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Notte Magica – Personal Reviews Part II!

nottemagica headerCiao!

I knew I had missed a few, so thanks for writing and letting me know!  Your fantastic reviews are below!  🙂

Thank you so much Annette and Victoria, for being patient with us!  Your reviews are special and so personal.  Thank you for sharing!  Flight Crew members in Rome – be sure to look for Victoria and her puppy!  🙂


From Annette from the Miami concert!

Hi Flightcrew:  Not sure if it is too late to submit my review and comments of the Miami concert, but here they are!
The day began with me meeting my friend Karen to make the 2 hr trip to Miami across Alligator Alley. Once there we decided to have lunch at Joe’s Stone Crab Restaurant which is located in South Beach and has been in business for nearly 100 years. Of course we had a jumbo order of Stone crabs with a side of fried tomatoes with spinach and cheese and Brusselsprouts. Delicious!!  I have been to this restaurant a few times but Karen had not!  It was a great lunch. Well after lunch, we decided to head to the American Airlines arena to see if we could get our VIP tickets early.  As luck would have it, one window was open. “YES” with tickets in hand, we decided to go to the hotel and rest for a few hours. As many of you have suggested ” get to the concert early “so we did. There was already a long line where you were told to pick up your VIP  package. Once we collected our passes, we went in to find our seats. Fantastic! Third row right in front of where the guys would be singing!  The bad news for those who came in late was that there were 50 folding chairs in a row with no separation set up on the floor. That meant if your seat was 20 you had to  maneuver  yourself in front of all those people already seated : not an easy task! So glad that we were there early!!
I had reservations about going to Miami!  In hindsight I think that Tampa would have been the better choice. There certainly was no ambience in this arena.. However, I heard that the guys love Miami because they have many friends there. Gloria & Emilio Estefan were in the audience and were introduced by Piero during the concert.
Well the concert was suppose to start at 8:00p.m, but as we looked around, there still were many vacant seats. The concert  started at 8:30p.m and there was no 20 minute break . I believe the problem was not only were all bags searched but every patron was wand before entering the arena. This may account for the many late arrivals. I might add that it was a nice surprise when Marion came by to say hello.  Thanks Marion!
What can I say about the concert itself except that the guys were fabulous!  I was especially in awe of Ignazio.  His voice was beyond magnificent and his charming banter about Alfredo was priceless.
As one sits there immersed in each song hoping that the concert will never end, the reality sets in when Piero announces their final song. The 2 hr concert just flew by in the blink of an eye. Is it really over?
Now those of us left who were doing M&G are told to sit in a certain area and after a short period of time are escorted to the M&G room. I thought that I had gotten enough tips from the Flightcrew , but they went out the window when I reached the guys. I had prepared gift bags for each with tee-shirts and hats monogrammed with Naples, Fl established in 1888. I thought that they would get a kick out of Naples, Fl not Naples, Italy!! My friend Karen was watching me and she said that Ignazio was so cute looking into the bag like a little kid whereas Gianluca and Piero immediately handed them off!  The photographer snapped our picture and it was over.

As for my dear friend Karen, this was her first Il Volo concert, for me my fourth. Last year we bought tickets together for Ft Myers, but she got sick and had to sell her ticket. She absolutely loved the “guys ” and is definitely looking forward to joining me in attending future concerts!
Thanks Annette
For me it was a Notte Magica! Would I do it again? Yes, I would in a heartbeat!!❤❤🎶🎶

Pictures below from Annette…is that not the most gorgeous picture/smile of Ignazio?  🙂 (right back at ya Igna!)

1 annette

1 annette 2

1 annette

Some of you have already been reading the comments from Dr. & Mrs. Victoria Wilson, here is her review of Minneapolis!

