Sharing Il Volo’s “We Are Love” at the Gym!

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We all love Il Volo!  We never miss an opportunity to promote the guys and share their music with anyone who will listen!  We often share our stories; like, my dentist asked me what music I wanted to hear. I laughed and said, Il Volo, thinking to myself, he’ll never have that, but presto Il Mondo started to play. Some of us are very creative and say – when I go to the music store, I spend a little time re-arranging. I move Il Volo CD’s to all the front rows!

This is a story we have not heard and it comes straight from ROMA from our very own Maria Pia!  Thank you Maria Pia for sharing your adventures promoting Il Volo in Rome and around the world!

Maria Pia, “Now I want to share with you a funny story. As I told you I’m going to the gym 3 times a week and it is our habit to bring in turn a CD to be listened to during the lessons.   Well, last Tuesday I had the big idea to bring the CD “WE ARE LOVE” and this has created chaos. All my “colleagues” have begun to make comments on our guys, to sing the various songs, and so on. After a while, our trainer shouted to us “enough is enough, you’re looking like a bunch of crazy teenagers!!!! But you know what was the result? All those who still didn’t have it are racing to buy the CD, the trainer included.”


Introducing her gym friends to Il Volo is just the beginning, Maria Pia recently left Italy, traveled around Europe and took gifts to her friends.  I know you already know what she did!

Maria Pia, “Guess what gift I brought to my friends? YOU GOT IT! the CD “WE ARE LOVE”. They didn’t know IL VOLO but they fell in love at once with them, and just talked about them with enthusiasm to their friends.”

Does anyone have a new experience “promoting” Il Volo?

We would love to hear it!  Thanks!  Michele

Photo’s from Il Volo’s “We Are Love” 2013 Tour.



20 thoughts on “Sharing Il Volo’s “We Are Love” at the Gym!”

  1. Great promoting, Marie & Michele. I do the same thing when I find someone who hjasn’t seen or heard of them, I just hope my speech doesn’t fall on deaf ears. My younger son is totally fed up with me talknig about them. Too bad

  2. Great story ladies! I have been talking about Il Volo so much to our Condo Assoc Manager that he is taking his wife and 2 children (son 12 and daughter 16) to the concert in Philly this year! He actually got some of the CDs and DVDs and they love them! They are hooked too now!

  3. My friend gave me Il Volo’s first CD in December of 2011. I said “Who are these guys”? She just said for me to LISTEN to them. Two days later, I listened and was amazed at their voices. I listened to the CD 4 times that night. Being Italian, I love opera and most music. My Sister doesn’t like opera, even ‘tho she does like Bocelli, so when she was here, I pu.t the DVD of Il Volo Takes Flight. She looked at me and apologized for not believing me how wonderful they are. We watched that DVD 3 times!!! She, and I have all their CD’S and their 3 DVD’S. My Mom’s friends, as well as mine, have listened to their music (which I gave them all the CD’S as gifts) and they are completely in love with them, as we all are. I am going to the dentist in 2 weeks, so I’m going to tell him to put their music for us to listen to!! (Maybe then I would go to the dentist more often!!)

  4. Ladies, This is not a new thing, but I feel it promotional. A little while back, I ask about the importance, or lack of importance, of THE TOP TEN LISTS. This is something we pushed at one time for the boys, and really boosted the positions in all the catagories they were entered in. I didn’t get a response,but now Piero has dropped back down to second place in his. I am still voting every day or every other day as they allow me. If it is not something we want to continue with I would like to we can keep them on, or near the top. They are still in about 4 or 5 catagories. I think this is a year long gathering of votes, for winners at the end of the year. What do you think?

  5. Oh, too funny! I wanted to share what I’m doing for Part 1 of my birthday celebration, but I didn’t want to be off topic. Tonight I needed to relax and enjoy IL VOLO, so I made time to read this post, and it’s perfect!

    First, I love your stories, Maria Pia, and thank you so much for the topic, Michele!

