Il Volo Professional ~~ Notte Magica 2017 – Minneapolis, MN


I had a chance to interview some of our Flight Crew ladies about their experience with the Minneapolis concert and here’s what they had to say.  I asked them all the same question.

Leelee:  So how was it?

Jane:  “A Magical Night it was!  Their heavenly voices, impeccable timing, dashing good looks, pure joy in singing to us…add it all up and it creates a night to never forget.  The elegant State Theater was the perfect setting for this type of concert.  Stunning beauty of the venue coupled with such amazing talent transported us to another level of being.  They pulled out all of the stops for this tour and it shows.  Grazie Il Volo!”


Joyce:  “They sound so wonderful live, so much better than the cd and dvd. Now I want to hear them live all the time, preferably in my living room. Can we go to Vegas this weekend?”


Allene:  “The concert in Minneapolis was all I had expected and a whole lot more.  Our guys looked magnificent and were in excellent voice.  The Midwest audience was a little more laid back than earlier audiences and did not do as many standing ovations that I thought they deserved.  And the M&G was the usual rush, rush which always turns me into an idiot, but I loved every minute of it, and can’t wait for the NEXT time.”


Audrey:  “This was my favorite, not only because I had a great seat. Maybe 12 feet directly in front of Piero. I barely even heard the music because I was in constant awe. The hard work Gian has done for his solo brought tears and smiles. He even commented how difficult a song it is. And unbelievable that the high notes Piero hits for so long ! How is that even possible! I’m so glad that they were all so funny, helping to make it a wonderful night. But the best was the M&G. Four kisses from Gian and 2 from the others. Still haven’t come down to earth.”


Linda:  “3/20/17 Il Volo Notte Magica was indeed a true night of magic for us. My husband and I, and a friend attended the concert.   It was all very exciting. I had some really good front row seats and meet and greet afterwards.   As you say,  you forget what to say,  as I did,  but I had practiced a short sentence in Italian, that I had heard them say to the audience on the Pompeii concert. So I said to them grazia Italia, grand amore tutti voi and they nodded so it maybe sounded ok.  The night in Minneapolis was unusual warm for March.    While waiting for the State Theatre doors to open, a man collapsed and the perimedics had to be called.  Sad, there was only about 30 more minutes until the concert began.   Back at the hotel we popped open a bottle of Italian austi spumonti and enjoyed our last glow from the concert.  It was a wonderful concert with the ‘boys’.”

Photos courtesy of Linda and Mike H.
Okay, so maybe I didn’t personally interview them, but they were kind enough to send me their experiences, and fantastic experiences they are!  Anyone of us who have seen them so far can relate to each and every one!
Thank you, @beat_it_queen, for taking some beautiful photos of Il Volo. I hope you don’t mind.   Just wallow in the magic!


…and after the show…

MN - PB after show


See you in LA!!!!!

~ Leelee ~

15 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Notte Magica 2017 – Minneapolis, MN”

  1. Thank you, Leelee. Great post. I will also add that when Gianluca and Ignazio hit that last note together in Maria, you could have heard a pin drop in there. The beauty of them harmonizing was breathtaking. I’m still smiling from the glow you leave with from one of their concerts!

  2. Minneapolis was my first IL Volo concert. I, also was in awe of their angelica voices, beauty, kindness and humor. I was mesmerized throughout and wish more people would have done standing ovations. I didn’t want to stand alone,, I stood for all of them.
    The M&G was rushed. On speaking to Piero I didn’t get my third word out as Ignazio twirled me face front and said, picture, picture in his only cute Sicilian accent. Loved every minute.

  3. I will enter my post shortly. L’A’ was it’s usual traffic jam and we were competing with the staples center across the street . Our seets were a little far back so we relied on the side screens. Next time we will save up for better ones. However, as usual the boys voices have matured wonderfully. I thought they featured Iggy a lot this time. When Placido came on stage, the audience went wild. More later. Joanie G

    1. They are well worth paying the extra money. At first I was shocked by the price but afterwards I realized they were worth every dime. I look forward to your post.

  4. personal note on the State Theater – I used to live in Minneapolis a long time ago and in those days the State was a movie theater. then it closed and later still it was almost torn down. Too many of these grand old theaters get torn down. I am very happy that the State and the Orpheum across the street have been saved and restored. (Il Volo was in the Orpheum when they first came to the twin cities). Beautiful place Great concert.

    1. Thanks, Myron. I know what you mean about grand theaters being torn down. Where I used to live in New York, we had the RKO KeithsTheater. Grand it was. Built in 1928, every artist known walked through its halls and stages. It then turned into a movie theater and went through several renovations over the years. It was set to be demolished but then halted. Unfortunately, it now sits empty in its half-demolished state. Hearbreaking!

  5. Yes, Myron, I attended their first concert in Mpls, at the Orpheum. Elegant, stately theaters…so fitting for the type of music Il Volo provides.

    1. I hope the guy’s don’t have to cancel concert tonight in Las Vegas. As some of you know there was a shooting on the strip this morning, and they closed down the strip. The Monte Carlo is on the strip, and I was just told that they still have barricades up in front of the hotel. They have opened up the north bound lane, but the southbound lane is still closed. It just makes it harder for people to get to the venue.Let’s hope the show will still go on. I bet the guy’s were nervous, they probably thought they were in the wild Wild West. They would’nt have been able to leave the hotel.

  6. Thank you, Leelee, for the article. I loved reading all the different comments and the pictures are great!

  7. Beautiful interviews and even beautiful photos.
    We all know that the concerts are going very well and the guys are stunning, but read the comments so compelling and full of emotions fills us with pride.

  8. I know this post was almost 3 years ago but I was in the front for this beautiful concert. It was so much fun and their voices were just mesmerizing! It was the running joke with the ladies by me that Piero kept looking my way! After he was done with his solo, No Puede Ser, I managed to yell out “De nada mi amor!” (You are welcome my love!) and his laughter after it made my night. I am super blessed that I’ll be able to go see them this upcoming February in Atlanta, it will be the best birthday for sure <3

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