My 2014 Concert Experience ~ By Maddie

I attended 2 concerts his year—Newark on June 15 and Philadelphia on June 26.

As we were waiting in the lobby of NJPAC for the doors to open, I mingled in the crowd and met some Flight Crew members whose names escape me (forgive me). I also met some of my facebook friends as well, and was happy to meet people from both groups and put faces to the names.

We finally got to our seats and the show started with everyone so excited when the boys came out on stage and starting singing! There were many, many standing ovations, and their voices could have blown the roof off of the place. I, for one, cried a great deal during the show.

Ignazio came down into the audience while singing “Maria” and knelt down to a woman who was sitting across the aisle from me. When he was ready to go back on the stage I asked him for a kiss on the cheek and he obliged! The show was nothing less than perfect! Our guys always outdo themselves and that night was no exception!

The Philadelphia concert at The Mann Center was a little different for me. We were sitting in the first row of the orchestra section, behind the pit. However, our seats were to the far right of the stage and there were no seats in front of us. The pit is sort of a semicircle shape, and between the pit and orchestra sections at this venue there was a platform that went completely around the back of the pit section that is the same height as the stage. This platform allowed entertainers to walk between the pit and orchestra sections. As each of the guys walked around on the platform at different times while singing, I was able to touch hands with them as they went around and greeted their excited fans.

I brought a sign that read: “Ignazio, un bacio per te” and when he was on our side of the stage and saw my sign, he blew me a kiss, and of course I blew one back! I was on Cloud 9.

The Mann is an outdoor venue (our seats were under cover though). Knowing it was going to be hot and humid, I brought a hand held folding fan, like the Spanish and Japanese women use. While I was fanning myself, toward the end of the show, Ignazio was on our side of the stage again and was fanning himself with his hand because it was so hot. I offered him my fan and he took it from me and was fanning himself during the number.

m - Ignaziowithfan

I was so excited that he was using my fan! Then, lo and behold, he brought it back to me! I told him to keep it (what was I thinking) but he gave it back, and I am so glad he did. That fan will NEVER be used again by me or anyone else (except of course, Ignazio if the need and opportunity arise again).

The girls who were sitting in the pit, some of them “Flight Crew” members, took pictures of Ignazio using the fan, and have posted them on Facebook, and tagged me as well. There are also professional photographer pictures from the concert that show Ignazio returning my fan with a big smile on his face. He is such a beautiful young man.

After the concert, I went to the Meet & Greet, and for the life of me I can’t remember a word or what went on when I came face to face with the guys! I do remember handing them letters that I had written, but they were immediately collected by the “guard” and placed on a table with everything else that was given to the boys, and then the woman who was taking pictures with my friend’s camera said I had to get my picture and leave. Last year’s M&G was much nicer, and even though it was also a blur to me, I didn’t feel like I was part of a herd of cattle as I did this year.

As much as I listen to the Il Volo CDs and watch their DVDs and Youtube videos, there is nothing like their presence on stage, with their voices lifting the roof off of buildings! And, of course, all their other attributes, which are too numerous to mention here.

All in all, the two concerts I attended this year were spectacular, and the interaction with Ignazio that I experienced at The Mann will be etched in my mind forever!



Very cool story. Frame that fan!
Thank you for telling.

Flight Crew,
Bing thinks “Ignazio, un bacio per te”
means “Ignazio, a kiss for you”.
Humm, don’t know how I feel about that.




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  1. Marie, thank you for posting. I think you would have done a much better job with wording but it’s all I have! LOL. The guys never cease to amaze me, and especially after watching the Taormina videos!

    Ciao, Maddie

  2. What a great story Madeline! I saw them June 25 at Westbury Theatre in NY. I also was behind the orchestra like you were at the Mann. But there was no platform behind them that they could walk like you had. Westbury is a very small theatre compared to others, seating is approx. 2500 people and since they were in a ’round’ really any where you sit you are able to see. I was in the 7th row behind the orchestra. I was an amazing experience and looking forward to next year and hoping they will be back. They interacted with the audience all the time. So warm and very talented.I think the more popular they get it going to be more difficult for them at those M&G. Marie’s comment about framing the fan is an excellent idea, you can always take it out next time. I like all Il Volo fans share in your joy. Maria Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 12:24:58 +0000 To:

    1. Thank you, Maria. It was a magical night for me. I’ve seen videos of their concerts at Westbury and they always outdo themselves!