Dear Jana,
Thank you for your site.  I spent most of the night reading the comments, watching Il Volo concerts on YouTube (with earbuds), so I don’t wake my husband.  Music is healing for me.
Security stopped us from filming any singing at the MN concert so I taped the concert on my ‘iTalk’ app and we listen to it in the car.  The audience loved the concert and didn’t want any yelling.  People were hushed up. (That made me happy as I got such a clear tape on my phone.)  Everyone just wanted to hear those voices. I think the boys were perhaps offended and yet so many in the audience were crying.   People came from several states to see them.  It was not a young crowd and so many handicapped people who could not stand so there were fewer standing ovations.  There were so many wheelchairs I was surprised.  It took a lot for me to go out in the cold and I knew how much love was in that audience for so many handicapped people to show up.  Everywhere I looked, I saw tears running downs faces.  I had never been to a concert like that.
We have never been to Italy.  It will be our dream come true.  Our daughter loves to travel and is begging to go with us.  She’s had 3 brain surgeries and cannot travel right now.  We support our daughter and just the thought of all of us seeing Il Volo together brings tears to my eyes.  Our family will see them sing with their next US concert tour.
My daughter and I have learned how to live every minute of every day.  Our daughter is amazing we just laugh through everything.  Life is too short for anything else.  We have a wonderful life.  It is just different from other people. Our daughter tells me if I’m not having fun, then I’m doing it wrong and I should do something else.  I’m truly blessed.
I do not know how to get tickets for the meet and greet.  Could you please tell me how to get meet and greet tickets?   It never occurred to me except in a daydream.  I don’t know where to buy them.  I suddenly went into overwhelm just with the thought of being able to meet them in person.  It just never occurred to me with the wheelchair and all.
I watch them sing every day.  I have a lot of pain and their music gets me through my days.  Music has always been my salvation.  We will look for any of you now that I have found this wonderful site.
We took 3 pictures and don’t know how to make them smaller.  The one of the boys is not very good and it is a treasure for me.

My husband said after the concert…. “Let’s go to Italy for our anniversary”.  I was in tears by the time I got home.  He’s a saint and spoils me rotten.  Phoebe took turns in our laps and as soon as they sang she sat up to watch.  Phoebe is a labradoodle.

Jay and I keep looking at each other saying “I can’t believe we’re going to see them sing again”.

If someone knows who I call to get meet and greet tickets, I will be so grateful to know.  I will see if it’s possible.  It would be an unbelievable dream come true for us.
I am off to find an affordable handicap hotel in Rome.

Thank you again for your site.  I can see the work you put into it.  You are a treasure for so many people.  I’ve already sent your site to all of my friends.  (thank you!, Victoria!)  Blessings, Victoria

All of our friends are so excited about our trip. Since we were married, my husband’s dream was to see Venice. We’re walking around in a daze trying to grasp that this trip is really happening. We will get to hear Il Volo sing and we will meet those darling boys in person.
We have never experienced anything like this trip. The kindness and generosity of your group has made us feel like we already have friends in Rome and I’m no longer nervous about planning this adventure.
Maybe the picture of Jay was too big to print and I’m resending it because Phoebe is so sweet and anyone in your group will find us if they ask for the people with the dog.
1 victoria
1 vic dr1 victoria 2

You all look so happy and fantastic!  I never get tired of saying this, but the guys just seem to bring out the best in people – looks, character, emotions.  They are truly a living miracle and the best thing about it?  They really have no clue!  As much as we tell them at the meet greets, I’m sure they cannot fathom the lives they have touched, saved, and healed, over the past 8 years.  They certainly rule our world!  (and I’m sure, “rock” a few as well!)

Ciao a tutti!  Next up – Rome!  (just fyi… for the remaining upcoming concerts, we will be doing just one “Flight Crew Professional” review per city, as some have 2 or 3 scheduled, like Roma)  But don’t despair – we’ll still have good stuff to read in between!

And, we still want to hear from you!  We will always post your personal reviews like Annette’s and Victoria’s.  We just ask that you be patient!  🙂


Ciao, for now!


Detroit…Late ~ Marie

File this under, “better late than never”, but here is my story of the Detroit concert.  Everyone has described the season so well that my description will be pretty much the same…from breathtaking to heart-wrenching but here goes…

Instead of going to Florida this season to stay with Leelee and on to other spots sunnier than Ohio in winter, Leelee came to me for a fun week and to drive the 5 hours to Detroit and back. We checked in to our room, went downstairs and lo and behold!!  Guess who was staying at the same hotel?  What a surprise!  The Il Volo team!  Sitting in the lobby was Alessandra (what a doll), Elenora (another doll), our three young singers and a few more members of the team.  While we really do love running into them we really don’t want to be a nuisance.  We said a brief hello to each one of them.  They were very receptive.  Gianluca immediately jumped up and grabbed both of my hands.  He’s such a sweetie.  I asked him if at the meet and greet he would sign a photo his Nonno gave to me when I was in Montepagano.  He said he would.  Just basic hello’s all around and we left.

