Personally Speaking ~ Aspirations ~ by Mary Bohling



We know that the highest aspiration of Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio has always been to bring appreciation of the Bel Canto music of their native Italy to the whole world, but are there other things that they also aspire to?  Do they sometimes lose themselves in thoughts and dreams (aspirazione)?



Ignazio seems to be deep in thought.  He is serious, but not sad.  Perhaps he is thinking of all the dogs in the world who are homeless or neglected.  How many of the unfortunate ones could he rescue?  He might be thinking, “Since I can’t rescue all of them by myself, maybe I could start a rescue program that would change the lives of some of these desperate animals….maybe it would be worldwide.  It would be in honor of my two beloved dogs.  They have opened up a whole new world to me.  To nurture them and watch them grow up has brought me joy and comfort.



He looks so serene….might he be thinking, “And now, some time alone to meditate and reflect on the meaning of life.

The meaning of life may well be Love…to love and be loved, really.  Il Volo is bringing love to the world with our music….after all WE ARE LOVE as the song says.  We were raised on familial love and that has taught us well what love is.  We aspire to show heartfelt love to our fans, and we can feel it radiating back to us.  Love completes our lives.”



Might Piero be thinking, “I believe that I could fly if I can just jump high enough.  Ever since we sang “Volare” I have dreamed of soaring into the blue where everything is peaceful and serene….like diving into a blue lagoon…to fly and sing as I glide through the clouds…to escape from reality into a calm and surreal world.  Of course I would eventually have to come back to earth to rejoin Gian and Igny.  They couldn’t get along without me, and I love our life, but sometimes I just want to escape into the blue to bask in its’ beauty and revive my soul.

Photo credit:  Maria Renata Pina Williams and Facebook

~~Mary Bohling~~

9 thoughts on “Personally Speaking ~ Aspirations ~ by Mary Bohling”

  1. Thanks, Mary! A fun post!!! You caught the essence of each one!!! Isn’t it wonderful to know these young men who bring us amazing music & Grande Amore through out the world!!!

    1. Loretta, put your mouse over the picture. Then click the RIGHT button. You should get a pop up menu that says, copy image, save image location, save image, etc.
      Then you can click on save image and it will save it to your computer. But you have to remember WHERE the file is! Hope this helps.

  2. Mary: “You know them so well”
    While I was reading your post, this song entered my mind. Do you remember that song?
    You have such a beautiful way of describing our Il Volo guys.

  3. Mary, another great post. Thank you for mentioning all the animals that are either walking the street’s homeless, or are waiting to be euthanized at humane societies. I’m sure that Ignazio does think about these thing’s. Would’nt it be wonderful if all of Ignazio’s fan’s would adopt an animal in his name, I think that he would be overjoyed.🐈🐶❤️

  4. Mary thank you for those beautiful thoughts!!! You know them so well it’s just like you can see inside their souls. Thank you for sharing.

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