Notte Magica – Verona! May 19/20, 2017


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Ah, two more beautiful concerts, all just a memory again…you wait, and wait, and then POOF! it is over in a matter of a few moments.  Even for those of you who saw them twice in a row.  The first time it’s like a dream.  The second time, you still need to pinch yourself to make sure it is real, and then you still don’t think it is real.  Only pictures make you believe you were really there – whether pictures with friends, of the guys on stage, a few videos of your favorite songs, and the lucky ones with meet/greet photos!  And even, after all of that, you stumble away thinking, did that really happen???

The guys, once again, or should I say, twice again in a row, sold out 2 beautiful nights at the Arena di Verona!  And a very unique picture of the Arena di Verona from Leonora via Instagram….arena di verona - leonora Many attendees were betting against the rain that dampened the atmosphere before the soundcheck the first day, but never dampened their spirits.  Many, many beautiful photos came through over those two days from walks in the streets, chance meetings with the guys, to pictures of friends during the soundcheck, to the concert, and afterward!

I think Il Volo Music is trying something new, for the last few concerts, they have been LIVEstreaming a few songs via Instagram.  So, if you don’t have Instagram, or don’t follow them, I would highly recommend doing one or both!  It was a real treat for me at work on Friday, when about 3:30p or so, “buzz” went my phone and there it said a live video from Il Volo Music – it was their Ave Maria!

I also had a chance to see them live yesterday, May 20, during Il Volo Music livestream on Instagram.  They started with the Ave Maria, then filmed a few of the duets.  The last was Maria with Gian and Igna.  While trying to get Igna off the stage, Igna did a “wave” to the audience with both arms in the air, and was met with mighty whistles, yells, cheers, and clapping!  He did this 2 or 3 times more, up with his arms, each applause/reaction, louder than the last time.  (I tried to find the video feed of this, but could not – I asked Daniela to see if she could find that anyone got it.  It was so precious!)  He finally left the stage and then looked right into the phone of the video and said, “Ciao!” and left.  Then the video ended.

You Tube link sent from Daniela:

They also did this at the Livorno concert.

Credit to all owners of videos I grabbed from You Tube, and videos/pictures I swiped from FaceBook, I hope you do not mind!  🙂  Thank you to Daniela for sending a few videos along, as well!  Without further ado – here is Verona!

These two videos are nice uploads from Pamela from Il Volo Mojo FaceBook – a few highlights from each concert:

A few pictures from Dani Ci – sent to me while waiting for the concert to start and the opening!  I was with her in spirit, as I was at work!



After the concert….from Dani:




A few other random pictures –  🙂  Photos are from either the 19th or the 20th…

Ok, this is from the soundcheck on May 19


Elegance on a chaise…

gian 1

all 3 ver

Picture above from Veronica, as well as this one below, of Igna – this one of Igna literally took my breath away!

igna from veronica

This special treat is courtesy of Elena Vulcano (from their hotel) – a little breakfast music, by Igna…we don’t know what it is, but whatever those long and beautiful fingers play, is certainly music to my ears!

And we finish, with Grande Amore – the audience sing-a-long!  🙂


And can’t forget the smiling faces of those at the meet/greets!  Including the Fabulous “3” on May 20, along with our own Dani Ci on May 19th!  Dani – we are waiting for your review!  (Daniela’s bella review will be posted tomorrow!)



A grande notte di amore – si!  And many more to come.  Next stop, London!  May 23.

Ciao a tutti!!


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14 thoughts on “Notte Magica – Verona! May 19/20, 2017”

  1. Thankyou, Jana. Beautiful photos & videos!!! All our friends attending the London Concert, enjoy!!! Send pics & videos!!! I’ll pretend I am there!!!

  2. The clip of igna playing the piano, sounds like he is composing his own music, it sounds like Alessandra’s voice, doing the filming and speaking to Caterina at the end.

    1. Interesting… yes he was certainly trying out something new….not sure about Alessandra’s voice, etc. I thought that Elena had taped it, I thought it might be her voice. I will have to listen again!

  3. Absolutely fantastic! Thank you Jana, Daniela , Veronica and all involved in the photos and videos in this wonderful Verona happening. Again You give us a front row seat and a back stage intimate look into all the excitement of Team IL Volo. The sing along of Grande Amore with the most adoring fans is so special . The chemistry between artist an audience is Grande Amore at its very best. The phenomenon continues, we’ve been touched by three Angels, they bring us so much Love, Joy and Happiness!
    Bravo Flight Crew , you guys are terrific!

    1. Thank you Vincent! You always say such nice things!! And of course, you are always right! 🙂

  4. They just announced on CNN that a suicide bomber caused a bomb to go off at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England.
    The Royal Albert Hall in London that the guy’s hopefully will be able to perform at tomorrow night, is in a more confined area. It’s a theater not an arena. I hope the show won’t be cancelled. I don’t think the guy’s would cancel it, but if the police won’t allow it, then there is nothing they can do.
    Let’s say prayers for everyone that were killed and injured, but also for Il Volo, their family’s and our Flight Crew Family that will be there.🙏🇬🇧🇭🇺

  5. Yes, I’ve gotten a few emails from others about this, very sad. So glad our guys will hopefully, be more protected. She seems to be a sweet girl and the guys like her, I think. Gosh, sure hope they weren’t at the concert! In a way, it’s lucky the guys don’t attract a big crowd outside of Italy…

  6. What sadness is the things that are going on.
    I was in the Arena in Verona a few days ago and I did not touch the idea that some mad could do such a horrible thing.
    We are all in that place to have fun, to enjoy a nice quiet evening.
    My thought goes to all these victims whose only defect was to be able to enjoy a nice evening of music and friendship.
    Let us pray for them

  7. It sounds to me that Ignazio is trying to compose on a piano that needs to be tuned. He is really struggling. His piano playing when played on a piano that is tuned is excellent.

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