THANK YOU MR. RENIS ~ Mary Bohling

L to R - Tony Renis, Gianluca, Piero, Jimmy Lovine, Ron Fair, Ignazio, Steve Leber
L to R – Tony Renis, Gianluca, Piero, Jimmy Lovine, Ron Fair, Ignazio, Steve Leber
Watching the video of the guys coming into the airport in Malta made me think of what Ron Fair, the executive producer of Il Volo Takes Flight, said back in 2011 about their future:  “when we come to the part where we have the screaming girls and then, you know, women fainting….I think so, but in the meantime we will make a lot of great music.”  His prediction has come true, maybe even more than he expected.  We have seen it over and over…the adulation of the crowds of fans wherever they go….from such humble beginnings to this level of fan adoration.
But back to Mr. Renis.  When he discovered them while flipping through the channels, he was amazed at what he was hearing.  He called Michele Torpedine and said that he had found something extraordinary and wondered if he would do a great project with him.  Of course, he did.  He said, “everything started on these late nights in front of the TV where Tony Renis and I realized that this was another important moment for music.”  And so it began, and now we have come to the moment that Mr. Fair said would come.
Tony Renis and the Guy's (Babies).
Tony Renis and the Guy’s (Babies). Don’t know what the heck that orange art thing is.
How do celebrities manage it?  Can they receive this outpouring of adoration wherever they go without its having a significant effect on them?  Other celebs have reacted in various ways….often negatively.  But negative is not in Il Volo vocabulary.
Only time will tell what the long term results will be, but we are confident that our guys intrinsic values will be maintained.  It will be a challenge to be sure.  Will they retain the humility that they have shown….the patience in greeting and interacting with the fans?…..the kindness they show to all from the very young to the very old?  Can they keep up with the pace physically and emotionally?  Being young helps, but there has to be more to it.  They seem to take their physical health seriously as shown in the workouts at the gyms wherever they go.  And we have seen evidence of attention to healthy diets.  (Provided that too much Nutella isn’t detrimental.)  They all have strong emotional ties to their families, who have been so faithful in staying up front in the boys’ lives, giving them support and continuing to be a positive influence.  These things are important, but what really counts is who they basically are…what are they made of?  What have they shown us in regard to that?
~They have proven to be adaptable to any situation into which they have been placed….they cope, they handle it admirably and they come up smiling (and singing.)
~They are devoted to their craft, continuing to study with their voice coach, because they want to be the best that they can be.  Michele Torpedine: “They are three very willing individuals who work really hard.  They are willing to face any type of sacrifice, because they want to make it.”
~They have had to be emotionally strong in order to survive the fast pace and variety of the situations into which they have been placed.
~They are ever optimistic.  They have displayed joy and anticipation in doing whatever has been expected of them regardless of wherever in the world it might be.
These things don’t even include the degree of talent that they possess.  They sing, they dance, they act—there seems to be no limit to what they are capable of.
So Tony, it would seem that your expectation of what they could accomplish was spot on.  We can’t thank you enough for getting these wonderful young men on the way to a fabulous career.  And we do mean “wonderful”….they fill us full of wonder every time we see and hear them.  You got them started, and they have continued to grow and flourish just because of who they are...the meravigliosi men of Il Volo.


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  1. Mary, this is a wonderful article. Along with the great photos it really brings back the memories. I don’t know how my name showed up at the end of your article as it’s all yours, not mine.

  2. Wonderful post, Jane!! I love Tony Renis & Humberto Gatica! I felt they had the Boys welfare uppermost in negotiations! When we were at PBS KOCE studio last Sat nite, I asked Ignazio how they are able to handle their busy schedule? He answered , Music is their Life! Love music, love the Fans, love what we do! We just do it!!! I will tell you about our fabulous evening at PBS with the guys when I get it all put together!!!

  3. So sorry Mary! I put Jane’s name instead of yours!! Blame it on the fact that I am still on an Il Volo high & can not think straight!!! This may be a permanent condition!!

  4. Look at this page, on it are videos (in Italian or Spanish language) with several interviews, songs, Periscope and more, all of which have been translated into English. Each video has English subtitles ! I was very happy when I found it and I would gladly share this information with you. 🙂 Enjoy ! 🙂
    Il Volo PT-ENG’s Videos


    1. Thank you for these beautiful pictures of our talented, gorgeous, funny, sweet boys! They are living a dream and we are so lucky they share it with us.

    2. Lydka that was very thoughtful of you to post all those videos of the guys which gave me a chance to put them on my site
      Mary the article you wrote was superb. The guys were very fortunate to be taken under Tony Renis & Michele, Torpedine & Mr. Gatlica’s guidance 3 honest men who have looked after their careers superbly

  5. Today is a kind of nostalgic day,not only you remembered on the past time and compare it with present time.Piero wrote today : “It might not be accurate
    seems like yesterday when we were three kids maybe a bit ‘out of place , that slowly began to get used to the stage , in front of the public , the flashing cameras ,moving away from home and the days full of commitments … But the time passes that you don’t even noticed and now I am here , waiting for a special week full of important appointments … from Monday concert at the Arena di Verona … Until the release of a new album that we worked so hard and with the heart ! although the years have passed and our appearance is not of the kids back then … In the eyes is always the same emotion . ‪#‎lamoresimuove‬ ‪#‎ilvolo‬ ‪#‎specialweek‬ ‪#‎weneverchange‬ ” (I hope that the translation is correct, he wrote it in Italian and I used translator.) Time flies so quickly…From cute children they became smart, gentle, modest, humble nice young men and they have hearts still in the right place, have pure souls full of beautiful emotions which share through their music and singing with us. 🙂 <3 God bless them and their families, always…. <3 <3 <3

    1. Lydka, I, too, love that quote from Piero. I saw it today and copied it so that I could read it again. I love that he said that they worked on the album “with the heart.” It shows in the work that they give us.

