Hi Everyone,

Well it’s almost here, almost. Concerts are happily coming up quickly!! I know you all have beenย busy getting ready and I thought I’d help with the preparations ๐Ÿ™‚ I thoughtย  that you might have overlooked some important do’s and don’ts. I’m here to help (You know me, ever helpful) so here are some hints on how to get ready and more importantly how to have a SMOOTH concert experience!

1) Get your outfit ready now. It’s never too early and you’ll change your mind 50 times anyway.Healthy lifestyle concept with dancing active people.

2) For heavens sake don’t forget your tickets and Meet and Greet passes, I won’t be responsible for your behavior if you do.ticket

3) Practice what you will say to “The Boys” before you go, it might prevent you from giggling uncontrollably.

4) Sign up for one of Marie’s classes on drooling and slobbering. She also has a special class, at an extra charge, on dimple kissing.

5) Have someone in your group bring smelling salts in case you swoon (faint).

6) Do yourself a favor and take your medication before you go, especially those of you on blood pressure pills.

7) Stand in line like ladies and gentleman, no pushing and shoving, that goes for you too, Loretta, no running people over with your walker!

8) If you’re going with others who do not love Il Volo as much as you do, warn them ahead of time of the strange behavior you exhibit when you see them; all that crying, smiling, slobbering and swooning will get you committed.

9) Take a lot of pictures, but try to look sane, your family will appreciate it.

10) For those of you going with Marie and Michele, don’t let them overpower the security guard to reach Ignazio so Marie can jump on the stage while Michele takes her picture!security

11) ย For those of you going with Kelly and Elaine, keep them from carrying Gianluca off to their hotel.

12)ย  For you Piero devotees’ do not grab hisย red glasses off his face for a souvenir, I somehow don’tย  think he’d like it.

13)ย  Don’t try passing notes to Barbara, she will not give up the name of their hotel or the room numbers!

14) Marie, Leelee and Marie’s sisters, when you are touring DC please do not leave CD’s of Il Volo blasting “O Solo Mio”ย at the National Monuments, the Park Service may not like it. During your tour though, it would be a nice touch to leave CD’s blasting “We Are Love” at the White House and Capital Building!


15) Leelee is in charge of the bail money, be nice to her, she decides who gets out of jail for rowdy behavior.


I hope these little hints help! Oh and say hello to “The Guys” for me!!



106 thoughts on “SOOOO…..YOU’RE GOING TO A CONCERT!!!!!”

  1. Oh Linda! Without a doubt I will teach Dimple Kissing! I just need a LITTLE more practice. Come here my Handsome Prince…It’s for The Crew!

      1. That’s the thanks I get? I’m doing it for you and the Crew Penina. You people just don’t appreciate my sacrifices.

  2. for a few of the people on this site – I am afraid you are tooooo late . they have already gone over the moon and no amount of assistance will help. Oh well ! That goes with the territory.

      1. I plead the 5th coommandment or is it amendment or the article. Isn’t it a nice day today ?

  3. I have never been to a meet and greet. How many people are there? How long is the m&g? Can someone explain a little about this so I have a better idea what will happen? Thank you

  4. Oh goodie, I see nothing that mentions the behavior of pirates so maybe I’ll be able to shanghai Piero while everyone else kisses Mr. Dimples and Gianluca is carried off by Elaine! Whooohooo! …whups, what I meant to say was …

      1. Oh well I won’t take his red glasses He can keep those> i’m sure that when he warms up in his own personal style before concert, at the very LEAST I am sure he keeps his red glasses on.


  5. Well Linda D. I would like to answer that question, but it already appears to be different this year so we don’t really know. New company handling the M&G’s. Last year we received t-shirts, bags, scarves and other things just before the show and were seated in the 1st 10 rows. We waited after the concert, stood in line, greeted the Boys, had our picture taken with them by staff. There was a website site designated for us to retrieve the pictures. Actual time with the Boys 2 minutes.

    This year, seats are assigned, t-shirts have been mailed, there’s a note that says bring your camera and we’re all waiting for further instructions coming in an email. Not much help, but that’s all I’ve got.

    Oh, and Connie, I think I see parrot poop on your back.

