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And here we are at the first of the concerts of Eastern Europe, in Poland.

Euro Tour 01

Here is Ignazio during the rehearsals of the concert.

Look how many people !!

Euro Tour 02

Start the concert, the guys are very elegant!

Euro Tour 03

Euro Tour 04

Euro Tour 05





Here, the usual joking of Ignazio, in the background, imitates Gianluca who is singing Aranjuez ….. terrible Igna!

Second part of the concert, let’s get rid of the jackets!!

Euro Tour 06

Euro Tour 07



And here is a beautiful summary by Prestige who organized the event.

I would say that the boys are very satisfied.

Euro Tour 08


Euro Tour 09

Euro Tour 10

These are gifts made by Polish fans.

I translate what the fans wrote:

“These are the gifts that the guys have appreciated the most! Ignazio was delighted with most of them, Gianluca of the ravioli, and Piero of the nightingales. Boys in general very happy and happy. They appreciated our efforts and thank you very much for the gifts and the action 🙂 Gianluca called us birds that always come back and their happy fantastic thank you 🙂 we are proud of you and thank you !!!! “

The gift to which the fans refer is a beautiful action that they organized during the song IL MONDO, everyone had to raise some colored papers that they found on their seats, at the end they composed the colors of the Italian flag.

Really good Polish fans and really cute three puppets.

Euro Tour 11

Euro Tour 12

Euro Tour 13

Perfect guys, immediately to rest and then off, destination HUNGARY.

Euro Tour 14

Euro Tour 15

Someone … has already arrived in Budapest and is waiting!!

Ignazio warns: “Budapest, we are coming!”

Euro Tour 16

Couple gathered.

The boys around the streets of Budapest met a street violinist.


The concert begins.

These photos were posted by Ercole Ginoble.

Euro Tour 17

Euro Tour 18

Euro Tour 19

This picture was posted by Valentina during the concert, the dedication says: “Always with you, proud of you.” 

Euro Tour 20

In reality there was a small problem, but how was it dealt with? Always united, our good guys, “One for all, all for one”, I’m very proud of them, but now I’ll explain, better:

Everything happened during the execution of Ave Maria Mater Misericordiae, as you can clearly see from this video.

At the beginning of the video you notice that Piero touches the bow tie, as if it were annoyed, maybe it has a discomfort in the throat, then just before starting his verses, he turns to the director and mentions a cough … begins his verses, but at the end of the first, he turns and looks towards Ignazio who immediately understands and continues singing, Piero’s sentence, all this under Gianluca’s tense gaze.

And in fact, during today’s trials in Bratislava, Ignazio wrote this post.

Euro Tour 21

It is difficult to imagine how many difficulties there are behind a tour or concert.
The day is and the day is not.
But despite everything, always united!
@barone_piero @ gianginoble11  

Apart from this small problem of annoyance, perhaps passed unnoticed, I would say that the audience was fantastic, very warm and the guys were very happy, so let’s enjoy some videos of the songs.



Euro Tour 22


Euro Tour 23

Euro Tour 24

And run to Bratislava for the third concert.

Euro Tour 25

Il Volo – 11 december 2018 – Bratislava 

The vivacity of Ignazio is well known to all, impossible to hold it in the presence of instruments. Here it is during the rehearsals before the concert. Too strong!


Euro Tour 26



Euro Tour 27



Euro Tour 28

Euro Tour 29

What to say, it seems to me that these three concerts have gone very well, in particular I liked the harmony that exists between Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca and that once again has been reconfirmed.

Congratulations on this first part of the Eastern Europe tour!

Time to go home and then, get ready, fast, Lebanon is waiting for you.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


Updates on our boys.


He obtained his superior diploma.

Here he is photographed with his teachers who have written really nice words about our dear Piero.

Waiting 01

Istituto Tecnico “Federico II di Svevia” – Naro – AG

As many as 32 students have reached matriculation at our Institute this year.

Among them, also Piero Barone, tenor of the trio of “Il Volo”, who showed his brilliant preparation, supported by a fine and lively intelligence, combined with a spontaneous and enviable simplicity.

Already a student of our Institute, Piero had to abandon his studies to devote himself to the preparation in the singing art that led him to deserved international successes, which did not upset his character honesty and sincerity of mind.

Both the students and the commissioners were happy, as well as proud, to have carried out the operations of the state exams together with the famous young tenor Narese (from Naro).

Waiting 02

Congratulations Piero, we had no doubt . . . but to see you so happy and to read these beautiful words about you, makes us especially happy!

