Italia – Sicilia Part 2 with Photos by Piero!

Il tempio diZeus by PieroBarone                                                              Piero Barone Il Volo @piero_barone   May 7
              Il tempio di “Zeus“! I love Sicily!! #something #special #we #have

We are so lucky to have a few photos of some of the very “special” archaeological sites in Sicily taken by our own PIERO!  Here are a few more shots by Piero!NaroCastleByPieroBarone

Piero Barone Il Volo @piero_barone   May 6

The beautiful “Castle” of my hometown “NARO”…  #origini #MyLove #Where #i #grow #up with my friend @dariomirabile

I templiBy PieroBarone

Piero Barone Il Volo @piero_barone  · May 7
I templi


MN continues Sicilia Part 2, “The ancient Roman name for Sicily was Trinacria, because of its triangular shape. Sicily has undergone a range of dominations, from Greeks, Romans, Germanic and Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, French, Spanish and the Bourbons till the unification of Italy in 1861. Therefore the historical remains of these different cultures, like ancient temples, theaters, ancient statues and Barocan churches can be found in archeological sites, museums and cities around the island.”    Thank you MN for your contribution to Sicilia Part 2!   Michele


Here I am back on the bus on the way to another archaeological site in Sicilia!


Greek archaeological site of Selinunte



We finally get to eat overlooking the beautiful beach above with the ruins of Selinunte in view!


“On the south west coast of Sicily, not far from Mazara del Vallo, lies one of the largest and most impressive archaeological sites in the Mediterranean. On a par with pretty much anything found in Greece itself, Selinunte has lain abandoned for over 2,000 years, its numerous temples, acropolis and agora in dignified ruins…  Selinunte is beautifully located, sitting on a high plain and overlooking the sea. It is flanked on either side by golden beaches.”   Read more:

Photo credits: Piero Barone via Twitter, Michele (MFA)

Italia – Sicilia Part 2 — to be continued.
























34 thoughts on “Italia – Sicilia Part 2 with Photos by Piero!”

  1. Until Piero posted his pictures I had no idea that Sicily had such great ancient ruins. Why go to troubled Greece and look at their ruins in the midst of oodles of tourists when I could go to Sicily? Thanks!

  2. Loved this article, but I seem to be having a problem. In the first three pictures, I just can’t see any of the historical sites mentioned. What I’m seeing is far from ancient and doesn’t quite fit the description archaeological either. Is anyone else having a similar problem?

  3. Isabel, try real hard to hold your hand over the site you’re seeing, just for a moment. Right beside your hand will be an archaeological site. Really! Now quickly pull your hand away. There’s the “site” you really want to see.

    Hey, glad I could help. That’s what I’m here for.

  4. Isobel, I too had trouble seeing anything ancient in those pictures. My eyes just couldn’t see anything but our handsome Piero! With great effort, I pulled my eyes away, and indeed, ancient ruins were a sight to see. I never had an interest in ancient history while in school, but I have suddenly developed a great interest in ancient ruins if Piero is also in the picture! The fact is, I would truly like to visit Italy. Maybe in my second life!

  5. Funny – not one of you has mentioned the beautiful beach! LOL
    I have to admit – Piero – you’re looking pretty good in these pics! Thanks for tweeting them!

  6. 1st June 2014 Arena di Verona Event

    (tomorrow rehearsals Anastacia and Il Volo duet? In may be, it’s now or never?? Who knows?? Will see…) ,
    Many artists a big chorus and orchestra, opera, opera pop and more, music in yet an other historical outstanding venue, but in north of Italy.

    will be Broadcasted by

    1. Thank you! It is being broadcast live and we can get it on the computer? And will they also have it later archived?
      That;s 2:30 EST and I have an appointment at 1:30–probably will not be back yet.

    1. L,
      On Rai 1 Tv Channel and broadcasted in Eurovision, may be you can see it in streaming on PC, but I am not not 100 percent sure. Normally their programs are streamed, You can check on their site.

      It’s likely it will be archived, for sometime at least, in fact you can see last year edition on the web site.

  7. L and P,

    I paste the link to the site that is actually streaming what’s on this very moment on tv, (now is Porta a porta), see if you can see it now, then this same link will be applicable on Sunday
    let me know

    1. Okay, it is only a few minutes after you posted. I went to Rai 1 and they had the news.
      Is that the right one?

  8. Sorry, I forgot to say that the link you possted before brought me to a page advertising the Verona concert.

  9. P,

    Yes in fact is always the Rai site but 2 different pages, the first link advertising Verona concert, the second is the page that should show you the Rai 1 screen streaming the programs

  10. This time I got a blank screen with a notice on it saying due to copyright laws they can’t show it! I hope they show the concert.
    But I am sure someone will post Il Volo’s performance! I hope!
    Thanks for all your help!

    1. Yes, somehow it will be shown, like the previous years’ shows on Rai replay or on you tube.

      1. And thanks to you too, mlla. We so appreciate your help with translations and information for these articles. 🙂

  11. K, my pleasure, no need to thank!
    This 1968 Pino Donaggio romantic song (now he is famous composer of sound tracks) is what may be they will sing in Verona

    1. Dusty Springfield made a rendition of this song on metrolyrics you can find Italian original words and related translations

      Title was ” You don’t have to say you love me”

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