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Answers to yesterday’s “So ya think ya know ’em”

So who’s tied to who (whom…whatever)?  Can you make the matches?

G = Gianluca
I = Ignazio
P = Piero
A = Connects to ALL of the above
N = Connects to NONE of the above

Connects with….
(you get extra credit if you also know the names)



1.  A/I – It’s Loretta!  One point for “All”.  Two points for “Ignazio”.


2.  PPiero’s Brother, Francesco Barone.


3.  GGianluca’s Grandfather, Ernesto.  (Jane and I met him in Montepagano.)


4.   N – Justin Bieber.  Just…No.


5.  G – Martina, Gianluca’s gal.


6.  A – Myron Heaton.  Is there another Fan Fare in our future?


7.  IIgnazio’s Mom, Caterina Boschetto.


8.  AMichele Torpedine, Manager, mentor, friend.


9.  IFranz, Ignazio’s dog. (You’re a good boy.  Yes you are.)


10.  AGiampiero Grani.  Il Volo’s Pianist, arranger, friend.


11.  A/P – Our Mary Bohling.  Take partial credit if you said All.  One point if you said Piero.


12.  PPiero’s Dad, Gaetano Barone.


13.  I Ignazio’s sister, Nina.  (Yep, Jane and I met her too).


14.  N Luciano Pavarotti.  One regret of the Guys is that they never met him.  He died in 2007.  The Boys were 12, 13 and 14 then.  They certainly would have won his heart too.


15. GGian’s mom, Eleanora Ginoble.


16.   AFabio Ingrassia, artist and friend.  Fabio drew the Boys picture on stage during several 2016 concerts.


14+ correct – You can move in with any of them.  They won’t notice you’re not family.

11- 13 – You can move in but they will wonder why you’re there.

8 – 10 – You can live next door.

5 – 7 – You can buy pizza from Nina.

3 – 4 – Just stay in your own country, at home, in your room.

0 – 2 – you are on the wrong website.

Well, How’d ya do?


Personally Speaking~What’s Next??~ by Mary Bohling

The boys have been teasing us a bit about what is next on their recording agenda.  It seems that it will have a Latin flavor since they are working with their friend, Emilio Estefan.  And remembering how we, the fans, love the  tantalizing Latin beat of “Volare,” it would seem that we would embrace that style.  But, just for fun, let’s consider some other styles of past musical icons that they might choose to emulate.

Since our boys have such a propensity for the beach, maybe they would like to try the Beach Boys’ style, one that has stood the test of time with its’ catchy tunes, captivating rhythm, and great harmony.  The guys would really get into spirit of fun following in the Beach Boys footsteps.




Wouldn’t it be great to hear Igna  taking the falsetto part of the Jersey Boys’ repertoire?  He would be so good at it.  He did some improvisations with the high notes of “Somebody to Love” that blew our socks off, plus he has the added asset  of his adorably endearing facial expressions (those eyes!!) to go along with the voice.


Jersey Boys Poster


Remember the Ink Spots?  Most of you probably don’t.  You might  want to look them up.  Their harmony and rhythm were so contagious they always left you wanting more.  Remind you of Il Volo?  Gianluca might have to dig down a bit to match the low notes, but hey, that guy can do anything he sets his mind to, right?  They recorded some beautiful songs that would be great for our guys.


Ink Spots Billboard 3.jpg


Speaking of great trios, let us not forget the Nat King Cole trio.  Talk about sweet and mellow–just the style for Il Volo.  Is anyone more sweet and mellow than our boys?  Gianluca could easily handle Nat’s romantic solos with his own brand of style and panache.


Nat King Cole (Gottlieb 01511).jpg


And “sweet and mellow” brings to mind the Williams brothers, mainly Andy.  Imagine Gian doing “Moon River”  what a treat that would be.  Piero, being the more dramatic sort, doesn’t often show us the softer side of his vocal technique, but he sings with such passion and expression that we know he would be breathtakingly spectacular doing some of Andy’s romantic songs.


Image result


Well, we will have to wait and see what the finished product of the most recent endeavor will be, but  we know that it will be all in true ILVOLO STYLE.  You can’t improve on perfection, and perfection is what they are.

So stay calm and get out your dancing shoes…..Tango, anyone??

il volo tennis meets fashion milan 02
Credit to all owners of photos.
~Mary Bohling~


Personally Speaking~Across The Miles~by Mary Bohling


To our darling sweet Italian boys,

Keepers of our hearts, our joys,

While you’re away you keep us guessing

About new projects you’re addressing.

