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Buona Domenica a tutti  – The Italian – Sicilian – American Page
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Buona Domenica! Have you started your sauce yet?

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QuoteOfTheDay‬: Mangia bene. Ridi spesso. Ama molto.
Eat well, laugh often, Love much!!!!~~~~~~
 Being Italian is a way of life! 

24 thoughts on “More Sunday Smiles From Ann”

  1. Thanks for the fun posting. I am not Italian and as hard as I tried to find someone in the family that might be from there I failed. But I always loved the country, people and music. We landed in New York when we came to the States and stopped to visit friends in Brooklyn. They had arrived earlier. Thru the years we visited our friends and during one of these trips I had a “three day romance” with a Brooklyn Italian. “Volare” had just been released.

  2. Hello Ann, Gina and everyone! Been out of touch at the beach in South Carolina for the past 10 days! Hope someone noticed I was missing! Dates on the top of this and other posts mean nothing. They are just dates I first drafted posts before I left. Thank You Kelly for publishing them and “minding the store”.

    I’m afraid it will take me days (!) to answer all your emails. BEAR WITH ME!

    Had a great time! Have a tan and ate lots of delicious seafood (one day I ate 3 lobsters!) Happy to be home and back at my “job” with all of you!

    1. Marie! Welcome back! Sounds like you had a great time. Three lobsters! You piglet! I lived in SC for ten years and enjoyed it. What beach did you vaca at? Loved to fish at the beach. Learned to fling a shrimp net! (not well!)

    2. I remembered you mentioning a vacation so I figured you were resting someplace. I tried to remember and not bombard you with e-mails. Glad you are back. You are the GLUE keeping us together in sharing our love for the boys.

    3. Marie, on vacation, isn’t retirement a vacay? I figured it was that or a coma because I was able to mention Iignazio and ME and you didn’t try to take a whack at me. Pirates are sly. You ever make it to Oregon and I’ll have to introduce you to the joys of Dungeness Crab, I’m sure that might make the Lobsters sigh with relief.

    4. Yeah Marie, I am so glad you had a fun vacation… We all need that time that takes us out of the daily routine… You noticed I did not say time to rest…. I usually need a vacation from a vacation because I seem to pack so much into those days … Yes, we all missed you my friend… Happy to see you back…

  3. Ann, this is precious! I’ll have to read it over and over!! Marie, I’m so sorry that you had to endure that beach in S. Carolina…must have been pure torcher!! I wish someone would submit me to that form of torcher! Seriously, sounds as if you had a great time! You girls and your stories keep me going!!♡♡♡♡

  4. Thank you Ann, Oh how I wish I was Italian, closest I ever got to it was joining a very Itailan parish, St Philip Neri. All the nonnas there did their best to infuse Italian spirit into me! It worked! How they would have loved IL VOLO!

  5. Ann, you sure made me smile… Yes I am Italian and my parents were right from the old country as they used to say…. I had to laugh out loud when I read the sign about starting your goodbye to everyone an hour early… As a child I wondered why it took so long to say goodbye but always enjoyed the hugs and kisses but not the pinching of the cheeks… LOL… Today I miss that the most… I love the last sign the very best… Yes, I love my pasta and family love my heritage so all I can say is
    “Baciami Io sono al 100% italiano”

  6. Marie! Oh dear, I hope I really didn’ t insult you with that “piglet ” business? It was meant as a tease. My Dad said to me one time as I was walking out of the kitchen ” you know dear, I think it’s about time you backed out of the chow line.” I’ m a real piglet with waffles and maple syrup.
    Aah! Pirate! Dungeness crab, there is nothing finer! What’s really good ,too is Shrimp Boil in SC. They put shrimp, corn, potatoes, clams and other things I’ve forgotten and Old Bay seasoning in a huge pot and boil away. When it’s done they dump it on a big table covered with newspaper and everybody tears into it! Oh and plenty of beer,too!
    What? Is this a food blog now?!
    Ignazio said he missed the Italian food when he was away from home. It must be tough for them to be eating restaurant food most of the time when they’re on tour. Maybe when they’re in one of you ladies hometown you could cook for them at your house. Just kidding! But it’s a thought. Ciao!

    1. I would cheerfully turn my world upside down for the opportunity to cook for them at my house. Crab and pasta go well together! Check! No dairy or pork for Piero! Check! Smooches for all three! Check!

      See? I am already READY FOR THEM

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