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Notte Magica, June 15/16, 2017, Dusseldorf and Hamburg, Germany


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Sprechen sie Deutsch?

Team Il Volo had a few days of “relax time” and then were off to thrill the people in Dusseldorf and Hamburg, Germany  this past week.  Do you remember back in 2009 when they were asked what the most difficult language was to learn?   Yes, it was German.  All three of them agreed and attempted to say a few German words.  But, that was then and this is now…world class singers with style and grace…at ease with knowing bits of language from all over the entire world!    

Getting ready for the concert.  Piero with Master Diego Basso.


Yep, tie looks straight!



I am sorry some of these videos are a little blurry, but the music is sublime!




This next video is about 10 minutes long, but worth watching it to the end.  It’s so cute, they ask the audience if anyone speaks Italian, then English, then German…then they say that Piero will speak Italian, Gianluca will speak English and Ignazio will speak German to them!  The audience loves it when Ignazio speaks his German!



Ignazio hamming it up in Hamburg!

Don’t know where they were when this photo was taken, but I just had to end the post with this heavenly vision in BLUE!


And now it’s on to Moscow!!


Credit to all owners of videos and photos.





Notte Magica – Verona! May 19/20, 2017


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Ah, two more beautiful concerts, all just a memory again…you wait, and wait, and then POOF! it is over in a matter of a few moments.  Even for those of you who saw them twice in a row.  The first time it’s like a dream.  The second time, you still need to pinch yourself to make sure it is real, and then you still don’t think it is real.  Only pictures make you believe you were really there – whether pictures with friends, of the guys on stage, a few videos of your favorite songs, and the lucky ones with meet/greet photos!  And even, after all of that, you stumble away thinking, did that really happen???

The guys, once again, or should I say, twice again in a row, sold out 2 beautiful nights at the Arena di Verona!  And a very unique picture of the Arena di Verona from Leonora via Instagram….arena di verona - leonora Many attendees were betting against the rain that dampened the atmosphere before the soundcheck the first day, but never dampened their spirits.  Many, many beautiful photos came through over those two days from walks in the streets, chance meetings with the guys, to pictures of friends during the soundcheck, to the concert, and afterward!

I think Il Volo Music is trying something new, for the last few concerts, they have been LIVEstreaming a few songs via Instagram.  So, if you don’t have Instagram, or don’t follow them, I would highly recommend doing one or both!  It was a real treat for me at work on Friday, when about 3:30p or so, “buzz” went my phone and there it said a live video from Il Volo Music – it was their Ave Maria!

I also had a chance to see them live yesterday, May 20, during Il Volo Music livestream on Instagram.  They started with the Ave Maria, then filmed a few of the duets.  The last was Maria with Gian and Igna.  While trying to get Igna off the stage, Igna did a “wave” to the audience with both arms in the air, and was met with mighty whistles, yells, cheers, and clapping!  He did this 2 or 3 times more, up with his arms, each applause/reaction, louder than the last time.  (I tried to find the video feed of this, but could not – I asked Daniela to see if she could find that anyone got it.  It was so precious!)  He finally left the stage and then looked right into the phone of the video and said, “Ciao!” and left.  Then the video ended.

You Tube link sent from Daniela:

They also did this at the Livorno concert.

Credit to all owners of videos I grabbed from You Tube, and videos/pictures I swiped from FaceBook, I hope you do not mind!  🙂  Thank you to Daniela for sending a few videos along, as well!  Without further ado – here is Verona!

These two videos are nice uploads from Pamela from Il Volo Mojo FaceBook – a few highlights from each concert:

A few pictures from Dani Ci – sent to me while waiting for the concert to start and the opening!  I was with her in spirit, as I was at work!



After the concert….from Dani:




A few other random pictures –  🙂  Photos are from either the 19th or the 20th…

Ok, this is from the soundcheck on May 19


Elegance on a chaise…

gian 1

all 3 ver

Picture above from Veronica, as well as this one below, of Igna – this one of Igna literally took my breath away!

igna from veronica

This special treat is courtesy of Elena Vulcano (from their hotel) – a little breakfast music, by Igna…we don’t know what it is, but whatever those long and beautiful fingers play, is certainly music to my ears!

And we finish, with Grande Amore – the audience sing-a-long!  🙂


And can’t forget the smiling faces of those at the meet/greets!  Including the Fabulous “3” on May 20, along with our own Dani Ci on May 19th!  Dani – we are waiting for your review!  (Daniela’s bella review will be posted tomorrow!)





