Notte Magica~Livorno~May 17, 2017

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During Sound Check with Ignazio doing his thing that he does so well!


And so begins another night of magic with the beautiful Nessun Dorma!

I could have danced all night…

Sweet fan interaction

Fancy new way to make a stage entrance!


Daniela translates for us:

P = (addressed to the public is talking about Ignazio) I’m right, it’s nice.

I = (there are very few applause) Thanks for the enthusiasm anyway. (Everyone laughs)

W = (a lady from the public cries) IGNAZIO you are strong. (Ignazio sends her a kiss)

I = say it aloud, Lady

W = I’m not a lady

I = Okay, anyway you are a woman

(And mentions a verse of an Italian song saying “I’m not a lady”)

G = otherwise, as you know this guy does not only have a great sympathy but also a great voice

I = Ah, the mythical legends …..

P = stop

G = It ‘s a very special moment because Ignazio Boschetto, just him, will sing for you one of the most beautiful and most famous arias of Gaetano Donizzetti, from  Elisir d’amore, Una Furtiva Lagrima




Next stop, Verona!  Some of our Flight Crew members will be there to Share The Love.  Lucky them and lucky us, for I’m sure they will share some of their experiences here with us!

~~Credit to all owners of videos and photos.~~

~~GRAZIE DANIELA for video and translation!~~




20 thoughts on “Notte Magica~Livorno~May 17, 2017”

  1. Thank you ladies for this post .We miss them not being closer to us in the US and appreciate the news from Italy.

  2. Thanks Daniela for the translation. You should travel with them and do all the translations. I wish we would have had the opportunity to go to the sound check for our concerts, I am a member of the official fan club and I understand it was only open to members. Daniela, do you know if the members had to buy a ticket to the sound check? The guys seem to be more relaxed at the Italian concerts too. Is that because of the language difference or age of the audience do you think? Has anyone heard about the cruise in November?

    1. Rose Marie, the Fan club sent an “invitation” to fan club members asking if you had a ticket to one of the Italian concerts and you wanted to go to the sound check you could sign up for it (for free–as a perk to fan club members). You would be required to show your ticket to the concert in order to get into the sound check.
      I wonder if they are going to continue this perk when they get back to North America!
      I saw the ad for the cruise and it is quite pricey. I am wondering if the guys are going to fly in to perform or actually be on the cruise the whole week! Probably not…

    2. Hi RoseMarie, I was at sonudcheck, they did wait a lot under a burning sun. You had to join the fan club, and print the pass completely free and already have the entrance ticket.

    1. I think the cruise is open to whoever is willing to pay for it! And then there would be the added cost of getting to Italy where it starts…

  3. Hi All: I just did a little search on that cruise which leaves from Barcelona to Rome and it says they will perform on Nov. 7th. Interestingly, just saw that they will be guests again in Washington, D.C. on Nov. 4th at the NIAF (Nat’t Italian American Foundation) . Maybe they will relax on the ship after their performance!

  4. OMG I got chills feeling the emotion of all the fans
    at the first concert in Verona. They were all singing “Grande Amore” along with the guys, and at one point the guy’s stopped singing and left it to the 15,000 fans who were singing just as loud as the guy’s. Knowing that our Flight Crew friend’s were there singing along made it more special, it brought tears to my eyes. I’m pretty sure I heard our Daniela, and can’t wait to hear her review. 🇭🇺

    1. Hi Jill, it was magnificent, I was in the third row and during Great Love, we all sang with our flashlight mobiles. Very beautifull.

      1. Hi Daniella, it was so nice to spend time with you at the concert last night. I agree that it was magnificent. We were able to attend the meet and greet afterwards and the boys were wonderful!!

      2. Daniela & Mary M How wonderful for you two to have met and to share such a magical night! Can’t wait to hear more! And thanks to Jane for another great posting !👍

      3. Dear Mary M, you can not know what pleasure it was for me to meet you and your husband.
        The concert was beautiful and the guys really great, but this is another nice gift they make us, friendship.
        I’m glad that the meet & greet was nice, we hope to see us again in another concert.
        But tell me, did you sing too? My husband and I with all our voice.

  5. Hi, I got a few pictures from Dani. She said Verona was wonderful. And gian hugged her twice at the meet greet!

    Great post jane!!

    1. Jana, finally Dani and I met, we were close and we did not see , it was ridiculous because I sent her messages to the cellphone to ask where she was and she was there a couple of paces behind me and she answered ” I do not see you. ” Then I called ”Daniela” loudly looking around me, she turned and finally we saw . After so many facebook contacts we now know personally.
      It was nice.

      1. Daniella, we arrived home last night from our wonderful Italian vacation, the highlight being the concert in Verona. We still cannot believe that we were there!! And yes, we were singing along. At the meet and greet after the show, when Gianluca heard that we were from Boston, where their concert had been cancelled in March due to snow, he gave us the biggest hugs and promised to come back!!

  6. Thank you so much Ladies for this post. I cannot express my gratitude enough for all the ladies who bring us these special videos, posts and photos of our boys from their amazing concerts and audiences and standing ovations to their precious behind the scene moments when we see them having their fun with each other and those moments are the ones that I play over and over for the joy and happiness factor that they bring me Whatever they do their personalities shine through each and every time I look forward to seeing their escapades on this amazing site and hope each day that our Italian angels receive back all the love and joy they give to us

  7. I am so happy for Daniela and others who were able to meet in person at their Verona concert!!! How wonderful. It sounds like it was an incredible evening. Can not wait to read your stories.

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