Notte Magica – Personal Review, our own Daniela P! Verona May 19, 2017

(I’d like to preface this post with our thoughts and prayers to those affected by the tragedy at the Ariana Grande concert.  May God keep Il Volo, their staff & management, and all friends, family, and fans safe in London.  I saw this morning, the London concert will go on.)nottemagica headerThis is Daniela’s beautiful review!  After I read it, I literally had tears streaming down my cheeks – no kidding.  Yep, blaming it all on menopause!  lol!  🙂  Molto bello!!  I did not change a word of it, as I loved the translation and how she speaks.



Finally, the long awaited day had arrived, on May 19th Verona Arena, I had booked the tickets just after NOTTE MAGICA of Florence and the months spent reading all your good comments about the concerts you’ve seen.

After so much waiting, RAIN, it is not possible, in Arena we will be open.

My husband and I also have passes for soundcheck, a novelty for us.

Brescia is also close to Verona, so we’ll be there early in the afternoon.

We arrive in Verona after a car racing , the sky is very dark and it rains strong.

We park near the Arena. No longer rains, what a relief.

We arrive at Arena gate 15 for the soundcheck, many people are in a row. Soon after the clouds, a beautiful sun appears to be more decisive.

I have a list with me where I wrote all the names of Flight Crew people who told me to be in the Arena the same night, I just want to meet them.

After a long wait they get in, we take a seat and immediately we see on the stage PIERO IGNAZIO and GIANLUCA are trying out Nessun Dorma, but there is another guy partly to them and he also has the microphone. I do not understand who he is, he is the same age of our boys, the music goes on and this guy performs the acute that Ignazio usually does, I think a fourth tenor ….. but I look at cameramen that run back and forth in particular they dwell on this guy and then I understand, they are shooting the scenes of the movie GRANDE AMORE that will be in the movies in February next year. So that guy is an actor.

Of course it is forbidden to photograph, but today this photo was published.

1-daniela p

These are the two actors who will recite in the movie, he is just the guy who pretended to sing alongside them, he was just dressed like this.


The soundcheck lasted for a while, the boys greeted us and left. We could not leave the Arena again, stayed two hours before the concert, meanwhile I could talk to people I was expecting to meet.

The two hours passed fast and the Arena had filled up and began to obscure. The concert was about to begin.

The orchestras enter, start the first solo music track, here they arrive …… a boast of applause welcomes them.

That is, a unique emotion, their voices are fantastic, the mastery they have acquired in recent months is remarkable. These guys enchant us, they know how to make us dream.

The songs run one at a time, each one shows his talents in the beautiful solos, but when the voices join is one beautiful song you can reach high peaks of singing pleasure.

They are also adorable tricksters that make us laugh and it seems impossible that after a while they are again serious professionals.

Everything goes perfectly and in a moment the two hours fly, we get to the last track, GRANDE AMORE.

The Arena is filled with thousands of lights, a fantastic show and all the people sang the words of this song. Wonderful and troublesome.

Everyone runs under the stage to be able to touch the hands of these formidable boys, a final salute. It’s all over.

Wonderful. We are all satisfied, we had our MAGIC NIGHT.

 These are two of the videos I’ve taken.


1-dani p and mary

Susan e suo fratello

1-dani p and jean

Jeannette and Dani


Sue Hemshall and her husband, Graham, I could not take a photo, but I know that you did it, so I’ll post it to you.

 I could meet nice and sunny people, as only the ILVOLOVERS know they are.

Thank you friends, I am honored to have met you.

This is one of the powers ILVOLO, building bridges of friendship.

 I’m sorry not to have met Dorothy Vessey, Wendy Keigley, Maura of Siena, we hope there is opportunity in another concert.

 I also had the opportunity to know Italian virtual friends with whom we feel now on a daily basis and who are a strong presence.

Patrizia Ciava (Trishadria) you all know about beautiful articles on IL VOLO.

Patrizia, let’s wait for your beautiful article on this concert.


I met Daniela Ci, who posted on Flight Crew’s facebook, even with her I did not have a photo, but she has two wonderful ones with our treasures.

1-dani ci and guys

And last but not least, I met the mythical grandmother Maura, who for us in Italy is the fan N.1. She has 10 grandchildren and considers Gianluca (her favorite), her eleven grandson.

