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Notte Magica ~ ANCONA! ~ May 15, 2017

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In between their final show in Rome and the next one in Ancona, Gianluca found time to go home for a short visit where Michele joined him.  A few nice photos and video of them with Ercole walking at the famous arch location in Montepagano overlooking the Adriatic Sea emerged.  A beautiful spot!



Three of  the many wonderful people who are guiding these young men through this amazing journey.  We can not forget Vito Boschetto.   Just picture him standing behind Michele!


Now it’s time for some fun with the Sicilians and a little “relax” before show time

Daniela provided this translation for what Piero is saying into the megaphone…

ARROTINO (man knitting knives) is a historical figure here in Italy. The roller bicycle on the roads of the countries, occasionally stopped, took the megaphone and said the words Piero said.

The women came out of the house and brought knives and scissors to sharpen, and he did the work on his bicycle.

It’s a job that has disappeared, I remember a couple of times when I was small, but it is likely that Piero, although much younger, had to see it because in the South-Italian countries this work was longer.


Ignazio plays a short version of  Buon Compleanno  for Michele.  Ignazio, your talent with musical instruments never ceases to amaze us!

Finally…it’s almost show time and WOW…lookin good!


And on with the show!



Ever find yourself wondering what they do when it’s not their turn to be singing on stage?


GRANDE AMORE!  The crowd is actually singing louder than the guys! 

Can anyone come up with a fun caption for THIS photo?


Gianluca’s family members at Meet and Greet.


They leave you with a song in your heart and a longing to see them again and again and again…

And on they go to their next concert in Province of Livorno!

Grazie to Daniela for sending photos, videos and translation!! And Credit to all owners of these!


The Flight Crew is Saved…

…and these are the people who stepped up.

Dani, Emilia (and sometimes Daniela) will be working with Kelly to bring us a weekly “Off Stage” feature. You already saw the first one! 

Jana and Leelee will be helping to edit, draft and post various articles.  The two of them will also bring us “Il Volo Professional”, which are the guys professional singing engagements, interviews, etc.  (You saw their 1st one yesterday) Daniela and Emilia will assist them in this endeavor.  Just in time for concert season too!

Daniela will continue to update us in comments and submit articles for posting.

Leelee will take over calendar responsibilities.

Julie will work on our gallery.

Dee (Denise, our deecatmomma) and Marion will monitor comments.

Sandi Eyman and Angelica will cover our Outlook email.

Ann Scavo, Jane (maryjane), Mary Bohling, Gina, Kitty and Myron will continue doing what they do.

Kelly, besides her new column, “Off Stage”, will continue her administrative duties along with birthday videos, handling technical issues, paying the bills and keeping up with our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and etc.

Marie, will continue administrative duties which include writing, editing, drafting, scheduling, posting your stories, updating header photo’s, and etc.

Thank you so much volunteers!

We are renewed, refreshed and stronger than ever. What fun we are all going to have promoting and sharing the love of those marvelous Il Volo guys.

~Kelly, Marie and the New Staff of Volunteers

Personally Speaking ~ Jane


There is something so wrong with the photos of these tattoos!  I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something is terribly missing here.  These do show the depth of his character and the unique style of this wonderful young man.  No doubt he made a few facial grimaces as the tattoo gun did it’s thing while obtaining these works of art.   But I think he forgot something when deciding what to put where…like WHERE IS MARIE?  Surely he knows who his all time greatest admirer on the planet is?  Surely this was just an over sight.  Surely there is another one in the planning stages we just have not had the privilege of viewing yet.  I’m just sure of it, but just incase…just to be sure…I’ll send him a quick memo!!


Do they know what a positive profound impact their young lives have had on so many?

Do they know how they captured the hearts of Americans way back at their FIRST PBS SPECIAL in the Detroit Opera House?
Do theyDo they know their fans go speechless when in their presence?

Do they know they are loved like family members to so many?

Do they know devoted fans go to the Flight Crew site, Facebook, Youtube…anywhere on the web just to see what they have been up to in the last 24 hours?

Do they know how watching them interact with young and old teaches many how genuine love and respect are shown?
do they 5Do they know they are wise beyond their years?

Do they know their music helps heal the broken hearted?

Do they know they are genuine role models for the young in this world?
do they 4Do they know we watch with awe and admiration when they are on stage sharing their passion for their music with us?

Do they know their love and devotion to their parents and families is a testimonial to who they truly are?
do they 8Do they know how much we appreciate them giving so much of themselves to their fans…
Always willing to give an autograph or pose for a selfie and never making anyone feel like they are asking too much of them?

Do they know just when we feel our hearts will burst with love for them, we find more and more to love about them?

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca…I hope you know…for you are extraordinary young men with extraordinary talent…
Yet you carry yourselves as casual, sincere and comfortable as the day is long.

You truly are…LOVE.


Two Stories – One Great Night ~~Jane then Mary


                       Jane and the Guys
Jane and her Guys

The guys were on fire that night, but in a GOOD way! With their long trek to Detroit, jet lag was not seen nor heard from except around 11:00 PM when Ignazio started yawning. Even though Gianluca had a cold and was definitely not feeling 100% he pulled the night off in his usual charming style.

