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Golden Boys by Daniela

We are in July and the summer concerts are approaching.

The guys are releasing videos and interviews for the various concerts and I have seen and read what they said about the concerts of Taormina and Marostica and I found them very interesting so I will translate them for you.

This video is dedicated to the Taormina concert.

I translate:

P = Saturday, July 28 we are waiting for you in the splendid setting of the Ancient Theater of Taormina, for a special evening to which we hold a lot, that is fundraising to support the AIRC (Italian Cancer Research Association) Sicilia committee, for research on pediatric tumors.

I = We all want to no longer have to talk about cancer, especially when we talk about the little ones.

This is why we need to support researchers who are looking for the most effective treatments to treat 100% of children.

G = All together we can help AIRC reach this milestone as soon as possible.

We are waiting for you in Taormina on Saturday 28th July, tickets are already available on Ticketone.

We give AIRC researchers an overpopulated Ancient Theater and we all say together:

P.I.G. = Against cancer, I am here!

Golden 01

This article, speaks of an interview made to the boys on the concert of Marostica, published by IL GIORNALE DI VICENZA.

Il Volo a Marostica in Piazza Scacchi

Il Giornale Article – click here

(I translate the most important points.)

On the wave of success that accompanies them for years without interruption, “Il Volo in concerto” will be one of the key events of the “Marostica Summer Festival” in Piazza degli Scacchi in Marostica on the evening of July 19th. The appointment with the three young ambassadors of Italian music is at 21.30 for an evening nominated to remain well impressed in the memory of the public.

Your success is international, but you will also be touring a small town like Marostica.

What is the value of small centers for you? “We were born and lived in small towns where we can truly appreciate the right human dimension, where everyone knows each other and, like in a big family, there can be friendship, solidarity and all those values ​​that have allowed us to face the world together. without fear. So it’s essential for us to return to the atmosphere of the city”.

Golden 02

One of your historical performances was the “Tribute ai Tre tenori”, Pavarotti, Carreas and Domingo. Are you going to be their heirs? “It would never be possible to compare ourselves with the three, unique and true tenors who transformed the lyric into a language for the general public. Ours was a simple tribute. A reminder of our historical moment with our voices.”

Your success is indisputable. Why are the Italian song and voices so loved? “Perhaps because the history of Italian music is fascinating in itself. Or because the music speaks Italian and among the great voices, the most famous are born in Italy.”

And to those who criticize your “lyric-pop” what do you answer? “That everyone has the right to love the music that is most congenial to them. Clearly, not everyone can appreciate such a particular genre. We ourselves when out of the scene listen, love and sing all different music. We only have twenty years. Criticizing is a right. But denigrate not so much. If, then, there are those who do it, we can not but shrug. In Marostica it will be a unique, magical concert.”

In ten years, where do you see yourself? “For the moment we have already arrived, at ten years of career. We hope to go the same way and always have this great audience because everything happens thanks to the people who love you and support you.”

Golden 03 copy

What to say, the video message is admirable, these guys really have a heart of gold.

And the interview in the newspaper? They said that Marostica will be a special concert, I cannot wait!


Credit to Mollysianna for all images.

IL VOLO to Marostica by Daniela

Every day, there is a special announcement that makes us happy.

After the news of the participation in the


we hear of another very important date:

The trio, IL VOLO arrives at the Marostica Summer Festival.

IL VOLO 2016

Marostica – The billboard of the fourth edition of Marostica Summer Festival is still enriched. After the announcement of the presence of Alvaro Soler, on the stage on 18 July, the next day, Thursday 19, in the chess square, IL VOLO will return. Ignazio Boschetto, Piero Barone and Gianluca Ginoble, will in fact present their project, on tour since 2016, which is titled “NOTTE MAGICA – A Tribute to the Three Tenors”. After the two lucky events of 2014 and 2015, sold out in every place order, the three tenors, who in these years have won successes in all corners of the world, with their typically Italian voices and a repertoire ranging from Opera to pop music, thanks to Due Punti Eventi they announce a new concert, in the Scaliger town, which has always responded with generosity and affection.

Piazza degli Scacchi
The beautiful Piazza degli Scacchi, where the concert will be held.

The one scheduled for July 19th, beginning at 9:30 pm, will be a show in which the successful melodies of the Neapolitan, Italian and international repertoire will alternate with pieces taken from great musicals and with the most famous opera arias.

On the stage with the orchestra, the trio will also present some pop-inspired pieces and other surprises.

Pre-sales of the “IL VOLO” concert will be available shortly online and in the Ticketone and Vivaticket circuits.

On 1 July 2016 in Piazza Santa Croce in Florence Il Volo brought on stage for the first time “NOTTE MAGICA – A Tribute to the Three Tenors”, broadcast in prime time on Canale 5; the show has seen the participation of Placido Domingo and marked the beginning of a world tour that debuted on March 4 at the Radio City Music Hall in New York, registering sold out. After 15 stages in the United States, the tour arrived first in Europe (29 dates) and then in Latin America and, finally, in Japan.

Marostica Summer Festival

Marostica Summer Festival is organized by Due Punti Eventi, with the artistic direction of Valerio Simonato, in collaboration with the Municipality of Marostica and with the patronage of the Veneto Region and the Province of Vicenza. The event supports Woman For Freedom, donating a number of tickets to the shows to support the association’s activities.

Here the original article:

Vicenza Report – Click Here

Ok, I think it’s great news, a whole concert, I think I’ll do everything to go there.

There will be Magic Night songs, but also pop songs and some surprises (maybe the new single), moreover, from Roncadelle where I live in Marostica, it’s only 100 miles, and then I’ve never seen Marostica and the famous Piazza where every year plays the Chess Game with real people.

