Düsseldorf–1st Row!!! ~ Astrid Scheck

Welcome New Crew member, Astrid.  We’re happy you’re here!

Hi, I’m new and an il volo fan from the beginning. I save every new song, interview, etc. and have all CD’s and DVD’s! As all of us, I watched them grow up these past years and get better with each performance, still staying humble and natural. It’s heart-warming to read of all the support these boys have and how their voices touch everyone that ever hears them. It’s so refreshing to see the interactions in their concerts-none is like the other! I can not understand how anyone would think about harming these boys, that just share their dream by singing for us. They’re sharing their private lives with the world, flying through the whole of it, every day in another city, hotel, bed. They seem to be soaking up cultures and languages like a sponge. Their perfectionism is surely so much work, but we notice, see and hear these changes. They have learned so much these last years and now they are handsome young men growing always stronger. I dread the day, when one of them decides it would be enough (please DON’T)! What a huge team they have gathered around them, now, supporting them in all encounters. You have all done a very, very, very good job leading the boys to this stage-especially Barbara Vitali, who surely often took Mom’s place-especially in the beginning! Oh, how often would I have loved to take her place, as many of us, but her private live is ‘il volo’ how could it be otherwise. So, they are one big family and it warms my heart, when I see the boys, tolling their respect to them in their performances.

Last fall, I decided to do me some good and visit a concert, so I bought a ticket for Verona, May 19th! Past Saturday, I got a mail-il volo comes to Germany!!! Bam, that’s unbelievable and I got a ticket for Düsseldorf–1st Row!!! Sooo excited. Can’t wait to meet them all and hope, even if it’s GERMANY, the boys will be comfortable here and just be their sweet selves. I’ll be so thrilled to see ’em live and dream of their adventurous life one evening long.

If I could, I’d go to the concert in Verona anyway, but it take some organization getting off for one concert, two is impossible. I have someone depending on me at home. Il Volo-love you forever!!!


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  1. Astrid, I know I sometimes go overboard when writing about our lovely boys, but I have to say that seeing them in concert for the first time is a special moment in life that you will never forget.

    It is so nice to see you here! Since the Flight Crew began, Germany has been among our top ten reader groups. It’s nice to finally hear from your part of the world. Heck, you are almost the boys next door neighbor!

    Enjoy that concert, Astrid… And all these welcomes from your new Flight Crew Family.

  2. Hi Astrid: Like you and many others , I have followed Il Volo from their earlier days. Not that long ago, I began to comment on this site. It is like a big family! I am going to the Miami concert and I hope to meet for the first time some Il Volo followers from this site. Enjoy your upcoming concert and welcome !

  3. Astrid Hello, welcome to the group, I read that you too have felt the need for all of us to inform you of all that has been written and all the videos of our talented boys. I write to you from Italy but do not believe that this is advantaged, I only saw one of them two concerts in Firenze, NOTTE MAGICA, wonderful. Look the same to come to Verona, many of Crew members will be and certainly we will meet for a greeting.
    Naturally we expect all your updates and your impressions about the concert and the boys.

  4. Welcome, Astrid! A wonderful post. We all feel as you do & have much love for these precious young men!!! Your first Concert will be the best nite of your life!!! Happy that you will see them in your homeland. ENJOY!!!

  5. Welcome, Astrid, the Flight Crew, and il volo Land! Your story is our story! They are unbelievable! Be prepared to lose your heart and mind when you see and hear them in PERSON! I’ve only been to one concert, but I’m truly smitten! Just so you’ll know…I’m 85 years old and love seen and heard a lot of singers, but these guys are the best….in everyway! Enjoy your concert! <3 <3 <3 from Texas, USA!

  6. My heart is already beating faster thinking about the concert in L.A. that I will be attending. I will have 4 friends with me who have never been to a concert . I think they will be blown away. Joanie G

    1. I am going to the concert in LA with my daughter who has never seen them perform live. I am beside myself with excitement!!

