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Il Volo Professional ~~ Carpool Karaoke and Then Some


I can’t believe this.  Just the other day, I was thinking about Il Volo appearing on Carpool Karaoke (the one in the U.S. hosted by James Corden).  Who knew that Italy is starting their own rendition of Carpool Karaoke hosted by Jake La Furia.  Guess who the first guest will be?  Well, our Il Volo, of course!!


If you have never seen Carpool Karaoke, I highly recommend it.  You Tube it, Netflix it, Google it…whichever way you can find it.  It is so much fun.  I know I’m hooked.


Matthew says: “You have 10 seconds to recognize these rappers.”


P = Jack promised us that will be at our concert in Milan in the front row.
G = not wait


in other newsPiero was interviewed by London One regarding their upcoming concert at Royal Albert Hall.  They are so excited.  Click on the yellow circle with arrow to listen to Piero.  It’s in Italian.  Read below for Translation by Daniela!




Piero says they are excited to bring the Magic Night on May 23 at THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL which is the temple of music.
He asked how outweigh the anxiety before a concert and Piero replies that exceed thinking about all the people who came to hear their voices.
We talk about the Tribute to the Three Tenors  that are performed   when the boys were not yet born and the great thing is that Piero , Gianluca and Ignazio are young and then carry out the project also affecting younger age groups.
Piero does not deny that in the beginning as a group have also had discussions, but now are finding the meeting point.
 He says the classical repertoire is a passion that have all three and the Americans when talk about bel canto, refer to classical music.
Piero says that at first it was risky for them this kind of repertoire, but acquiring security have realized that with the commitment of the study everything becomes more manageable, also points out that it is the only way to bring young people, in fact now in Italy in the talent show they have included pop-opera category and this is a way to encourage young people in this direction.
Piero announces that on stage with them we will also Mario Biondi.
He says that after singing NESSUN DORMA and removed his tie, below are three carefree boys.
Singing with Domingo strong emotion.
You are asked what makes IL VOLO off stage and Piero says they do sports, go to the disco, in fact have already booked a disco after the concert at Albert Hall.
He speaks of respect for the fans because they owe their success to the support of the fans.
You are asked to Piero as is do interview without Gianluca and Ignazio, and he replies that is a beautiful thing because no break their interruptions.
It also says how important families at the end of a concert by 5/6 thousand people, retire to the room and call home, their loved ones even if not physically present they are spiritually.
Do not is all that glitters is gold and in dark moments there are always family members who support them.
The day of the concert Piero sleeps 10hrs, then three hours in the gym.
Piero sends a message to all fans, he says to continue listening IL VOLO and he loves us so much.””


We love you, too, Piero!!!  (and Gianluca and Ignazio, too).


From Daniela:  The following is a link to an Italian article that reveals how you play the episode of AMICI.  You must know that AMICI is a program where kids who have been admitted will compete with the rehearsals and dance.  It seems that two dancers will compete accompanied by the music of IL VOLO

Here they are with Luis Fonsi who will also host the program.



Final Note!!

If anyone is planning to attend the Vienna concert, it has been rescheduled from April 24th to June 28th.  Here is the announcement.


That’s all the news that’s fit to print right now!


~~ Leelee ~~

Il Volo Professional – Il Volo’s Official Tour Car/Photo Shoot/Italian TV

il volo car

Il Volo is on the move again, this time to Bologna!  They are doing a photo shoot and they were also at Audi Zentrum Bologna to retrieve their tour cars.  By the looks of the writing on the side of the cars, Audi Zentrum is the official Il Volo car for the Italian/European Notte Magica Tour.  Enjoy!

Gianluca on the way to Bologna.  Lucky Bologna!

Pictures/video courtesy of @audizentrum



With the boss man!


With the General Director of AudiZentrum Bologna


Bye bye – see you throughout Europe!


Getting ready for a photo shoot for a commercial for Giessegi furniture!  I wouldn’t mind having these three as my home furnishing accessories.  You?

