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“…my turn to walk up to our guys and share my love of this beautiful concert.” ~ Jeannette

Written on March 26th:

Last night was my night at the Notte Magica Concert at the Monte Carlo, Park Theater in Las Vegas Nevada…

It truly was a Magical night and it started long before the concert began… Pamela McIntyre along with Myron Heaton and the Flight Crew helped me promote the casual dinner at “d. Italia” the Italian restaurant just a few steps from the Concert Venue… We asked people to make reservations under their own names and just add that they were part of the Il Volo fan group… I figured we would have around fifty fans getting together to share their love for Il Volo alone with a nice dinner…. To my surprise we filled almost every table in the entire restaurant… We had over seventy five fans that enjoyed a nice Italian dinner before going to see Il Volo… It was almost no work involved in putting this fun time together for the fans, but I have to say I loved meeting so many new people as I went table to table having them share their Il Volo stories with me… I handed out name tags for them to put their names on and everyone knew that there were Il Volo fans seated next to them and they shared stories along the way…I had a great surprise that I must share… Joanie Greenspan called me and said she was in Las Vegas and she was going to the concert… I told her to get to the restaurant for dinner and she did along with our very special friends George and Laural Filkins which Joanie and I met last year at the Fantasy Springs Il Volo concert in Ca… I have to say for me, it was truly a very special night and I had not even seen the concert as yet…
The concert was spectacular… The guys were just simply Super Stars on that stage, they never sounded better or looked more elegant than last night… I could go on forever but I would just be repeating what we have already read from other fans…
There are no better singers/entertainers in this world than OUR IL VOLO!!!
Of all the meet and greets in all the world, happiness and joy walked into mine… I must say we were sort of at the end of the line with just three lovely young ladies behind us… As Myron and I were discussing the wonders of the performances of each of our guys, Robert Gandara chief operating officer of OMGVIP came over and visited with us… He is just a delightful gentleman that help us so much when we were putting the fan fair together last year…He has become a valuable friend and he just shared his love for Il Volo with us, with very special and sincere feelings for our guys… We met three young people from Mexico who were in front of us… They were exquisitely dressed in tuxedos and bow ties, the young beautiful girl with them was in a beautiful long dress and her beauty was that of a young Salma Hayek, but even more beautiful… They were the highlight of the meet and greet thus far, for as we were standing in line they not only engaged in loving conversation about Il Volo, but also was very helpful to us as we had many bags given to us from fans at the dinner to give to the guys because those fans were not able to go to the Meet and Greet… They carried our bags though our time in line until we got to the table for gifts…
Now it was my turn to walk up to our guys and share my love of this beautiful concert .., I wanted them to know how much I enjoyed every moment and that I felt that they exceeded every expectation that I could have for them… They each thanked me and gave me a hugGianluca was the last of the three in line and when I walked up to him he just put his arms around me with a grand hug and asked me if I liked the performance… I of course engaged in a very long conversation with him about the beauty of the concert, and also told him I would see them in Italy… His eyes lit up and asked me which concert I would be attending, and when I gave him the list he hugged me again and again and said he would be looking forward to seeing us in Italy… Piero also gave me a hug when he heard we would see them in Italy… I have to say, I must have been with them for a full two minutes before I had to turn around to have our picture taken, that was the first time I realize that Myron was at the other end talking with Ignazio .. So we had much more time with our guys than at any other meet and greet… When we walked away we saw Barbara and has a warm and loving conversation with her as well… So I have to end this summary by saying this was the most exciting and very best Magical night of my Il Volo life …
Thanks to all who came to to our dinner at d.Italia’s and thanks to the new Il Volo friends I made along the way, and special thanks to IL VOLO…Thanks to you it was my Notte Magica..

~~Jeannette Giglio

Il Volo’s Last USA Concert at Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio CA.

I would like to share my experience of Il Volo’s last concert at Fantasy Springs, Indio Ca. Finding the videos of that last concert inspired me to share my experience with my Il Volo Family.

