Notte Magica – Milano! May 9, 2017

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Again our guys played to a sold out crowd in Milan!

There was a very nice review of the concert from Radio Italia – thank you to Daniela for passing along the link and the translation into English!  I could not have said it better myself!  For those that aren’t aware, or don’t remember, Marcello Rota was the other conductor at the Florence concert, besides the Maestro Domingo. (the adds in “parens” are mine, to make it a little more English grammar friendly) 🙂

Press review (click on the link for more videos from the Radio Italia site)


Here is the magical night of the trio at the Assago Forum

The red curtain of the great occasions, the Asti symphonic orchestra that accords, the entrance of director Marcello Rota and “La forza del destino” by Giuseppe Verdi. So for one night, the Forum of Assago turns into an immense theater to host the milestone stage of the Italian tour of Il Volo: “NOTTE MAGICA – TRIBUTO AI TRE TENORI”.

Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble, very elegant, enter their stage and stand next to the Maestro Rota with their three (music stands), in the manner of Pavarotti, Domingo and Carreras. It starts with Puccini’s “NESSUN DORMA”, which rips the first of a long series of (great) applause.

There are still “Granada” and “Mattinata” before the three artists officially welcome the audience, explaining what will be the thread of the evening: a tribute to the three tenors Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and Josè Carreras with a ‘ An ambitious 22-piece (orchestra) entirely dedicated to lyricism and beautiful singing. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca perform this classical repertoire with great respect but, between one song and another, they do not miss their usual jokes, the games with the audience of the straw and even the real-time results of the Juve match “For the men who were forced by the wives to come to the concert.”  Three artists who know how to tease and miss the opportunity to squeeze their eyes on the girls in the audience, but they sing as ever in impeccable fashion, exposing all the lyrical nuances and the most powerful slogans of their voices, from solos, duets, and trio.

In addition to opera tunes such as “Nessun dorma”, “E lucean le stelle” and “Una furtiva lagrima”, there is space for famous songs in Spanish like “Granada” and “No puede ser”, pieces of traditional American songs as “My Way” and “Maria” comes from the musical “West Side Story” and Neapolitan classics such as “Torna a Surriento”, “O Surdato nnammurato” and “O sole mio”. There are also romances like “Mattinata” and Italian songs such as “Caruso” by Lucio Dalla, passed to the story also for the interpretation of the great Luciano Pavarotti. All of this is embellished with symphonic masterpieces performed only by the orchestra, such as the prelude of Bizet’s “Carmen” and the intermezzo of oMascagni’s “Cavalleria rusticana”. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca explain that their tour has a mission: to make known and appreciate the value of this repertoire even to those who have never listened to it. And the intent seems perfectly successful because applauding them at the Forum sold out there are at least three generations.

The pearl of the evening “Ave Maria, Mater Misericordiae”, a Ave Maria written specifically for Il Volo that the three boys dream of performing in front of Pope Francis. In this regard they recall that, a few days ago, they had the honor of being received by the Pontiff in a private audience.

The concert ends with “O ‘sole mio” and “Libiamo nei lieti calici” and the singers come out of the stage, but the audience leaves them behind the scenes for very little and recalls them on stage for a last piece: bis is “Grande Amore” , The song with which Il Volo won the Sanremo Festival of 2015. The Forum, which has been enchanted to listen to the whole concert, sings with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca at the end of the song. The last applause on the orchestral queue and greet the audience.

Thank you to Dani/Kelly for posting and credit to owners for the following:

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Look at that incredible crowd!

Watch for the little surprise from Ignazio!

And a little Maria for Marie, posted by Veronica…





On to Roma!  May 12!

28 thoughts on “Notte Magica – Milano! May 9, 2017”

  1. Jana, very nice review. Thank you to all who contributed! Loved Ignazio’s little surprise jig he did there. Do not see much of that during this tour as it’s a more reserved concert. Love it when that spurt of exuberance breaks through.

    1. Thanks, Jane!! Yes, I think, no matter what, our dear, sweet Ignazio will never change. I hope Alessandra realizes that! Yes, they can probably do this concert in their sleep by now and it’s a wonder it doesn’t put them to sleep. I think they need stuff to keep it interesting, at least for them!

      1. Jana. Thank you for all your comments and my Internet just blew out so this might be a respect I don’t know. The church bells just rang out Ave Maria. It was beautiful. I don’t know the church and I can hardly wait to hear the boys sing it tonight. Thank you for all your updates. I can hardly wait for tonight. I hope I can get pictures that someone can upload for me. I don’t know if we can film much. They stopped us in Minneapolis. I can try.

      2. oh dear! take as many as you can on your phone, sometimes that is easier… oddly, they don’t stop you much in Italy! I guess they are not as worried as they are here. Even when they were filming the Florence concert, everyone had their phone in the air. I did put mine down though when I saw the camera coming by! 🙂

        I can’t wait for your review and comments. By the way, I am posting your first MN review tomorrow, along with the one other person’s I missed!
        p.s. ok, now I have to get to bed!