A grande notte di amore – si!  And many more to come.  Next stop, London!  May 23.

Ciao a tutti!!


p.s. be sure to send your personal reviews to FlightCrew.NotteMagica2017@gmail.com 🙂

Notte Magica – Roma! May 12/13, 2017


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Two more magical nights came and went a few days ago…  What’s that direction?  “Wash, rinse, repeat?”  How about…”Sing, standing ovation, sing, standing ovation, repeat, repeat, repeat…!”  Also, anyone remember that old Suave commercial?  “If you tell 2 friends, and they tell 2 friends, and so on, and so on, and so on…?”  Hmm… sounds like Ilvolovers sharing and spreading the love, doesn’t it?  🙂  Why all this talk about shampoo?  Because we just can’t seem to “wash these men out of our hair!”  Of course, no one wants to, either!

Ah yes, Roma!  Il Volo continue to conquer Roma, as Caesar surely did, but with music, instead of muscle.  Adoring fans, following them, wherever they lead…an army of Ilvolovers at their feet.

I hope the “Fabulous Five” from the US that are over there now, don’t mind me sharing a tidbit or two of their time at the Roma concert and meet/greet.  Donna said, “The concert was amazing!  It was better than the Fox!  The guys were beyond amazing!”  For the meet/greet, they were ushered into this small room area.  Apparently, there was only one way in, so the guys just HAD to pass by them to get into the room.  Donna said, as soon as Gian saw them, he burst into song singing “America, America” (America, the Beautiful) and gave them all hugs and kisses!  That was before the actual meet/greet!

Ok, here are some videos and OMG! pictures.  Credit and grazie mille, to all owners everywhere!

And the link to the happy meet and greeters!!  Look for the Fabulous Five!


Let’s start with Grande Amore!


Looks like someone recorded the first part of the concert!



Next up, Ancona!

Ciao for now!


Notte Magica – Milano! May 9, 2017

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Again our guys played to a sold out crowd in Milan!

There was a very nice review of the concert from Radio Italia – thank you to Daniela for passing along the link and the translation into English!  I could not have said it better myself!  For those that aren’t aware, or don’t remember, Marcello Rota was the other conductor at the Florence concert, besides the Maestro Domingo. (the adds in “parens” are mine, to make it a little more English grammar friendly) 🙂

Press review (click on the link for more videos from the Radio Italia site)



Here is the magical night of the trio at the Assago Forum

The red curtain of the great occasions, the Asti symphonic orchestra that accords, the entrance of director Marcello Rota and “La forza del destino” by Giuseppe Verdi. So for one night, the Forum of Assago turns into an immense theater to host the milestone stage of the Italian tour of Il Volo: “NOTTE MAGICA – TRIBUTO AI TRE TENORI”.

Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble, very elegant, enter their stage and stand next to the Maestro Rota with their three (music stands), in the manner of Pavarotti, Domingo and Carreras. It starts with Puccini’s “NESSUN DORMA”, which rips the first of a long series of (great) applause.

There are still “Granada” and “Mattinata” before the three artists officially welcome the audience, explaining what will be the thread of the evening: a tribute to the three tenors Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and Josè Carreras with a ‘ An ambitious 22-piece (orchestra) entirely dedicated to lyricism and beautiful singing. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca perform this classical repertoire with great respect but, between one song and another, they do not miss their usual jokes, the games with the audience of the straw and even the real-time results of the Juve match “For the men who were forced by the wives to come to the concert.”  Three artists who know how to tease and miss the opportunity to squeeze their eyes on the girls in the audience, but they sing as ever in impeccable fashion, exposing all the lyrical nuances and the most powerful slogans of their voices, from solos, duets, and trio.

In addition to opera tunes such as “Nessun dorma”, “E lucean le stelle” and “Una furtiva lagrima”, there is space for famous songs in Spanish like “Granada” and “No puede ser”, pieces of traditional American songs as “My Way” and “Maria” comes from the musical “West Side Story” and Neapolitan classics such as “Torna a Surriento”, “O Surdato nnammurato” and “O sole mio”. There are also romances like “Mattinata” and Italian songs such as “Caruso” by Lucio Dalla, passed to the story also for the interpretation of the great Luciano Pavarotti. All of this is embellished with symphonic masterpieces performed only by the orchestra, such as the prelude of Bizet’s “Carmen” and the intermezzo of oMascagni’s “Cavalleria rusticana”. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca explain that their tour has a mission: to make known and appreciate the value of this repertoire even to those who have never listened to it. And the intent seems perfectly successful because applauding them at the Forum sold out there are at least three generations.

