Il Volo Professional ~~ NEW ALBUM!! and Other News



“The last surprise for fans was the news, escaped during the radio interview with RTL 102.5, that after the tour The flight will begin to prepare an album of unreleased songs so you just have to enjoy this tour and wait.”

As if the North American Tour approaching is not exciting enough, we have something else to look forward to.  The most exciting part is that this is UNRELEASED songs, meaning new and never heard before.  Could this be songs they have written themselves?  Could this be songs written for them?  Either way, I’m feeling Grammy in the near future!  What do you think?







Radio City Music Hall says:

“Get ready! Just a couple more weeks until Il Volo head to Radio City for one unforgettable night!

Will you be there?!”



But first up is Easton, PA on March 2nd at the State Theatre!





37 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ NEW ALBUM!! and Other News”

  1. I agree Marie. Fortunately for all their fans they never stop working. Always coming up with something new. New release should be really exciting>!!

  2. I hate to be a party pooper, but maybe unreleased just means songs they haven’t recorded before. I love the ones they sang on the radio and can’t get A mano a mano out of my head (why would I want to?). My sister said she found somewhere that they said something about an album of solos. Did anyone else see that?

    1. I haven’t seen anything like that , but it would be interesting, a 3 CD album of solos. Piero would go towards opera, Gianluca towards Sinatra/Perry Como style and Ignazio very mixed with modern/show tunes and possibly self composed items
      Just my thoughts..

    2. Penina, “unreleased” means songs that have not been released by anyone before. The songs that they have been singing are called “cover songs” – released and sung by other artists. However, being the radio show was translated, it is possible that it is a misunderstanding, but I don’t think so, at least I hope not. I would love to hear new material. We’ll soon find out.

      Have not heard anything about an album of solos. Personally, I hope not. I don’t mind hearing them sing some solos, but still want to hear Il Volo sing together.

      1. That’s more or less what I thought. Or that it meant ones they never recorded before.

      2. Thanks, Marie. Now you have me second guessing myself. Maybe you and Penina are right. I know it means never published before, but does that mean new material or does it mean that there are songs recorded but not published? Now for sure I can’t wait to find out. The one thing I know for sure, it will be fabulous either way and every way!!

      3. Glad to have that clarified! I knew what a cover song was but I thought perhaps they just meant songs THEY haven’t sung before.

  3. Lee Lee, is really a good news that the guys are working for an unreleased CD. I hope there is also room for a couple of songs that Ignazio loves composing.
    But I think there will still be some covers, but I hope they come near to the pop world, like Somebody to Love.
    They are all beautiful.
    However we have unprecedented means that it has never been published before by anyone.

    1. Thank you Lee Lee for this fantastic news. I truly only listen to Il Volo going and coming home from work. Their music is so beautiful and soothing; it makes my commute a calming experience! Just thinking of a new album and wondering what songs they will record is beyond exciting. They sing each and I do mean each of their songs in their own inimitable way. I am counting the days until their March 4th concert (my first meet & greet heart be still!) and now to hear of a new album that will be in the works after their tour, well it just doesn’t get better than that.

  4. Anything Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca sing,sounds wonderful!! I would love to hear ” Et queda tant per viure” (Without You) which is so beautiful. I don’t know why I am still amazed when I hear them just start singing a song and it sounds like they have been singing and practicing it for a long time. They were absolutely fantastic doing everything on the House Party show!
    There are still tickets available for their show in Easton, Pennsylvania on March 2nd. This is a beautiful theatre and a great venue to see them.

    1. Nicholle, we only used “North America” because that is what Il Volo was calling it. Maybe they were planning to come to Canada but plans fell through. Even in the U.S., they are not performing as many dates as they usually do.

      I feel bad for our Canadian friends, but there is also no talk of Latin America and that is hard to believe. I’m hoping more dates may still pop up for Canada and Latin America. Don’t give up hope yet!

      P.S. I will be updating the calendar on the right to read what Il Volo is now calling the World Tour 2017.

  5. HI, Leelee, Thanks for this news and really like your pretty post. ( Happy seeing your lovely Hydrangeas again.) Having trouble again with computer; 4th attempt now! 🙁

  6. When you can’t wait for the doors to open at Radio City on March 4th, you know we’ve reached the height of excitement. Looking forward to a new album is always exciting, they have an impeccable taste in music and delivery But first is this much anticipated concert . They will raise the roof in the Music Hall. If Ignazio sings his “Tonight ” he’ll bring down the house. Can’t wait!

  7. Wendy, for all their concerts comfort seems to prevail. You will see everything from jeans to evening gowns. Also, some of the shortest skirts in the country. Black pants or skirt and a nice top with dress shoes, plus that jewelry you never get a chance to wear, works for me.
    And, of course, your Flight Crew Badge. Have a blast whatever you wear.

    (Can’t believe I’m giving fashion advice.)

    1. Haha.thanks you huni.had a jump suit but looked more like I was going too asda than the opera iv just ordered a long black nice too dress up for a change..I do hope I meet up with some off the wonderful people off this site.who are there on the 19th

      1. Wendy, look at that on May 19 we are many and we must absolutely meet. I wait for you in Verona, will be beautiful, you get Marie to come.
        By the way, I definitely will wear pants and tops.

      2. Fantastic look forward too meeting up..😊😊😊 and if my dress looks yak.then it will be trousers for me too huni. .xx

      3. Wendy, that place you in Arena? I’m in the seats in the third row to the left looking at the stage.

      4. Even if we were on the last link it would be beautiful all the same. We will get in touch with the whole group to determine where to meet. See you soon.

      5. I agree I’m just so excited.see you all soon you lovely people.good night.God bless.xx

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