  2. Jana and my angel Daniela. We are so excited. Everyone in Rome wants to go with us to the concert. I cannot believe the concert does not start until 9:00pm. Am I drunk? Is that right? We will call the concert hall to verify and it is what it says on the tickets. We’re counting the hours now and I’m bringing handkerchiefs because I cried through the last concert. Jay keeps calming me down and we ended up in the hospital today to get extra seizure meds. The excitement is a little much for me. They didn’t charge us anything. Aren’t the Italians wonderful? We are going very early so we can get the Meet and Greet tickets without any problems. It is the anniversary of my Father’s death and I know he will be with me and enjoying the music he loved so much. I’ll do the best I can with pictures and I already know the boys will be fabulous.

    1. Victoria, hope you have a wonderful time. All of us in America are with you and we all wish we were there to meet all of you. What a wonderful bond we all have because of our Il Volo young men and what wonderful friendships we have made, across the globe, because of the three most wonderful, handsome and truly talented young men. Hope your night is magical and wonderful and my prayers are with your father in heaven. Take Care!

      1. Lynn. I am counting the hours and read all the comments. I am so excited. I can hardly wait to be in that audience. I am waiting for the Ave Maria and will look for the chandelier. I have met so may friends here and am a bit shy responding and absorb all the comments and videos. We are in love with Italy and everyone is so kind. I will give a full report along with others who will be there.

      2. oh Victoria… i can feel your excitement… and you make me feel a part of it all…. GRAZIE…. 😉

    2. Yes, things tend to start a little later over there for some reason. Maybe it gives the guys enough time to sleep and prepare? Please tell us how the meet greet went? Are the pictures up yet, I kept checking and they hadn’t been posted yet. No, I’m sure you are not drunk! I still think the Pope should go! lol! He could dress in plain clothes and a hat and no one would recognize him. Yes, Italians are wonderful, especially our 3! 🙂

      1. Jana. I agree the Pope is not a prize and how did we get him? And as long as we were there I wanted to see him. We met security Staff who have been there since 1975. It was still an adventure. I want to see it all.

      2. Yes, I still have to finish my Italy adventures! We were supposed to do the Vatican tour, but that did not happen. Long story! 🙂 At this rate, it will be almost a year and I will finally finish. I just have to write my Silvi/Montepagano/Rome days and I am done! I think I made it last this long on purpose – I can still reminisce as I’m writing it…

        Buongiourno, by the way! Yes, I am still up and need to get to bed!

      3. oh, Jana! i think that would be a lovely experience for Pope Francis. to go incognito, watch our guys… have a great time… and utterly enjoy the evening with everyone else in the audience…..

  3. I love Ignazio’s spontaneous little dance……He loves to entertain
    the crowd with more than just his singing and I believe the concert
    goers look forward to his unrehearsed entertainment with great
    expections……That sweet smile on his face seems to go straight
    to the hearts of the concert goers and they love him…,,,He really
    enjoys performing, whether it is singing or doing comedy because
    he enjoys making people happy. God bless him.

    1. I agree Gail. They are still young and still have a bit of that playful attitude that we have all enjoyed since we have known them. They just warm all our hearts, of course because of their great talent, but because of their wonderful personalities, humor, love and respect for each other and of course their handsome demeanor. My first encounter with Il Volo was years back on American Idol when they sang Ole Sole Mio on the show. Since then I have been a super fan and will never change. My prayers are for this wonderful trio to continue to do what they do best. LOVE, ENTERTAIN AND MAKE THE WORLD A MORE BEAUTIFUL PLACE WITH PEACE, LOVE AND BEAUTIFUL MUSIC.. God bless and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    2. yes, there’s more than 1 reason he’s my favorite! 🙂 We should get lanyards that say “warning, will melt at first sign of Italian dimples!” 🙂

  4. Milano looked like another amazing concert! So happy that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are getting so much well- deserved love from their homeland. It must be wonderful to see them perform in Italy and good luck and best wishes to all those making the journey to see them there.

  5. Last night (for me) I sent you a comment with a nice video of Milan but did not arrive.
    Today I wanted to reproduce it, but I saw this new one and I send it with pleasure.

    Also today I saw this short video that makes us proud of these kids from the heart of gold.

    1. Grazie, Daniela…. that really brought a smile to my face when i saw Ignazio crawl on the floor to shake hands with perhaps a child?… or someone?… or, is that what he did?

  6. What fantastic pictures!! I need to sit and really watch the videos and read the comments better but I couldn’t go to sleep without at least taking a glance. My eyes are getting heavy and time to go to sleep for now. I can’t wait to wake up and dive into those videos!!!

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