    So… there’s a new meetup starting called rundancing, thanks to Celeste. I wrote in that I “walk-dance”, thought I was the only one. Soon we’ll offer a walk-dance meetup. Meanwhile, I didn’t want to wait, so…

    This week we’re having a walk-dance in the park as Part 1 of my birthday celebration. Everyone is asked to bring a source for music and headphones. They are welcome to use their own music, but what the heck… I decided to make a YouTube Playlist of my walk-dancing music and share the link. Of the 33 songs, 6 of them are IL VOLO, twice as many as any other artist on the list, definitely enough to hook anyone who isn’t already in love with IL VOLO!

    Those who wish can find my walk-dancing playlist here:
    Or have fun making your own!

    Maybe a new sport (?) to showcase IL VOLO!
    (; >) Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Happy Birthday, Jeanine! Nice playlist. While I am totally devoted to Il Volo, there is another Italian singer I like, Patrizio Buanne. He sings the Al Martino, Jerry Vale sort of songs, and does a great imitation of Elvis and Tom Jones. Check him out on Youtube. You may want to add him to your playlist.

    2. Happy Birthday Jeanine! What are you going to do for Part II, III…?

      Great songs in your playlist. I will listen to it tonight instead of or in addition to my own Gianluca playlist. Hope to see you in Saratoga (still no words yet on ticket sales!).

  6. Jeanine I LOVED your selection of music & Mario Frangoulis is a gorgeous singer, I have never heard of him before. I am going to put my computer on loud & listen to all the other songs on your list. LOVE IL VOLO OF COURSE also love john Denver, Josh Grogan, Barbara Streisand & some others which I haven’t heard before but I am sure I will love them. You have a good ear for GOOD music

  7. peninahonig, after my post last night regarding THE TOP TENS, I tried to get more info about it. It appears to me that it is just a recreational reading survey type thing to pass the time, and see how rediculous the topics can be. I can’t even see who sponsors it. Their is no reward at the end of the year except couriosity(probably misspelled). However, their still might be some promotional advantage in that IL VOLO, and each of the boy’s names might create some interest in finding out more about them. Also, I enjoy watching how they do. I also like reading all of the comments that are posted for them from fans. So, I guess it’s up to everyone whether they want to or not. The easiest way is to just go to the individual catagories each are listed in, by putting each catagory in your favorites list. Here are the ones they are in, and their ratings:

    #1 Best Male Tenor of all time: PIERO #2——-Ignazio #4
    #2 Greatest Male Baritone: Gianluca #1 (sidenote Josh Groban #2 and Frank Sinatra #3) How’s that !!!
    #3 Most Adorable Guys of all time:——-Ignazio #1, Gian #2, Piero #3
    #4 Best Boy Bands of all time:——–IL VOLO #14
    #5 Most Desireable Male Singer:——-Gian #117——-Ignazio #166
    #6 Hottest Boy Band Member:——-Gian #3—–Piero #10——-Ignazio #19
    #7 Most Powerful Singing Voice——-Piero #187 (long-long-list)

    So, if you want to continue to vote and/or just keep tabs, seems that they allow voting every other day.

    1. Thanks for the info. It sounds more like a popularity contest than anything done on merit. If they did it on merit our boys would be on top of most of the categories they are in–not that I am prejudiced or anything! 🙂 I don’t remember the links however–I guess I can go look back on the blog and find them somewhere…

      1. PENINAHONIG, Just type THE TOP TENS into goggle and it will take you to the site. Then at the top of the page. Click on ALL LISTS and scroll down to MUSIC LISTS and pick out the ones I listed, one at a time. As you go to each of them, put them in your favorites list. That makes it easier the next time because you can go directly to that particular list without any searching. Or you can type the next one you want into the search bar on the page you happen to be on. Use the list of catagories I posted above. Anymore problems, let me know, okay?

  8. Happy Birthday Jeanine! I am glad you all enjoyed this story. Thank you again Maria Pia – I love hearing you perspective from Rome!

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