As always Il Volo saved their best performance for last… They were charming as always but they were ELECTRIFIED…. They audience loved them… Joanie Greenspan and I were in the second row, and we could see Il Volo’s enjoyment of the crowds response to each of their songs by the excitement plainly on their faces.

Sitting next to me was a couple who had never been to an Il Volo Concert… They had seen the PBS Pompeii Special and thought, why not see them in person… This couple had no idea what they were in store for… They screamed, they yelled, the whoop, hollered… We had gathered in a group… Joanie, Kristine Kelly, Karen Raupp, Carol Coates, and our new friends… Together we took a group picture with Il Volo… Il Volo was happy to see us, they knew us from previous meet and greets… I only did five concerts and meet and greets this year… I think Joanie has done about ten, not to mention the ones in Italy… They are beginning to know their groupies… They greeted the new couple with the same charm and grace as they did us… Afterward, this beautiful couple said they were celebrating their 47th Anniversary and asked us to have a drink with them… We carried our evening to the wee hours of the morning.. .Laughing, sharing Il Volo stories of our past concerts and our Fan Convention in Las Vegas… By the end of the night we were life long friends… Two more Il Volo lovers in our Il Volo family… It was the last concert of the Il Volo USA Tour, and the greatest way for us to end our love for Il Volo by adding two more Il Volo fans to our wonderful Il Volo family…
One last quick note, we met up with the band members as we were leaving the meet and greet and they were as charming as Il Volo… Happy to chat with us and laugh with us.. What a fine team of nice men that support Il Volo…

Videos of the Fantasy Springs Concert  April 2, 2016



In Three Part Harmony ~ Myron Heaton

From Myron Heaton for March 25 – 27, 2016

2016-03-25 21.02.18 name

I am writing this in three parts with a short personal comment at the end.

Part I – Las Vegas Il Volo Fan Faire convention and Banquet

Part II – Il Volo Concert at the Pearl Theatre – Palms Hotel March 25 – Las Vegas

Part II – Contrasting two back-to-back concerts using Los Angeles March 26

2016-03-25 20.57.15-1 name

Part I – IL VOLO FAN FAIRE – 2016

I want to thank all of our volunteer staff for their work on the Fan Faire. There were quite a few and I do not have all the names as of this morning so I will only spotlight three. Some of you started with us this last year but some others have been tagging along with me since 2012 (through thick and thin) Huge thank you goes to Jeannette for being a great working partner. All the many, many things that she did behind the scenes to get so many details organized and ready for this event.

Jeannette and I could not have the Vegas work without Marie and Kelly at Flight Crew and their staff members helping to get the word out and really being a tremendous support. Marie is one of those hanging in there since 2012.

Let’s face it, There has never been an event like this for Il Volo.  I asked Barbara Vitali (Manager) while they were here and aside from small private “get-togethers” that some people have had with 6 or 8 or so people – informal type of gathering – This is the first organized and official (from Il Volo) large Il Volo fan gathering anyplace – and including the apprearance of the the boys in person at our event. WOW !

2016-03-25 21.01.06 namw

If it sounds like I am kind of high, I AM !! On a personal basis this was always a gamble because they were only doing this as a favor. We did not contract them for money. They came because I asked and because they wanted to come. The old fashioned term was: “gentlemen’s agreement” but now it should be “gentleperson’s agreement” because the Barbara, Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio were the other “gentleperson and that was the central key. I must tell a little secret. Even the day of our event there was a time problem around noon and for a while I did not know if they were going to make it let alone when. But then I saw Gianluca at lunch and we chatted a little while and that was the confirmation I needed. He said: “ we will be a little late but we will be there” (almost words from God at that moment).

End result: the most important thing to me was that later that night Barbara and the boys said they were very happy with and actually surprised at how big the event was. They loved it. Barbara and later Piero told us that next time (get that phrase: “ next time” again words as if from God) they will help us put it together and then find a way to guarantee they will schedule at least a full hour with us and do more activities. Now from my self-centered attitude, I loved that reaction and the news with it.