No, I can not miss, Marostica, wait for me!

How many of you would like to be here, at that time ??

Meanwhile, as we wait on 19 July, we enjoy this piece of concert taken at Marostica in 2014, beautiful CARUSO.


Il Volo returns live in Italy in July with five dates in the following cities:

July 15 – ASTI – Piazza Cattedrale
July 16 – CODROIPO (UD) – Villa Manin
July 19 – MAROSTICA (VI) – Piazza Degli Scacchi
July 26 – CERVIA (RA) – Piazza Garibaldi
July 28 – TAORMINA (ME) – Teatro Antico


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

Il Volo Professional ~~ Live Tour 2015; Marostica

Il Volo Facebook
Il Volo Facebook



Have fun at the Marostica Summer Festival!  I think Our Guys did.  🙂

Marostica Summer Festival Facebook

~~ Kelly







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Loose translation from Google: Simone is excited about a dream to bring young people to this festival, and in the past few days, they have far exceeded that.  He says that it is only the beginning.






Marostica Music Festival Photo Album ~~ Marostica Music Festival Facebook; LiJoy



From Ignazio’s Uncle Giuseppe




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July 17 Concert ~~ Il Volovers Italy Official Facebook





Visit her twitter account for Periscopes of the concert! 





Il Volo Professional ~~ Playing for a Cure, It Was Never Published, and A Call For Help

Hey Everyone!

Hope you’ve had a great week and are have a great weekend!  The Guys are really resting (good for them!), so just a couple of things today…


Ignazio Fights Cancer

Vincent Ferrera Bannera Facebook
Vincent Ferrante Bannera Facebook

We all know and love that Ignazio, Piero, and Gianluca love to take opportunities to help others and give back, and on Friday, Ignazio took another one, participating in a charity soccer match to promote cancer research.

(Following translation sent to me by LiJoy from Google):

“Friday, November 14th, there was the 1st memorial “Scirea-Facchetti” Municipal Stadium “Lombardo Angotta” Marsala. The meeting was organized by the Club Juventus and Inter Club of Marsala.
Took to the field: Toto Schillaci, the bombar of magical nights of Italy 90; Nicholas Sciacca, flag of Foggia Zeman; Bush coach Roberto Trapani, Ignazio Boschetto of the trio “Il Volo”, Nino Barraco, Valerio Leto, Aldo Fina, James Costigliola, Matthew Gerardi, Michael Impiccichè, and many other Sports Club Marsala in 1912.
Speakers Live Phone: Fabio Grosso and Mariella Scirea; both very pleased with the initiative carried out by the club this evening that had the common denominator of charity. In fact, the entire proceeds from the event were donated to AIRC (Italian Association for Cancer Research).
Vincent Ferrante Bannera”

Click here —> Italian Article About the Match ~~ Athina via LiJoy

Roberto Di Girolamo
Roberto Di Girolamo

Click here —> Roberto Di Girolamo Photo Album ~~ LiJoy

Click here —> Vincenzo Ferante Bannera Facebook ~~ LiJoy

Roberto Di Girolamo
Roberto Di Girolamo

LiJoy tells me that not only did Ignazio’s team win the match, Ignazio himself delivered the winning goal!  Congratulations, Ignazio, and way to support such a worthy cause!


Never Published Video

Needs no introduction or explanation.  From Marostica, thanks to Francesco Boschetto Facebook & LiJoy, enjoy!



DSCN0309I think we all loved the concerts we were able to attend this year, and to get us through the lean time of Il Volo’s off season and while we’re waiting patiently (or something less polite… 😉   ) for new music to be released, I am trying to recreate the North American tour.

Now, I know that sometimes the set list differed from one city to the next, and some of the cute stuff in between might have been different from night to night as well.  Could you help me with this?

If you have a set list from the concert in your city that I could use for research or a cute video of banter/antics between The Guys at your show that you would like included in an upcoming post, please send it to us via e-mail at ilvoloflightcrw@outlook.com.

Thanks, and have a great week!

~~ Kelly

Il Volo Professional ~~ The Guys Go Home, Part 5: Marostica

Hey, Everyone!

I know this is a little late–I’m sorry.   It seems like the weeknight concert has only affected me.    😉   Lots of pictures out…some video…

I can’t believe another tour is over for The Guys.   So Sad.  But with a sold out crowd, they went out with a bang — and fireworks!


Daytime Preparation


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By Il Volo



Il Volo Facebook
Il Volo Facebook


Click here —> Beautiful Day ~~ Luana Bianchi; LiJoy

Click here —> Il Mondo ~~ Luana Bianchi; LiJoy

Click here —> Mamma  ~~ Luana Bianchi; LiJoy

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Click here —> Surrender (beginning) ~~ Massimo Fregnani Facebook

Click here —> O Sole Mio, “Spectacular finale!”  ~~ Luana Bianchi; LiJoy



Massimo Fregnani Facebook
Massimo Fregnani Facebook

Click here for over 200 pictures! —>  Il Volo in Marosctica Photo Album ~~ Il Volo Marostica Facebook



 In The Media

Click here —>   Il Volo va in orbita In piazza degli Scacchi decollano emozioni ~~ (print article) shared with LiJoy by Athina

Click here —> Il Volo en “La Vita In Diretta”  ~~ (video) Fans Club Enamorate con Il Volo Venezuela Oficial


Massimo Fregnani Facebook
Massimo Fregnani Facebook


Congratulations, Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio!  It was such a pleasure to see you finally get to bring your music home! 


~~ Kelly