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During one of the concerts in Mexico, exactly in Zacatecas, something very romantic happened, which perhaps not everyone knows about.

A boy, knowing that his girlfriend is a very passionate fan of IL VOLO, has seen fit to buy tickets for the concert, and then take her to Zacatecas.

But the surprises didn’t all end here.

During the concert, while IL VOLO was singing “WE ARE LOVE”, the boy led his beloved in the middle of the aisle (they had no seats ahead) and …

knelt down to make her the marriage proposal !!!

You have understood very well !!!
But then, romance still exists. ❤️❤️

Wedding 01

Everything was captured by a video made by a photographer present at the concert, who commented:

I never imagined that I would take pictures of a wedding proposal at a concert, and today I was an accomplice to this incredible moment, during the inaugural concert of the IL VOLO in Zacatecas National Fair. This can only happen in the Romantic City of Mexico.

And here is the beautiful video.

I bet you all got emotional.

What sweetness, what love, and could not have chosen a better moment or better song

Even the security, which stopped them at first, then let them pass, also because Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca understood what was happening and made signs with their arms to let them pass.

At the end of their song, IL VOLO informed all those present that there was a marriage proposal and congratulated the future spouses.

Everything was really natural and very nice. Too bad there were barriers, otherwise I am sure that the boys would have made them go on stage and would have embraced them.

However, this makes us understand that even young people like to be romantic.

The following day, Il VOLO tweeted this sweet photo:


Wedding 03

Women, who among you, would not have wanted a marriage proposal like this? With IL VOLO singing the soundtrack?

All are very good, especially the future bridegroom, I believe that his sweet idea will remain a great memory in his young bride for years to come.


Wedding 04

Credit to owners of all photos and video.

Il Volo Professional ~~ Playing for a Cure, It Was Never Published, and A Call For Help

Hey Everyone!

Hope you’ve had a great week and are have a great weekend!  The Guys are really resting (good for them!), so just a couple of things today…


Ignazio Fights Cancer

Vincent Ferrera Bannera Facebook
Vincent Ferrante Bannera Facebook

We all know and love that Ignazio, Piero, and Gianluca love to take opportunities to help others and give back, and on Friday, Ignazio took another one, participating in a charity soccer match to promote cancer research.

(Following translation sent to me by LiJoy from Google):

“Friday, November 14th, there was the 1st memorial “Scirea-Facchetti” Municipal Stadium “Lombardo Angotta” Marsala. The meeting was organized by the Club Juventus and Inter Club of Marsala.
Took to the field: Toto Schillaci, the bombar of magical nights of Italy 90; Nicholas Sciacca, flag of Foggia Zeman; Bush coach Roberto Trapani, Ignazio Boschetto of the trio “Il Volo”, Nino Barraco, Valerio Leto, Aldo Fina, James Costigliola, Matthew Gerardi, Michael Impiccichè, and many other Sports Club Marsala in 1912.
Speakers Live Phone: Fabio Grosso and Mariella Scirea; both very pleased with the initiative carried out by the club this evening that had the common denominator of charity. In fact, the entire proceeds from the event were donated to AIRC (Italian Association for Cancer Research).
Vincent Ferrante Bannera”

Click here —> Italian Article About the Match ~~ Athina via LiJoy

Roberto Di Girolamo
Roberto Di Girolamo

Click here —> Roberto Di Girolamo Photo Album ~~ LiJoy

Click here —> Vincenzo Ferante Bannera Facebook ~~ LiJoy

Roberto Di Girolamo
Roberto Di Girolamo

LiJoy tells me that not only did Ignazio’s team win the match, Ignazio himself delivered the winning goal!  Congratulations, Ignazio, and way to support such a worthy cause!


Never Published Video

Needs no introduction or explanation.  From Marostica, thanks to Francesco Boschetto Facebook & LiJoy, enjoy!



DSCN0309I think we all loved the concerts we were able to attend this year, and to get us through the lean time of Il Volo’s off season and while we’re waiting patiently (or something less polite… 😉   ) for new music to be released, I am trying to recreate the North American tour.

Now, I know that sometimes the set list differed from one city to the next, and some of the cute stuff in between might have been different from night to night as well.  Could you help me with this?

If you have a set list from the concert in your city that I could use for research or a cute video of banter/antics between The Guys at your show that you would like included in an upcoming post, please send it to us via e-mail at ilvoloflightcrw@outlook.com.

Thanks, and have a great week!