Courtesy of @fdloto_iv
From the Giessegi Store Bologna website:

“A special meeting in #giessegi store! It’s gonna be the beginning of a new adventure together? Soon we will reveal all the details of this meeting, come and discover the great surprises on all the furniture #giessegi, only in the store officers!”

Thank you, Lisa Joy and Il Volo Sicilia, for sharing the following videos.



Daniela sent the following rough translations of the videos.  This just gives us an idea of what is going on.  Please pay attention to what Gianluca is saying at the end of the first video.  They will be recording for an important Italian TV show (see below).

Translation first video
G = We are live. A beautiful girl has put so many hearts.
Here we are, there are many people.
T = What do you think of the sultan who has 21 wives?
G = The Sultan has 21 wives? He is number one.
We have finished a day of filming, will see some good.
Piero, Piero, Piero you want to see?
(Piero looks and smiles, Gianluca is reading the display).
Hello from Hollywood ……. Michael, hello from Malta, Russia, Croatia ….. want to speak in English or Spanish?
T = What is this thing?
G = we live ……. Romania, Brazil, Honduras, ….. (someone calls to take a group photo) …. Daddy you reprove, rebuke us.
E = Gianluca images not.
(Everyone starts posing and someone calls … Ignatius Ignatius Ignatius …)
I = (from afar) You wanted to take a picture without me? ……. (everyone laughs)
G = The photo with the crew, love, greet, greet here are a lot of people (embraces the make-up artists …… more photos, cheers …. Gian takes his cell phone in hand)
We ‘video, we live, from around the world are watching us, from Venezuela, from Honduras, from Russia, from America, from around the world, you see? From Greece, my brother is in Greece now, how nice …… (looking Ignatius making a photo with a girl), selfies time.
(Reply to a message) hello, how are you Fracann, see you soon in Panama, say hello to your family, please. (Speaking in English)
Greetings from Fabriano, see you in Ancona is fine (is reading messages), Poland, hello Grove,
You want something to eat? Here again there is something.
A banana? An Orange? what do you want?
That’s my father, greet him, he is my father, this is Ignazio Boschetto with Catherine’s mother.
Natali You like when I speak Italian (he says it in Spanish)
From Japan, even Japan.
However, now I have to go, I have to change, otherwise my father gets upset, because we do later, we’re going to Rome, and tomorrow we have the recordings of an important Italian program, do not say anything, you’ll find out very soon …… ..I am changing ….. a moment dads do not get mad, hello ….. there strucchiamo?
Hello to all.
Second Video
G = We give a greeting to all the people who are watching us.
Here I am, I serve you?
operator. = put yourself in that position I make you a close-up while you continue to write and to my way …… are you recording? ….. my way you look at him (Piero) going through skateboarding .
G = Okay
= operator but you’re for live?
G = is, you can not?
operator = why not? live on IL VOLO.

Il Volo will be guests at FRIENDS on Channel 5.

These are the articles that talks about it.
The episode will be broadcast on Saturday 15th at 21.00.
These articles are in Italian of course but they basically say that they are recording today with for show to be aired April 15th on Canale 5.  Also appearing is Emma Marrone, James Blunt, and Luis Fonsi.
~~ Leelee ~~

Il Volo Professional ~~ Notte Magica 2017 – Minneapolis, MN


I had a chance to interview some of our Flight Crew ladies about their experience with the Minneapolis concert and here’s what they had to say.  I asked them all the same question.

Leelee:  So how was it?

Jane:  “A Magical Night it was!  Their heavenly voices, impeccable timing, dashing good looks, pure joy in singing to us…add it all up and it creates a night to never forget.  The elegant State Theater was the perfect setting for this type of concert.  Stunning beauty of the venue coupled with such amazing talent transported us to another level of being.  They pulled out all of the stops for this tour and it shows.  Grazie Il Volo!”


