Notte Magica – Personal Reviews Part II!

nottemagica headerCiao!

I knew I had missed a few, so thanks for writing and letting me know!  Your fantastic reviews are below!  🙂

Thank you so much Annette and Victoria, for being patient with us!  Your reviews are special and so personal.  Thank you for sharing!  Flight Crew members in Rome – be sure to look for Victoria and her puppy!  🙂


From Annette from the Miami concert!

Hi Flightcrew:  Not sure if it is too late to submit my review and comments of the Miami concert, but here they are!
The day began with me meeting my friend Karen to make the 2 hr trip to Miami across Alligator Alley. Once there we decided to have lunch at Joe’s Stone Crab Restaurant which is located in South Beach and has been in business for nearly 100 years. Of course we had a jumbo order of Stone crabs with a side of fried tomatoes with spinach and cheese and Brusselsprouts. Delicious!!  I have been to this restaurant a few times but Karen had not!  It was a great lunch. Well after lunch, we decided to head to the American Airlines arena to see if we could get our VIP tickets early.  As luck would have it, one window was open. “YES” with tickets in hand, we decided to go to the hotel and rest for a few hours. As many of you have suggested ” get to the concert early “so we did. There was already a long line where you were told to pick up your VIP  package. Once we collected our passes, we went in to find our seats. Fantastic! Third row right in front of where the guys would be singing!  The bad news for those who came in late was that there were 50 folding chairs in a row with no separation set up on the floor. That meant if your seat was 20 you had to  maneuver  yourself in front of all those people already seated : not an easy task! So glad that we were there early!!
I had reservations about going to Miami!  In hindsight I think that Tampa would have been the better choice. There certainly was no ambience in this arena.. However, I heard that the guys love Miami because they have many friends there. Gloria & Emilio Estefan were in the audience and were introduced by Piero during the concert.
Well the concert was suppose to start at 8:00p.m, but as we looked around, there still were many vacant seats. The concert  started at 8:30p.m and there was no 20 minute break . I believe the problem was not only were all bags searched but every patron was wand before entering the arena. This may account for the many late arrivals. I might add that it was a nice surprise when Marion came by to say hello.  Thanks Marion!
What can I say about the concert itself except that the guys were fabulous!  I was especially in awe of Ignazio.  His voice was beyond magnificent and his charming banter about Alfredo was priceless.
As one sits there immersed in each song hoping that the concert will never end, the reality sets in when Piero announces their final song. The 2 hr concert just flew by in the blink of an eye. Is it really over?
Now those of us left who were doing M&G are told to sit in a certain area and after a short period of time are escorted to the M&G room. I thought that I had gotten enough tips from the Flightcrew , but they went out the window when I reached the guys. I had prepared gift bags for each with tee-shirts and hats monogrammed with Naples, Fl established in 1888. I thought that they would get a kick out of Naples, Fl not Naples, Italy!! My friend Karen was watching me and she said that Ignazio was so cute looking into the bag like a little kid whereas Gianluca and Piero immediately handed them off!  The photographer snapped our picture and it was over.

As for my dear friend Karen, this was her first Il Volo concert, for me my fourth. Last year we bought tickets together for Ft Myers, but she got sick and had to sell her ticket. She absolutely loved the “guys ” and is definitely looking forward to joining me in attending future concerts!
Thanks Annette
For me it was a Notte Magica! Would I do it again? Yes, I would in a heartbeat!!❤❤🎶🎶

Pictures below from Annette…is that not the most gorgeous picture/smile of Ignazio?  🙂 (right back at ya Igna!)

1 annette

1 annette 2

1 annette

Some of you have already been reading the comments from Dr. & Mrs. Victoria Wilson, here is her review of Minneapolis!

