3 thoughts on “Il Volo Off Stage: Boys Just Wanna … Karaoke”

  1. Great post, Kelly! I will admit I was a little nervous watching the driver of that car getting carried away with the song AND STILL DRIVING. 🙂 So fun to see the older footage of Gianluca and Piero doing Justin Timberlake’s Suit and Tie. Ignazio doing All Of Me is so beautiful. Love that voice! I just love hearing them do so many songs of different singers. They are so versatile.

  2. Thanks Kelly for combiing the earlier videos & interviews with the present concerts etc. I so wish I could have heard the comedy act between Gianluca & Ignazio. It is so nice to hear & see Gianluca participating & relaxing in the banter between the guys. We here on this site are so lucky to be able to hear & see excerps of the concerts & happenings to what is going on with the guys wherever they are. Thank you for your talents girls.

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