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Sinatra often performed to packed houses at Fontainebleau Miami Beach‘s La Ronde nightclub, vacationed at the hotel and even filmed some beloved movies there. Yesterday, they announced that the hotel will celebrate the legacy of the legendary singer and his upcoming centennial birthday with 100 days of unique programming, starting September 2nd!
a ann 2 thisThis is where I met Sinatra when he was making a movie!!!!” ~ANN
What?  You met Sinatra?  You must tell more! ~Marie

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The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF)

Did you know that gondolas are shaped like a banana? Here are 5 other gondola facts & traditions that you might not know, courtesy of L’Italo-Americano Newspaper:

a ann 4 this5 Things you didn’t know about Oaring a Gondola  ⇒

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aacaio finishToday marks the 360th birthday of Italian musical instrument maker Bartolomeo Cristofori, the inventor of the piano, as we know it today. Including Cristofori fortepiano, here are 15 inventions that I bet you didn’t know were Italian.
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Thanks Ann!

I Had to add this from Mary Strickler.  I love this signore and his little story in the beginning!  You cannot go to Italy without knowing this, unless you have Maria Leps along.  Like Mary S. said, “If you ever go to Italy you will be prepared to blend in!” ~Marie 

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  1. I forgot to add to Mary S. – great video. I always wondered what many of those hand gestures meant. 🙂

  2. Ann – this was great! I loved waking up to the photo of the gondola. Had no idea all those items were made from Italian inventors. I do recall hearing something recently though about the phone not really being invented by Bell – guess he just stole it!? Also, the video gestures were quite informative!! Very cute!

    p.s. mi dispiace molto for hitting the button againi!! 🙁

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