Joyce:  “They sound so wonderful live, so much better than the cd and dvd. Now I want to hear them live all the time, preferably in my living room. Can we go to Vegas this weekend?”


Allene:  “The concert in Minneapolis was all I had expected and a whole lot more.  Our guys looked magnificent and were in excellent voice.  The Midwest audience was a little more laid back than earlier audiences and did not do as many standing ovations that I thought they deserved.  And the M&G was the usual rush, rush which always turns me into an idiot, but I loved every minute of it, and can’t wait for the NEXT time.”


Audrey:  “This was my favorite, not only because I had a great seat. Maybe 12 feet directly in front of Piero. I barely even heard the music because I was in constant awe. The hard work Gian has done for his solo brought tears and smiles. He even commented how difficult a song it is. And unbelievable that the high notes Piero hits for so long ! How is that even possible! I’m so glad that they were all so funny, helping to make it a wonderful night. But the best was the M&G. Four kisses from Gian and 2 from the others. Still haven’t come down to earth.”


Linda:  “3/20/17 Il Volo Notte Magica was indeed a true night of magic for us. My husband and I, and a friend attended the concert.   It was all very exciting. I had some really good front row seats and meet and greet afterwards.   As you say,  you forget what to say,  as I did,  but I had practiced a short sentence in Italian, that I had heard them say to the audience on the Pompeii concert. So I said to them grazia Italia, grand amore tutti voi and they nodded so it maybe sounded ok.  The night in Minneapolis was unusual warm for March.    While waiting for the State Theatre doors to open, a man collapsed and the perimedics had to be called.  Sad, there was only about 30 more minutes until the concert began.   Back at the hotel we popped open a bottle of Italian austi spumonti and enjoyed our last glow from the concert.  It was a wonderful concert with the ‘boys’.”

Photos courtesy of Linda and Mike H.
Okay, so maybe I didn’t personally interview them, but they were kind enough to send me their experiences, and fantastic experiences they are!  Anyone of us who have seen them so far can relate to each and every one!
Thank you, @beat_it_queen, for taking some beautiful photos of Il Volo. I hope you don’t mind.   Just wallow in the magic!


…and after the show…

MN - PB after show


See you in LA!!!!!

~ Leelee ~

Notte Magica 2017 – Three Voices. Two Hours. One Perfect Evening ~~ John From CT



March 11, 2017. After thirteen months of dreaming, hoping, planning, saving, preparing, and studying, my second Il Volo concert had finally arrived. The 6000-seat MGM Grand Theater at the huge Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut is a fantastic venue for an Il Volo concert due to the exceptional sound quality and amenities that my entourage of TEN fans was able to enjoy. The 55-piece full orchestra was incredible, and absolutely necessary given the type of music involved; pre-recorded background music would not have been acceptable during this tour.  The crowd was visibly “older” than that of the Grande Amore tour, but that can probably be attributed to the fact that this was less “operatic-pop” and a step closer to “real” opera than previous concerts. Nevertheless, there were pockets of under-30 “youngsters” here and there. The cheering and applause and ovations were frequent and very intense, yet it was a different kind of “energy” that we’ve seen on the Italian, European, and Latin American tours. The staging was simple yet beautiful, comprised of elegant curtains illuminated in a variety of colors. I wish there had been backdrops recreating scenes of Italy, or at least the chandelier from the Florence concert, but oh well, maybe next time. My seat was in the third row from the stage, slightly to the left of center, which turned out to be perfect because “the guys” decided to spend almost the entire concert directly in front of me at a distance of about twenty-five feet! Needless to say, I was able to witness every motion, every gesture, every expression, every nuance of their performances. I was in heaven!

