Personally Speaking~Be Still My Heart!

If these three photos don’t melt you into a puddle then you are not breathing the same air as the rest of us!

They were made to warm the heart on a cold winter day.

To calm the soul during a once in a century snow storm.

To stir the imagination of a lonely heart.

To strengthen the desire to see them in person.

As we anxiously await to see these awesome young men  on a stage in front of us, let us feast our eyes on these beautiful photos!



Need I say more?  I don’t think so!


27 thoughts on “Personally Speaking~Be Still My Heart!”

    1. Did you notice Piero’s shirt says “Matchless”? That’s what the three of them are–matchless! in every category!

  1. Just think this time last year we were still all swooning over the win at Sanremo


  2. I think my tickets for the concert are real close to the stage so on March 19 i will be able to admire these faces up close. I just had my cardiologist give me a once over and guaranteed me that I can withstand the shock of seeing them live.

    1. That was smart, Gina. We should all do that.

      After those pictures, Jane I’m sure I must have really, really long hugs with each of them. So…I’m looking for someone who will volunteer to hold back security for no more than 15 minutes. Maybe a little longer.

  3. Marie, when you find the security preventive people , send them south! Except for the snow, the photos are right on the money!! ONE MONTH to zero hour!♡Dot……

  4. Geez ladies! I knew when I signed up that I found the right group. Marie, we can circle the wagons around you and I am assuming Ignazio or will it be Piero or Gianluca? Gosh this is getting exciting. I’ve been waiting since September for March 6 to come along.

  5. Jane , it’s a warm winter’s day where I am, but it got a whole lot warmer since I saw those photo’s.
    I have’nt had a hot flash in 15 year’s, but I think I’m having one now!

  6. Oh yes, officially melted into puddles, that hold their reflections, so I can jump into each one and soak up their glorious sounds, as they envelope me in their warmth from their eyes, like sunbeams piercing; burning holes in my soul that is filled with their love!

    So sorry, they just push my creative buttons and make me erupt like vesuvius! My thoughts and emotions spilling over like hot lava, uncontrolled in my anticipation!

    Omg, just 10 days. Rose marie, I will turn around and wave to you in the mezzanine!


    1. Jana, turn to your left and wave to me also. Orch3, Row 2, Seats 313 and 314. I would love to meet you and say hello.

  7. You guys are too much! Guess who got back from the Albany concert about two hours ago? Oh,Yah! That would be me! The palms of my hands are so sore from clapping!
    Heading to the bar for a nightcap! Ciao!
    (Just leaving ya there hangin’,Girls! Heh! Heh!)

  8. Great now I can put this picture of Ignazio with my picture of our hug now & have the most pleasant dreams.

    That picture of Gianluca is the best picture I have ever seen of him. He certainly is becoming more handsome as he gets older.
    Sweet dreams everyone.

  9. OMG. The three most handsome, most heart throbbing guys that have come out of Italy in years. Cannot wait to see them in person. Great pictures,!! Thanks

  10. JANE!!! Thanks a lot for causing my computer to melt down beyond repair. As soon as the picture of Gianluca hit it, it started to sputter and wilt….then when Piero appeared, it heaved a sign and started to lose power. The final blow was when Ignazio came on–it was the final straw. I’m sending you the bill for a new computer.

  11. The guys are so handsome in the pictures, I can hardly wait to view
    them in person March 20. That’s just a month from this Saturday.
    They will not any longer be an image on paper and computer but
    will be the very real handsome young men that they are in person.
    And in addition the will sing with their awsome voices that we all
    love. They are truly amazing.

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