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BOIN ~ It’s all about the Taste! by Susan

So, what’s been going on this week?  We started the week with an old friend, Miss Daisy! She was out there promoting Women’s Day! And what a good job she did!
black and white daisy
Dressed in very tasteful black and white business suit and sporting that beautiful black petal necklace, she stood proudly in honor of women all over the world. Thank you, Miss Daisy!
Well, what do you know, the little Panda returned to share a post with Pizza!  Oh my! Are you still asleep in the sushi! You got to get up sometime! Perhaps to eat some Pizza!

Food, glorious food! Pizza, Sushi and Bacon and Eggs!
And the question from the guys, “What do you prefer? Pizza or Sushi!” You know how that turned out. Always pizza!

I think the idea was to guess who would eat what! But that’s a no-brainer! Choosing between pizza and sushi, no choice necessary! That works for Fabio and Ignazio (provided the sushi is vegan).
The bacon and eggs is another story!

Shape of a skull - two fried eggs for eyes and two pieces of bacon in and X for the mouth

Fabio are you missing the United States? Don’t worry you’ll be back soon!
Or was the skeleton Ignazio’s way of saying Taboo! We know Ignazio wouldn’t go near the bacon and eggs!  Regardless, in the end, the Pizza won out!
So, let’s change tracks for a moment! Did you see that cute little fish in the light bulb? Could he be a relative of Nemo?
In the black and white picture, I said, “Home is where the heart is so FOLLOW @boincollection” And, what do you know, this little guy arrived at BOIN just in time to hear Ignazio’s voice in the distance singing the theme from Màkari.

Black and while illustration of a light bulb with a fish inside

Suddenly, everything lit up and he found himself in the middle of a, beautiful, aqua sea. So, he followed the voice until he came to Màkari. And what do you know, there he was, Ignazio strumming his guitar and singing his beautiful song! At last, the little fishy was home!Color illustration of light bulb with an orange fish insideIf you missed Ignazio singing, tune in, Monday, March 15th on Rai1 21.25 (Italy) to see the premier of Màkari and of course to here our guys sing the beautiful theme song, “Màkari,” which was written by Ignazio.
If you don’t have Italian cable, don’t worry, look for me on Tuesday, I’ll be back with this beautiful song!
So, the BOIN posts are going on nearly two months now, and finally, they stumped me!

Color illustration of three ghosts - red, aqua and lavender

I have to admit guys, I looked at the three little ghosts and, NOTHING!
It takes a lot to leave me speechless but bravo, Fabio and Ignazio, you did it!
Are those little ghosts, BOIN Crew or just some friends who dropped by? We have to wait to see where this goes.
So, we close out the week with a little Angel Fish and a Devil Fish. It seems the Devil Fish shocked the Angel Fish! My question was “Look at you, you cute little Angel! What did that Devil say to you?”

Color illustration of an angel fish and devil fish

So, I close the week with the question, “What do you think the little Devil said to the little Angel?
Enjoy your weekend! I’ll be back on Tuesday with the Màkari theme!
Till Tuesday, FOLLOW @boincollection


Credit to owner of all illustrations.


Il Volo Off Stage: Spending Time with Il Volo


This week on Off Stage...

“[Il Volo] visited the Lardini tailoring, which is based in Filottrano, a town in the Marche region. It ‘a tailoring brand that is exported around the world. The boys spent a pleasant day deciding combinations and fabrics, ate at the table
of the house and chose the clothes they will wear in the next tour.”  ~~ Daniela


I can’t think of a more enjoyable afternoon then discussing clothing patterns with The Guys.


Unless you’re celebrating your birthday with them…


Or having dinner with them and their boss…







Or making pizza with Ignazio…

Ignazio Boschetto Il Volo Grande Amore Facebook Video

~~ Lily Lily




Or listening to lullabys by him…music-girl-clipart

Ignazio Boschetto Il Volo Grande Amore Facebook Group Video

~~ Lily Lily


Or accompanying Piero to Piero Barone House Teca…looks like a visit from their patron is a big deal!


~~ Kelly <3

Easter Pizza? Sure, We’re all Italians Here! ~ By Leelee

Hi everyone!

You must see this video. Chef Pasquale is too cute for words. Pizza Rustica is an Italian tradition at Easter time.

My Mom always made it with pepperoni and hard boiled egg, but there are so many variations and you can put in it what you like (as like Chef Pasquale). As Mom got older, it was too much for her and time consuming to make the dough, so the store-bought dough works just as well.

Here is a blurb I found on recipes.wikia.com: “Unlike the flatter surfaced pizza commonly made in homes and restaurants, Pizza Rustica resembles a pie that is filled with cheeses and meats, which may include ricotta, mozzarella, provolone, and Romano cheese combined with meats such as sausage, salami, and prosciutto, or perhaps mortadella and soppressata instead of the sausage and salami. The ingredients are then baked within a pie dough crust and covering. The dough may be either pastry dough without sugar or yeast dough, both of which encase a savory filling of meats and cheeses.”

Happy Easter to everyone. For those of you who do not celebrate Easter, I wish you all a Happy April.