On our way to our room after dinner we once again saw the team.  They were trying to exit the lobby.  Their exit was hindered by an overly enthusiastic fan.  Noticing their escape attempt, we exchanged nods and smiles with them from across the hall.

The next day, the day of the concert, we had dinner with Rose Marie Paliobeis and Rosemarie.

This is a lovely empty box.

It wasn’t always a lovely empty box.  It was once a lovely box filled with delicious homemade Baklava.  Thank you, Rose Marie.  I can’t remember what happened to the Baklava.

While I’m in the thanking mode Thank You Jana, my adopted daughter, for booking us the most wonderful seats in the theater (and the sweet little gift).

Before, during and after the concert I was privileged to speak with a bunch of really neat people besides Rose Marie and Rosemarie, Betty Young (bubba), Sandi Eyman, Loretta, Lisa Joy, Gary Instok, Ginny, Chris Gapski, Bradley, Sharon, Stephen, and Katrina Angelus. I know there were others, but I’m pretty proud I remembered as many as I just did.

If you purchased a meet and greet these were your gifts:

An Il Volo Tote bag, I.V. mints, An I.V. deck of cards, a soft furry black carrying bag and of course, our VIP id.

The concert…

March 16, 2017 will be a date I’ll remember.  It was the day I switched from tolerating opera to loving it! There I was, front row left.  If I was any closer I would have sat on Gianluca’s foot. (Yay, Jana!)  Those Boys were smokin’ hot!  In both voice and appearance. But…you know that. You either saw and heard it for yourself or read it many times right here.

You think you’ll remember just how good they are, but no matter how many concerts you attend, you’ll always be surprised and blown away once again.  To say that I was moved by their performance would be a great understatement!

You all know, of course, that I am the very wrong person to write this.  The wrong one to tell you how absolutely wonderful they were.  So please take what I write with a grain of salt.  I am under some kind of magic spell.  I may not know the truth.  There is no objectivity in me.  Logic tells me they cannot be what I think them to be.  No one can possibly be what I think THEM to be.  Not only because most of my bucket list desires begin with words like Il Volo, Gianluca, Ignazio or Piero, but because my dreams aren’t even as good as seeing them live and in concert!  Weeping was in order.  I made it dry-eyed all the way to “Caruso”.

The Meet & Greet…

I had the opportunity to speak with Barbara before it was my turn to approach the guys. She said they indeed received our fruit and flowers and thanked us very much.

This time I practiced.  This time I will tell Ignazio about pizza with his sister, how lovely his home town is and that I spent some time with a friend of his.  If I remember, I will also tell him about staying in the same hotel he stays in when he goes to Naro.  He was the first one I came to.  I said, “hi”.  Couldn’t think of one other thing to say.  Couldn’t think of any words at all.  If I could only have remembered my name I would have at least introduced myself.  Damn!  I just stood there staring.  He has to think I am mildly retarded.  Maybe I am.  What’s wrong with me?  What am I… a crazed teenager?  Am I going to start screaming and tearing at my hair during the next concert?   So, once again, for about the 20th time, Ignazio met me for the first time and shook my hand.   *Sigh*   I moved on to Gianluca.  Gian’s greeting almost made me feel less stupid and a little less like I wanted to just be part of the scenery.  I said, “Hello Gianluca, I’m Mar…” He interrupted me with a big smile and said, “I know who you are.”  Yay!   We talked for a minute then he signed that photo his Nonno gave me.

Yes..I know it’s beautiful!

I was still speaking with Gianluca when my friend Piero gave me a shoulder massage. While I was pulling up my sleeves in abject bliss, (looking quite smug I see), the photographer thought it was a good time to take my photo.  The massage curled my toes and my perfectly straight hair.  Here’s proof. 😉

After that I only spoke with Piero for a few moments and was shooed off by security.

Yeah, meet and greet is expensive.  If the next one costs a thousand dollars I will pay it with a smile on my face.  Because next time I’m speaking to Ignazio!  Yes I am!



