20 thoughts on “Cool Friday Flashback”

  1. Marie, what precious videos! I love the gentle way Ignazio handles that baby….so sweet. They are so dear. March 20 can’t come soon enough. Can’t you come to Mpls?

  2. Thanks Marie. The first video sure brought smiles. Love seeing them so happy and no one laughs like Piero! Just seeing him doubled over laughing makes me start laughing. Their version of “Et queda tant per viure” is so beautiful! I hope that they will include this in their next album.

    1. Makes me smile if only because, here is this American woman being excited listening to three Italian guys sing in Spanish. It’s either love or insanity. I’m ok with it either way though.

  3. They certainly enjoy life, and give us so much enjoyment along the way.I also love the way Ignazio handles the baby so tenderly, and lovingly. Adorable !!!

  4. Et Queda Tant Per Vuire, is also one of my favourite song’s. Thank’s Marie, I shall be playing this all day!
    In the other video I enjoyed seeing them dance to Bruno Mars “24 Karat Magic In The Air”. Another great song .😊

  5. I am sure all of us are wishing Il Volo a safe trip and a wonderful upcoming tour. How fortunate are we all that many of us will again see them in concert. Unfortunately I will not be attending their concert here in Chicago because I will be out of town, but I was there a year ago when they were in Chicago and the memory of that concert will forever be in my heart. I found this poem written by Grenville Kleiser and it is so appropriate for what our young men have given to us, in so many ways, and I would like to share it with all of you.

    If I can do some good today, If I can serve along life’s way, If I can something helpful say, Lord show me how!
    If I can right a human wrong, If I can help to make one strong, If I can cheer with smile or song, Lord show me how!
    If I can aid one in distress, If I can make a burden less, If I can spread more happiness, Lord show me how!

    Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend!

  6. I finally got to connect to our beautiful page from us is almost midnight, it was a long and very working day and now I see these two videos, how wonderful, the first caused a beautiful smile from start to finish.
    The second, that is, this song is beautiful, I hope to hear her still live and even in some of their CDs.
    Thank you for having done so well to end this Friday.
    Kisses to everyone.

    1. Daniela, that “beautiful smile from start to finish” as you say – that ‘s exactly my feel – thus the pic of the big smiley with that contented smile. (and i guess Jill too.)

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