Il Volo Professional ~~Taormina Teaser


I owe a huge debt of gratitude to LiJoy for this, as she was hard at work helping to gather these videos into one place for me and making sure her settings  were compatible for me to use here.  The concert tonight was epic by all accounts, and trying to make sure I don’t miss anything will take a little while.  To make it easier for you, here is a little teaser of what happened tonight.  More to come!

Thank you, LiJoy!    <3    *Mwah!!*

~~ Kelly

Instagram Videos

The Crowd Gathers; @ernygino14; All About Il Volo

Granade; rockme_ilvolo Instagram

Piero Sings To His Mom; Cinzia Lisinicchia Facebook

Maria; Cinzia Lisinicchia Facebook

Brotherly Love; rockme_ilvolo Instagram

We Are Love; @julicass

Surrender; rockme_ilvolo Instagram

New Music!!!; All About Il Volo

Caruso; All About Il Volo

Un Amore Cosi Grande; @ilvolodallas


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  1. Thanks again for your fast work in gathering the videos. Does anyone know what happened regarding the video where Pierro sings “Maria”. Someone made a not so nice comment on why he chose this young lady. I hope things like that will not make the boys seek more privacy and share less with the fans.

      1. On “Il Volo Mundial Official Facebook” there is a request to respect the boys and their families because someone made some comments that were not nice. Not sure where the comments where made since I only check the Facebook.

  2. This is great! Thanks, Kelly.

    Many thanks also to those Il Volovers for the pictures and clips. I can see the concert is a huge success. I am so happy for you – Gianluca, Piero, Ignazio – you guys rock! Can’t wait for the encore tonight.

  3. Thank you Lijoy and Kelly for all the work you put into getting this together. Gianluca says this was the most important concert for him. I can’t imagine how many people were there. I would like to know.

  4. To: lynngbal4

    Remember? You expressed a wish last year, yep time flies away fast…, concerning a Neapolitan song called ‘ Anema e Core ‘ , Gianluca performed it in Taormina, parts in English and Italian, and accompanied by the Accoredonist Daniele Falasca. There’s a video from Gianluca cousin Nicolò. Maybe you ‘ve seen it already, but just in case..

    1. Mlla, thank you for remembering my wish. I had not seen it, so I am glad you told me about it. I looked until I found Nicolo’s video. I love that song, and Gianluca’s rendition of it is simply divine. Michael Buble, eat your heart out! Perry Como must be smiling down from heaven if he heard Gianluca sing Anema e Core. I hope they will record that, along with the excellent accordion player.

      I can only imagine how our guys’ parents & friends feel, being able to see and hear them on a home stage. They must be bursting with pride and love for their sons, brothers, friends. I am so happy for them to be loved & honored by their own countrymen.

      Thanks to all the IlVolovers who shared their pictures & videos of the Taormina concerts. I wish I could go to Naples in September to see the city & the Il Volo concert there. Most people want to go to Italy for the art & architecture & the churches. I just want to go to listen to all the beautiful music.

  5. Wonderful Kelly and a huge thanks to Lijoy!! The concert must have been a very emotional time for them! The audience seemed to be on their feet much of the time!!!

  6. In Taormina, they performed this Sicilian Serenade of about 1910
    ” E vui durmiti ancora” – (G. Formisano 1879-1962 – G. E. Calì )

    ( And you are still asleep)

    (Text in Sicilian) if anyone is of Sicilian origin may be these words will mean something I add just afew lines in English (more or less English sorry is a very free translation…) at the bottom

    Lu suli è già spuntatu di lu mari
    E vui bidduzza mia durmiti ancora
    L’aceddi sunnu stanchi di cantari
    Affriddateddi aspettanu ccà fora
    Supra ssu barcuneddu su pusati
    E aspettanu quann’è ca v’affacciati

    Lassati stari nun durmiti cchiui
    Ca ‘nzemi a iddi dintra sta vanedda
    Ci sugnu puru iu c’aspettu a vui
    Ppi viriri ssa facci accussì bedda
    Passu cca fora tutti li nuttati
    E aspettu sulu quannu v’affacciati