  6. Love it, Linda! Gotta say that my Fav is #14!

    I have my own that I’d like to add…
    Please, please, please, all you crazed fans, let’s save our screaming for BETWEEN songs. I WANT TO HEAR EVERY SWEET NUANCE OF OUR GUYS’ MAGNIFICENCE!!!

    Thank you!!
    ๐Ÿ˜‰ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. I agree with you, Jeanine. But I think we Crew members all feel the same way, and it will be the young girls in the audience screaming. Now, If we could only hold them down.

      1. Nice to hear that we on the Flight Crew are in agreement that we want to hear every glorious note from our Guys and will save the screaming for between songs. (Actually, I prefer applause, standing ovations, and blowing kisses!) As for the young ones, I’m not sure, Maddie! We’ve got some pretty energized older fans here. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Seriously, we are going to have a magnificent time, and let’s trust in peaceful enthusiasm. If it goes beyond that, I suppose we could always say, “Ladies, I gotta hear every note! I promise to catch you if you pass out from not screaming during the songs!” ๐Ÿ˜‰
        And, No, I personally am Not making such a promise!

        Ahhhh… Got my camera today! Excited!!
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  7. Hey Marie,

    I’m starting to slobber just in anticipation!!!!!! I am bringing a bib, adult sized so that I do not get my Tee Shirt wet. Have you heard, is anyone planning to wear their Tee shirts to the show and m&g?

    Here I am three week away from the concert and I cannot think of a single thing to say….just slobbering, first Gianluca, then ooohhh Ingazio those dimples, aahhhh, and, sorry, I had to wioe my face and hands so slippery from slobber, Darling Piero…such a voice and getting to be sooo sexy, what am I saying, I’m 67 y/o! I’ll get myself under control by concert time. The friend that I am treating to this has never heard of them before (I can’t believe it) I am bringing shackles and slobbering cloth for her too. She was quite the wild woman back in the day.

    So excited….


    1. Hey Suzy,

      All I can say is that you have the right attitude! Let the others be in control! (Although, I agree with the quiet DURING the singing, of course. Wouldn’t want to miss a word, look, sigh, or Ignazio passing me a note.) Slobber On, Suzy!

  8. At meet and greet in Concord last year we waited in line for quite a while, turns out the original m&g place was too windy so had to move to another place. Security guys were very strict and protective. No photos were allowed (I sneaked one and it did not appear on my phone). No autographs were allowed and if you brought a gift security took it. Gianluca smiled and shook hands but was very reserved. Ignazio was active and smiling. Piero <3 <3 was so sweet and pressed his face against mine because he knew I adored him! I don't think they spoke but smiled. There was a pretty lady in front of us, she didn't have a m&g ticket and security wouldn't let her pass through. Ignazio saw her tear up and said to let her in. So nice!!

    1. Hi, I was at the Concord pavilion concert last yr also. I was seated on the second row almost center. M/G was too quick. Was able to pinch their cheeks. Had to hug (TIGHT) Gian, my favorite, Piero was sweet and igny with those dimples, man! No, they did not say too much. I think they were so tired because it was almost midnight and they had a bus waiting to take them to Los Angeles. They were so HANDSOME in person. We were herded off pretty fast. By the way Marie, did you ever get my concert Pict with the guys? I never got an reply. Have fun everyone. You will be in heaven after for a very long time.

    1. Hi, Gerri and all SARATOGA / MOUNTAIN WINERY concert-goers,

      Hey, I just posted that some of us are meeting for SUPPER prior to the SARATOGA concert at 3:30 at Florentine Trattoria.
      Details on Who’s Going Where at

      If you can join us, please reply on the Who’s Going Where blog, so everyone is “on the same page”.

      Andiamo a mangiare! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Me, too… new camera which does a burst of photos – perfect for a concert! So excited!

      Looking forward to meeting some of you!
      Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  9. Linda— Before I read your hysterical list just now ( LOVED IT!!), I was fairly calm and collected. But now you’ve gotten me all excited again about the concert and especially the M&G! Good grief!!! What AM I going to say to “The Boys” if there’s time to say anything at all??? And all that money for TWO MINUTES??? I certainly hope that caveat has changed! But then again, I’ll probably be completely tongue-tied, so time is irrelevant. All I want is a HUG!!!!!

