The Flight Crew is Saved…

…and these are the people who stepped up.

Dani, Emilia (and sometimes Daniela) will be working with Kelly to bring us a weekly “Off Stage” feature. You already saw the first one! 

Jana and Leelee will be helping to edit, draft and post various articles.  The two of them will also bring us “Il Volo Professional”, which are the guys professional singing engagements, interviews, etc.  (You saw their 1st one yesterday) Daniela and Emilia will assist them in this endeavor.  Just in time for concert season too!

Daniela will continue to update us in comments and submit articles for posting.

Leelee will take over calendar responsibilities.

Julie will work on our gallery.

Dee (Denise, our deecatmomma) and Marion will monitor comments.

Sandi Eyman and Angelica will cover our Outlook email.

Ann Scavo, Jane (maryjane), Mary Bohling, Gina, Kitty and Myron will continue doing what they do.

Kelly, besides her new column, “Off Stage”, will continue her administrative duties along with birthday videos, handling technical issues, paying the bills and keeping up with our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and etc.

Marie, will continue administrative duties which include writing, editing, drafting, scheduling, posting your stories, updating header photo’s, and etc.

Thank you so much volunteers!

We are renewed, refreshed and stronger than ever. What fun we are all going to have promoting and sharing the love of those marvelous Il Volo guys.

~Kelly, Marie and the New Staff of Volunteers

84 thoughts on “The Flight Crew is Saved…”

  1. Thank you to all who have volunteered ! I have been a ‘ follower ‘ all my life — not a leader – so for people like me – Thanks again !

    1. Much thanks to all! I am still feeling guilty about not volunteering, but there are too many uncertainties in my life right now to be able to commit to anything long term.
      Kudos to the staff! And Hip, hip hooray!

  2. Thank you to all of you. Enjoy your posts every day since I found it what ??? 4/5 years ago. Appreciate the effort and hard work you all put in for our enjoyment.

    1. Your enjoyment is what we do it for. Well, that and to promote those three young men we all love. Thanks Marlene, for being around since the beginning. We would miss you if you weren’t here.

  3. Would be happy to donate each month to help with expenses – how do I go about it?
    So appreciate everything you do for us Ilvolovers! Grazie Mille!
    Marie – I think I will meet you on the trip to Detroit with Jana and other great gals I met at the PBS Special! Looking forward to it !

    1. Betty! I just reread what you wrote above. Feel free to make a small donation, BUT it is totally unnecessary for you to do it every month. We are ok with the small donations to keep the bills paid and some extras like the book last summer for the boys and a fruit basket we want to send them for one of their dressing rooms this year. I appreciate the thought so much. This Crew always comes through and we would ask if funds ran low or we wanted to do a special project we couldn’t afford.

    2. Betty, I will be in Detroit too. I only know Marie by sight, so watch for me. I have front row seat and will be wearing my Flight Crew stuff.

  4. BIG THANKS to ALL of you! Wish I was “techy” enough to understand how it’s all done, but SO grateful that you all do!!! ❤👍❤👍❤👍❤😊

  5. Thanks ever so much to you folks. Really enjoy your website, emails, etc. What would I do without you? As previous others have stated, I’m not able to volunteer to help out (am looking after 93 year old Mother with Dementia), but will be making a donation, so hope that helps just a little. Bless you for all you do.

  6. Thank you to all of you, from my heart.

    I feel genuinely at home here now. At first I was feeling awkward, nervous to comment. All I could say was ‘Ditto’… then some awkward statements.
    (I came in when Marie and Jane were about to leave for their trip of a lifetime to Italy.)

    Now, there are even these sometimes giant-smileys that I can’t even control the size of. (they come out super big here). But they transmit my joy and gratitude to all of you and my being connected here.

    Thus, a BACI to you all –

    And to Marie, I replied to your comment on the post –
    21 Feb 2017 by Jana

    Please have a look, here’s the link –

    Grazie mille

      1. I’m sorry…. didn’t think that was offensive. I just think they are cute. I have glaucoma and AMD so it’s sometimes hard to see the faces and I can actually see these. That’s all I meant. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me

      2. I’m sorry. I wasn’t sure if you were or not. I just sent you 2 emails apologizing. I’ll get to know when you’re joking and not as I get to know you. Thank you for the badges. Do you know where they got the notepad? It was very cool.

