Notte Magica – Roma! May 12/13, 2017


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Two more magical nights came and went a few days ago…  What’s that direction?  “Wash, rinse, repeat?”  How about…”Sing, standing ovation, sing, standing ovation, repeat, repeat, repeat…!”  Also, anyone remember that old Suave commercial?  “If you tell 2 friends, and they tell 2 friends, and so on, and so on, and so on…?”  Hmm… sounds like Ilvolovers sharing and spreading the love, doesn’t it?  🙂  Why all this talk about shampoo?  Because we just can’t seem to “wash these men out of our hair!”  Of course, no one wants to, either!

Ah yes, Roma!  Il Volo continue to conquer Roma, as Caesar surely did, but with music, instead of muscle.  Adoring fans, following them, wherever they lead…an army of Ilvolovers at their feet.

I hope the “Fabulous Five” from the US that are over there now, don’t mind me sharing a tidbit or two of their time at the Roma concert and meet/greet.  Donna said, “The concert was amazing!  It was better than the Fox!  The guys were beyond amazing!”  For the meet/greet, they were ushered into this small room area.  Apparently, there was only one way in, so the guys just HAD to pass by them to get into the room.  Donna said, as soon as Gian saw them, he burst into song singing “America, America” (America, the Beautiful) and gave them all hugs and kisses!  That was before the actual meet/greet!

Ok, here are some videos and OMG! pictures.  Credit and grazie mille, to all owners everywhere!

And the link to the happy meet and greeters!!  Look for the Fabulous Five!

Let’s start with Grande Amore!


Looks like someone recorded the first part of the concert!



Next up, Ancona!

Ciao for now!


22 thoughts on “Notte Magica – Roma! May 12/13, 2017”

  1. Jana you are doing such a great job letting us know about all the concerts the boys are doing. Thanks.

  2. Those meet and greet photo’s are great.
    I see Ignazio standing next to Victoria and Phoebe and I bet he loved Phoebe!
    Jeannette looked very happy and was standing next to her buddy Gianluca. Don’t we all wish we could have been there.😊

    1. Very beautiful really photos of the meet, the fabulous five are top and Victoria’s picture with husband and Phoebe is sweet.

  3. Nice Jana, I want to hear the opinions of 5 very special fans and Victoria.
    I hope they arrive soon.
    I can not believe that in three days I will be at my concert, I can not see it now

      1. Jill – what do they say, “many a truth is said in gest?” lol! 🙂 Yes, it might be a really long ride for you to get in the back of her car, but some other folks might hitch a ride?

        And yes, the fan club can see the sound check. Dani told me she would be there. She is very excited!

    1. oh, did not realize you were going to Verona also! Jeannette and the other “fab 4” will be there also, as well as Dani Ci, and Veronica! Would be amazing if you could all meet somewhere!

  4. Jana thank you so much for those wonderful videos of those amazing singers & Ignazio’s anticks my sweetheart. He is precious & so were the videos. Keep up the good work.

    1. Grazie mille!! We will never be sad with those boys around! Sometimes I think they will be boys, even when they are 50! They will be awesome dads, can you imagine them being even more awesome nonnos? 🙂 of course, few of us will be around to see that… 🙁

      1. Jana, I was only joking about riding in the back of Daniela’s car. I wish I was going. I don’t know about you, but when the guy’s are nonnos, I will be watching over them from above 👼

      2. Jill – yes, unless I live to be close to 90 plus, which at the moment is pretty iffy…. lol, I will join you as an angel, as will a good portion of this site!

    1. You mean Daniela P is meeting up with Jeannette and the other Fab 4? That is great! Wonder if Dani would be able to connect with them?

      1. Yes, Daniela P is meeting up with Jeannette and the other Fab 4. I hope Dani will be able to connect with them
        also. I think Daniela P is meeting up with others also.
        When she wakes up and reads this she can give you the info.

      2. Jill, that is awesome, I know Dani will be excited to meet the others. Hope she is reading this also! lol!

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