Dear Jana,
Thank you for your site.  I spent most of the night reading the comments, watching Il Volo concerts on YouTube (with earbuds), so I don’t wake my husband.  Music is healing for me.
Security stopped us from filming any singing at the MN concert so I taped the concert on my ‘iTalk’ app and we listen to it in the car.  The audience loved the concert and didn’t want any yelling.  People were hushed up. (That made me happy as I got such a clear tape on my phone.)  Everyone just wanted to hear those voices. I think the boys were perhaps offended and yet so many in the audience were crying.   People came from several states to see them.  It was not a young crowd and so many handicapped people who could not stand so there were fewer standing ovations.  There were so many wheelchairs I was surprised.  It took a lot for me to go out in the cold and I knew how much love was in that audience for so many handicapped people to show up.  Everywhere I looked, I saw tears running downs faces.  I had never been to a concert like that.
We have never been to Italy.  It will be our dream come true.  Our daughter loves to travel and is begging to go with us.  She’s had 3 brain surgeries and cannot travel right now.  We support our daughter and just the thought of all of us seeing Il Volo together brings tears to my eyes.  Our family will see them sing with their next US concert tour.
My daughter and I have learned how to live every minute of every day.  Our daughter is amazing we just laugh through everything.  Life is too short for anything else.  We have a wonderful life.  It is just different from other people. Our daughter tells me if I’m not having fun, then I’m doing it wrong and I should do something else.  I’m truly blessed.
I do not know how to get tickets for the meet and greet.  Could you please tell me how to get meet and greet tickets?   It never occurred to me except in a daydream.  I don’t know where to buy them.  I suddenly went into overwhelm just with the thought of being able to meet them in person.  It just never occurred to me with the wheelchair and all.
I watch them sing every day.  I have a lot of pain and their music gets me through my days.  Music has always been my salvation.  We will look for any of you now that I have found this wonderful site.
We took 3 pictures and don’t know how to make them smaller.  The one of the boys is not very good and it is a treasure for me.

My husband said after the concert…. “Let’s go to Italy for our anniversary”.  I was in tears by the time I got home.  He’s a saint and spoils me rotten.  Phoebe took turns in our laps and as soon as they sang she sat up to watch.  Phoebe is a labradoodle.

Jay and I keep looking at each other saying “I can’t believe we’re going to see them sing again”.

If someone knows who I call to get meet and greet tickets, I will be so grateful to know.  I will see if it’s possible.  It would be an unbelievable dream come true for us.
I am off to find an affordable handicap hotel in Rome.

Thank you again for your site.  I can see the work you put into it.  You are a treasure for so many people.  I’ve already sent your site to all of my friends.  (thank you!, Victoria!)  Blessings, Victoria

All of our friends are so excited about our trip. Since we were married, my husband’s dream was to see Venice. We’re walking around in a daze trying to grasp that this trip is really happening. We will get to hear Il Volo sing and we will meet those darling boys in person.
We have never experienced anything like this trip. The kindness and generosity of your group has made us feel like we already have friends in Rome and I’m no longer nervous about planning this adventure.
Maybe the picture of Jay was too big to print and I’m resending it because Phoebe is so sweet and anyone in your group will find us if they ask for the people with the dog.
1 victoria
1 vic dr1 victoria 2

You all look so happy and fantastic!  I never get tired of saying this, but the guys just seem to bring out the best in people – looks, character, emotions.  They are truly a living miracle and the best thing about it?  They really have no clue!  As much as we tell them at the meet greets, I’m sure they cannot fathom the lives they have touched, saved, and healed, over the past 8 years.  They certainly rule our world!  (and I’m sure, “rock” a few as well!)

Ciao a tutti!  Next up – Rome!  (just fyi… for the remaining upcoming concerts, we will be doing just one “Flight Crew Professional” review per city, as some have 2 or 3 scheduled, like Roma)  But don’t despair – we’ll still have good stuff to read in between!

And, we still want to hear from you!  We will always post your personal reviews like Annette’s and Victoria’s.  We just ask that you be patient!  🙂


Ciao, for now!


