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There is something so wrong with the photos of these tattoos!  I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something is terribly missing here.  These do show the depth of his character and the unique style of this wonderful young man.  No doubt he made a few facial grimaces as the tattoo gun did it’s thing while obtaining these works of art.   But I think he forgot something when deciding what to put where…like WHERE IS MARIE?  Surely he knows who his all time greatest admirer on the planet is?  Surely this was just an over sight.  Surely there is another one in the planning stages we just have not had the privilege of viewing yet.  I’m just sure of it, but just incase…just to be sure…I’ll send him a quick memo!!

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  1. I didn’t know Ignazio had so many tattoos. I know what a couple of them mean, but what about ‘we’ll be always together’ I sure hope he’s talking about Il Volo. What are the 2 little ones at the bottom?

    Question #2: where is Elaine Tse?

    1. gerri, good questions. Wish I had the answers to them, but I don’t. I have wondered about Elaine as well. Maybe someone else will decipher these tattoos for us. 🙂

    2. Gerri
      I don’t know what the two at the bottom are about , but the always together is for Ignazio and his two friends, Gabriel and another young man whose name I can’ t recall.

    1. If you head over to Il Volo Mundial Official Facebook page they’re already posting fans’ clips from the concert . It looks like it was an outstanding, outrageous, rockin’ concert!! I would have killed to be there. They set that place on fire! As good as their studio albums are, there is something about a live audience that sends those guys flying.
      Ahoj Lydka~ Dakujem for posting the rehearsal clips. Zbohom! ( I hope I got all that right!)

      1. Ahoj Lynn,in Slovak language you can also say ” čau ” (it’s as “ciao” in Italian),I’m glad you liked the videos. 🙂 You’re starting to learn Slovak? 😀 Foreigners say that it is a difficult, but very beautiful language. Thank you for greeting in my native language ! ( Ďakujem za pozdrav v mojej rodnej reči !) 🙂 Zbohom or Dovidenia is Goodbye, but in our language you can say Ahoj , Čau and the meaning of this can be Hi , but also goodbye, it can be greeting when you meet person, but you can use it also when your meeting is on the end. 🙂

  2. Cau Lydka! I’m using a translator app on my phone. I thought it was only courteous to greet and thank you in your language for all your contributions to this blog. Your English is superb. ( better than mine, I think!) The app translates
    literally and some words don’t translate. Pozdraz did not translate. I also use it to translate the Italian on some of the other Il Volo pages. (How many times can I use the word translate?!) When you post again would you put in a word here and there for all of us language lovers? Bozk! Bozk! (Kiss! Kiss!)
    As to the tatts, somewhere on another Il Volo page there was an explanation. I can’t find it now. But, I was under the impression that always together referred to Il Volo. Carpe Diem is Latin for ” Seize the Day” and is pretty self explanatory. One of either the Roman or Greek Philosophers said it. Born to Rock is from our Rock and Roll culture and has been around since the 60’s or 70’s, I think . We all know that, don’t we? The other three I don’t know.
    Does anyone know what the one on Piero’s ankle says? How about anyone going to a M&G asks him. Then you won’t be standing there speechless, dazzled, overwhelmed and totally trashed by the experience!! After all, you represent all of us who won’t be there and the Flight Crew is known world-wide for it’s Sprezzatura ( going about life with style and class) Help me with this any of you Italian speakers! Ciao!

    1. Ahoj Lynn,
      tattoo Collection of Ignazio: The Rose of the winds, Grazie, We’ll be always together Born to Rock , Claddagh Ring, Carpe Diem, Two F-clef, musical symbol, linked in a heart , others I do not know.The Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish ring , which represents love, loyalty, and friendship (the hands represent friendship, the heart represents love, and the crown represents loyalty).
      The Claddagh ring belongs to a group of European finger rings called “fede rings”.The name “fede” derives from the Italian phrase mani in fede (“hands [joined] in faith” or “hands [joined] in loyalty”). These rings date from Roman times, when the gesture of clasped hands was a symbol of pledging vows, and they were used as engagement/wedding rings in medieval and Renaissance Europe.
      Piero has tattoo with musical notes and with the initials (G,E, F, P, M) of the names of family members, which expresses his love for music and family.
      There’s no word Pozdraz, but Pozdrav (greeting). Bozk is kiss and we also use the word ” pusa “. 🙂 And word pusa can also be colloquial word for mouth (ústa). Objatie ( is a noun, the verb is objímať) is hug, embrace.. Have a nice day ! Maj pekný deň ! 🙂

      1. Cau Lydka! Oops,I put pozdraz in the translator wrong! Now I’ ve got it. The rose of the winds I recognize as a compass rose . I’ve seen it on the edge of antique maps and is associated with ships and ocean navigation. I believe it dates from at least the Renaissance . I’m going to research it . For Ignazio it may mean stay the course and stay focused on Il Volo’s goals and his as well. Just a theory. I didn’t recognize the claddagh. I am of Irish descent and some of my varied collection of cousins wear them as wedding rings. I have a rosary which came down through my family that came with someone when they emigrated from Ireland. I didn’t know it went as far back as the Romans! It has a claddagh incorporated in it . I took it to Rome with me hoping to get it reblessed at the Vatican if I saw a priest there. Our group was in St. Peter’s Square on Sunday at noon for the Pope’s address and blessing so both the rosary and I were blessed! I said to a friend that it didn’t seem to do much and he said it could have protected from things much worse. That shut me up quick! ( I don’t mean to be disrespectful here).
        Lydka, how do the fountains sing in Kosiche? We don’t have nearly as many fountains here in the US as they do in Europe. So sad, they are a beautiful addition anywhere. Ciao!

      2. Lynn, there is a beautiful fountain in Chicago–Buckingham Fountain. It too has colored lights and a dancing light show. One of the things we loved to do as kids was go downtown in the evening and hang around for the Buckingham Fountain light show.

      3. Čau Lynn,
        personally, I like fountains (I have one near my home). To my post Presenting Košice I placed the videos of singing fountain, because Marie wanted to know how it sound. 🙂 I’m not a technical person, so I do not know on what principle works exactly the playing mechanism, but there are playing programs, such as during Christmas it plays Christmas songs.Informations about Claddagh ring were new to me, I found an article about it. I like Irish dance ( Lord of the dance, Michael Flatley) and celtic music is also nice. 🙂
        Language lesson: 🙂
        L’amore si muove- Love moves- Láska sa pohybuje
        Grande Amore-Great love-Veľká láska
        Eternally- večne (eternity – večnosť)
        Ti Amo- I love you- Milujem Ťa
        Tesoro mio-My sweetheart- Moje zlatíčko or miláčik
        Tu sei la mia vita-You’re my life- (Ty) Si môj život

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