We arrived at the studio around 5PM and spent some time greeting and getting to know other Flight Crew members and Il VOLO lovers from other cities and states.
We first enjoyed a delicious Italian themed dinner and various wines to complement this. The next part of the evening was the Meet and Greet. Many guests brought gifts for the guys and something for them to autograph. All three were so warm and friendly as is their usual persona. Barbara was there and chatting with people as they were waiting their turn to see the stars of the night! Many photos were being snapped as guests thoroughly enjoyed their visit with the guys. One lucky young lady by the name of Emelia, is still probably walking on Cloud 9 after her dance with Piero! I’ll let someone else tell you about that special moment.

I knew we could bring one item for autographing and gifts, but had decided I wanted to spend every allotted second with them TALKING and getting HUGS. I had practiced over and over in my mind what I wanted to say so when the moment came I would be prepared! I was a little disappointed in that as soon as our table was brought into the Meet and Greet room the man running it said they were running behind and would have to hurry. I was determined to get my moment with each guy no matter what. As I stood there next in line Ignazio saw my name tag from a distance and started singing some Italian song interjecting my name, Mary Jane, with his award winning smile! I went up to Ignazio first and told him his performance at Eurovision was spectacular, to which he smiled, said thank you and gave me his warm embrace of a hug. I then told Piero his performance at Eurovision was stunning! He looked very happy with this statement, thanked me and gave me his million dollar hug. I then went to Gianluca and told him his winning soccer goal at the charity soccer game was beautiful. He looked surprised, smiled and said thank you. Of course, I got my hug from him too! My time was short, but I accomplished what I set out to do. I remember how each hug felt. I remember Ignazio and Piero were each wearing their wonderful colognes and Gianluca just smelled clean like soap. 🙂 The smile on my face and the glow in my heart remain even now, 7 days later!

The Meet and Greet was the prelude to our STUDIO EXPERIENCE! Here is where the guys REALLY PULLED OUT ALL THE STOPS AND GAVE US A SHOW TO REMEMBER! We were ushered into our seats to enjoy the live broadcast. All 3 guys were right in front of us in their seats along with Laura, who would be interviewing them all evening. They all wanted to watch their own solo during the broadcast of the Pompeii concert. Each guy actually did go stand right in front of the TV monitor broadcasting the concert and watch their solo when it came on. They then proceeded to just be themselves all evening!

I think the station thought they had given us our dessert after our meal, but THIS WAS THE REAL DESSERT OF THE EVENING. Piero and Ignazio danced to Volare! Ignazio broke his chair as he sat down and handled it with his ever loving humor! Gianluca kept having the staff hand him Kleenex to help control his cold symptoms! They laughed, joked, poked and prodded each other in brotherly fashion! They came into the audience during breaks and interacted with many taking numerous selfies. Piero took two sweet little girls for a walk around the studio audience…tried to get them to do some stretch exercises with him saying after being on the plane 20 hours he needed to do this! They were so relaxed and appeared to be enjoying themselves as much as we were enjoying THEM!

There was so much going on between the volunteers taking the pledge calls, the actual concert being shown on a TV, the studio staff moving about directing people…at times I found myself looking at all of this INSTEAD OF FEASTING MY EYES ON WHAT WAS ACTUALLY RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF US...Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio!! It only took a millisecond to bring myself back into the moment and keep my eyes straight ahead on the three most handsome, talented, kind hearted, genuine young men on the planet!

We came back to our hotel and stayed up til the wee hours of the morning reliving the night…and oh, what a night it was!!
I know others will be writing their own memoir as well. It was truly A NIGHT TO REMEMBER…A FEAST FOR THE EYES!

Jane (maryjane)

A toast to The Boys - Jana, Chris,  Donna, Mary, Marie, Jane, Allene, Ginny, Marie's sister Debbie
A Toast to The Boys from Antonio’s ~ Jana, Chris, Suzy, Mary, Marie, Jane, Allene, Ginny, Marie’s sister Debbie
Allene and Suzy
Allene and Suzy
Detroit PBS.JPG Mary Ginny Jane
Mary, Ginny and Jane



Mary...in heaven!
Mary…in heaven!

 I love Minnesota (most of the year) but a week ago I was transported to heaven.  I knew it was heaven, because I saw the angels…at least three of them. (that doesn’t count Marie, although we all know that she is one) I mean the Italian angels with whom God has blessed us.  Being angels, they were able to fly from Italy to Detroit  for just twenty four hours to give us a taste of heaven…..and give us a healthy portion they did.  By the end of the evening we were positively sated with heavenly bliss.  Our beautiful angels can give more in a few hours than most can give in a lifetime.  How blessed I feel to be among the Ilvolovers that were gathered together in Detroit that night.  We may not see them again for a while, but we took away enough blissful memories to tide us over until we do.  God bless them in the travels ahead.  We will hold them in our hearts and wait with anticipation for the time when they come back to us.

~Mary Bohling