Piero can now relax happily at the sea and in his Naro . . . and indeed, here, at Naro, he met the beautiful American ladies who are doing the tour of Sicily.

Piero was photographed by the good Suzana Gutierrez of AAIV.

Waiting 03

Waiting 04

But who do I see in the front row ????

Our ROSE MARIE PALIOBEIS, wow wow ….. how wonderful, a coffee with the company of Piero! We envy you a lot, Rose, no indeed, we are very happy for you!!


Even our Gianluca got a good result, his driving license.

He bought a small Smart Cabrio car, now he can reach the beach of Roseto, whenever he wants. Surely, will be very happy with this result, even Mr. Ercole!!

Waiting 05

And here is Gianluca, happy driving his car.

Always very nice, our Gianluca !!

Waiting 06

Congratulations Gianluca, you too have reached a good goal, your longed-for driving license.


As usual, of Piero and Gianluca everything is discovered, while instead, Ignazio leaves no trace of himself.

In this photo, this girl met him while he was taking a flight (nice pun), but where was he going?

Waiting 07

Surely in his beautiful Sicily.

But when he arrives in Sicily, Ignazio becomes invisible.

This video, posted by him, makes us understand that he is in Favignana, the beautiful island in front of the coast between Trapani and Marsala.

Certainly he went to relax, in complete tranquility, before facing the concerts.

Let’s imagine it like this, just like when he was in Lampedusa, only on the rocks looking at the sea.

Waiting 08

Ok Ignazio, we respect your privacy, but sometimes show where you are, otherwise we are worried about you.

Ok, guys, holidays is enough, it’s time for concerts, it’s better if you come back to start the rehearsals.

Waiting 09

Waiting 10

And here is Ignazio and Piero on the streets of Bologna.

See you soon guys! 🙂


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


A Note From Mary B.

Just a note to accompany the pictures of Piero and the dog. I saw the dog in a shop and thought it perfect for Piero’s birthday. He sings “Happy Birthday” and then gives directions for blowing out the candle on the cupcake he is holding. It doesn’t go out at first, and he says, “try again.” I didn’t know how Piero would react to that, in fact to the whole thing. But I was pleasantly surprised. As I was coming up for the Meet and Greet I kind of snuck up behind Gian and held the dog up to Piero’s ear. When he heard it singing “happy birthday” he looked awestruck and reached out and took it.

c - concert Anne Thode - presents

You can see that Ignazio is awestruck, too. I love the look on Igny’s face.

Then Piero followed the instructions to blow out the candle, and as the picture shows, he puckered up and was giving it a good try.

c - Anne Thode - Birthday surprise

Love it!! And love the look on Gian’s face as he watches.

Now here is where I fell short of following your advice and let the moment slip away. The “picture taking girl” was rushing us along, and by that time I was so tired I was barely coherent. Luckily, Anne, who had slipped in through a side door when others were going out, managed to get these pictures. Bless her! The dog did show up in several places (Twitter and Facebook) in the picture from Milwaukee of Piero’s bed with the cards etc. from the fans. So even though I wasn’t assertive and focused like I had vowed that I would be, at least the pictures are proof that I gave it to him, and he seemed to like it and have fun with it. And the boys’ expressions are priceless. The rest of the M& G went way too fast, leaving us wondering where it went as we were rushed out. Par for the course, I guess, but hope that next time we get a venue with more consideration for the fans.
So that’s the story…hope you enjoy it.

Mary Bohling


I saw the dog that day. Too cute! So great to spend some time with you. I know you are not only blessed with good health, but with a wonderfully attentive and loving daughter in Anne. What a pleasure to meet you both, twice!

Oh NO THEY DIDN’T!!!!!!!!!!

oh no

Oh yes they did!! Flat out left me alone! Marie, Michele, Kelly and Elaine just packed up and went on a three concert tour. Kelly promised she’d be back after Elgin, but the others, GONE!!!

To be fair, I couldn’t go this year (did you check out my sign with the three Guys?) 🙂  so I’m here holding down the fort. The ladies have all promised e-mails and texts during their travels, so i’ll be sharing them with you every day. Keep checking this post, I will be adding to it as I hear from the travelers!!!

Marie and Michele checked in from the road yesterday about noon.  They got into Detroit about 4 and just as they got in a big thunderstorm rolled in!

DSCN0183 - marie

Elaine flew from San Francisco early yesterday morning, didn’t get to Detroit until about 7 pm, now THAT’S a fan!!

