Piero’s 21st Birthday Project

Hey, Everyone!

We know that Piero is having a birthday pretty soon, and we are starting work on his birthday greeting from The Flight Crew!

We will be making a video for him, and you probably remember the drill, but just in case, here are the guidelines again:

1.) Email us using the “Contact Us” form to let us know that you have a submission for Piero’s 21st Birthday Project.  We will e-mail you back with further instructions.

2.) You may submit a video or picture of yourself and your birthday wish for him.  All videos must be 10-15 seconds in length and silent.  And just a reminder for the younger fans that want to catch his attention…keep in mind that we have a broad audience when shooting your video or taking your picture.  Good luck!

3.) If you do not want to be on camera–video or otherwise–you may submit a written greeting instead.  We aren’t going to ask you to limit yourself to a certain number of words, but please keep in mind that the music will move at a fairly good clip, and depending on how many comments we receive, I might have to put two to three comments on one slide.

4.)  Please submit your greeting by June 15 at the latest to allow time to complete the video, though I would welcome them as soon as possible.

I think that’s it.  If you have any questions, please let one of the board members know.  🙂

~~ Kelly

16 thoughts on “Piero’s 21st Birthday Project”

  1. Gotcha Kelly. I’m thinking.

    Can’t believe our Piero will be 21. Bittersweet! No, worse than bittersweet! I want my babies back!

    Ok, done whining. Happy Birthday Big Boy. Yes, I said “Boy”!

  2. What a very depressing thought ! ! When I first saw him he was 17 – how did he go from 17 to 21 in just a few weeks ? ? or a few months ? ?

    I don’t have any video but will have a message to send forward.

  3. Lucky me! And Loretta! We will be at the concert and M&G on Piero’s birthday and can give him our wishes and hugs in person–the thought is completely dizzying! I probably will submit something anyway. I hope that Gianluca and Ignazio do something funny in Piero’s honor at the concert. I can dream, can’t I?

      1. Unfortunately, she cannot come, and is very disappointed. I am trying to convince a friend of mine to come and use her ticket.

  4. Where did the years go? At 21 he is no longer a boy, but a handsome and talented young man. I know I have spent those years listening over and over to Piero, (and Ignazio and Gianluca). Piero as been my favorite since I first saw those red glasses and heard his wonderful, wonderful voice four! years ago. Getting at my message right now.

  5. I’m such a no-nothing when it comes to computers. So my question is: How do I know my message has been sent? I did it on the contact site. Thanks

  6. So exciting! Wish I could be at the concert that day! Oh well, a girl is allowed to dream.

  7. Wishing you a happy 21st birthday. Enjoy, we enjoyed our 21 st many, many years ago. See you in Philly at the Mann. 1fyn1 and Nanawolf.

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