A new CD would be so neat,

A DVD would be a treat.

You’ve been busy, that’s for sure.

Broadcasts, photo shoots demure,

Modeling, getting new wheels,

Making contacts, sealing deals,

Since staying fit’s high on your list,

Trips to the gym cannot be missed.

We search each day for what you’re doing,

Wondering what surprise you’re brewing.

We know it will be something great,

Anticipation makes it hard to wait.

We fell in love–you’re our addiction,

Lots of Il Volo time is our prediction.

A heavy dose both day and night

Will help to keep us feeling right.

We love to see your charming faces

Smiling back from distant places,

Tempting us with looks beguiling,

Teasing with Il Volo styling.

It hurts us, though, not knowing when

You’ll come back to us again.

And now your tour is on it’s way,

Back to work–no time to play,

This schedule puts you to the test,

Doing what you love the best.

But  we can only wait so long

To see your faces, hear your songs.

We will be brave, but nevertheless

Please keep us posted, we confess

We need to see you every day,

Though Internet may be the way.

Your future calls to spread the word,

Throughout the world your voices heard.

But we will wait for your returning,

To satisfy our ardent yearning.

So patiently for you we wait,

Eager to see that special date

When you’ll return to us once more,

Bringing  us the music we adore.


~~Mary Bohling~~

Personally Speaking ~ We Are Family ~ by Mary B.


I just watched Rebecca Granet’s interview with our guys on the program, The Trend, and I am thrilled and touched by what they had to say about their American fans.

Rebecca’s question to Ignazio:  “What are the United States fans like?  How are they different from other folks around the world?”

He answered that “they always give standing ovations. They are really proud of us.  It’s like having an uncle or an aunt in the audience….like our family.”

Gian interjected, “We are like a big family with our American fans….it’s like having a family in every theater in every place.”  And Piero added, “The American audiences, they tell you everything.  When you finish a song there is like silence and someone screams from up there, “How do you get that note?”   Ignazio: “We like that.”

Well, guys, we like hearing that you feel like WE ARE FAMILY.  Of course we are….we adopted you way back when you had your first USA tour.  You immediately captured us and we took you to our hearts.  That family feeling has just  continued to grow, and how sweet it is to hear you affirming it in your own words.

As you travel across the country on this tour, we know that  you will feel the love that  we have for “our boys.”  You will see it in the standing ovations and see it on our faces.  As soon as the current tour is over, we will immediately start to dream and plan for when you will come again….how many concerts each of us will be able to attend.  Some of us may have to cut back on basic necessities, but that’s okay–you have become a basic necessity to us.

What a sweet miracle that over these years when you have been becoming well known and loved all around the world, you have kept your humility and your special affection for your American family.  We’ve always known it was there, and we felt it emanating from you, but how sweet it is to hear it straight from your own lips.

Welcome home, dear ones–your American family is waiting with open arms.

~~ Mary Bohling ~~

The Flight Crew is Saved…

…and these are the people who stepped up.

Dani, Emilia (and sometimes Daniela) will be working with Kelly to bring us a weekly “Off Stage” feature. You already saw the first one! 

Jana and Leelee will be helping to edit, draft and post various articles.  The two of them will also bring us “Il Volo Professional”, which are the guys professional singing engagements, interviews, etc.  (You saw their 1st one yesterday) Daniela and Emilia will assist them in this endeavor.  Just in time for concert season too!

Daniela will continue to update us in comments and submit articles for posting.

Leelee will take over calendar responsibilities.

Julie will work on our gallery.

Dee (Denise, our deecatmomma) and Marion will monitor comments.

Sandi Eyman and Angelica will cover our Outlook email.

Ann Scavo, Jane (maryjane), Mary Bohling, Gina, Kitty and Myron will continue doing what they do.

Kelly, besides her new column, “Off Stage”, will continue her administrative duties along with birthday videos, handling technical issues, paying the bills and keeping up with our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and etc.

Marie, will continue administrative duties which include writing, editing, drafting, scheduling, posting your stories, updating header photo’s, and etc.

Thank you so much volunteers!

We are renewed, refreshed and stronger than ever. What fun we are all going to have promoting and sharing the love of those marvelous Il Volo guys.

~Kelly, Marie and the New Staff of Volunteers