Atlanta, April 3, 2017 – Our Last Notte Magica!


atlanta poster

It was a last-minute decision, but I decided I could not bear the thought of not seeing the guys one last time before they left the United States for who knows how long. Had heard various reports from they were taking a year off, to they were “evaluating options,” and most recently from Gianluca – “see you in a few months!” from his Instagram story! Well, I wasn’t taking any chances! Lorna and I saw them at the beginning of this tour in Florence and we saw them at the end of it in the US!


I quickly analyzed their remaining concerts and figured out the best option and it ended up being the Atlanta show. We could still get meet/greet upgrades and there were still some decent seats left and the timing was good all-around for me taking a few more days off work and flight costs, etc.


I called Lorna and asked if she wanted to go to Atlanta? She was all in! We quickly bought the tickets, bought the upgrades (ouch!), then booked the flights and hotel. We stayed at the Artmore, practically right across the street from the Atlanta Symphony 20170402_155413Orchestra where they were playing. We flew out Saturday evening and arrived about 8:30p to the hotel. There was a wedding going on in the courtyard, so we could not go out there. From what a few persons told us, it was the same place the guys stayed last year. Yeah, doubt we’d get that lucky again! The location was perfect and right across the street and down a bit from the train and transportation center – MARTA.


Sunday, April 2, brought a beautiful, sunny, gorgeous day, with a high of 81. We had decided we wanted to go to the World of Coke, so we asked at the front desk how to get 20170402_093913there. Oh, she said, just go across the street to the train station and you catch the train into town, etc. Was pretty cheap, just $2.50 one way. Wow, seemed like a grand idea to us. So, we headed out after breakfast and away we went, crossing the street. We went to the right and the only thing we saw was this driveway going up that said “buses only and that pedestrians will be arrested!” What? Uh oh, don’t want to take any chances there, so we went in the other direction. Must be the other way? Ok, we walked, and got almost to the corner and realized, this was too far, so turned around again. Saw this other20170402_112520 driveway/street and decided that must be the way. So, we hiked up this hill, brought back some fond memories of being in Italy. We finally make it to the top and realized it was the arts center and that the symphony must be behind there. We went up some more steps (more shades of Italy!) and lo and behold, there it was! Ok, perfect. We can walk here – but wow, up that hill and if it’s raining? Well, we’ll decide on that later. Came back down and walked in a few more circles until we finally came to the place where we decided it must be the terminal area. It was pretty deserted, almost freaky. We found an elevator and took it down. We got out, and again, not a lot of people around. Of course, it was a Sunday. However, we did run into this nice worker who explained how things worked to these lost tourists from Dearborn! We ended up buying a 3-day pass and found out you could take this same train to the airport. What a deal! Uber cost us $45 from the airport – but we did get to ride in a Jaguar!


We got off the train (lots of escalators!) made it to street level and were lost. Again, Google Maps to the rescue! We rounded a few corners and up and down some more hills. Who knew Atlanta was so hilly? We finally made it! The World of Coke was a lot of fun and I’d recommend it to anyone who visited the area. “Included” in your ticket was a free little 8.5 ounce bottle of Coke, Coke Zero, or Sprite, upon entry, while you waited for your tour and little info movie to start. We got through with that and the movie and you were on your own. We walked through this little exhibit on the history of how Coke got started, then made our way to get your picture taken with the polar bear. Then we went through the “secret vault” area. There was also this 4D movie with moving chairs, which was a little hard on your back. Saw the place where you got your pictures. They started at $30! No way! Kept on walking… then, the best place ever! The tasting room! They had these little kiosk like areas set up all over this huge room, with each continent/area of the world represented and each of the various “Coke” brand beverages there for you to try. 20170402_125026It was pretty cool and you could taste all you wanted! After about 15 – 20 minutes, I’d had enough to drink! The last on the agenda there was the store. It was one of the most incredible souvenir stores I’d ever seen. It was huge and they had just about everything imaginable in there that you could think of that had to do with Coke. From mugs, glasses, and magnets, to phone cases, badge holders, lip smackers and even OPI nail polish, called Coke Red! And can’t forget all of the clothes and t-shirts. We got a little lost on the way back, but finally made it back to the train station and back to the hotel.