She is 86 years old

1-dani-grandma maura

The lights are gone, the concert is over, some sigh, but the certainty that my friends will continue.

Thank you so much for IL VOLO.

Daniela – that was so precious!  I loved it!  Great pictures!  Grazie mille for getting this out so quickly!

More to come, amici!  Tomorrow – The Wilson’s!  🙂




43 thoughts on “Notte Magica – Personal Review, our own Daniela P! Verona May 19, 2017”

  1. I loved all the pictures and I know we’re going to build a worldwide bridge of love through these wonderful boys. We didn’t meet anyone from the Il Volo Flight Crew group, however we did give away all our laminated badges Jay had made for us. They must have thought we were connected somehow as we were ushered right to our seats and they took such good care of us. I even have the name someone gave me to send a glowing report of how well we were taken care of at the May 12th concert in Rome. So perhaps those badges will grow in number and we will all get to know each other personally. I’m still recovering and wake up thinking I’m still there. Blessings for all the pictures. I’m saving them all in a photo file. I can live through your experiences which are grand.

    1. Hi Victoria, it seemed almost impossible for you to travel, but it was a beautiful reality.
      I just want tomorrow to read your review.
      Too bad it did not meet us.

  2. We are still all upset about what happened in London.
    ILVOLO announced that the concert will normally take place.
    Let us pray for all the victims and why these horrors do not happen EVER

    In my review I need to make a correction, the title of the movie will not be GRANDE AMORE but UN AMORE COSI’ GRANDE.
    I also noticed that my picture with Susan has not been published, so I republish here.

    I hope it’s OK

    1. Daniela – mi dispiace I missed your photo. I thought something seemed like it was missing. But it was getting late and I was getting tired! So glad you were able to post it. 🙂

      1. No problem, Jana, we solved it.
        Thank you for being able to publish it.

  3. Daniela your description of your journey to the concert makes me feel “like I might have traveled”. Since not all of us can be in Italy thanks for sharing your experiences.

  4. Daniela, your review is wonderful! I, too, love the translation and how you speak! You took us all with you as if we were sitting right there next to you! Knowing and listening to the amazing young men of Il Volo lifts us all to a higher level of love and friendship. They remind us of how the beautiful gift of music brightens our world.

    1. My precious friend Jane, you’re right, music illuminates the world, and what about our guys who know how to touch the ropes of our heart, especially in that Ave Maria that it is impossible not to love.

  5. Daniela, loved your review, you truly captured all the emotions of the evening. It was wonderful meeting you and your husband, Jeannette and Sue and Graham. We were able to attend the meet and greet at the last minute after the concert and it was great. When we told the boys that we were from Boston, where the concert scheduled for March was cancelled due to snow, Gianluca gave us a big hug and all three promised to come back to Boston!!
    Just a correction to your photos above, the first one with you is of my husband and myself.

    1. Hello Mary,
      Actually today when I saw the publication of my review, I noticed immediately that Susan’s picture was missing, it was a very obvious thing.
      Now that you made me notice that there was no name for you, I checked the copy of my mail, and in fact, besides Susan’s picture, I missed a little bit of explaining my encounters and covering it here.

      ”But the most beautiful thing that this concert gave me was the chance to meet beautiful people with whom I had only a virtual contact, always had contact with the love of IL VOLO.
      So I met Mary M. and her husband”

      Now it’s all complete
      I loved meeting you, hopefully in the next opportunity.

  6. Dear Daniela
    Thank you so much for the lovely review. Watching the live streaming and knowing you were there watching with your eyes for us made it that much more fun. I hope we have the opportunity to attend a sound check some day soon. Ciao

    1. Kalispera Rose Marie
      I also hope so much to have this opportunity, but if the VOLO for one year is not going to do concerts, how will we do it?

  7. Thank you Jana for this mornings post and how sad to preface it with the sad news out of London. I know that we will keep all in our prayers.✝️ On a brighter note GRAZIE DANIELA for your review and comments on Verona! From being at the sound check, to the meeting of other Il Volo fans, to the magnificent concert itself by our “Guys” in such splendid surroundings, it surely was a NOTTE MAGIC evening for you ! I would just love to one day share an experience like yours with you and other Flightcrew fans! ❤️❤️

    1. Annette, how can you conceive that the music brings death?
      Music brings life, brings joy, love and friendship, beautiful friendship like that of all Flight Crew.