      1. It seems Manila, that the Maestro himself will be with them in LA. Be prepared for the time of your life!!

  7. Hello and welcome to the Flight Crew, Astrid. I, too, have followed these young men since they first began their wonderful career. They mean so much to me that they feel like family. And I love them like family. I am eagerly awaiting their concert in Minneapolis. At my first concert I think I barely breathed, not wanting to miss a single moment. Enjoy your first concert, I know you will be enthralled by Piero, Gianluca, ;and Ignazio just as I was.

  8. Hello Astrid from Oklahoma USA, how refreshing it was to read
    your thoughts. I know you will be thrilled to be at a live concert
    at Dusselldorf, your home country. Their talent, enthusiasm,
    love and passion for their music flows from their heart to yours
    seemingly without effort on their part. It just flows so easily.
    Do write again your thoughts after attending the concert. I hope
    you get to do a meet/greet. I enjoyed reading your words of
    being a fan from their beginning as that is what a Flight Crew
    member consists of. These young men are awesome,
    passionate singers and this comes through their voices no
    matter what language they are singing. What love they have
    for passing their music along to their fans. June 15, 2017
    will be an indelible date in following Il Volo. You will always
    remember your first Il Volo concert.

  9. Hello Astrid, I am very thrilled for you seeing your first IL Volo concert! It will be just magical and you will wish it wouldn’t end. The Flight Crew is wonderful and keep us up on many events and news of the boys. Happy you are here…enjoy it all Astrid. Look forward to your news. ♥☺

  10. Hi Astrid, welcome to the Flight Crew. We are all enamored with the boys as they lighten our days and give us all so much pleasure. The Flight Crew group is growing fast and we all love to read each others comments and experiences. So again welcome, and enjoy your first concert. Hopefully there will be many more to come.

  11. Hello Astrid and welcome! It’s always lovely to hear people’s stories, how long they have been following Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca and how much joy and happiness they bring. You are sure to love seeing them in concert.

  12. Hi Astrid,welcomes you among us,I am your neighbor of Czech Republic.It is very nice to know someone from the neighborhood who likes Il Volo as I do.June when you watch beautiful concert in Dusseldorf,I will enjoy visiting my German friends that come to us every year and our friendship insist since childhood.
    I look forward to your stories about experiences from the concerts.Heartfelt greetings from Zdena.

  13. Hello Marie!

    I actually did read my welcome post at the first in the morning and I want to thank all of you for the warm welcome!!!

    I don’t always get the opportunity to respond right away-I always check my mails between chores, but I assure you, I soak up everything about il volo and their progress in life. How many of us would love to live that way at the first sight, but as they say, ‘the grass is always greener…’ Still, who wouldn’t want to go on tour for a few months just to see what it’s like, right?! The funny thing about il volo is, we all have this dream in one way or the other, but how many of us aren’t teenies or twens anymore, like me… It’s so crazy, how we all are joined through this amazing new way to bring music into our life and I am so excited to be able to be a part of this all. All ages love il volo-they really are unique!!!

    Have a happy Sunday, you all, and if it gets rough-sign in on your favorite il volo song!

    Astrid [🎶] [🌄]

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    mariecrider posted: “Welcome New Crew member, Astrid. We’re happy you’re here! Hi, I’m new and an il volo fan from the beginning. I save every new song, interview, etc. and have all CD’s and DVD’s! As all of us, I watched them grow up these past years and get better with ea”

  14. So, now I’m realizing slowly that this concert in Düsseldorf is mine! I am all excited about selling my ticket for the concert in Verona. It went to Montevideo…can you imagine that!!! I’m sad not to have the possibility to go to Verona this time, but I am so happy that another ilvoloer in Montevideo has this Chance, now!!! Just imagine, there’s someone coming from so far away to hear These brilliant young men life. I just can think me in those shoes…
    Something that would interest me personally, is there any German ilvoloer out there?
    Thank you all again for your warm welcome. I love reading all the Posts about our boys and was tickled pink about Piero’s interview on the Radio. Have a good week and Weekend whereever and if you got snow–please Keep it!!!

  15. Welcome to la famiglia Astrid!!! I have also followed them from beginning. I saw them for the first time last year and was blessed to see them twice in 10days. You will be truly amazed!!!

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