25 thoughts on “Notte Magica – Personal Reviews Part II!”

    1. Thanks Jana: I just read today’s email. And yes, that is a great smile from Ignazio. I will cherish that M&G picture forever!!

      1. Ah, you see Annette – nothing to worry about! You were probably more nervous about meeting the guys! 🙂 Definitely a keeper. My Detroit one from last year turned out so great, that I cropped the other guys out and made a 5 x 7 of Igna and me! 🙂 It’s on my entertainment center in my living room and I see it every day!

  1. Love to read the ‘reviews” of the different concerts in the TOUR 2017.
    Envy those that will get to go to Italy. I plan a trip in my mind and how it would be.
    My trip is always designed as if I just inherited a “Pot of Gold”.G

    1. Yes, Gina – I think we all do that. Even though we’ve gone, there are always things we wish we could have afforded to do or had the time to do! 🙂

  2. Thank you Victoria & Annette for your wonderful reviews. Very enlightening & I love to hear about our wonderful guys. OOHH how I wish I could b there. I am so glad pictures are sent from the concert

  3. Thank you Annette and Victoria for the reviews.
    Annette, how did you get Ignazio to smile like that?
    Victoria, that is a very glamorous picture of you and of Phoebe too. I know you enjoyed the concert in Rome. Did you manage to get meet and greet ticket’s? I hope so

    1. I wish I knew! Maybe he was thinking of Alessandra. She was sitting not far away from the M&G picture area!

      1. Annette – that is possible, that is certainly a smile filled with love! I don’t think I’ve seen too many that are better than that smile!

    1. Grazie Daniela but I sure wish I was with Victoria & her husband at the Rome concert!

  4. Annette and Victoria, wonderful reviews and photos! Sounds like a dream come true!

    1. I see my name changed again…it should say Jane. Sorry. I don’t know why wordpress keeps doing this.

    2. Mary, the concert in Minneapolis was amazing. Jay got in the car that night and said do you want to go to Italy? We made flight reservations the next day for the May 12 concert and the Meet and Greet session. I will write our experience when I come to from just getting off the plane from Florence. I just can’t believe we were there. Magnificent artists with such hearts. They are who we see… adorable, kind and generous. Palalottomatica was sold out again and I’ve never experienced anything like it.

      1. yes, another flight crew fan was there and she said the same thing, it just seemed more special!

      2. Oh my goodness, I cannot believe you were right there in front of me at the meet and greet and I did not know a flight Crew family member was there … I remember you and your husband and of course your beautiful dog coming and and Il Volo was right behind us and as they came in Gianluca said the Americans are here and started to sing God bless America… Wow I am sorry I did not realize that was the three of you or I would have left the line and introduced myself to you… I am so happy that you were able to see Il Volo in Italy… It is an amazing feeling for sure… I promise to introduce myself to you the next time we are at the same Il Volo concert…

  5. Yes, what a great concert that was! But aren’t they all? News of the Roma concert, coming soon…along with a personal review of Bologna and Milano from one of our newest members!

    Ciao for now!


  6. Jana : Love the idea of cropping the other two out. I just may do that! He is just so adorable! By the way, what do you think happens to all the gifts they receive. I had written notes and placed postcards of Naples, Fl in each gift bag suggesting that they should perform here in the future. We have a beautiful venue called Artis-Naples Phil.

  7. I love reading all of the posts and reviews. Victoria I truly believe music calms us and bring soothing and healing to our soul. I have also experienced the effect this has on my pain and it is something I can not explain. I have issues with insomnia and anxiety and every night I go to sleep with their music playing. It may sound crazy but their voices even sooth my animals. One day my cats were in a touchy mood and aggravating each other. I got mad and finally figured I would try music. Within 15 minutes of starting the music they all settled down. It was amazing!! I have a video of my Simba watching Notte Magica but I don’t know how to send it. Anyway, our guys have that magic touch.

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