Heaven however, comes at a very high price, because in case you haven’t noticed, our favorite hobby is becoming more and more expensive as the years go by. In my previous review I established my IL VOLO Concert Rule#1: BUY THE BEST TICKETS THAT YOU CAN POSSIBLY AFFORD. That rule still stands, but now my third row Notte Magica VIP Meet & Greet ticket had a face value of $385, compared to $225 for last year’s almost identical ticket. Other members of my party had the VIP Merchandise Package with a face value of $170, versus $125 last year. Even considering the perks that one can take advantage of by being a member of the Official Fan Club, any two people considering a “VIP M&G” experience are now going to have to weigh a $770 price tag, and it can be even higher in larger U.S. cities. For me personally, I can justify and plan in advance for this cost but there are going to be some fans that are going to have to draw a line somewhere and potentially not be able to cross it.

Regarding my other “rules” from last year (Don’t waste time recording the concert with a smartphone, Learn some Italian, Prepare for your Meet & Greet, Make preliminary contact) – all of them came into good use this time as well. Although I appreciate the efforts of others posting concert video clips online, having the “Notte Magica” DVD permitted me to concentrate fully on absorbing their every word and movement; I gave them complete attention and concentration and because of this I was even able to distinguish variations between what I was experiencing live and what I had heard and seen on CD and DVD. Add to this my two years’ worth of studying Italian and the entire experience was magnified by having some understanding of the message that each song tried to convey. To top it all off I am a native Spanish speaker so the handful of Spanish selections came to life especially after reading and educating myself on the history of those as well. I cannot stress enough how having some knowledge of the languages and stories can add to the experience; for me, this concert was not just some kind of entertainment or pastime, it was in immersion into another culture. With each standing ovation I cheered and yelled and made eye contact and sent them my praise and appreciation in a way that only a true fan could express.

As for the performances themselves, I was afraid that I might experience some kind of “never as good as the first time” syndrome. To be honest, at my first concert I had no idea what to expect of a live performance, and even after hearing all their songs on CD and seeing all their videos and DVD’s, I could not possibly imagine that a live performance could be any better, but as you all know if you’ve seen them live these young men will blow right through the limits of any expectations you may have and will mesmerize you with their absolute talent. As for my second concert, I asked myself how could they possibly improve on the first especially since only thirteen months had passed since I had last seen them. Needless to say, they blew right through even those expectations by a factor of 2. There is no need for me to list all the songs. There is no need for me to describe Ignazio’s highs or Gianluca’s lows or Piero’s powerful projection or to mention their passion and execution and personality and professionalism. You’ve heard it all before and I can add little to that discussion. What I will tell you is that for me personally, I can sum it up as such:


The Meet & Greet was the standard “wait for an hour and chat for a minute affair” but it was memorable for me just as well. We have had numerous discussions on this site regarding different levels of fan appreciation and “love” for the guys and I thought I would make that a point of our chat. Following my own rule regarding M&G’s, I practiced and prepared because I knew from all of you that time would be short and excitement would be high. So this 205lb 6’2” tall guy with a military haircut looked them straight in the eyes and told them: I love you guys, I love what you do for our youth, I love what you do for your fans, and I love your passion and professionalism in everything you do.” I commented on their decision regarding the presidential inauguration and told them that all my friends and I supported their concept that the artist should decide when and where and for whom to perform without regards to politics or the expectations of the public; they thanked ME for understanding – Piero in particular was very appreciative. We chatted about my other languages and the progress I was making with my Italian. I thanked them for transporting me to the Piazza Santa Croce in Florence for two hours and for giving me an incentive to learn their beautiful language and explore their incredible culture and pay tribute to those three tenors whom they admire so much. Finally, remember what I wrote about making eye contact? The three of them mentioned how at the end of each song they noticed that I would bolt up out of my seat with my arms in the air cheering for them during each standing ovation; they were looking into MY eyes and feeling MY passion! There were hugs and handshakes all around and after this one I almost lost it. It is hard to describe the feeling where for one brief moment you connect with someone in a very personal, profound, and passionate way that is impossible to duplicate in any other setting. This concert will be engraved in my mind forever.

So I had to pay $385 for this? Oh yes, and I will pay it again. For me, it was worth every single cent. What did I get for my $385?