      1. At the meet and greet at JFK Airport, along with the concert and transportation, all of which were FREEEEEEEEEE courtesy of Jet Blue Airlines, I got a hug from each young man and one autograph and JetBlue took 2 photos then directed us to a website to get the photos. Still and all, it happened in less than 3 minutes.

    1. I had a lovely conversation with both Ignazio and Gianluca during the M&G in Detroit and hugs from all three, thanks to Loretta insisting we be last. I said the “average” time was 2 minutes.

  10. Linda, how cute are your instructions to the concert and Meet & Greet! I just want to let you ladies know, Gianluca has to stay on board! I want him – still hoping they will come to Germany! I saw him last life on November 29th 2011 – mind – in 2011! We even did not have Meet & Greet, only on stage! So keep him alive and let him go!!! I still hope… Please! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Crazy me, crazy us! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Linda I wanted to control the crowd read with Ignazio with my walker, I CAN’T??? Also do you think the security guard is big enoug for Marie after all she is 5 ft. 10. The picture of the security guard doesn’t look very big in the right places

    1. No Loretta, no crowd control with your walker. The security guard is bigger than he looks, I think he can take on Marie (I think). The only thing is when she’s that close to Ignazio you can never tell what she’ll do!!

  12. Linda I think I will have to brig a ladder to climb over all the ladies or wild women maybe that is what I should call us to get to Ignazio. hmm maybe I’ll bring a lasso then I can rope hime & drag him towards me before the crowd get too treacherous, you know to keep him safe. Good idea Loretta

    1. Ah Loretta,

      When I saw him at the mall of America in Bloomington, MN….he actually came off of the stage and hugged me….I was so shocked, then I hugged him back!….Just bragging.
      LOl let’s all have a great time and let him come my Way again, but I am selling an AILSLE seat for the Milwaukee concert….orchestra section…just sayin! Let’s Party, but remember be gentle with OUR guys…just can’t call guys with hairy chests, boys!


      1. Suzy, good point!
        And actually, in a recent interview, the Guys said they don’t want to be called Clerici’s Boys anymore, rather “Guys” (which is also ragazzi). It’s a hard habit to break, but I’m working on it! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  13. Cute, Linda.

    1) Bought several new outfits. The mistake is now I have too many to choose from and don’t know which ones to wear. I’m going to wind up bringing more than I need in my luggage and will probably choose 5 minutes before we’re ready to leave for the concert.

    2) Don’t forget the tickets!!! HEAR THAT, MICHELE???

    3) Practice what I’ll say? Nah – I’ll just wing it. Either way, I’ll probably screw it up.

    4) Thanks, but I drool and slobber most of the time anyway, so don’t need any classes.

    5) Remember, I’m with Marie and Michele. I will probably be the one having to bring the smelling salts.

    6) I do not take blood pressure medicine. However, after meeting Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca, I will need the medication AFTER the concert.

    7) Stand in line like a lady? No pushing and shoving? NOT ON YOUR LIFE!!

    8) Not going with Il Volo lovers? Reminder – I’m with Marie and Michele. Next.

    9) Will have camera, but look sane? No one would recognize me.

    10) Marie and Michele do not need to worry about the security. They need to worry about ME! Marie may be taller, but I’m heavier and I’ll squash her like a grape!

    11) I’m not going with Kelly and Elaine, but if I was, I would let them have at it with Gianluca! First! Then he would be all mine.

    12) Piero devotees – go ahead, take his red glasses. He has plenty more where they came from. Just as you leave the man to me (I’ll take him with or without his glasses).

    13) No passing notes to Barbara, but tack a $20 in it and give some puppy dog eyes, maybe she’ll give.

    14) Not a chance. Everywhere we go, we’re leaving behind a CD. Monuments White House, Capitol won’t know what hit them.

    15) Hear that folks? Be nice to me as I have the bail money (and I’m not afraid to pick and choose who I use it on). PSST! Linda! You need to be my backup in case I get hauled away.

