation and social distancing.  Il Volo also sets an example by approaching every public appearance and gathering place masked, just like the announcers and race drivers today.

So here is the link to the pre-race announcement and Il Volo’s singing of the Inno di Mameli.

Although the anthem has five verses, they sang only the first verse and refrain, as is typical at sports events, so we didn’t get to hear them for very long.  Note that the guys did not do any rephrasing or very sophisticated harmonies, but presented the national anthem formally and traditionally, befitting its serious and very spiritual lyrics.  It was lovely nonetheless, and punctuated beautifully by the air force fighter jet flyover. 

In the clip, the announcer explains that Il Volo will present the national anthem and there will be a flyover in honor of Enzo Ferrari. He adds after that the four aircraft are Eurofighters from the combat wing of Grosseto who are flying a circuit of the race course.  He describes the beautiful sunny day at this venue which has been key in writing the story of motorsport and which has seen some of its greatest racing competitions.  Then he argued that the naysayers who said we wouldn’t have this event this year, or next, were wrong, because we did it and it’s here.  His partner adds that the most exciting thing we could do for the drivers and for the 100th Formula 1 Grand Prix was to bring in Il Volo.  No argument there.

It was a very tense and exciting race.  Team Mercedes Benz has dominated Formula 1 for six or seven years.  On the Imola course, five or six drivers had serious mechanical issues and mandatory DNFs (Did Not Finish), for problems including (two) front wings shearing off, a coolant system failure, shredded tires, and even cold brakes in a pit stop that knocked a crew mechanic into a back somersault.  Max Verstappen, driving for Red Bull, managed to do a very close overtake (pass) splitting the two Mercedes leaders, got himself into second place, and held it a dozen laps, nearly guaranteeing a second place on the podium and nearly breaking up the expected Mercedes one-two finish.  Then he punctured a tire, and spun off the track with three broken rims and a wrecked chassis. 

The Imola track, on the left, was once the site of two driver deaths in one weekend 1994, Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger.  In memory or in caution, drivers from several teams had their helmets or steering columns blessed before the race.  Strangely, despite the multiple grindings and spin outs today, there was not a single injury.

Before the race, the entire field of drivers made pre-recorded statements and took a knee on the track to demand an end to racism.  Il Volo held their opening anthem until after these ceremonial acts of solidarity.  In a fitting conclusion, Lewis Hamilton, who piloted the winning Mercedes car, happens to be a person of color.

In the midst of all the excitement, Gianluca found the time to post a picture of him and Ernie, which was captioned “You’re the other half of me.”  Papa Ercole posted best wishes “Little Man.” Mamma Eleonora posted an old video of a little boy tossing his bicycle and running to her camera.  Why?  Yesterday, November 1, was Ernie Ginoble’s birthday.  Tanti auguri e Buon Compleanno, Ernie! 

Author’s note: Il Volo is “off to the races again” in another way, too.  Embedded in one of the Italian news clippings last week was a link to Il Volo’s 2021 European tour schedule.  Stay tuned.  In another Flight Crew article, we’ll share whatever know about it.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


Bellaria June 1, there is a birthday to celebrate, Dodi Battaglia, guitarist of POOH, (famous Italian complex). In these days from his facebook page, Dodi has advised of this event, completely free, to be held in the evening, on the beautiful seafront of Bellaria, in Emilia Romagna.

Many artists will be present to make duets with Dodi, and among these there will also be our Ignazio Boschetto.

Ignazio 01

In the afternoon, before the rehearsals, Ignazio was interviewed by a local TV station.

In this video, Ignazio says that the Pooh, have made the history of Italian music, for him it is an honor to be there and sing with Dodi, share the stage with Dodi, who besides being a great artist, is also a great friend.

In addition, Ignazio confirms that he was born in Bologna (which is in Emilia Romagna) and therefore could not be present in this event.

And here’s the video with our sweet Ignazio!

So in the afternoon, there was evidence, and there were already people present, and then there are videos that show Ignatius who is trying the song entrusted to him, UOMINI SOLI. (MEN ALONE)

It’s a beautiful song, with which POOH won Sanremo in 1990.

It’s a very difficult song for both the text and because it has very high tones, but this certainly does not worry Ignazio.

Here is the beautiful video of the afternoon tests.

Ignazio 02

Ignazio really good, you’re really a great artist and you have a big heart.

Maybe you in America do not know this song, but believe me, because of the high tones, very few singers agree to sing it.

And here are the photos of the evening. Ignazio and Dodi.

Ignazio 03Ignazio 04Ignazio 05Ignazio 06Ignazio 07Ignazio 08Ignazio 09

And here, finally, the video of the evening. Too bad that it is resumed alongside and only a piece of the song, but we can all hear and see that Ignazio was in good shape, very good!

And here’s a last video, broadcast by a local TV the day after, where this is said:

“THE YOUNGEST SINGER ON THE STAGE, IGNAZIO BOSCHETTO from IL VOLO, great talent, for him a dream to be here.”

Ignazio says: “At home I have a guitar autographed by Dodi.”

Ignazio 10Ignazio 11Ignazio 12

What to say, these guys always amaze us, and leave us speechless.

Bravo Ignazio.

You really are a very sweet man.


Credit to owners of all photos and video.