    Li ciuri senza i vui nun vonnu stari
    Su tutti ccu li testi a pinnuluni
    Ognunu d’iddi nun voli sbucciari
    Se prima nun si rapi ssu barconi
    Intra li buttuneddi su ammucchiati
    E aspettanu quann’è ca v’affacciati

    Lassati stari nun durmiti cchiui
    Ca ‘nzemi a iddi dintra sta vanedda
    Ci sugnu puru iu c’aspettu a vui
    Ppi viriri ssa facci accussì bedda
    Passu cca fora tutti li nuttati
    E aspettu sulu quannu v’affacciati

    The sun has risen from the sea , and you my beautiful, are still asleep,
    birds are tired of singing and are cold, waiting on the little balcony for you to appear at the window

    Do not sleep any longer as I, I like them, I’ m here too waiting for you in this little street,
    to look at such beautiful face I spend here outside every night just waiting for you to appear at the window

      1. That was a beautiful song, even if you can’t understand the words. The melodies are so beautiful. No wonder Elvis wanted to sing those beautiful melodies with English words! Did y’all see the video of Ignazio singing the song about love becoming poetry? He had sung it on TLUC with Massimo Ranieri. His solo version of it is amazing.

  7. Everything I’ve read and seen so far indicates that the concert was a huge success! I’m so happy and excited and I can’t even really put into words how I feel! Thank you so much for this compilation, I have been looking every where for news! I’m trying SO HARD not to fangirl! I can’t even begin to imagine how happy and proud they must feel after last night. I mean, I still feel proud when just make a sandwich correctly at work! I just don’t know what to do with myself right now!

  8. Mila, thank you – I loved that song especially with the Italian group. They added many extra songs from Italy. Oh, I wish they would have taped the whole show for tv! The Guys are so happy there to be appreciated.

  9. I especialy liked it when the camera spanned the audience and we saw Piero’s parents and sister. What a treat,

  10. Thanks for putting all these clips together! Much appreciated. It looks like it was a great concert!

  11. Our guys need standing ovations, come back here boys & we will give you standing ovations all the time. Did anyone here also HEAR GIANLUCA sing Anema e Core, he sang it every bit as good as Perry Como. No matter what he chooses to sing Pop Opera or the songs from the 50’s or anywhere else he will be perfect. Never mind following Sinatra YOU ARE BETTER THAN HIM. i am patiently waiting to hear that song sung again without the distortion.
    YOU ROCK GIANLUCA. I so wish we could have heard the solos from the other guys. I hope this was taped & maybe in the near future we can see it on TV

  12. they must be from last night (Kelly et Al, you just move or remove them if they do not fit with your plans for the page)
    Il Volo Taormina , Video credits Barbara Forestieri channel
    Toutes les visages de l’amour

  13. Really, I have to shut up after seeing last night’s concert and then today’s. I just can’t speak because words are not strong enough to express what a millstone event this was for them and for Italy and for us. they started in this place, and now they have come back as superstars. yes, this weekend they have reached the superstar status. the songs are so beautiful, especially the new ones they sing individually and together and my greatest hope is that they will have those on their new album. we know they are the greatest and now Italy knows. I won’t be surprised if they get a lot more work in Italy now. this is their greatest concert to date. I just notices that someone said on Mundial that they are going to sing with U2’s Bono??? they have expressed that wish so we will see. I love these boys sooooo much. no words, just awe in their presence. I feel I am in a dream and I don’t want to wake up ever.

  14. WOW! that’s about all I can say. What else is there? You were right guys; you did indeed, ROCK TAORMINA! You had complete command of that amazing audience as soon as you opened your mouth! Some, I’m sure,had seen you on line, and new what to expect, or so they thought , but those that hadn’t, I know, had the jaw dropping experience of witnessing God given talent, professionalism, showmanship, and an uncanny ability to go straight to our hearts! It;s who you are, it’s what you do, and it’s how you do it. Kudos guys. Beautiful.

