Musical Notes Global & A Flashback From Mary S.

Remember back then?  Mary Strickler did and sent this to me.
Needs no introduction and too cute for words.


This is the 3rd time I have posted an article from Musical Notes Global.  I like the way these folks write.  I like that they follow us too.

Musical notes Global

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  1. Thank Mary S. for your search of great new articles and pictures.Thanks Marie for posting it. I think it says everything all of us think and feel about Il Volo.

  2. This article is really great and expresses well the feelings of all the fans of Il Volo music ! 🙂 Video I have seen in the past, it is very cute,so I looked gladly at it again. 🙂 I remembered that when a mother for the first time on television saw the video for the song Un amore cosi grande,so she was very surprised that such young boys thus beautifully singing this style of music.Before they started to sing, she thought what these young boys will sing on Tv station which plays classical music ? She thought that maybe it is a mistake from Tv station and they will sing something modern.But then they began to sing and she was fascinated by the beauty of their voices, music and singing. 🙂 She saw them for first time alone and then our small family saw them sang O sole mio. My parents said that they look like “uličníci”, but they sing beautifully as mature men. I have a problem to translate word uličník into English, maybe urchin or nipper ?, because it is not thought of in a negative sense. Maybe the right word is scamp, a child, young boy, , who is mischievous in a likable or amusing way. 🙂 In any case, from that moment fell in love with their voices, songs, and music, me and mum. 🙂

  3. The article went straight to my heart. Wish I had written it! It certainly expressed all our feelings. Thank you “Music Notes Global”! It was perfect!

    Those early video’s of the boys still bring a tear to my eye. I had forgotten Piero didn’t always wear red glasses then. I want to run my fingers through Gianluca’s baby curls and you know I want to pinch those Ignazio chubby cheeks. Yeah, still longing for those little guys.

  4. Thank you Marie & Mary for bringing back the video of them in New York what a treasure that video is they were so cute,
    Also that write up from Musical Note is amazing & the recognition they are getting around the world is so heart warming. I am ecstatic that their careers have taken off around the world. There is no one on earth as wonderful as they are in attitude in caring for each other & their families & friends & not leaving out their fans & especially in looks & as for their voices there is no other person anywhere who can compete with the quality & vocal perfection of theirs. They have the whole package.
    And if I got the chance I would gladly run my fingers through Ignazio’s hair, OH JOY

  5. Yes, Il Volo is and should be a “MOVEMENT” ! As a music director and voice teacher I have the hope that this group will inspire more singers in the pop field to try to improve their singing. “Voice Lessons” is not a dirty word and it is not the sign of snobbery or anything like it. Il Volo has proved that over and over.

    That is part of the theme of the Las Vegas Il Volo Fan Faire: Celebrate them and thank them for taking the pains to do their art form the right way. The correct way.

    I am hoping that the events on March 25 here in Vegas will, in some manner, help push this forward. Il Volo is a movement.

    I hope that we get to see many of you in Vegas in March.

      1. That is exciting numbers Marie, it is wonderful to know that we have that many Flight Crew Members that will be attending… But many have not registered… We need all the flight crew members who are going to the Fan Faire to register by sending us an email with their name, address, email address, phone number and number of people in their party attending… Names of each person attending will be very helpful as well…
        The email address to register is

        We need the head count before we can go forward with confirming the number of people attending the event with the Palms Event Planner…

  6. Every time I see this video, the part that gets me the most is when Ignazio points to Radio City Music Hall and says it is their dream to sing there…as we all know, they achieved that dream…I have no doubt that they will also play Carnegie Hall some day!

  7. Carnegie hall is what I am waiting to hear about also Ruth. Hopefully I will be one of the first ones in line or on the phone. I should have gone to Radio City, not going to miss the next time

  8. How wonderful it has been to relive their first visit to New York. They had already captured my heart. And now six years later, I can’t imagine my world being without them. Thank you so much for that wonderful article. Can’t wait to see our Guys in Las Vegas.

  9. Thank you so much for posting this. As so many wrote, this really spells out how so many of us feel about Il Volo and not just their music. It is everything about Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. I still find it so incredible that three young boys with amazing voices would be on the same talent show, be put together to sing and also have so many wonderful qualities that make them special. They are, of course, different but in so many ways they are alike. They are kind, humble, generous and loving to their families, friends and fans. They all love little children and babies and are so comfortable with themselves and everyone they meet. They truly are a gift from God!

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