    1. Good answers Leelee, I think you have it handled!! Keep them all in line and don’t worry I’ll be your back up. Don’t forget i’ll let you go first and I’ll be right behind you! ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Tickets – yikes – we have to pick them up on night of concert – we have our tee shirts but not the tickets – I will call Wolf Trap to see what’s up. I haven’t had a chance yet! Thanks Linda and Leelee for reminding me! Heard the Il Volo ad on radio today for 2nd time – almost drove off the road again! Two weeks from tomorrow!

    1. Marie, as the famous line from the move, The Fly, says: Be afraid, be very afraid. But you got it right, we all are going to have a blast. 12 days and counting!!

  14. Love it !!โค๏ธ I’ll try to keep my actions sane! It will be difficult! I & my group were lucky enough to have time with our guys at the Gibson M&G on my 85th birthday. I had PBS tickets& had connected with Susan at members Service before the concert. Had asked about taking my wc as I can’t walk too far. I took it & used it. We were very close to the end of M&G. I told Ignazio it was my 85th BD & they immediately sang HB to me. Our cheek kisser Piero kissed me on the right cheek! My IlVolover friend is English & had a London purse with her. Ignazio chatted with her about London & her English background. After the pics & the photographer took pics of them singing to me as well as my pic with them, I told Gianluca that my husband was Italian from Fondi area. He responded that is a beautiful area! Had brain fade & did not tell how wonderful they & their music is! We were out in the back of Universal studios after the M&G, walked around their 2 big white buses, then we were by the performers entrance. Perio popped out waiting for his car & driver! I was able to call over to him that his voice is marvelous & their music was just wonderful!! PBS stayed with us until we got into our car & started home! Susan & her staff could not have been better! It was a magical, enchanted, wondrous evening! The best BD of my life!!!โค๏ธ

  15. You all are such a hoot! So as far as the outfit goes, I know what I’m wearing! A month or so ago I found a red dress and thought it perfect for the concert! As far as shoes, I do not want to do all the walking in my heels so am also bringing flats to walk from the car to the concert, heels to wear to the concert and after M&G go back to flats. lol As far as the tickets, my dad has them and the map of how to get there already in the car! I still have to plan what i am going to say, but that will probably be futile as my mind will be a swirling mass of unconsciousness when i see my dear Piero, as well as Gianluca and Ignazio. And although I already can drool and slobber quite a bit, I still plan on attending Marie’s class, I want to make a pool so large and with such a great current that Piero will be taken off his feet and whooshed right into my arms! lol The other day my dad was teasing me about how i won’t be able to say a thing when i meet them and told me I will be drooling all over the place, so i am just accepting my fate! I’m planing on bringing a sponge and mop bucket so that when I melt into a puddle, i can be sponged up and squeezed out into the mop bucket to go to M&G! I’ll also take the class on kissing as I’ve never kissed a guy before and want to kiss them real good! hehe And the matter about Piero’d glasses, Don’t worry, when I take them, I’ll take his face and body too, I’ll be sure they stay together.

    And I just can’t help but add that this time in 19 days I’ll be at the concert with all the other Nashville ladies! I can’t wait! But I have lots to keep me busy until then as i still have to write their letters, order their gifts, make the sign I’m bringing etc! Yikes! I got to get moving! Time “flys” with Il Volo!

    1. Carli, I feel obliged to inform that I am absolutely DYING OF ENVY OVER HERE!!!!!!!!!! Take pictures, take videos, post them all, I’ll give each of them a thousand views. Also,I need to see your outfit! Red dress, and heels. Those boys won’t know what hit them! I’ll take notes for when I go to MY concert, because there WILL be one. Eventually. Maybe. I dearly wish. Hope you have a blast.

      1. Oh Isabel, I wish you were going to a concert! I’m not going this year either. It’s ok we’ll hear some terrific stories and great experiences!!

      2. Aww, I wish you were able to come to a concert too. And unfortunately I do not think that my venue allows pictures during the concert. But I will see about that. I will take some photos during M&G for sure!!! I will tell all about what happens!!!
        I posted my outfit on Twitter and here is the link:

      1. I hope so! I can’t wait till i can actually meet them!!!

    2. Carli – Piero is so nice – he talks to you like you have known him forever! Your red dress sounds perfect!

      1. Oh, than I most definitely will faint!!! He sounds so wonderful!

  16. Carli, what an imagination! I hope Your damp wish comes true. You may certainly go to the head of the class. You are so ready for this concert! Sounds like your Dad’s OK too!