DSCN0133 - marie

Kelly is on vacation starting today and will leave Friday for Elgin. Kelly also thinks she may be getting a cold, so medicate and drink fluids, Kelly!! We need you well to go to this concert.

Il Volo rode te bus from Nashville to Detroit yesterday and were pretty quiet. Gianluca did tweet that he was watching the World Cup. Prehaps today we’ll hear more on what they’re doing!!

For Isabel!
For Isabel!

Piero did tweet “Detroit!” Isabel, I thought you would enjoy this picture!

Marie, Michele, Elaine and Elaine’s husband met for dinner in Detroit last night and a good time was had by all!!

Check out this great review of the concert at Wolf Trap. Thanks to our friends at All Things Il Volo. http://dcmetrotheaterarts.com/2014/06/14/il-volo-wolf-trap/

Don’t forget to check this post periodically for updates on the concerts and the adventures of the concert goers.

*****This just in from Marie this morning!

Good morning, Linda,

Well, Michele left for our trek from Wash. D.C. the night before last. Stayed the night in Pa. And picked me up yesterday morning in Ohio. We made it to Sterling Heights by late afternoon. After checking into the Hampton and driving around the building to make sure there was no bus with a picture of 3 young Italians on it we found we were close to the venue. We drove there it is an amphitheatre. No bus there either. We figure the Boys had to come north the same road we took. We went back to the hotel and waited for Elaine and her husbands plane from San Francisco. They arrived and we went to dinner. What do you suppose the dinner topic was? Everyone shared pictures of their previous concert. I have now “met” 4/5 of the Flight Crew Board!

 ***** Just in from Kelly at 4:30, she’s getting her mani/pedi and then getting her rental car!! The color for her nails, All lacquered up! You go kelly!!

*****Just in from Marie at 7:45pm, met Flight Crew members, Donna May and her daughter Chris, also met Joanne and Diane. Concert about to start!!

****** Update from Marie on Detroit concert, says it was fabulous!!

******From Marie early this morning (Friday at 6:30am) On the road soon to Elgin, following the Boys!

******From Elaine 11:20 this morning: Elaine T (@ElaineYYTse) tweeted at 11:10 AM on Fri, Jun 20, 2014:
Road trip…Sterling Height to Elgin #ilvolosummertour2014 http://t.co/dZK7pFdtGZ

******From Kelly on her way to Chicago for Elgin Concert!

Good Morning!
Got a pretty early start today (6:15ish), making sure to have my #1 Road Trip necessity: sunflower seeds to keep me awake!
I have about an hour to go; just taking a rest to stretch my legs (the nurse in me always worries about DVT). It’s a wonderfully cool breeze right now. If it stays like this, the night will be perfect!

*****Just in from Marie at 2pm. Marie, Michele, Elaine and Elaine’s husband are caught in Chicago traffic. Kelly is hanging out at the venue hoping to get a glimpse of “The Guys”!

****** Just in at 8:30 from Marie at Elgin! Marie is with Kelly,Michele, Elaine and Ann. They met Loretta and Irene and were introduced to 2 members of the Elgin Symphoy Orchestra!! They’re having a beautiful evening, kelly is enjoying a srawberry vodka lemonade and sent a photo, but I couldn’t download it, darn!!

Tune in for more!

******This is the e-mail from Marie, this morning 6/21!

met so many Flight Crew members and soon to be members that I can’t begin to list them all! However I have most of there names and some pictures of them I’ll share when I get home.

The concert was, once again stupendous! Piero received a birthday cake from an audience member and blew out the candles. Ignazio jumped off about a six foot stage to mingle during Maria. Him getting back up on the stage was pretty comical. Meet & greet was fun. Gave that kiss to Piero for Isabel and got Ignazio’s OTHER dimple real good for me!

When we were driving away we saw a few people standing by the back gate. So, of course we stopped and got out. Pretty soon Piero came out and chatted. A few minutes later out came the other two! All four of us were able to have actual conversations with them! I can’t say enough how wonderful these Guys are! They talked about being pretty tired, yet stood there leaning on the fence talking to us. Oh yes, I have pictures. Following the Boys to Milwaukee in the morning!

Marie and Michele have reached Milwaukee, Marie texts at 3:45 today:

“Made it to Milwaukee! Yay! The theatre is just outside my hotel room window! Big picture of “our Boys” on the front!!”

From Kelly his evening!

