On Cloud 9 in Orilla with Annie and Better Than Imagined in Boston with Julie

Annie in Orilla

Annie Hatfield center
Annie Hatfield center

I went to the Orillia concert on Sunday Feb.7th with my Daughter and Granddaughter and what a time we had, we had front row seats and as soon as Gianluca came to our end of the stage he spotted my Granddaughter and remembered her from the 2014 concert in Toronto, well later in the show when they were singing, he came over to our end and beckoned for her to come over to the stage and he sang to her, what a thrill that was, my heart was doing flip flops and I’m sure her Mother’s was too.

Annie's Granddaughter Stephanie
Annie’s Granddaughter Stephanie

The meet and greet event after was so much better than last time, it was much more informal and they had one photographer who took all the pictures and after that we had quite a lot of time to take our own individual pictures and could talk to the guys, I even got to meet Piero’s Father and Ignazio and Gianluca’s Mothers, also talked with Barbara Vitali. What a great night that was, I just wish I could see them more. I’m still on cloud 9 !!!

Hope you enjoy your time with them.

Annie Hatfield*:) happy*:) happy



Julie on the left
Julie on the left

Here are some highlights of my first concert – yes, the lighting is very intrusive and quite annoying; but beyond that, the concert was just great.  Loved every rendition. Nice mix of Italian and English songs.  Each of them performed two solos, also 3 duets. Sang Happy Birthday to Gianluca, no trouble understanding Ignazio’s “English with a Sicilian accent”.  The Theater was very strict about not taking  pictures and videos during the performance. I had to use a walker to get around – 

During the M & G :

Piero called the walker my “zoomer” during the time when they allowed us to take pictures on our own phones.  Gave the Guys Valentine Fan Mail. I told Gianluca that there is extra mail for him because it is his Birthday, he leaned over and said “Grazie Senora” and gave me a kiss on the cheek!!!. Wow!! 

Didn’t get to talk with Ignazio as he was in the midst of a conversation with a couple girls about maintaining leg strength.  Sounded quite serious.  While we waited for all the group pictures to be taken, Piero’s Father walked by and shook my hand.  That was a surprise.  I am so happy I was able to get there.  It was better than I ever imagined.  

Julie (Kathryn Bernache)


Il Volo will perform at the “TRIBUTE TO PLACIDO DOMINGO” in Santiago on June 29th.  (Thanks Mary Strickler)


Mary Strickler

More ⇒ http://www.placidoenelalma.com/

8 thoughts on “On Cloud 9 in Orilla with Annie and Better Than Imagined in Boston with Julie”

  1. Annie – how awesome Gianluca remembered your granddaughter! Their memories truly amaze me sometimes, especially since they see thousands of fans!

    Julie – so great it was better than you imagined! I’m sure we all think it’s going to be a certain way and certain things will happen, but even though I was somewhat prepared for my first greeting, Ignazio threw everything out the window and pretty much left me speechless! 🙂 lol!

    Has anyone had the question and answer session? No one is mentioning that? Does anyone actually get to ask individual questions to them?


    1. When they mingle with the crowd after the pictures if you manage to buttonhole one of them you can ask them anything you want. All I managed to get out was a request for a selfie! Except for Piero who was answering questions about the schedule and telling us how happy he is that his father is with him–I was able to talk more with him than the other two.

    2. What an experience that must have been for all of you! And how wonderful that the younger fans can enjoy and appreciate such a special moment. This is one of the magical effects of Il Volo – the ability to transcend all age groups in such a powerful way.

      My post-M&G Q&A session in Connecticut was kind of comical – the three of them fanned out in different directions and clusters of fans started swarming around each of them and if they could not get close, they would just hop from on of the guys to the next – like a bee buzzing from one flower to the next. The solution to this is to buy up all the Meet & Greet tickets the day they go on sale and you’ll have the guys all to yourself. (Yeah, right!)

      1. Me too! If I had won that big lottery I would have also bought out all the seats in the theater too!

        Annie & Julie, thanks for sharing your experiences. Made me very anxious to start my concert run in March!

  2. Annie & Julia, so glad you had such a wonderful time!!! I hope I get to talk to the Mothers & Piero’s Papa!!!! Barbara too! This will be the 5th time I have met them. They have amazing memories!!! I just love them!!! March is swiftly approaching!

  3. Their popularity knows no bounds !!! The theaters are all full and everyone has a great time.Cannot wait for March to come.

    1. Me either, Marion! The anticipation is killing me. I waver between wanting to see all the video’s and not wanting to see them so that I don’t know every move. What a delightful dilemma!

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