    Nashville Ladies, bring a boat!

  17. Linda. this is hilarious. I can’t stop laughing at your advice and all the comments of all. I think the boys should really read this , they will crack up. I think this is the best post to date, you all keep getting better and better. some of you are showing signs of real comedy talent, maybe a talent scout will spot you and you will become famous too on comedy show and then you can say Il Volo was your inspiration

  18. I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    I know that I will be coming back here for a couple weeks whenever I need a smile and a laugh! Actually, change that to whenever I need hysterical, uncontrollable, rolling-on-the-floor laughter!

    I’ll chip in my bit for bail because it’s inevitable that at least ONE of you is going to land yourself in jail! All I’ll say is, if you know where you’re going to end up, you might as well go all the way and do something REALLY worth getting arrested for! I’ll leave the rest up to you. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Yes, Pirate, I’m looking at you. Have you gotten the key to his dressing room yet? ;D )

    1. Shhhhhh, don’t give all my secrets away. Us pirates have to be very clever and sneaky along with alluring and clever…

      1. Marie worries me Linda – and I am going to 4 concerts with her!

  19. I am going to Modesto – the 1st one! Don’t worry Jeanine, Pirate, and Gerri, I will bring HIM back the next day to Saratoga in my Beamer! The show will go on.

  20. Elaine, Just to be on the safe side, what is your license plate number in case they happen to not show up in Saratoga?

  21. Great interview with Piero from the Modesto SunBee newspaper…I read it on FBMundial!

  22. I’m flying to Saratoga from Idaho. Would love to meet you for dinner but schedule won’t let me. I’ll be in row C so I know I’ll see you. I’ll be wearing yellow with a denim jacket. I’ll be yelling BRAVO at the top of my lungs. Why did one post say ‘I hope Gianluca stays on board’.?

    1. Gerri, have a wonderful flight! We’ll be watching for each other. We’re in seats 1-2 same row, so you’ll be shuffling by us. We’re sure to meet! ; -)

      Wish you could join us for supper, too, but you’ll be there for what’s really important… IL VOLO !!!

      And to all M&G SARATOGA CONCERT-GOERS… I got the email today about the Meet & Greet logistics, exactly a week ahead, as they had indicated. I’m assuming you did, too.

      Super busy with many things to prep, so I’ll sign off.

      Sweet night,

    2. Don’t remember who made the Gianluca comment. I’m certain it was just more fun banter, not anything beyond that.


  23. you all must look up the interview they had with Cala in Miami on 23rd April, just before they won their awards. it is posted in engish on “all about Il Volo” on May 30th by Marirussi, and in it they said a lot of interesting things. new information etc. Ignazio is so funny at times. it was really a lovely interview. I printed it out and it took 10 pages.

  24. Oh…lord…I’m dying! Love this, Linda. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m truly having a good morning. Rafa playing like a boss on my TV and The Flight Crew excited about the concerts and seeing the guys on my computer…nothing better. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Been looking at outfits and still have no idea. I’m going shopping later today, and if my sister decides to go, she’ll give me good advise….probably. She is always worried about hurting people’s feelings or upsetting them.

    Trusting Marie with my tickets. I feel very confident that she has that well in hand. ๐Ÿ™‚

    As the nurse of my group, I guess I’m in charge of the smelling salts. Wait, does that mean I have to be the one that keeps a cool head? *dang. What a drag* haha. Seriously, it’s not that big of an issue since I can’t get too out of hand anyway. If I go home with a police report on my record, my parents won’t be amused. I can hear it now: “Really? Really Kelly? You wait until now to start cuttin’ up? You were such a good child….!” That’s never a good conversation… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Practice what I’m going to say….drawing a blank….drawing a blank….drawing a blank…. OK….this is not going to be good….

