Do they know what a positive profound impact their young lives have had on so many?

Do they know how they captured the hearts of Americans way back at their FIRST PBS SPECIAL in the Detroit Opera House?
Do theyDo they know their fans go speechless when in their presence?

Do they know they are loved like family members to so many?

Do they know devoted fans go to the Flight Crew site, Facebook, Youtube…anywhere on the web just to see what they have been up to in the last 24 hours?

Do they know how watching them interact with young and old teaches many how genuine love and respect are shown?
do they 5Do they know they are wise beyond their years?

Do they know their music helps heal the broken hearted?

Do they know they are genuine role models for the young in this world?
do they 4Do they know we watch with awe and admiration when they are on stage sharing their passion for their music with us?

Do they know their love and devotion to their parents and families is a testimonial to who they truly are?
do they 8Do they know how much we appreciate them giving so much of themselves to their fans…
Always willing to give an autograph or pose for a selfie and never making anyone feel like they are asking too much of them?

Do they know just when we feel our hearts will burst with love for them, we find more and more to love about them?

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca…I hope you know…for you are extraordinary young men with extraordinary talent…
Yet you carry yourselves as casual, sincere and comfortable as the day is long.

You truly are…LOVE.


30 thoughts on “DO THEY KNOW? ~ By Jane”

    1. This was beautiful and very touching, Jane. Your words were so true to our feelings about these dear young men. Beautifully put together, grazie, Jane! Marie, says they know, and I believe you, Marie. Love, Harriett β™₯

  1. Jane, you expressed every thought & feeling that IlVolovers have!!! This is so beautiful!!! Thank you so much!!! Agree, if Marie says they know, they do know!!!

  2. Beautifu Jane !! You hit the nail on the head !! I truly hope they know how amazing they are and how much they are admired and loved by all their fans young and old. Gianluca,Ignazio and Piero bring so much love to this chaotic world we live in today. πŸŽΆπŸ’•πŸŽΆπŸ’•πŸŽΆπŸ’•

  3. Jane, you said it all! I’m truly smitten! If I ever got to talk to them, I’m afraid this 84 yr. old woman would make a complete fool of myself! And, Marie, if you don’t know something, call me! Love you guys & gals of the crew!!

  4. Well said Jane. We sisters and brother all feel like you do. God bless our boys. Joanie G

  5. Jane,
    you said it very truly and very beautiful ! πŸ™‚ You made a beautiful summary of feelings all fans- Il Volo <3 . I believe also that they know how their fans love them and appreciate their hard work. πŸ™‚ And I think first PBS Special in the Detroit Opera House was really fantastic concert, I love Cd Il Volo Takes Flight Live from the Detroit Opera House and also videos from it. πŸ™‚

  6. Excellent as always Marie. I think they do know…but the crucial question then becomes DO THEY BELIEVE IT? Its a jump between “knowing” and “believing” . I think we have all been told something about ourselves, or what we mean to other people or our affect of our actions or words on another person but I can tell you I do not always believe what I am told…even when the person before me is telling me something like this. I could go on but I am going to let it go and just enjoy our guys for a bit today. Thanks Marie!