We got back about 4p and were exhausted. I checked my phone and we had walked just over 6 miles. No wonder we were tired! We ordered in and also got a bottle of wine to take back to our room. Bummer the hotel had no type of real restaurant or room service. It was a gorgeous night and we took the last of our wine outside to enjoy the courtyard by the firepit.Screenshot_20170405-232111


We knew storms were headed our way and I was keeping track of them. We woke to rain the next morning, but it was supposed to clear soon. We met briefly with Judy, Joanie, and the girls from Il Volo Miami, Gaby and Becky. We chatted a bit, anticipating the concert that night and relaying our stories from past concerts. Judy had gone to see them at Radio City. She did see them “almost” first and last in the US! Later, Nancy came to our room to get the extra ticket that Ticketmaster made me buy and after she had left, we went in search of another shuttle that was free to take us into town. That was a bit confusing. We asked at the desk if there was an easier way to get to the train station. We told the girl at the front desk we had walked around and up that big hill. She got a really good chuckle out of that one! She says no….. you go to your right and the entrance is right between those two benches… lol! So, we went her way and it was a whole lot easier. But just think of the workout our gluts got the day before!


While on the bus, I got this instant message from Judy saying there was a tornado warning and they were moving to the ground floor and where was Nancy? I said, “I don’t know, we’re on a bus!” Sure enough, it had started raining again. I checked my phone and indeed there was a tornado warning for the next 15 minutes or so. Luckily, nothing materialized. The few persons that were on this bus got off and then it stopped. Lorna said, isn’t this where we started? Yes, it was? Well, lost tourists again – we went in a circle, but they never announced Peachtree Center or anything? Ok, we gave up and took the train again. After a few more little mishaps, we finally ended up at Lenox Station. Somehow, I had an easier time in Italy getting around than I did in Atlanta? Of course, when we finally got out, it was raining pretty good and we had neither a coat or an umbrella!


We walked the short distance to the mall and I looked like an almost drowned rat. So much for my hair that night – would have to start all over. We proceeded to find Lorna a new outfit to wear and had an early dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. With all the walking we did, I still managed to gain 5 pounds somewhere! It couldn’t have possibly been the Nutella-topped, hazelnut chocolate crunch cheesecake I had for dessert, was it? It was so good. Not sure which was better, Gianluca singing, or the cheesecake. Ok, we all really know the answer, but that’s how good it was!


We kept going south, when we wanted to go north, or was that just the opposite? Per my calculations, we ended up in our room about 30 minutes ahead of my schedule and had a full two hours to get ready for the concert. We were ready early, so decided to just start walking. We went the easy way around this time and it was a whole lot easier, although we still had to go up the stairs to get to the symphony hall. With the luck of Il Volo, the storms had passed and it had turned into a beautiful evening with even the sun peeking out. We got to the lobby area shortly before 6:30p. We looked in and there were quite a few people. This was a large building with 3 separate theatres. We walked in and Lorna noticed a large group of people in the corner. We walked over and it was the VIP table. A little different than the previous venues. We signed in and got our stuff. Shortly after, they opened the doors. There was a big sign that said no “flash” photography. Ok, we could turn the flashes off? We were good. Unfortunately, the ushers did not agree with our reasoning and were telling people they could not take pictures again. They were really watching, too. Several times we saw the meany ushers go up to people and tell them no pictures – me included! I did sneak a few here and there when they left their post. Luckily those in the middle, they could not get to, so they got to take pictures!


Oh, the concert – lol! Like all of the others, it began with the orchestra and the guys came out to sing Nessun Dorma, etc. I had heard the ushers talking earlier and heard them say they had to end at 9:45p. Ok….after Granada, Piero began by saying it was their last concert and we all said “aw…..” and then he said they were glad to be going home tomorrow. Then Gianluca chastised Piero and said, “That’s not a nice way to start your last concert,” and of course we all laughed. They went on to sing, with several of the same little banter and jokes in between. They also took another 15 minute break. Orchestra again, and we were waiting for Grande Amore. Piero told a few little quips on how badly Americans pronounce Italian words. Like “macchiato” in Starbucks. He says, it’s not “macchiato” like the “ch” in macho, but like a “k” in Boschetto. Then Ignazio comments on how we say spaghetti – I guess we are lazy here and don’t pronounce each consonant separately, if there is a double. Then Piero says, “who is Alfredo?” I never realized, because I don’t like it, but apparently, they have never seen or heard of a person, as Chicken Alfredo in Italy. (however, I did look this up and it did start in Italy with a guy named Alfredo – he cooked this special dish for his pregnant wife).  Since we had been to several concerts already and had reviewed several of them, we “thought” we knew what was going on. Still waiting for Grande Amore. They did their “fake” leaving and came back and sang O Sole Mio. Gianluca had also led the audience brilliantly a few times in clapping sequences during the Libiamo song. After they sang O Sole Mio, the crowd was on its feet. Lorna and I were tired, so we just sat there, knowing it really wasn’t over yet. However, the crowd did not stop. I finally got up and realized the guys were waving goodbye and people were handing them gifts, etc. Ok, that was a sure sign it was over! But where was Grande Amore, and the last Nessun Dorma? Yes, Atlanta, you were cheated out of 3 songs! Not only those two, but also Caruso. I looked at the time – it was 9:45p on the nose! Their voices were still superb and I swear I noticed a few little different nuances here and there. Again, it was all over way too soon, this time, for sure!


