Il Volo Off Stage: Spending Time with Il Volo


This week on Off Stage...

“[Il Volo] visited the Lardini tailoring, which is based in Filottrano, a town in the Marche region. It ‘a tailoring brand that is exported around the world. The boys spent a pleasant day deciding combinations and fabrics, ate at the table
of the house and chose the clothes they will wear in the next tour.”  ~~ Daniela


I can’t think of a more enjoyable afternoon then discussing clothing patterns with The Guys.


Unless you’re celebrating your birthday with them…


Or having dinner with them and their boss…







Or making pizza with Ignazio…

Ignazio Boschetto Il Volo Grande Amore Facebook Video

~~ Lily Lily




Or listening to lullabys by him…music-girl-clipart

Ignazio Boschetto Il Volo Grande Amore Facebook Group Video

~~ Lily Lily


Or accompanying Piero to Piero Barone House Teca…looks like a visit from their patron is a big deal!


~~ Kelly <3

14 thoughts on “Il Volo Off Stage: Spending Time with Il Volo”

  1. Can’t wait to see what their new duds will look like! The countdown has begun! So nice to know they are back on American soil! Thanks for the nice post.

    1. Marie, now that you have let your address “out of the bag” better get up in case the door bell rings !!! LOL

      1. Let me tell you how fast I can get off the floor if it’s him at my door. I was telling Jane that there is only a 46 year difference in his and my ages. That gap seems very close today.

    2. Marie, were the kisses on Facebook?
      I’m not on Facebook, so can you explain what you saw?
      Then after you explain it, you can pull yourself back up off the floor again!

      1. Marie does not answer you because:
        1 = she does not want you to see the Ignazio kisses
        2 = she has not yet managed to get up from the floor
        ……… Jill, you must be very patient.

  2. Marie, Age is just a number. Look at me. I am goofy over Piero and I am 88 this month. Ha Ha.Joanie G

    1. Wow Joan, Piero beautiful in his photo looks like you want to give to you a beautiful bouquet of flowers, perhaps means BIRTHDAY JOAN.

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