      1. Daniela : There must be an error in your translation! I certainly would never say that music brings death! It certainly does bring joy and happiness and has brought much love to the Flightcrew!

      2. Annette, as at the beginning of your comment you named the victims of yesterday, I wondered how the music could bring death, as it happened yesterday. Surely you do not think of us or even us, think of who could do such a vicious gesture.
        Maybe I wrote badly, I hope I made it clear.

    2. Thank you Annette! yes, I think we all wish we could meet everyone! Wouldn’t it be cool, if there could be just one concert of strictly flight crew and maybe FaceBook fans? 🙂 and one HUGE meet/greet with the guys? An Il Volo weekend, pajama party!

      1. What a great idea Jana! Designer PJs by Armani could be the suggested dress code!👗

  8. Hi Daniela, I loved your review and the photo’s, and how I wish I could have been there to meet you and our Flight Crew friend’s. One day it will happen!
    The concert in London will be over now, and everything must be O.K. Or we would have heard about it.
    What a sad world this would be without music!

      1. I love Caruso! Did they stream a lot of the concert, or just this song? Wow, place was packed!?

  9. Ciao Daniela, anche a me è dispiaciuto moltissimo non poterti incontrare, ma purtroppo avevo già preso altri impegni. Verona è stata stupenda , ma ho amato anche il concerto a Livorno dove ho fatto alcune questo momento sto vedendo Karpool Karaoke…che divertimento..spero che tu posti il servizio per i nostri amici americani. Un abbraccio

    1. Ciao Maura,ci vedremo in un’altra occasione. Che forti a Carpool Karaoke, troppo simpatici.

  10. Thank you Daniela: I was feeling very sad but I think I now understand what you meant. I just loved your review on Verona😍

    1. Hello Flight Crew
      It is approaching midnight and we have just returned from the London concert. It was wonderful and I will try to write some more tomorrow after a night’s sleep. The guys opened with a minute’s silence to pay respect to the deceased and bereaved in Manchester. It was very moving as we all stood to attention and prayed silently for those who suffered so much.
      Good night to everyone!

      1. I know we’re all praying for the families of all those affected by the terrible bombing. I love all the responses from everyone and am so grateful for all of you. The descriptions of all the concerts make me want to get on a plane for another concert somewhere. Thank you for Caruso. It is my favorite. I love you for that. And we do all pray for the safety of these boys with all the concerts and the courage they have to perform.

      2. I’m glad the concert went well, I’m expecting to read your impressions.

  11. Thank you Daniela for your great review of the concert and all the great videos you posted! So happy that the rain stopped and you had a wonderful experience, and also got to meet some Flight Crew members and others also. Looking forward Bernard to your sharing Il Volo’s concert at The Royal Albert Hall and thank God everything went well.

    1. Thank you to Margaret, the concert was wonderful, but the meeting with other crew members, fabulous.

  12. Oh Daniela! This is most lovely…. sweet… poignant…. so eloquently written, and with much charm…. It goes to straight to my heart.
    Grazie, Daniela.
    Most of all, so heartwarming to see YOU! That warms my heart, makes it smile.

    When you mentioned earlier that there were strong rains in Brescia and that it was cloudy in Verona – that very night I lit a candle here at home, prayed for agreeable weather over Verona, for the concert, for the guys, for you and Beppe and your time there … and our other friends there…. that it would be perfect. How delightful to hear of the clear sun that came out that afternoon when you went for soundcheck, and the starry skies in the evening.

    I’ve watched your videos and some more at youtube. You have a steady hand. How nice. I can watch straight without getting dizzy (unlike with some other amateur ciips). Plus you had a good angle. A good seat.

    Grazie, Daniela, from my heart.

    1. Sweet Cynthia, thank you for all the wonderful compliments, hand I stand ?? I had my elbows resting on the armrests, so I look pretty firm.
      Thank you for your candle, you have had a very nice thought.
      A kiss.

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