The Meet/Greet

We waited about the usual amount of time and then they led us down many flights of stairs. We wanted to go to the bathroom, but were afraid they would come get us and we wouldn’t know where to go. We were lucky and passed a bathroom on the way and asked if it was ok to use it. They said ok. Of course, everyone wanted to be last, so when we finally came down the stairs, you could see the icicle glares! We really didn’t do it on purpose, it just worked out that way. But, of course, everyone is so polite and said, “why no, after YOU, of course!” So, we weren’t really last, but that was ok, we were near the end, with maybe 20 people or so behind us. We never really counted.


Ignazio was in rare form. They had their music playing in the background and he was singing his part every so often. Even Gian and Piero piped in once or twice I think. Although, after a little while, Igna told them to turn it off. Crazy me, I didn’t want Alessandra to feel left out, so I was up til 2:30am the night before we left, making both her and I, a scarf with the winged logo! I ended up doing a black scarf similar to Barbara’s with the gold, then crystal, and then black little “ends.” I think it came out nice. Leonora and Alessandra were sitting in chairs against the wall. It was a large room, but nothing fancy and they had tables set up to put your stuff on in the middle. There was also a piano in the corner. Ignazio was acting crazier than normal and dancing with a few of the ladies. There was one girl who had to be over 6 feet tall and very thin. No one could be taller than Igna, so he pulled over a chair and stood on it! People were saying he was not feeling well. If that was the case, he was putting on a pretty good show!


When I got close enough, I approached Alessandra. I gave her the scarf and told her I had made one for her also because I did not want her to feel left out. I guess I spoke too quickly and she asked me to repeat it. I slowed down a bit and said I had made them for all of the mothers. Then, for me, the real surprise, I did mention Leonora, and then she said “the green one!” Wow, she does know some English! I said, “Si!” Alessandra said the “usual” “thank you so much!” and I got back in line. I don’t think she opened it. I also gave her a card, as I did for Leonora and Barbara. Hey, all their names end in an “a”?” Lol!


It was my turn and I went up to each of them and gave them a hug, saying it was hugs from Detroit, then reached down to squeeze each of their hands, telling them we were really going to miss them for a while. I recall their hands being very soft and a little cold. I accidentally stepped on Piero’s foot – oops! I did the same with Igna (no, did not step on his foot) and also told him “remember it’s 3 parts flour and 1 part cocoa” and he laughed! I really have no clue if they really remember me or not. None of them said anything after I told them we were going to miss them. Did I remember to really look into their eyes? I’m sure I did, but I don’t remember. Oh well… I’ll just have to pretend I did when I look at their picture on my wallpaper at work!


However, they remembered Lorna! She started to walk up there and Igna pointed to her and said, “I remember you!” She jokingly hid behind the backdrop for a second, then she said Gian told her she was a rock star! Ok, that did it, she was in heaven again and almost forgot to get her picture a 2nd time!!


We were about to leave, when all of a sudden, we realized that Ignazio is singing and playing the piano! This one girl was having a long talk with Piero, so I guess he decided to kill some time! He performed Unchained Melody. It was so beautiful, his voice was loud and perfection! Their photographer got most of it, I think, so I hope it ends up on the Internet/Social Media somewhere! We were afraid they were going to make us leave, but they didn’t. What a special and as Nancy said, a “once in a lifetime” treat! That is for sure! There were still a lot of people in line, so I could not really see Alessandra during the song, which he of course, was singing for her. Afterward though, she seemed, not sure, almost a little annoyed.  She crossed her legs and went back to her phone.  They were waiting for him, so he had to go back to the m/g area and finish up.


