Notte Magica ~ ANCONA! ~ May 15, 2017

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In between their final show in Rome and the next one in Ancona, Gianluca found time to go home for a short visit where Michele joined him.  A few nice photos and video of them with Ercole walking at the famous arch location in Montepagano overlooking the Adriatic Sea emerged.  A beautiful spot!



Three of  the many wonderful people who are guiding these young men through this amazing journey.  We can not forget Vito Boschetto.   Just picture him standing behind Michele!


Now it’s time for some fun with the Sicilians and a little “relax” before show time

Daniela provided this translation for what Piero is saying into the megaphone…

ARROTINO (man knitting knives) is a historical figure here in Italy. The roller bicycle on the roads of the countries, occasionally stopped, took the megaphone and said the words Piero said.

The women came out of the house and brought knives and scissors to sharpen, and he did the work on his bicycle.

It’s a job that has disappeared, I remember a couple of times when I was small, but it is likely that Piero, although much younger, had to see it because in the South-Italian countries this work was longer.


Ignazio plays a short version of  Buon Compleanno  for Michele.  Ignazio, your talent with musical instruments never ceases to amaze us!

Finally…it’s almost show time and WOW…lookin good!


And on with the show!



Ever find yourself wondering what they do when it’s not their turn to be singing on stage?


GRANDE AMORE!  The crowd is actually singing louder than the guys! 

Can anyone come up with a fun caption for THIS photo?


Gianluca’s family members at Meet and Greet.


They leave you with a song in your heart and a longing to see them again and again and again…

And on they go to their next concert in Province of Livorno!

Grazie to Daniela for sending photos, videos and translation!! And Credit to all owners of these!


19 thoughts on “Notte Magica ~ ANCONA! ~ May 15, 2017”

  1. Just another big “Thank You” for all the interesting updates and time consuming efforts to keep us entertained with the IL Volo current events. Great post.

      1. JoJo, Yes, could not leave Vito out. So wishing he had been in this photo as it’s such a great one of these important men. As we have said many times, all of the parents along with Michele and Barbara are the loving guiding stable force standing behind the guys at all times. Their dedication is remarkable and admirable.

  2. I think the caption for the photo should be “Wake up Ignazio, it’s your turn to sing next”!

  3. Thank you for all the fun pictures of this tour. They look like they are having a ball and loving being adored at home. I am now in Florence Italy enjoying the sights and food, but Sat heading by train to Verona and the Arena for the concert!! Getting pretty excited about seeing the guys again. Any other Flight Crew members going ?

  4. Janet, I think Jeannette, Donna, her cousin and Dorothy V. will be at the concert. Lucky you! Have a terrific time!!

  5. How much we appreciate your contributions and translations, Daniela. You are a very welcome addition to the Flight Crew. Thank you.

  6. Daniela thank you for all of your great work on the translations! We are so glad to have you as part of the Flight Crew family!!!!

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