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The Flight Crew is Saved…

…and these are the people who stepped up.

Dani, Emilia (and sometimes Daniela) will be working with Kelly to bring us a weekly “Off Stage” feature. You already saw the first one! 

Jana and Leelee will be helping to edit, draft and post various articles.  The two of them will also bring us “Il Volo Professional”, which are the guys professional singing engagements, interviews, etc.  (You saw their 1st one yesterday) Daniela and Emilia will assist them in this endeavor.  Just in time for concert season too!

Daniela will continue to update us in comments and submit articles for posting.

Leelee will take over calendar responsibilities.

Julie will work on our gallery.

Dee (Denise, our deecatmomma) and Marion will monitor comments.

Sandi Eyman and Angelica will cover our Outlook email.

Ann Scavo, Jane (maryjane), Mary Bohling, Gina, Kitty and Myron will continue doing what they do.

Kelly, besides her new column, “Off Stage”, will continue her administrative duties along with birthday videos, handling technical issues, paying the bills and keeping up with our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and etc.

Marie, will continue administrative duties which include writing, editing, drafting, scheduling, posting your stories, updating header photo’s, and etc.

Thank you so much volunteers!

We are renewed, refreshed and stronger than ever. What fun we are all going to have promoting and sharing the love of those marvelous Il Volo guys.

~Kelly, Marie and the New Staff of Volunteers

On Cloud 9 in Orilla with Annie and Better Than Imagined in Boston with Julie

Annie in Orilla

Annie Hatfield center
Annie Hatfield center

I went to the Orillia concert on Sunday Feb.7th with my Daughter and Granddaughter and what a time we had, we had front row seats and as soon as Gianluca came to our end of the stage he spotted my Granddaughter and remembered her from the 2014 concert in Toronto, well later in the show when they were singing, he came over to our end and beckoned for her to come over to the stage and he sang to her, what a thrill that was, my heart was doing flip flops and I’m sure her Mother’s was too.

Annie's Granddaughter Stephanie
Annie’s Granddaughter Stephanie

The meet and greet event after was so much better than last time, it was much more informal and they had one photographer who took all the pictures and after that we had quite a lot of time to take our own individual pictures and could talk to the guys, I even got to meet Piero’s Father and Ignazio and Gianluca’s Mothers, also talked with Barbara Vitali. What a great night that was, I just wish I could see them more. I’m still on cloud 9 !!!

Hope you enjoy your time with them.

Annie Hatfield*:) happy*:) happy



Julie on the left
Julie on the left

Here are some highlights of my first concert – yes, the lighting is very intrusive and quite annoying; but beyond that, the concert was just great.  Loved every rendition. Nice mix of Italian and English songs.  Each of them performed two solos, also 3 duets. Sang Happy Birthday to Gianluca, no trouble understanding Ignazio’s “English with a Sicilian accent”.  The Theater was very strict about not taking  pictures and videos during the performance. I had to use a walker to get around – 

During the M & G :

Piero called the walker my “zoomer” during the time when they allowed us to take pictures on our own phones.  Gave the Guys Valentine Fan Mail. I told Gianluca that there is extra mail for him because it is his Birthday, he leaned over and said “Grazie Senora” and gave me a kiss on the cheek!!!. Wow!! 

Didn’t get to talk with Ignazio as he was in the midst of a conversation with a couple girls about maintaining leg strength.  Sounded quite serious.  While we waited for all the group pictures to be taken, Piero’s Father walked by and shook my hand.  That was a surprise.  I am so happy I was able to get there.  It was better than I ever imagined.  

Julie (Kathryn Bernache)


Il Volo will perform at the “TRIBUTE TO PLACIDO DOMINGO” in Santiago on June 29th.  (Thanks Mary Strickler)


Mary Strickler

More ⇒ http://www.placidoenelalma.com/