  3. I was there and witness the whole fan thing!!!! Little did I know it was a Flight Crew memeber. How cool!!!! That whole platform thing was awesome. I was cheering Gianluca on when he had to jump from one to the other. I was so happy that I get to touch each one of their hands when they walked by.

    1. Michele, that was the first time I’ve ever been to the Mann, living only 45 minutes away, but I had a really good reason to go there! I had my flight crew badge on; maybe that’s what prompted Ignazio to take the fan. He had to work around the equipment to get to me and to the platform behind the pit in order to work the crowd. They are such lovable showmen, and so young! Glad you had a good time, Maria!

      1. Maria, I also think the more amous our guys get it will be more difficult at Mand G, However, next year at the Greek in L.A. I will get a seat more up front and wear my badge. Maybe I will get lucky like you and touch their hands. I wish I spoke Italian. I may take lessons. How about that. Joanie G

  4. Maddie, I enjoyed both your stories so much and loved the story with the fan, I’m sure you were as mesmerized as all of us who went to their concert, my experience was in Toronto, I don’t think my story has been posted, anyway I know you will cherish that fan now, so happy that you were able to be so close to them.

    1. Thanks, Annie. It certainly was an experience I will never forget! They were not allowing autographs at the M&G but I should have been adamant and had Ignazio sign the fan!

  5. Maddie, your concert experience is priceless. The pictures of Ignazio with your fan is adorable, hope you have it locked up in your safe, Marie might decide she needs it !! 🙂

    1. Sorry, Marie! The only way I will share the fan is if I can have Ignazio for a day – all to myself – just to have dinner with him, sip some wine and chat, then have him sing to me. Oh, how I wish!

  6. Maddie, what a terrific story and experience for you!! I am so happy for you. You are right…etched in your mind AND heart, forever! I think we are and have been so lucky to have known these guys from the very start. I am amazed at how up close and personal we are allowed to get to them. I fear as they become bigger and bigger stars that may change at some point in time. Therefore, I feel overwhelmingly blessed to not only have had my life enriched by theirs, but to be allowed to be so close in their presence. Keep that fan in a safe place! 🙂

    1. Mary Jane, you hit the nail on the head; who knows if they continue the M&Gs. It adds at least another hour to their nights and their shows are so close together. I know they are young, but they expend a great deal of energy throughout the course of a day when touring. So I feel blessed too!

  7. Loved your write up. I only saw one this year, but it was my first M&G. Maybe the Flight Crew could lobby for a special M&G for members only at all the concerts and include the local fan clubs that don’t already belong to the Flight Crew. The logistics would no doubt take some doing, but if started soon enough it would be doable. Even paying for it wouldn’t be a problem as we pay for the M&G anyway. This could make it more personal and then the regular M&G after the show could be the “cattle call” we are so used to. Just a thought.

  8. Yes donnamay504 wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Flight Crew could have special access to a private meet & greet, I would gladly pay to see them in person without the “cattle call” & more humane & relaxed & not rushed so much. I would gladly stand in line. Even if the meet & greet was scheduled the next day to give the guys time to rest. I’m not thinking at every city but a couple of special places during a tour. I know I would travel to whatever city they were going to be at. especially if it was set up to have a meet & greet for the fans from say 3 or 4 theatres at a time so that it doesn’t become over whelming. Or am I thinking over the top

    Myron also Barbara Vitali is that feasible??

  9. Loved your story of the fan, thanks for sharing! I sometimes get a little sad when I read everyone’s stories about the concerts they went to and about how they met The Guys, but not as much anymore! I now have my own little something of Them because an amazing friend of mine sent me her AUTOGRAPHED ALBUM! She knew I had never been to a concert and that I was having kind of a rough time with some things so she sent it across the country to me! I’ve invited her to join our Crew and she said she’d think about it. I love being able to come to this site and be able to share the Il-Volo-love!

    1. Isabel, I’m sorry you were not able to attend a concert, but I’m so happy for you that your friend sent you an autographed CD! And with our Il Volo family right here, you are able to see lots of photos and videos. Hope you get to a concert the next time they come to the US!

  10. Maddie, what a delightful experience you had, a kiss from Ignazio and that lovely fan story. Plus those nice pictures to help cement the memory too!

  11. Maddie, Glad you had a wonderful experience. Hope you get to have many more. I have never made a M&G yet but I heard they do rush you. I did get to meet them in 2012 by their bus after a concert and I know how you are feeling. They sang Happy Birthday to me and I will always keep that in my heart. That made me feel like family.

    1. Wow Frieda – Happy Birthday sung to you by the best singers in the entire world! That’s something to brag about and to cherish forever!

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