      3. Sometimes my warped sense of humor gets me in trouble.

        Laura Badke sent me that notepad. It says Shutterfly on the back. Looks like it was ordered online.

      4. Hi Dee, i just saw your comment now. thank you so very much. (the comments go so fast, i don’t always get to see all of them. thanks much again. warm hug

      5. and oh, Dee, by the way, thanks much for your reassurance. i was not sure if i was overdoing it here. thanks so much that you like it. just expressing my ‘feels’….

  7. You are all so appreciated and thank you all for your hard work and support of our precious boys. I so look forward to each and every post. I live in a suburb of Chicago (Tinley Park) and would so like to get in touch with other Il Volo lovers in my area. Any suggestions? Thanks again for everything you do!!!!

    1. Lynn, go to “Topics”, above right. Then to “Who’s Going Where”. Scroll down to Chicago. You can also wait until next week when I will post the list again.

  8. Huray to all of you who make this forum possible. You deserve bunches of credit. I can’t start my day until I read about you. Congrats. and hugs. Joanie G

  9. Thanks to all you wonderful, talented people for stepping up and saving this beautiful place. It is a joy to see all the postings, messages, poetry, photos, videos, creative art and writing that is so uplifting every day. I can’t imagine there are many other entertainers who have such an educated, thoughtful, honest and loving fan base and an organization like Flight Crew who supports them so carefully and completely. I love you all.

  10. I, too, have always been an “Indian” and not a ” Chief”. If you know what I mean. So my heartfelt thanks to all who will keep this blog up and going. I would be lost without the latest news about our Guys. They – Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca have become such a big part of my life that I always enjoy reading what they are up to. So thank you, thank you, thank you to all for your hard work. I so very ;much appreciate it.

  11. Thank goodness for all of you, you are so appreciated by all of us “followers”. We don’t ever want to lose this site. ❤️🌹❤️

  12. I am so thankful for all the volunteers! This site has been a source of much enjoyment for me! I would have volunteered, but if youall knew how many ways I could mess up, you’d be glad I didnt! Love from “no speaka da tech”in Texas!! <3 <3 <3

  13. I just returned home from a Dr’s visit for my husband and grabbed my i-pad to see what the Flightcrew was posting today. All I can say is “THANK YOU THANK YOU” to all who have volunteered their time & talent so that this site will continue. My husband has some health issues which takes up much of my time . Reading the latest news or watching a recent video just lifts my spirits. I hope to meet some of you at the Miami concert.

    1. Looking forward to it Annette. Please wear your Flight Crew badge. so we can find each other. Like you, reading the daily posting sets me up for the day. They are always so “up beat” and informative. Cannot wait for April Fools Day !!

      1. Hi Marion: I definitely will wear my Flight Crew badge & look forward to meeting you there! Can’t wait!

  14. This site is too good and could not be closed.
    Soon we will start the tour and there will be many things to read and publish.
    We are a big family that supports the beautiful musical project of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, in two words IL VOLO


    1. I know you will enjoy every minute. I’ll be eating my heart out til next year:(
      But will be praying for the safety of our guys and everyone traveling with them. I will be praying for all il Volovers for safe travels and to be blessed with the best time of your life!!!

  15. Let me add my sincere thanks to all those who have volunteered to help Marie, Kelly and all those who help bring us this great place to visit and share our love for these three wonderful, now young men! It’s always so interesting to hear how people first found Il Volo and also how much joy, love and peace they have brought into so many lives.

  16. Thank you to all the volunteer’s! I go on this site several times a day to catch up with our Guy’s, and to see what trouble Marie might be getting into!
    This place is a lot of fun, and it came along just in time. I needed fun in my life, and all of you gave me that. 😊❤️

    1. Marie, you must be out of breath.
      I found Il Volo again 3 years ago. The first time we saw them was on PBS when they were just youngsters. My husband and I thought they were wonderful. Then we lost track of them. One day a few months after my dear husband passed away I was sitting and watching PBS again and who should appear but the youngsters again. But this time, young men, and I thought they had replaced the “chubby” one. Who knew Ignazio would turn into such a beautiful swan (a male swan is a cob) but that doesn’t do him justice. I then found this site and have been a follower ever since.
      One more thing, my husband and I were married in Volos, Greece in 1961.