Well I’m home, and already needing reasons to go back to my happy place from last night (getting back to my own car from the rental place was a huge fiasco that had me exhausted, over-heated and aggravated beyond belief), but being home with my mom to fuss over me has soothed that over. An immediate 2 hour nap helped too.

An amazing time with some great stories which I will write soon…some I will keep to myself for a little bit. Winking face I wish I was in Milwaukee…one concert seems like not enough when they can’t get to my neck of the woods too often.

Thanks for doing this, Linda, and I hope our readers enjoy it.

*****Update from Marie and Michele, 6/22/14  They are in Springfield, Ohio! They are spending the night and will be home tomorrow. They both seema bit weary from their marathon concert attendances and all that driving. WHEW!

Love and Luck tomorrow, Il Volo!!  cropped-a-tluc-mat-2.jpg





Hi Everyone,

Well it’s almost here, almost. Concerts are happily coming up quickly!! I know you all have been busy getting ready and I thought I’d help with the preparations 🙂 I thought  that you might have overlooked some important do’s and don’ts. I’m here to help (You know me, ever helpful) so here are some hints on how to get ready and more importantly how to have a SMOOTH concert experience!

1) Get your outfit ready now. It’s never too early and you’ll change your mind 50 times anyway.Healthy lifestyle concept with dancing active people.

2) For heavens sake don’t forget your tickets and Meet and Greet passes, I won’t be responsible for your behavior if you do.ticket

3) Practice what you will say to “The Boys” before you go, it might prevent you from giggling uncontrollably.

4) Sign up for one of Marie’s classes on drooling and slobbering. She also has a special class, at an extra charge, on dimple kissing.

5) Have someone in your group bring smelling salts in case you swoon (faint).

6) Do yourself a favor and take your medication before you go, especially those of you on blood pressure pills.

7) Stand in line like ladies and gentleman, no pushing and shoving, that goes for you too, Loretta, no running people over with your walker!

8) If you’re going with others who do not love Il Volo as much as you do, warn them ahead of time of the strange behavior you exhibit when you see them; all that crying, smiling, slobbering and swooning will get you committed.

9) Take a lot of pictures, but try to look sane, your family will appreciate it.

10) For those of you going with Marie and Michele, don’t let them overpower the security guard to reach Ignazio so Marie can jump on the stage while Michele takes her picture!security

11)  For those of you going with Kelly and Elaine, keep them from carrying Gianluca off to their hotel.

12)  For you Piero devotees’ do not grab his red glasses off his face for a souvenir, I somehow don’t  think he’d like it.

13)  Don’t try passing notes to Barbara, she will not give up the name of their hotel or the room numbers!

14) Marie, Leelee and Marie’s sisters, when you are touring DC please do not leave CD’s of Il Volo blasting “O Solo Mio” at the National Monuments, the Park Service may not like it. During your tour though, it would be a nice touch to leave CD’s blasting “We Are Love” at the White House and Capital Building!


15) Leelee is in charge of the bail money, be nice to her, she decides who gets out of jail for rowdy behavior.


I hope these little hints help! Oh and say hello to “The Guys” for me!!




icon quest


Hi Everyone,

Here we are, sort of in between the rush of the Award and the start of the concerts in June. Not that anyone here doesn’t have THAT marked on their calendar!! From the responses on “Who’s Going Where?, looks like The Crew will be spread far and wide across the Country, we will be well represented at most of the concerts!!!

As the Guys are resting and playing at home, there is not much news so I thought we’d go down memory lane and remember another Italian singer!


He was born Francis Thomas Avallone on September 18, 1940, Avalon was on U.S. television playing his trumpet by the time he was 11. Two singles showcasing Avalon’s trumpet playing were issued on RCA Victor’s “X” sublabel in 1954. As a teenager he played with Bobby Rydell in Rocco and the Saints. In 1959, “Venus” (5 weeks #1) and “Why” went to number one on the Billboard Hot 100. “Why” was the last #1 of the 1950s. Avalon had 31 charted U.S. Billboard singles from 1958 to late 1962, including “Just Ask Your Heart” (U.S. #7), “I’ll Wait for You” (U.S. #15), “Bobby Sox to Stockings” (U.S. #8), and “A Boy Without a Girl” (U.S. #10). Most of his hits were written and/or produced by Bob Marcucci, head of Chancellor Records. He was less popular in the UK., but did still manage four chart hits with “Why”, “Ginger Bread”, “Venus” and “Don’t Throw Away All Those Teardrops”.frankie3

Teamed frequently with Annette Funicello, Avalon starred in a number of popular “beach party” comedy films during the mid-1960s. The wholesome and romantic coupling of “Frankie and Annette” in summer movies such as Beach Party and Beach Blanket Bingo became iconic figures in American films during that era.f and a

Avalon also had straight dramatic parts in the John Wayne historical western film The Alamo, as well as the science-fiction story Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1961) with Barbara Eden.