  7. Trust is hard to win and easy to lose,it should be handled with great care and is the cornerstone of any good relationship. Can we believe someone in our life ? We trust our parents, families.My mother says that person has one hundred percent trust only himself. πŸ™‚ Beliefs are important because behavior is important and your behavior depends on your beliefs. What is Belief? What does it mean to say “I believe” something is true? Each believe in something else. The truth is relative, each person has his own truth and who is right? πŸ™‚ Sometimes it’s hard to trust people ,who we do not know well , whether they are honest, but sometimes our friends also can deceive us…We learn to be wary of strangers, but we also need to trust others, because without them , you can not create quality relationships, and to gain new friends or meet your partner for life…..We have beliefs about many things. These may be ‘black and white’ polarities. They may also range along a spectrum between the two ends. A particularly critical area in which we hold beliefs is about other people. What I believe about people will drive how I behave towards them. We can have two views of people :
    1.I can believe that people are basically good and kind and have a natural tendency to help others. People who believe this way are likely to be trusting and trustworthy. They may also be naive and open to unprincipled persuasion.
    2.I can believe that we are all basically selfish, and all actions are self-motivated. People who see the world in this Machiavellian way will not trust others and will manipulate the world for their own ends. They may even interpret prosocial, helpful actions as for the purpose of making me feel good.
    I think the best is to find a middle path between these two views of the people,not to be naive and not to be too negative. . πŸ™‚ It is one of difficult tasks in our lives to find the right balance in faith in others. I believe that everyone will find the right path. πŸ™‚ Always I believe in what I say and if anyone puts his trust in me, so I try not to disappoint him. I very appreciate when anyone believes me and in me. πŸ™‚ If I someone in my life disappointed , I’m so sorry for that , but I never hurt anyone, although maybe sometimes I was too honest and critical, but always in good faith,because I did not want to lie to my friends and wanted to help them. When I say something or write, I believe in it , and I stand by my views, honesty is for me one of the most important features ! It’s upon Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca,whether they will believe in their fans and their words of praise….I want to believe that everyone is honest as me or you from this website ! πŸ™‚ Honest and good people still exist, but you need to know to recognize them, let yourself lead by intuition and heart…..At the heart is hiding the correct compass of your life. πŸ™‚

    1. Lydka, Although I am not certain that “everyone will find the right path”, what you wrote is true and profound. I believe people are inherently honest. Rarely, I’m proven wrong.

      1. Lifelong task of person is to search yourself and to find your true self, be able to express feelings, wishes, to know what we want and what not, distinguish important things from waste …. we come to the world to constantly learn about each other and the world. πŸ™‚

    2. I loved reading this wonderful, insightful, post. It made my day when I really needed it. Thank you.

      1. Very much thank you for your words, highly appreciate it and and I’m also pleased. πŸ™‚

  8. Jane. This was absolutely beautifully written. Thank you so much for your feelings. One of the things that impresses me about “them” is like you said…the way they treat people of all ages. Thanks again.

  9. Oh Jane, everyone of those beautiful written sentences reflect my feelings too! I believe that their parents accumulate special info, like these special messages, for them to read when they are home, because I am sure these guys need to be reassured all the time.
    I also agree that the Il Volo Takes Flight DVD is very special and is the only DVD that ever became available in South Africa and is still on the shelves in the big music stores all around this country.

  10. Jane, thank you for your precious words about our guys……
    From the beginning of their singing careers they have given
    so generously of their music, their love, their respect for
    all ages and themselves to their fans…… In return we
    show them our love in return…….God has truly blessed
    these awesome, lovely young men.

  11. Thank you all for your kind words. I know all who come into this wonderful site have been touched in their own lives by these amazing young men. I am so grateful to them for being who they are…and for bringing all of US together!! I love the fact we all have these same exceptional feelings for IL VOLO!

  12. This was so beautiful and so true and really touches so many feelings that many of us have for Il Volo. I am so grateful that I saw their first PBS special from Detroit and was immediately taken with their beautiful voices and what they said and felt during the fundraising parts. They are wise beyond their years and the more you follow them and see and hear them, you just love them more. The chances of 3 extremely talented boys getting together on the same show and also having such kind and loving hearts and souls amazes me. They treat everyone with respect regardless of age and are so incredibly generous with their time and talent. Their families have raised them to be wonderful young men. God bless them always!

  13. Dear Jane it is so beautiful how you expressed your feelings for the guys so much passion in your words you know I don’t think they really understand how they have affected our lives but I think if they ever really get to slow down a little and really think things through they will then begin to realize how profoundly they have impacted so many lives. I just know I love them so much for the wonderful young men they are. IL Volo are truly truly speical.

  14. Jane, This was so beautifully stated and the perfect description of what defines an “ILvolover”! They are unique and blessings in everyone’s lives they touch. I believe they are very much aware of the many stories through reading comments on twitter, FB, blogs, direct contact with individuals, etc. They have mentioned some remarks in interviews and it humbles them and makes them feel so loved and appreciated.

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