The pearl of the evening “Ave Maria, Mater Misericordiae”, a Ave Maria written specifically for Il Volo that the three boys dream of performing in front of Pope Francis. In this regard they recall that, a few days ago, they had the honor of being received by the Pontiff in a private audience.

The concert ends with “O ‘sole mio” and “Libiamo nei lieti calici” and the singers come out of the stage, but the audience leaves them behind the scenes for very little and recalls them on stage for a last piece: bis is “Grande Amore” , The song with which Il Volo won the Sanremo Festival of 2015. The Forum, which has been enchanted to listen to the whole concert, sings with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca at the end of the song. The last applause on the orchestral queue and greet the audience.

Thank you to Dani/Kelly for posting and credit to owners for the following:

Image may contain: one or more people, night, crowd and text

Look at that incredible crowd!

Watch for the little surprise from Ignazio!

And a little Maria for Marie, posted by Veronica…





On to Roma!  May 12!

Who’s Going Where ~ Europe ~ Update

Here they come Europe!  Treat them well!  Let us know how much you loved them!

Si avrà una meravigliosa notte magica! Buon divertimento!

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Some idea of what you will be seeing very soon.

If inquiring minds want to know…The story of the opera, Turandot – http://classicalmusic.about.com/od/opera/qt/Turandot-Synopsis.htm

Here’s The List so far.  Please update me, in comments, if I have it wrong or your name is missing.  

Look for these folks!  Here we go:

Notte Magica Tour

April 26th ~  Brussels, Belgium
~Sue Hamshall
~Graham Hamshall

May 3rdRoccaraso, Italy

May 5th ~ Turin, Italy

May 6th ~ Bologna, Italy

May 9th ~ Milan, Italy

May 12th ~ Rome, Italy
~Jannette & Friends
~Sue Hemshall
~Graham Hemshall
~Dr. Jay and Victoria Wilson

May 13, ~ Rome, Italy

May 15th ~ Ancona, Italy
~Sue Hemshall
~Graham Hemshall

May 17th ~ Livorno, Italy
~Maura Siena
~Maura’s husband

May 19th ~ Verona, Italy
~Daniela Perani
~Daniela’s husband, Beppe
~Donna Pother
~Mary M
~Mary M’s Husband
~Susan’s brother
~Jeannette & Friends
~Dorothy Vessey
~Sue Hemshell
~Graham Hemshall
~Maura Siena
~Maura’s husband
~Wendy Keighley
~2 accompanying Wendy
~Maura Pucci
~Daniela Ci
~Marie Crider (that’s a lie, but I really really, really want to be here)

May 20th ~ Verona, Italy
~Jeannette & Friends
~Patrizia Ciava
~Janet D.
~Jane D.’s husband
~John from CT

May 23rd ~ London, England
~Sue Hamshall
~Graham Hamshall
~Bernard Duffy
~Bernard’s wife Rosalba
~Kathy Pritchard
~Kathy’s husband
~Jeannette and friends

June 1st ~ Taromina, Italy
~Jeannette & Friends
~Betty Young (Bubby Young)
~Mealani Evensen
~Mealani’s cousin Melinda Walker

June 3rd ~ Taromina, Italy 

June 4th ~ Taormina, Italy
~Kathy Pritchard
~Kathy’s husband

June 8th ~ Malta

June 10th ~ Naples, Italy
~Bernard Duffy
~Bernard’s wife Rosalba
~Bernard’s sis-in-law, Eleonora

June 15th ~ Dusseldorf, Germany

~Astrid Scheck

June 16th ~ Hamburg, Germany

June 18th ~ Moscow, Russia

June 20th ~ Kief, Ukraine

June 22nd ~ Odessa, Ukraine

June 24th ~ Madrid, Spain

June 26th ~ Warsaw, Poland

June 28th ~ Vienna, Austria

June 30th ~ Sofia, Bulgaria

July 8th ~ Palmanova, Italy

July 9th ~ Piazzola sul Brenta, Padua, Italy

July 14th ~ Soverato, Catanzaro, Italy

July 21st ~ Provence of Lucca, Italy

July 28th ~ Pula, 09010 Pula, Provence of Cagliari, Italy