Calling all Ilvolovers!  We have one (1) 2nd row with meet/greet ticket for sale for the Detroit concert on Thursday, March 16.

Retail price is $450.  Willing to sell for $400.  If you live in the area, we can also include transportation to and from the Fox – we are reserving a Ford Transit, with door to door, service.

Marie is attending this concert, along with myself and many others.  You can sit almost right behind Marie – she promises not to block your view of Ignazio!  🙂

Please pass this info on to anyone you think may be interested and post where applicable.

If interested, please contact me directly at ASAP.

Grazie, mille, mille!!


26 thoughts on “ONE TX FOR DETROIT CONCERT MAR 16!”

  1. I promise nothing of the kind. Plus…I will try to run you down if you get between HE and I.

    I’m sorry. Really I’m a nice person. I just can’t help myself. I need therapy.

    1. I think that it would be better to sit behind Marie, instead of in front of her. If I was sitting in front of her and would dare to look in Iggy’s direction, I would probably get her eyes piercing through the back of my head, or even worse, a slap on the back of the head lol 😧

      1. Since I have a front row seat that probably won’t happen. I can’t even imagine anyone brave enough to stand in front of me. I pity the fool.

  2. Sounds like a dream offer, but no can get to Detroit! Before I even read her comment, I was going to say in regard to Marie….don’t believe her, she is like a lioness protecting her cub (you know who)! But then who could blame her?? Hope you get a taker on this offer…will be there in spirit! You lucky gals have a blast! <3 <3 <3 from Texas……..


  4. Jana and Marie, I would SO SO SO much love to be in Detroit with you, but will have to limit myself to the Mpls concert. Love from t he Minnesota “girls.”

    1. This is the first year in quite a few that we won’t be together at a concert. While it saddens me, I’m happy we are still able to attend concerts! See you all next year or maybe at a special dinner this summer or I could just show up at one of your fun Il Volo Parties.

      1. I wish so much I could take you up on this I’m sad and so sick that I can’t go this year. Last year was my first time and thanks to a very dear friend saw them in Atlantic City and 10days later in Hershey, PA. Im hooked!!!! But due to financial constraints and have to stay home to care for grandmother, mom and 14 furbabies. Mom was well enough last year that i was able to put everyone’s meds together and she could give the dog his but she didn’t quite make it with the cats. I left as soon as we checked out to get home to Coastal southern DE and give cats their meds. I’m the only driver for mom and nanny. But I look at it this way, God (and my friend Rita) blessed me twice last year which I wasn’t expecting, this year I have Notte Magica DVD and all the other DVD and the wonderful videos I know will be coming through. I’m saving every little penny so I can go next year AND do M&G and any other events Il Volovers may be having at that venue! I was able to make it financially last year because my dear sister lost her battle with metastatic breast cancer who left me some money and was able to do first one and my dear friend paid for second. We have agreed adding M&G next year. For everyone that is going take great pics/videos (like I had to ask) but most of all have a blessed time!! I’m so blessed to have The Flight Crew as part of my “famiglia “. I really see us all as family and will be praying really hard that things work out next year and also that I may get to meet some of you. It’s absolutely amazing how 3, young, extremely talented (and yes, handsome too) have brought people together from all over the world and every age. This is truly the “magica ” of Il Volo. I’m 50 years old and I remember sitting but the mailbox for your long awaited fan packet with a copy of an autographed pic and a few other memorabilia. Now I’m sitting here planning NEXT year already with a chance to meet them. Back in the day this was only for a select few. Now with social media we can actually be a part of the journey from their point of view. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! And our guys are so gracious to send pics and videos not just of concerts and backstage, but also a glimpse into their private lives. This is THE magic of Il Volo. Well, it’s 3:30am and I’m totally awake….. what to do, what to do??? AH, I’ll pop in a Il Volo DVD and dream of next year. Buona Notte mia famiglia!!

      2. Hello Decatmomma, sweet words that you wrote, unfortunately this year will not get to see them in concert, but surely we will publish so many articles and videos that every day you will find a piece of the concert.
        The next year be able to go and also make a nice meet & greet.
        I wanted to ask if you also have a profile on facebook.
        A big, big hug.

      3. I’m so looking forward to pictures and and videos!!! I was so blessed to have be able to see them twice last year. My friend Rita is the best!! She is from Sicily and when I put the first cd in the care when she came to see me after my sister passed I asked he what some of the songs meant and she filled up. When Mamma came on she said she could hear and see her mom singing as she was working in the house. My family is from Abruzzi. My dad has sent me a painting of the coat of arms that my great- grandfather painted. My cousin sent me the history of our family and our ancestors go back to Prince Colonna. Learning all about my heritage is so cool. I never really thought about it before but Il Volo’s love and passion for Italy and the beautiful culture of her people ignited a desire in me to learn more. My great-grandparents are from Italy. They would speak Italian when they didn’t want us to understand. Well, gotta run I saw 3 babies today and I have all of their paperwork to do plus I see 2 more tomorrow with one being an admission which the visit alone is 2hrs. Plus having fibromyalgia insomnia and I’m up all night til about 5 or 6. It’s now almost 3a here. Getting tired so going to try to grab some sleep. I do have a FB profile. It’s
        Denise Spinelli-Mattern

        Buona Notte

  5. My, we had some lovely and lively comments on here!

    I will respond to you tomorrow. Have a great Friday!


    P.s. now have 2 TX to sell!! 😭

  6. To Dee/Denise – wow, what lovely sharing! I’m sorry you are not well enough to attend a concert, but I thought I saw on Marie’s “who’s going where” that your name was on the list for one of the concerts? 14 kitties? Wow, that is a lot. I recently lost my little (fat cat) Kamina to liver cancer last Friday. She was the sweetest cat. Not the most social, but the most endearing to me. I still have my little Mari left though. I did not think she would miss her, as they did not get along, but she howled for 3 or 4 mornings in a row until she realized she was not coming back. Then she seemed really sad the one day. The following day, she was getting back to normal and I think she realizes now, she’s back to being the Queen Kitty again! I have a friend who also has fibro, so I know it can be very painful. Never heard of insomnia fibro though? Hope the boys are able to put you to sleep with pleasant dreams.

    Yes, I think it is amazing that many people that are of Italian descent, may not have cared so much until the guys came along. I did the DNA thing and it said I could be 2% Italian. I was so thrilled beyond belief! As the majority of my heritage is much farther north, like Holland, with a little German, and Irish thrown in.

    Hope you are feeling better and getting some rest!

    Ciao! jana

    1. Hi Jana! I was really hoping to attend that one but not gonna happen. Thank you for your good wishes. Il Volo brings such peace to me. I’m happily 1/2 Italian. My father’s grandparents are from Abruzzi. My father said if he wanted he could go to Italy and be granted citizenship because he is 2nd generation in America. He said we are descendants of Prince Colonna. He has sent me pic of our Coat of Arms and a copy of a book about our family is being located.
      Hope you get to see our guys!!! I will have to be patient til next year…. but I promised myself if I had to wait I was doing meet and greet too!!

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