    Try to keep hold of Michelle and Marie mixed up in a situation with a security guard? I’m 5’1″; I think I better stay out of that. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Sadly, I’m only able to go to one concert, so I won’t be able to meet all of you, but I know we’ll all have a blast. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Hey Kelly, have fun shopping, I know you’ll find a great outfit!! You’ll figure out what to say to Him at the right time ๐Ÿ™‚ You’re better off staying out of Marie and Michele’s way, it’s safer. I know you will have a BLAST!!

  26. LOVED the translated interview on All About Il Volo!!! I wish that they could have more interviews in English that went so well. Can’t wait to here some of their new work!

  27. Loved it!!! My fear is forgetting my ticket at home. But I better print it just incase the internet goes down and I can’t print it. What a horrible thought!

  28. Practice what I am going to say when I meet Our Guys? My one and only time I met Our Guys was at the Mall of America – no concert. Anyway, when they finally stood in front of me, not a word came out of my mouth. I felt like a giddy teenager I am barely 5 ft. tall, so Ignazio towered over me. Plus he completely stunned me with his gorgeous looks. I think I said something to him when I gave him a hug, but I have no idea what. Then I gave Piero a hug and kiss on the cheek and whispered something in his ear. Again, I have no idea what I said. And it was the same with Gianluca. So no matter how much I practice what I’m going to say, I know I’ll once again lose every thought in my head when I see them in Milwaukee. And me a grandma!!

    1. Allene,

      I know just what you mean, I’m a grandma too and when I look at them it’s like I completely forget that ….what’s wrong with me! I wasn’t even this way in high school! . When they were on PBS the first 2 times I loved them like a proud grandma. I’ve heard so many gals saying it too, so we’re not alone….then it must be some special kind of IL VOLO magic that has us in it’s spell….may it never end!

      At the MOA last October, Ingazio came off of the stage and gave me a hug…I was so stunned that I stood there like a lump!
      When y’all when back stage to see them did Gianluca look tiny to you?

      See you again, this time we’ll meet up in Milwaukee, I am sooooo excited! No idea of what to wear…just listen to me…I’m a 68 y/o not a teenager! who care what I wear!

      Looking forward to seeing all of you again,


  29. Hi Suzy, I was the short gal standing on the other side of you. And no, Gianluca didn’t look a bit tiny to me. At just barely 5 ft. (me) he looked just right to me! And did you save the shirt you were wearing when Ignazio hugged you?

    1. Allene,

      I do remember you and I do still have my shirt….have not washed it, it might have his scent on it!

      I’m really looking forward to the Milwaukee concert. I originally bought a single seat, which turns out to be and aisle seat….but am taking an old friend who has never heard of them so bought two more seats and m&g passes. If you know of any one that would be interested in the aisle seat it’s in the Orchestra 4 section…have them contact me. email or phone 9524568370.

      I wish I had something new to wear but after all the Il Volo concert expenses, I just can’t! I’ll just have to come up with something from my closet, ugh!

      I’m going to Office Max to have them make me a sign. I hope this one will or I’ll just do it on my computer.

      See you there


  30. From Pittsburgh: Six of us will be wearing the Il Volo Flight Crew badges:
    June 13: Wolf Trap: Lori/Irene, Rene, Judy, Tracy, Sharda, and Sharda’s cousin.

    June 20: Elgin M&G: Lori/Irene and Kathy

    June 26: Philadelphia M&G: Lori/Irene and Cora

    Hope to meet some of you there. Can’t wait!

    1. Lori, please look for us in Elgin. Can’t wait to meet everyone. PLEASE wear your badges. If our Boys happen to walk around the park, they will see them!!

  31. Good morning flight crew.ย  I have one question.ย  Although I have attended 3 concerts previously I never did the M & G but this tour I am in Newark and Philadelphia.ย  The question is, I have read stuff about taking gifts.ย  Do most people bring gifts?ย  What is the protocol on the gift front?ย  I am a nervous wreck and if you could answer this for me it would be one less worry for me. Thanks so much. ย  Donna

  32. Hello fdcunnane, To answer your question, yes many people bring gifts. You are usually asked to hand your gift to a staff member either prior to the concert or your M&G. Giving them a gift is a personal preference. I do not. I am, however, expecting one from them. They have more money.

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