Materializing as a character called Teen Angel, his performance of “Beauty School Dropout” in the hit 1978 film of the musical Grease introduced Avalon to a new generation of viewers.

Avalon appeared in nearly two dozen TV episodes, including ABC’s The Bing Crosby Show and The Patty Duke Show, appearing often as himself. Later, he became a national television spokesperson for Sonic Drive-In. In 1965 he appeared in the Combat! episode “Brother, Brother” as a childhood friend of Pfc.Kirby, played by Jack Hogan. frankie5

The 1980 film The Idolmaker, written by Ed Di Lorenzo and directed by Taylor Hackford, was a thinly-disguised biography of Avalon (“Tommy Dee” in the film) as well as 1950s teenage star Fabian Forte (called “Caesare” in the film), along with songwriter/producer Bob Marcucci (called “Vinnie Vacarri”). In the movie, Dee clashes with the record producer and younger singer Caesare, who he feels threatens his career. Eventually, Dee and Caesare quit the label, but their record careers collapse just as the British Invasion begins. The real Fabian threatened a lawsuit, despite the filmmakers’ insistence that the film presented only fictional characters (though Marcucci was a paid consultant). Avalon denied most of the movie’s events. Avalon married Kathryn “Kay” Diebel on January 19, 1963. She was a former beauty pageant winner, and Avalon met her while playing cards at a friend’s house. He told his friend that Kay was the girl he was going to marry. His agent warned Avalon that marriage would spoil his teen idol mystique. Still together, they have eight children – Frankie Jr., Tony, Dina, Laura, Joseph, Nicolas, Kathryn and Carla. They have 10 grandchildren. Frankie Avalon Jr. is a former actor who appeared in the original The Karate Kid and is now a musician, and Tony, the second oldest son, plays guitar and taught at the Rock Nation School. Both sons play on tour with their father.frankie 7

In recent years, Avalon has starred in stage productions of Grease in the role of Teen Angel and Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding as a caricature of himself.

On April 8, 2009, he performed on American Idol.


Stay tuned later this month for a tutorial on how to attend a  concert. It might be helpful for first time concert goers and even you veterans. 🙂

DID YOU KNOW?  It has been announced that Il Volo will appear at the concert at Arena di Verona on June 1st. They last appeared at this event 2 years ago.

DID YOU KNOW? In todays teen lingo, Crew refers to their friends?  Do you think they might have borrowed it from us?

Keep enjoying your time off, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca!!! We miss you and can’t wait till you come back!!latin2





DID YOU KNOW????????

icon quest3/18/14

Hi Everyone,

Seem’s things are moving quickly with tickets and Meet and Greets, I hope everyone is getting the seats they want, are going with the people they want and most importantly getting those coveted Meet and Greet tickets. Those tickets seem very elusive this year.

We want again to extend our condolences to Ignazio and his family and Thank Myron for sending flowers!!

Piero and Gianluca, from their tweets seem to be enjoying themselves with family, friends and food!!

I’m sure most of you remember Julius La Rosa, that handsome,Italain America  singer who started his career on the Arthur Godfrey Show. I remember!!

DID YOU KNOW???    julie

Julius La Rosa (born January 2, 1930) is an American traditional popular music singer who worked in both radio and television beginning in the 1950s.

La Rosa was born in Brooklyn, New York. In 1947, at age 17, he joined the United States Navy after finishing high school, becoming a radioman. He sang in a Navy choir, at the offi

The young sailor’s Navy buddies managed to promote him to Arthur Godfrey – at the time one of America’s leading radio and television personalities, and himself a Naval Reserve officer, whom the Navy often accommodated as a nod to the good publicity he gave the service. The Navy buddy most instrumental in this was George “Bud” Andrews, from Omaha, Nebraska, the seaman mechanic on Godfrey’s airplane. While working on Godfrey’s plane, Andrews struck up a conversation with Godfrey and told him that he really should hear his buddy sing. They arranged a time for LaRosa to audition in Pensacola, Florida, where LaRosa was stationed. Godfrey was impressed, offering La Rosa a job. Godfrey had LaRosa flown to New York to appear on his television show, with Godfrey ending the spot by saying, “When Julie gets out of the Navy he’ll come back to see us.”