  6. Mary, I have to comment. this is quite a stunning article and one that gives Tony Renis His real recognition. He really discovered them. if it was not for him flipping through the channels and his keen insight for talent, we may never have seen Il Volo come to the light. I too salute Him. Mary, you excelled yourself and all of us are so grateful you wrote this article. Thank you again

      1. And…let us not forget that genius who asked “what if we were to put these three voices together?”…

  7. I also Remember when Ron Fair said that….and here we are 4 years later and it has come true! I also have said before It it really Tony Renis, who discovered them, after Roberto Cenci put them together, on Ti lascio. Michele was asked by Tony to do the project with him. They ALL took very good care of them to promote their career. I don’t know what happened there, but I hope Sony takes good care of them too. Thanks for the great article. They have changed a lot of lives, and They have brought us on an Extraordinary adventure with them!!#LamoreSiMuove!

  8. What a fabulous article! I love it. You have describe everything about Il Volo. They are wonderful boys/men. I do pray they will continue to be down-to-earth, keeping their feet on the ground and that they continue to be men with family values. That is another attraction they have. It was not a mistake to put these beautiful voice together. Imagine they have’nt stop being a sensation all over the world. I just love them.

  9. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Tony Renis and Michele for seeing their potential and putting Gianluca,Piero and Ignazio and their beautiful music and hearts out in the world for us all to love !!! They have grown into handsome young men that have been handling their fame and fortune with grace and humility at all times. We know that they love us and in turn we love them back with all our hearts. We will be Ilvolovers forever 💕💕

  10. Mary, thank you for this article. I agree. I’m grateful to Tony Renis for discovering these guys and for Mr. Gatica who had an early influence in their careers. I checked their web site today and under bio there is no mention of these influential men at all.
    Mr. Torpedine is given the credit of discovering them. I am so glad that they were discovered and we are here to enjoy their music that they are sharing with us.
    At long last the Live from Pompeii concert was aired here in LA .I’ve been eagerly waiting for it. So great but I miss O Sole Mio. Somehow the concert is not over before this song is sung. I ordered my tickets thru PBS for the March 26 concert at the Dolby theater. Marie, if you are still keeping track of who’s going where, I’ll be at this concert.
    Lydka, thanks for sharing the translation of Piero’s comments, and sharing beautiful pictures of your place. I don’t comment that often here but I check this site everyday and I enjoy whatever you post.
    Mary, thanks again for sharing your thoughts about these wonderful guys, for the pictures too.

    1. Victoria, I thank you. 🙂 Have a great time on their concert ! 🙂 I sincerely greet you and wish you all the best. L

    1. Loretta, I ordered my tickets from PBS. I called Dolby theater today and found out that tickets for the guys’ concert are not on sale yet from the box office. Tickets are available on line from a seller.

  11. Thanks Victoria I have been trying to get through to Dolby to no avail they won’t even call me back when I leave my phone number, And I live in Canada so don’t think PBS would sell tickets to me. Have to find a way somehow.

    1. Loretta, ask victoria fe80 to get the local PBS number there in LA. If you become a member the diff. levels will offer the tickets for Il Volo. They may be cheaper than the theater as well as better seating. Living in Canada makes no difference. Does this help? Or keep calling the theater or e- mailing them. It’s worth a call to the local PBS out there., though. Where are you in Canada? Anywhere near Penina? Good Luck!

  12. Thanks Lynn Penina & I are in 2 different cities miles apart. I’ll try calling PBS in Los Vegas or Los Angeles we don’t have PBS here from what I understand but I understood that PBS didn’t have control of where the seating is in a theatre

  13. Loretta, you can log on to the website for southern California PBS.
    I checked the website tonight and the tickets they offer are meet and greet tickets. The kind I ordered are cheaper but not offered anymore. These M and G tickets may be the kind you want. Log on to the website and click support. On the next screen , click one time donation. The next screen gives you a choice of gifts you can have as a donor. Click the picture of our guys and the next screen will give you the choices of DVD. CD or tickets. Here’s the PBS socal # 800 278 5050.
    I won’t get the tickets until March and I won’t know the exact seats , but these seats are in the orchestra section,. If you log on to the Dolby theater website you will see the seating arrangement. You may also try to check the online ticket sellers and see how much they charge for tickets in this section. They’re expensive.
    Hope this helps you.

  14. yeah those guys who are selling tickets now are called scalpers at atleast $1000.00 a ticket for front row no thanks my name is not Rockefeller, thanks though I’l ask PBS if they know what seats they are selling but I don’t think they do.

  15. Did anyone catch the video on TV tonight I got the last hour & 3/4 of Il Volo it was advertised as 2013 video, Rogers TV are jerks. The last half was so active so can’t wait for the full video. All 3 guys were animated & full of life & Ignazio was wound up more than usual & smiling constantly which lights up his whole being. Oh WOW is he GORGEOUS. If he sits down at that banquent I swear I am going to jump right into his lap & snuggle right down, sigh I wish.

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