  17. Thank you so much for all of your support and for all of our new volunteers. 🙂 The Flight Crew wouldn’t exist without all of you. Our volunteers are helping us keep it going, and our readers are why we are here in the first place! We love you all! Thank you. 😀

  18. Wow!!

    Marie, so glad you posted who’s doing what! I seriously was just going to ask you, I was getting confused.

    Soon you will all read how the Detroit il volo gals celebrated Gianluca’s birthday! 😙


  19. Thank you to all the volunteers who make this site possible. As a new-ish ILVOLOVER I don’t think I could live without all the news, funny comments and stories about the boys and the other Flight Crew members. As I’ve said before I feel at home here and can’t wait to meet some of you in Chicago and Las Vegas! Grazie mille a tutti! <3

  20. I am so happy that so many came to the rescue, I really am quite the technology idiot so I had nothing to really offer to be of any help. I too will be glad to send a donation when you need it . Now if only you needed someone to aspeak to large crowds since I happen to be quite fearless as a public speaker. It just isn’t somehthing you have a need yet. Dangnabit!

  21. I did not believe for a while that IVFC would end !
    I am a faithful reader of the begining and warmly welcome the new members of the editorial team.I look forward to the upcoming tour and your memories of reunion with our boys.I hope that the next time we meet at one of the concerts in Italy.

      1. Many thanks to you both for your devoted work,friendly attitude and cheerful fun / I appreciate people who have a sense of humor /.
        I was very interested article about sights during Marie + Jane in Italy /one of my hobbies is history /.
        Sincerely Z.

  22. Dear Flight Crew
    I am so pleased that the “recruitment drive” has produced such a positive outcome. I love this site! It is the only il Volo site that I visit on a daily basis. I would have been devastated if it had closed. Even though I record all their appearances on Italian TV, I love being part of this international anglophone community that supports everything that these young men do.

    On Antonella Clerici’s new show, Standing Ovation, it was stated that there have been more than 500 million views of our guys on-line; they have performed more than 600 concerts, in 80 different countries; and they are a planetary phenomenon. How true!!

    As they embark on their tour of the USA and Canada, I am so looking forward to the reactions and reviews from all my fellow Crew Members. When they reach Europe, in May and June, it will be my turn to contribute my personal thoughts. Even though I followed TLUC from 2009, it took until last June before I could attend a live concert here in England. Now, I have two more to anticipate.

    A heartfelt thanks to everyone in the Flight Crew – from the “pilots and first officers” all the way thru to “ground handlers.” Nothing would work unless all of you played your different parts. As Admiral Lord Nelson said at the Battle of Trafalgar, “England expects this day that every many shall do his duty.” He was unlucky. He did not have volunteers of the caliber of the Flight Crew! They do not do it from a sense of duty; they do it for love!

    Best wishes from a very relieved Bernard X

  23. Thanks everyone for stepping in to help. I believe we all would have missed being part of this SPECIAL group.
    I feel a new and renewed enthusiasm and hope some of our members that we have not heard from will come back and post .

  24. Great thanks to all who participate on this site; it is such a valuable source of information, entertainment, and most importantly, passion. I encourage everyone to be a part of it, to contribute, and to share it with as many other fans as possible. Only by growing can it succeed – SPREAD THE WORD!

    Some day we might log on to find that Marie relocated to Italy to move in with Ignazio and that Kelly won the Powerball and then what are we going to do?

    1. I feel that if Marie relocates to Italy we would probably all follow her.
      What a gracious lady i have met because of Il Volo. Kelly, from the pics i have seen you are gorgeous. Thank you and may the furture of Il Volo and all of our friendships continue.

      1. Thank you Lynn. I would not leave you all here alone. Since HE and I will live in that castle in Brescia, there will be plenty of room for everyone. Start packing!

  25. Marie, when you have finished the talk and begin to pack, me know, I’m going to remove dust to the rooms of the Castle of Brescia, so everything will be ready when you arrive.

  26. Congratulations to all the ladies who volunteered to help Marie and Kelly keep The Flight Crew flying high. I know all of you will make this the best site around and keep us all filled with wonderful stories and information for hopefully some time to come, Again Congrats to all you ladies.

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