As we were leaving, I gave a little shout out, saying ciao and buonanotte. Barbara was standing there by the wall as we left and at least SHE remembered me! She saw me and said, “thank you again for the scarf!” I was so tickled right then! I told her I was so glad she liked it. Wonder if she’ll actually wear it? Then I told her we were going to miss them for the next few years. I also told her we’d love to see them back at PBS and that I would do everything I could to make sure they said Ignazio’s name correctly! She smiled and agreed! I told her for her to tell them…. Then we said goodbye. Lorna thought I had gotten lost, as she had gone ahead of me. So maybe I did not connect with the guys, but I did with Leonora and Barbara. I know there are many out there who talk to the mothers and Barbara and Alessandra, but I never did before, so it was pretty cool for me.


With regret, our notte magica was coming to an end. We went out into the beautiful, 20170403_231249magical night, under the stars, and walked to our hotel. As I think about this now, this is how we ended the first one! However, thankfully, there were no dive-bombing pigeons!

Gina’s Long Distance Adventure!!!



“It’s finally here. Mom is so excited!!!”

These were the words of my daughter Kim telling the Facebook family about my “Life with the boys”.

When this year’s US Tour was announced I checked the list of cities that Il Volo would be making and right away knew that they would not be coming back to the “Wild West”.
Two cities jumped out. New York and Radio City and Las Vegas. I had lived in Manhattan years ago. Years before the boys were born but always loved the memory. It just seemed so far away now. Vegas seemed closer to Waco so I just casually announced to my family that someone should take me there. I knew that Kim 8 had the most flexible work schedule and was used to “corralling” her mother thru the Airports. It was early so the idea sort of died until we got a call from my 81 year old sister in law in Lubbock. “I want to go. I want to go”. I knew that Jo had never heard of Il Volo so I kept saying “are you sure”? Well in the end she was talking about IL DIVO but insisted that she would love Il Volo and wanted to go. The trip came back to life.
We finally got the tickets, hotel and airline tickets. I WAS GOING ON MY LAST LONG DISTANCE ADVENTURE.

The time flew by and we were getting excited about this trip. ONE PHONE CALL put a damper on the trip. My sister in law JO died in her sleep. A few weeks later my husband fell and cracked the knee cap of his already bad leg. Then my son wound up in the emergency room with terribly high blood pressure. By this time I felt there was a sign that maybe I should stay home. Everyone told me to GO. I found a ‘baby sitter” for my husband and asked Myron to find someone that might enjoy the concert and use Jo’s ticket. He did and her name was Ronda.
A lovely lady that had not been a fan but I know she is now.

I will not bore you with the trip to Las Vegas. It is not easy for a 81 old lady with a daughter that was protective and always wanting to put me in a wheel chair.
I was using a cane and got some perks to get thru faster in the check in line. One person yelled at me “do you have metal, pacemaker or other artificial item” so I told him “no, I still have my own parts”. I did get to go thru some faster check in.

ARRIVED VEGAS. Took a taxi to Monte Carlo motel. MY FIRST trip to VEGAS. I was in shock to see the masses of people checking in and checking out. The hotel is under renovation but the PARK Theatre had already been redone. A taxi driver told us that once the hotel is completely renovated they will rename it to “Park”.
We arrived THURSDAY morning and walked three miles on the strip. Friday we went downtown to the old VEGAS on FREEMONT STREET. Another three miles. Kim has some device that counts your steps and converts into miles. TIRED is the magic word.
SATURDAY the day of the concert we did not leave the room till it was time to go to eat at d. Vino Italian Food and Wine Bar – Monte Carlo.