~~ Kelly

Il Volo Professional ~~Taormina Teaser


I owe a huge debt of gratitude to LiJoy for this, as she was hard at work helping to gather these videos into one place for me and making sure her settings  were compatible for me to use here.  The concert tonight was epic by all accounts, and trying to make sure I don’t miss anything will take a little while.  To make it easier for you, here is a little teaser of what happened tonight.  More to come!

Thank you, LiJoy!    <3    *Mwah!!*

~~ Kelly

Instagram Videos

The Crowd Gathers; @ernygino14; All About Il Volo

Granade; rockme_ilvolo Instagram

Piero Sings To His Mom; Cinzia Lisinicchia Facebook

Maria; Cinzia Lisinicchia Facebook

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Hi Everyone,

Well it’s almost here, almost. Concerts are happily coming up quickly!! I know you all have been busy getting ready and I thought I’d help with the preparations 🙂 I thought  that you might have overlooked some important do’s and don’ts. I’m here to help (You know me, ever helpful) so here are some hints on how to get ready and more importantly how to have a SMOOTH concert experience!

1) Get your outfit ready now. It’s never too early and you’ll change your mind 50 times anyway.Healthy lifestyle concept with dancing active people.

2) For heavens sake don’t forget your tickets and Meet and Greet passes, I won’t be responsible for your behavior if you do.ticket

3) Practice what you will say to “The Boys” before you go, it might prevent you from giggling uncontrollably.

4) Sign up for one of Marie’s classes on drooling and slobbering. She also has a special class, at an extra charge, on dimple kissing.

5) Have someone in your group bring smelling salts in case you swoon (faint).

6) Do yourself a favor and take your medication before you go, especially those of you on blood pressure pills.

7) Stand in line like ladies and gentleman, no pushing and shoving, that goes for you too, Loretta, no running people over with your walker!

8) If you’re going with others who do not love Il Volo as much as you do, warn them ahead of time of the strange behavior you exhibit when you see them; all that crying, smiling, slobbering and swooning will get you committed.

9) Take a lot of pictures, but try to look sane, your family will appreciate it.

10) For those of you going with Marie and Michele, don’t let them overpower the security guard to reach Ignazio so Marie can jump on the stage while Michele takes her picture!security

11)  For those of you going with Kelly and Elaine, keep them from carrying Gianluca off to their hotel.

12)  For you Piero devotees’ do not grab his red glasses off his face for a souvenir, I somehow don’t  think he’d like it.

13)  Don’t try passing notes to Barbara, she will not give up the name of their hotel or the room numbers!

14) Marie, Leelee and Marie’s sisters, when you are touring DC please do not leave CD’s of Il Volo blasting “O Solo Mio” at the National Monuments, the Park Service may not like it. During your tour though, it would be a nice touch to leave CD’s blasting “We Are Love” at the White House and Capital Building!


15) Leelee is in charge of the bail money, be nice to her, she decides who gets out of jail for rowdy behavior.


I hope these little hints help! Oh and say hello to “The Guys” for me!!



Sharing Il Volo’s “We Are Love” at the Gym!

AC3 (2)

We all love Il Volo!  We never miss an opportunity to promote the guys and share their music with anyone who will listen!  We often share our stories; like, my dentist asked me what music I wanted to hear. I laughed and said, Il Volo, thinking to myself, he’ll never have that, but presto Il Mondo started to play. Some of us are very creative and say – when I go to the music store, I spend a little time re-arranging. I move Il Volo CD’s to all the front rows!

This is a story we have not heard and it comes straight from ROMA from our very own Maria Pia!  Thank you Maria Pia for sharing your adventures promoting Il Volo in Rome and around the world!

Maria Pia, “Now I want to share with you a funny story. As I told you I’m going to the gym 3 times a week and it is our habit to bring in turn a CD to be listened to during the lessons.   Well, last Tuesday I had the big idea to bring the CD “WE ARE LOVE” and this has created chaos. All my “colleagues” have begun to make comments on our guys, to sing the various songs, and so on. After a while, our trainer shouted to us “enough is enough, you’re looking like a bunch of crazy teenagers!!!! But you know what was the result? All those who still didn’t have it are racing to buy the CD, the trainer included.”


Introducing her gym friends to Il Volo is just the beginning, Maria Pia recently left Italy, traveled around Europe and took gifts to her friends.  I know you already know what she did!

Maria Pia, “Guess what gift I brought to my friends? YOU GOT IT! the CD “WE ARE LOVE”. They didn’t know IL VOLO but they fell in love at once with them, and just talked about them with enthusiasm to their friends.”

Does anyone have a new experience “promoting” Il Volo?

We would love to hear it!  Thanks!  Michele

Photo’s from Il Volo’s “We Are Love” 2013 Tour.