Il Volo Professional ~~ Taormina — The Guys Go Home


So much to see…so much to say.  I know there is a lot more out there, but here is a peek, and I think I’ll let The Guys and the pictures and videos tell their story.    😀    And while you’re enjoying, please thank LiJoy, The Crew’s new News Contributor!

If you have anything that you think we should see, please send it to us at (or by using the “Contact Us” form).  I know it may sometimes look like we aren’t getting the news out, but trust me; we’re always working behind the scenes and love hearing from you all.  🙂


~~ Kelly



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Tous les visages de l’amour; Barbara Forestieri

Quando l‘amore diventa poesia; by Barbara Forestieri

Can’t Help Falling In Love; Ercole Ginoble Facebook

No Peude Ser; @ilvolofccampobello


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Caruso; by Barbara Forestieri

Il Mondo, Cinzia Lisinicchia Facebook

O Sole Mio, Cinzia Lisinicchia Facebook


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Surrender; Diego DiFazio Facebook

   “lo Che Non Vivo Piu Di Un Ora Senza Te”  ; Barbara Forestieri

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Ignazio and Gianluca sing “Happy Birthday” to a patron at The Bam Bar; BamBar Taormina Facebook; LiJoy


AthinaAngelopolous; LiJoy Facebook

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Sweet Dreams!!!!




25 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Taormina — The Guys Go Home”

  1. Thank you ladies for your hard work keeping us informed. Wish one could have bottled the JOY AND EMOTION on the first night at Taormina. When I saw the clip of Piero and Ignazio singing with the Sicilian band “E Vui durmiti ancora” it came to me why I have become a devoted full time Il Volo fan. Their energy, youth and music unlocked my “Memory Box”. I have enjoyed my journey back to my past. Thank you P, G & I. The boys were in Latvia yesterday next door to my birth place in Lithuania. Hope they might do a concert there.

  2. Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, I just spent my morning lost in this post!

    I don’t know who “ilvoloofccampobello” is, but their photo’s are magnificent!

    Quando L’amore… was spectacular and reminded me of when it was sung five years ago on TLUC. How wonderful was “Can’t help falling in love..”? And what about “CARUSO”? I saw them sing it in concert four times. Still couldn’t get enough of it here! Can’t seem to get enough of any of it!!!

    The ending of your post was too sweet!

    Thank you Kelly (and LIjoy) so much for this!


  3. Kelly (and Lijoy) this post is wonderful, if I space it out it’ll give me a whole day of enjoyment! The pictures and videos are spectacular, most of which I haven’t seen before. Il volo was at it’s best ever and having their family and friends there must have been the big thrill of their career!! Thanks again 🙂

  4. I also join in with the wishes to you gals for all the hard work. I was lost in the videos in taormino. I see Piero waving to his friends in the audiance. He is the sweetest. Thanks again. Joanie

  5. Great recap and consolidation! Thanks Gals for all the work, we appreciate it takes time to look for, sort out and consolidate all info, as sources are multiplying by the day, round the web.

  6. Thank you Kelly and Lijoy. There are no words to describe the overwhelming magnificence of our guys performances in Taormina !!
    Watching all the videos I have felt totally mesmerized and very emotional. I hope that they put all of their new songs on their new CD so that I can listen to them over and over again. I can’t ever get enough of these remarkable young men that we all love so much.

  7. Kelly and Lijoy…thanks a million for this posting. Can’t imagine the work it took. I admire all of the board members and their dedication and skill in bringing us this outstanding web site! Thank you , thank you!! 🙂

  8. Magnificent! Very hard work put into this post! Great job! Loved the pictures and videos. Thanks for sharing!

    What other il volovers couldn’t contain themselves with those pictures and videos?!?! 😉

  9. Thanks so much for your site. Anyone know the link to the video of Gianluca’s new song? Can’t find the one on Il Volo Mundial- supposed to be the best. Don’t think I could make it through the day without checking all your great info & insight…you’re super.

    1. Try searching”anema e core Taromina by Giovanni Nigro”on YouTube. The quality is great on this one.

  10. Everyone before me has said it all! So thank you Flight Crew for this great site, and for all the videos, pictures, and comments from everyone! Just when we thought the guys couldn’t be any better, they showed us they can! You could just feel the love when they were singing in Taormina, and it was going both ways: from them to the audience,and from the audience to them!

  11. Our guys finally have their first concert in Italy and it was a huge success! I am so happy for them. I am even happier to see they performed in front of their beloved family. All those hugging and singing to their mama are so touching and priceless! Love you all guys!

  12. Thanks everyone! You are so supportive and sweet–sometimes it makes me get teary. 🙂

    I loved seeing the guys thrive in this setting–not that the don’t always give 100%; but you could just tell that performing at home was something special. 🙂

    And I loved the pics of them sleeping, Marie. 🙂 They deserved a rest after such a busy weekend.

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for those videos, pictures, comments, etc. I am about to start over again. Don’t think I will get much else done today. So happy I could be a part of their first concert in Italy, even tho it was through videos, pictures, etc. Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca – there is NO stopping you now. You are on your way to being super stars!!

  14. Thanks SO much for this compilation! I haven’t been here for the past few days, but have trying to keep up with all the news! So happy for them and so proud!


  16. Thank you Kelly and LiJoy for this wonderful article!! This was definitely a night to never, ever forget! The videos and the pictures were also very good, loved them all! My eyes are filled with tears of joy and excitement for the boys! Thanks again!

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