Myron had mentioned that it was right across the Park Theatre and a nice place for Il Volo fans to informally meet and have dinner. I turned over my extra ticket to a friend of Myron’s who later turned out to be Rhonda.
The Park Theatre has an unusual (to me) seating arrangement. We where slightly elevated after the “Orchestra” section and had a great view.
Finally the orchestra came out, played and THE BOYS APPEARED. So handsome, confident and professional. I saw them in Dallas on their last US Tour and they were boys and this Saturday to me they became grown men.
My Dallas concert was AN EXPERIENCE because it was my first time seeing them live. It takes a while to transfer your VIDEO images to LIVE so I had a special experience in Dallas. NOW I could sit back and just listen. Their voices changed so much. It is amazing how far they have come only in such a short time.
As soon as I get my house back in shape and get enough sleep I will get back on YOUTUBE and close my eyes and listen to the concert from Radio City.
They will always be “boys” to me but I am so proud of the grown young men.



“…my turn to walk up to our guys and share my love of this beautiful concert.” ~ Jeannette

Written on March 26th:

Last night was my night at the Notte Magica Concert at the Monte Carlo, Park Theater in Las Vegas Nevada…

It truly was a Magical night and it started long before the concert began… Pamela McIntyre along with Myron Heaton and the Flight Crew helped me promote the casual dinner at “d. Italia” the Italian restaurant just a few steps from the Concert Venue… We asked people to make reservations under their own names and just add that they were part of the Il Volo fan group… I figured we would have around fifty fans getting together to share their love for Il Volo alone with a nice dinner…. To my surprise we filled almost every table in the entire restaurant… We had over seventy five fans that enjoyed a nice Italian dinner before going to see Il Volo… It was almost no work involved in putting this fun time together for the fans, but I have to say I loved meeting so many new people as I went table to table having them share their Il Volo stories with me… I handed out name tags for them to put their names on and everyone knew that there were Il Volo fans seated next to them and they shared stories along the way…I had a great surprise that I must share… Joanie Greenspan called me and said she was in Las Vegas and she was going to the concert… I told her to get to the restaurant for dinner and she did along with our very special friends George and Laural Filkins which Joanie and I met last year at the Fantasy Springs Il Volo concert in Ca… I have to say for me, it was truly a very special night and I had not even seen the concert as yet…
The concert was spectacular… The guys were just simply Super Stars on that stage, they never sounded better or looked more elegant than last night… I could go on forever but I would just be repeating what we have already read from other fans…
There are no better singers/entertainers in this world than OUR IL VOLO!!!
Of all the meet and greets in all the world, happiness and joy walked into mine… I must say we were sort of at the end of the line with just three lovely young ladies behind us… As Myron and I were discussing the wonders of the performances of each of our guys, Robert Gandara chief operating officer of OMGVIP came over and visited with us… He is just a delightful gentleman that help us so much when we were putting the fan fair together last year…He has become a valuable friend and he just shared his love for Il Volo with us, with very special and sincere feelings for our guys… We met three young people from Mexico who were in front of us… They were exquisitely dressed in tuxedos and bow ties, the young beautiful girl with them was in a beautiful long dress and her beauty was that of a young Salma Hayek, but even more beautiful… They were the highlight of the meet and greet thus far, for as we were standing in line they not only engaged in loving conversation about Il Volo, but also was very helpful to us as we had many bags given to us from fans at the dinner to give to the guys because those fans were not able to go to the Meet and Greet… They carried our bags though our time in line until we got to the table for gifts…
Now it was my turn to walk up to our guys and share my love of this beautiful concert .., I wanted them to know how much I enjoyed every moment and that I felt that they exceeded every expectation that I could have for them… They each thanked me and gave me a hugGianluca was the last of the three in line and when I walked up to him he just put his arms around me with a grand hug and asked me if I liked the performance… I of course engaged in a very long conversation with him about the beauty of the concert, and also told him I would see them in Italy… His eyes lit up and asked me which concert I would be attending, and when I gave him the list he hugged me again and again and said he would be looking forward to seeing us in Italy… Piero also gave me a hug when he heard we would see them in Italy… I have to say, I must have been with them for a full two minutes before I had to turn around to have our picture taken, that was the first time I realize that Myron was at the other end talking with Ignazio .. So we had much more time with our guys than at any other meet and greet… When we walked away we saw Barbara and has a warm and loving conversation with her as well… So I have to end this summary by saying this was the most exciting and very best Magical night of my Il Volo life …
Thanks to all who came to to our dinner at d.Italia’s and thanks to the new Il Volo friends I made along the way, and special thanks to IL VOLO…Thanks to you it was my Notte Magica..

~~Jeannette Giglio