Il Volo Professional – Il Volo’s Official Tour Car/Photo Shoot/Italian TV

il volo car

Il Volo is on the move again, this time to Bologna!  They are doing a photo shoot and they were also at Audi Zentrum Bologna to retrieve their tour cars.  By the looks of the writing on the side of the cars, Audi Zentrum is the official Il Volo car for the Italian/European Notte Magica Tour.  Enjoy!

Gianluca on the way to Bologna.  Lucky Bologna!

Pictures/video courtesy of @audizentrum



With the boss man!


With the General Director of AudiZentrum Bologna


Bye bye – see you throughout Europe!


Getting ready for a photo shoot for a commercial for Giessegi furniture!  I wouldn’t mind having these three as my home furnishing accessories.  You?

Courtesy of @fdloto_iv
From the Giessegi Store Bologna website:

“A special meeting in #giessegi store! It’s gonna be the beginning of a new adventure together? Soon we will reveal all the details of this meeting, come and discover the great surprises on all the furniture #giessegi, only in the store officers!”

Thank you, Lisa Joy and Il Volo Sicilia, for sharing the following videos.



Daniela sent the following rough translations of the videos.  This just gives us an idea of what is going on.  Please pay attention to what Gianluca is saying at the end of the first video.  They will be recording for an important Italian TV show (see below).

Translation first video
G = We are live. A beautiful girl has put so many hearts.
Here we are, there are many people.
T = What do you think of the sultan who has 21 wives?
G = The Sultan has 21 wives? He is number one.
We have finished a day of filming, will see some good.
Piero, Piero, Piero you want to see?
(Piero looks and smiles, Gianluca is reading the display).
Hello from Hollywood ……. Michael, hello from Malta, Russia, Croatia ….. want to speak in English or Spanish?
T = What is this thing?
G = we live ……. Romania, Brazil, Honduras, ….. (someone calls to take a group photo) …. Daddy you reprove, rebuke us.
E = Gianluca images not.
(Everyone starts posing and someone calls … Ignatius Ignatius Ignatius …)
I = (from afar) You wanted to take a picture without me? ……. (everyone laughs)
G = The photo with the crew, love, greet, greet here are a lot of people (embraces the make-up artists …… more photos, cheers …. Gian takes his cell phone in hand)
We ‘video, we live, from around the world are watching us, from Venezuela, from Honduras, from Russia, from America, from around the world, you see? From Greece, my brother is in Greece now, how nice …… (looking Ignatius making a photo with a girl), selfies time.
(Reply to a message) hello, how are you Fracann, see you soon in Panama, say hello to your family, please. (Speaking in English)
Greetings from Fabriano, see you in Ancona is fine (is reading messages), Poland, hello Grove,
You want something to eat? Here again there is something.
A banana? An Orange? what do you want?
That’s my father, greet him, he is my father, this is Ignazio Boschetto with Catherine’s mother.
Natali You like when I speak Italian (he says it in Spanish)
From Japan, even Japan.
However, now I have to go, I have to change, otherwise my father gets upset, because we do later, we’re going to Rome, and tomorrow we have the recordings of an important Italian program, do not say anything, you’ll find out very soon …… ..I am changing ….. a moment dads do not get mad, hello ….. there strucchiamo?
Hello to all.
Second Video
G = We give a greeting to all the people who are watching us.
Here I am, I serve you?
operator. = put yourself in that position I make you a close-up while you continue to write and to my way …… are you recording? ….. my way you look at him (Piero) going through skateboarding .
G = Okay
= operator but you’re for live?
G = is, you can not?
operator = why not? live on IL VOLO.

Il Volo will be guests at FRIENDS on Channel 5.