  15. KINDA OFF TOPIC, BUT I HAVE A LOVELY ILVOLOVER FRIEND WHO SENT ME THEEEEEE MOOOOOOST AMAZING, THOUGHTFUL, BEAUTIFUL, GENEROUS PRESENT. She wrote me a really sweet letter, printed out photos that she took when she was at their concert in June at The Greek, AAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNDDDDDDDD…………………………………SHE GAVE ME HER AUTOGRAPHED ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  16. I just got a new name for Il Volo. “the Italian Volcano”, because they have erupted and there is no stopping them. so when you hear me referring to this name, you know who I am talking about

  17. Thanks Mlla now to await information on last nights concert. That was probably as much success as the first one. Gianluca’s solo was out of this world & am glad to hear Ignazio sing one he sang when he was younger. Loved that song. Couldn’t find what Piero sang.

    1. Loretta, Piero sang No puede ser
      go to you tube Barbara Forestieri Chanel, she uploaded a couple of more videos including Igny’s solo Quando l’amore diventa poesia
      while Gian Anema e Core is on Daniela Falasca Facebook page, but is has been uloaded sidaways

      Guess you know the guys are now traveling to Latvia

  18. Ok, one of Gian solo now, so I make it equal, one for each, always credits to Il Volo & video credits and thanks to Barbara Forestieri channel

  19. Thanks Mlla yes I saw where they wee going. I am trying to get a list of solos they sang from the beginning but don’t remember all the songs. I so wish they would put a CD out of all their solos on the one CD. It blew me away Gianluca’s solo of Anema e Core it was every bit as good as Perry Como’s version even better. All I could say was WOW. There isn’t enough room on twitter to tell him how excellent I thought he sang it. It was definitely his song. And the song Ignazio sang I have to find the name of that he has sung it when he was on a talent show when he was younger. I loved it then as well as now.

    1. L, when he was younger he sang at least two that I know of Luna (Moon) and Miserere,
      hope this help

      Side note
      The italian pop tenor participating in Latvia show, Alessandro Safina – born in Oct like Ignazio – has Luna in his repertoir, Lara Fabian (x JDB..) is in the program as well, but, as far as I could see they sing on different dates, Il Volo on 23rd, Safina 24th and Fabian 26th. So I do not know if there will be collaborations.

    2. L, just thought that If not wrong, also Nat King Cole made a version o Anema e Core.

      And yes I agree on Gian’s version, this type of songs need the voice but also the soul, and we know he has it. Them three do, although each one in his own special way.

      almost dinner time here…so bye x now

  20. Thanks for the information your a treasure, & always so helpful I’ll pull it up on the internet, I haven’t been able to find out anything on the internet about past performances at Roy Thomson & Massey Hall here in Toronto. I hope we get something about the performance in Latvia. Il volo Mundial doesn have anything yet not even that they are there.

    1. Loretta

      may sound like I am pestering you but since ou asked for JURMALA New Wave video go their facebook account, if the link below does not activate just paste it link on to your pc research bar google or whatever search engine you are using

  21. I can hear the music and singing, but can’t see the video. Could this be because I am on a phone and not a computer?

    They sound magnificent!!

  22. Loved it. I am a grandmother and have seen them 3 times in concert. They blew me away each time. So talented! Italy must be so proud of these boys.

  23. for those of you interested, go to Tatyana Mescheryakova’s facebook page. she has a lot of other pictures and video’s . she has taken some good video’s. hope she will put them soon on You-Tube

  24. ALL Credits to IL VOLO, Authors Maurizio Fabrizio-Giuseppe Marino, 1996
    Video by Barbara Forestieri

    1. I hope so too Loretta, right now the only one there is with the whole song is the one with Anastacia. The one you didn’t like because you thought she left Ignazio out in the cold!

    2. Loretta
      The link posted above that says Play all, actually should let you hear the whole list, just let it run through and you should have also Io che non vivo, (you can even hear Antonella singing along at the beinning..) the songs come entirely right through one after the other.

      PS found a just a bit of the concert in Toronto on you tube
      just go to youtube then digit Toronto Concert The End

      hope this help

  25. I was at the concrt at Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto. ,it did not disappoint. I happened upon one clip only on video tube. That is all I heard about it. It was fabulous – smaller venue but great.

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