La Rosa was on Godfrey’s shows from November 19, 1951 to October 19, 1953. When Archie Bleyer, Godfrey’s bandleader, formed Cadence Records in 1952, the first performer signed was La Rosa. Cadence’s first single, which was also La Rosa’s first recording, was “Anywhere I Wander.” It reached the top 30 on the charts, and his next recording, “My Lady Loves To Dance”, was a moderate success. As with the other “Little Godfreys”, as the cast members were known, Godfrey had discouraged La Rosa from hiring a manager or booking agent, preferring to have his staff coordinate and negotiate on La Rosa’s behalf.   julie2

After La Rosa’s third recording, and a dispute with Godfrey over his failure to attend a Godfrey-mandated dance class required of all cast members, La Rosa hired his own agent and manager: Tommy Rockwell.

With hit recordings and his appearances on Godfrey’s shows, La Rosa’s popularity grew exponentially. At one point, La Rosa’s fan mail eclipsed Godfrey’s. A year after La Rosa was hired, he was receiving 7,000 fan letters a week. Godfrey did not react well to LaRosa hiring Rockwell as his manager. After consulting with CBS President Frank Stanton, on the morning of October 19, 1953 (in a segment of the show broadcast on radio only), after La Rosa finished singing “Manhattan” on Arthur Godfrey Time, Godfrey fired La Rosa on the air, announcing, “that was Julie’s swan song with us.La Rosa tearfully met with Godfrey after the broadcast and thanked him for giving him his “break”. La Rosa was then met at Godfrey’s offices by his lawyer, manager and some reporters. Tommy Rockwell was highly critical of Godfrey’s behavior, angrily citing La Rosa’s public humiliation.

Comedians began working the phrase “no humility” into their routines. Singer Ruth Wallis, known for her raunchy double entendre novelties, recorded “Dear Mr. Godfrey,” a biting satire on the matter, which made it to #25 on the Billboard charts in November 1953. Days after firing La Rosa, Godfrey also fired bandleader Archie Bleyer, owner of La Rosa’s label Cadence Records, for producing spoken word records for Cadence featuring Chicago-based talk host Don McNeill, whose Don McNeill’s Breakfast Club on ABC Radio opposite Godfrey’s morning show was considered a direct competitor.

The firing did not hurt La Rosa’s career in the short run. Ed Sullivan immediately signed La Rosa for appearances on his CBS Toast of the Town TV variety show, which sparked a feud between him and Godfrey. La Rosa’s first appearance on Toast of the Town following the firing got a 47.9 Trendex rating, and La Rosa would appear 12 more times on Sullivan’s show that year.

Shortly after he left Godfrey, La Rosa’s third recording, “Eh, Cumpari”, hit #1 on the Cash Box chart and #2 on the Billboard chart, and La Rosa got an award as the best new male vocalist of 1953. “Eh, Cumpari” was followed by another major hit, “Domani.”For thirteen weeks during the summer of 1955, La Rosa had a three-times-a-week television series, The Julius La Rosa Show, featuring Russ Case and his Orchestra. The Julius La Rosa Show aired in an hour-long format in the summers of 1956 and 1957 at 8 p.m. Eastern on Saturdays on NBC as a seasonal replacement for The Perry Como Show.

La Rosa tired of revisiting the Godfrey affair, in part because it had been rehashed so many times, but he was also known to declare publicly that Godfrey was, indeed, the individual who made his career, but always adding, “He wasn’t a very nice man.”

La Rosa eventually moved on to a long-time disk jockey position at New York’s WNEW and continued to sing and occasionally record. As late as 1999, LaRosa was a disc jockey on WNSW  hosting “Make Believe Ballroom Time”. La Rosa, profiled by jazz critic and composer Gene Lees, has continued to work clubs and release records and compact discs. New York Times film critic Stephen Holden says: “His singing is very direct and unpretentious — he can wrap his voice tenaciously around a melody line and bring out the best in it.” He has also been a frequent contributor to comedian Jerry Lewis’s marathon annual Labor Day telethon programs for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, often hosting the New York outpost of the shows.julie3

I saw Julius LaRosa last year on PBS on one of the “My Music” specials. He still at 82, has a darn good voice!!

From the tweets sent by Piero and Gianluca,The Guys are in Milan as of yesterday 3/17.

Il Volo is performing on April 1st in Moscow, wow they are traveling around this year, Love and Luck,Guys!!


a early 13LInda