These are the articles that talks about it.
The episode will be broadcast on Saturday 15th at 21.00.
These articles are in Italian of course but they basically say that they are recording today with for show to be aired April 15th on Canale 5.  Also appearing is Emma Marrone, James Blunt, and Luis Fonsi.
~~ Leelee ~~

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  1. Nice post Leelee.  It somehow made me wax nostalgic.  Bear with me girl…its about the first comment I remember you ever making…

    Many of you didn’t know Linda Taylor.  She was also a founder of this site and had an ongoing article called, “in Case You Missed It”.  She was my BFF.  Even though she lived 1200 miles from me we watched TV together.  We texted each other through many shows.  We said, “good morning” and “good night” every day.  I loved her very much and Linda loved our Boys as much as any one of us possibly could.  Her dream was to see them in concert.  Due to her declining health she couldn’t go.

    The comment I remember you made, Leelee was something like…”get ready, Linda. I’m taking you to a concert.”  And you did.  You didn’t even know her.  It wasn’t easy either. Linda was using a walker and wheelchair by then.  She could also slowly shuffle a short distance.  Well, that concert was the highlight of her life, which only lasted about another year.  I will never forget that you did that.  No matter how good our seats are at concerts, I know that Linda is watching one seat better. Leelee, I will love and cherish you the rest of my life for that unselfish, glorious deed.  See you soon my dear friend.

    1. Marie, I made the mistake of opening this up while at work and once again you brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for the beautiful words and sentiment. Love you much. But then when I read it again, as usual, you brought me to laughter. Who is Linda Taylor?

      1. Oh for heavens sake. I don’t know her. Made your deed even more special.
        It’s Snyder not Taylor. I’ll bet it didn’t make my friend Linda Taylor laugh! Well, maybe.

  2. Lee Lee, thank you for the wonderful videos… Il Volo is on the move and they take us with them… Daniela, thank you so much for the translations … You cannot imagine how we long to know every word these young men say in a video and we who do not understand Italian hope that someone at least gives us a summary of the video… You did even more, you took the time to share the conversation in English… You have no idea how much we appreciate that… Thank you both for starting my day with a smile, while I watched and understood the happenings in the videos…

    1. Hi Jeannette. Aren’t the videos great? Daniela has been such a great help to me and she is going to be a greater help once the tour picks up in Italy.

      1. Yes, the are great Leelee… Daniela and I have been communicating through emails, and she and I will meet in Verona… I can’t wait it meet my newest Il Volo sister… Many of us wish we understood Italian, but thanks to Daniela, we are able to enjoy the details of Il Volo’s videos rather than just the feeling they give us when we watch them enjoying themselves…

      2. Thank you Leelee, you are very kind.

        Jeannette, I have a great desire to meet my new friends for whom I have to thank IL VOLO.

  3. Leelee, this is a wonderful post!

    Marie, what a beautiful tribute to Linda and to Leelee. Il Volo brings out the very best in people. Leelee, you have a heart of gold shown by what you did for Linda.

    Daniela, thank you for the translation. It really helps to know what they are talking about.

  4. But how beautiful our boys.
    Even a simple delivery of the machines of the tour becomes a social event.

    Making translations amuses me and I’m glad that there are useful.

    1. Oh they are very useful my dear friend… I am at a loss for Italian words for the most part… Hello, goodbye and eat and that is about the size of my Italian vocabulary… So I am always grateful when I can understand what is being said by our charming boys…

  5. Oh yes, Daniela thank you so much for your translations. It
    is so useful and wonderful…..It puts so much more meaning
    to IL VOLO’S EXPRESSIONS OF WORDS and their faces.
    They are so handsome but we long for “what did he say?”
    What they say is always so much better than what we could
    guess…..How wonderful it is that they bring we fans along
    as they travel and work. Thanks to all the Flightcrew and
    fans that comment. Thank you LeeLee and Marie.

  6. Great job Leelee! Yes the translations are always precious. 😊

    Wonder if the guys picked their own color?

  7. Thank you Leelee for your posts and thank you Marie for sharing your lovely story of Leelee taking your dear friend Linda to see Il Volo in concert. It was such a kind and beautiful thing to do!
    Thank you also Daniela for your translations. It’s always nice knowing what Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are saying.

    1. Thank you, Margaret! Marie has such a great and kind way with words, especially when they’re about me. LOL!

  8. I’m not into cars like some people are, but a nice looking style always catches my eye. They look good next to those Audis… <3

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