From our group stand point we have already had many emails and tweets indicating that, even though there were some issues to be fixed and some other minor problems to deal with, the general report we are getting is a very positive response. One item that needs to be changed for the next time is that the dinner places must be assigned in advance with name cards and there cannot be last minute changes like we put up with Friday.

The reports I have gotten were that the room was a nice room (great view – duh!) and the food was very good. We found the staff to be very nice and very helpful. I was not sure if we were going to need security but I went ahead with it and, boy! , am I glad we did! When the Il Volo boys came to us I thought there was a high-pitched earthquake happening. I thought only teenage girls acted that way (I say that with tongue in cheek). I was surprised that the boys got out of there with their clothes still on !!!!!

2016-03-25 21.05.48 Name

But that is a sign to me that we had an event that achieved the excitement we wanted. Can you imagine an hour instead of 30 minutes (those poor boys – ahem ! Cough !)

There will be one more comment after all three of these parts are done.


Wonderfully Exhausted ~ Jeannette’s Detroit Experience

a Jeannette - Detroit

Hello my Il Volo Family…

I am back from Detroit and am totally exhausted from my four wonderful days in Detroit … What a wonderful feeling it is to be this tired from non stop enjoyment…

My adventure started by being picked up at the airport by Il Volo Sister Donna Sabo… She was waiting for me at baggage claim and I walked right up to her like I had known her for years… No one would ever think we had never actually met… We hugged and laughed and just felt like we had know each other always.. .That is the Magic of the Il Volo Connection…The beautiful thing is that the feeling of connection lasted through out my stay with her in Detroit… She is just the most beautiful person inside and out… We had a great day on Friday together along with her sweet and charming cousin Kathy who is just as kind and lovely as Donna… She accepted me with open arms… We laughed we ate, we laughed we shared some vino, we laughed till the wee hours of the morning…

Saturday, we spent a relaxed morning packing and then getting ready to head to the Westin Hotel in Downtown Detroit… It is only a few blocks from the Fox theater… This was the best decision we had ever made even though Donna does not live far from Detroit… Many of our Il Volo sisters were staying at the Westin, and thanks to Joanie Greenspan calling me and making arrangements to meet at the Westin, we were able to meet so many more of our Il Volo Family… Again we laughed, we ate, we drank the vino…

Off to the Fox theater … We got into a cab at the hotel and off to the Fox we went… We were there in less than five minutes even though the traffic was difficult.. Our Cab driver was very nice, and he did not even turn on the meter… He just was happy to get us there in spite of the congestion and so we tipped him well for his efforts… I bring this to the attention of everyone so that you will know if you are going to an Il Volo concert in a big city, please either get a hotel room a close to the venue or give yourself time to get to the venue hours before curtain time, find a restaurant within walking distance and relax then go to the concert in plenty of time… There was so much going on in Downtown Detroit the night of the concert that hundreds of people could not get to the theater on time, could not find parking and had to park more than a mile away from the venue and missed some of the concert… Thanks to our picking the Westin Hotel to spend Saturday and being only a few blocks from the theater, we avoided a heart breaking situation…

There are no words in the English Dictionary that can describe the concert I was at, at the most beautiful Theater I have ever had the pleasure of being in…

“Il Volo era assolutamente il migliore che abbia mai avuto, hanno esse stesse hanno fatto un centinaio di volte … Erano belle, sembrava incredibile e erano così divertente e affascinante sul palco che si voleva solo correre su per abbracciarlo”

Okay, I got carried away because of these Italian charmers… So in English…
“Il Volo was absolutely the best they have ever been, they out did themselves with every song they sang…. They were beautiful, sounded incredible and were so funny and charming on stage that you just wanted to run up and hug them”

I loved every minute they were on stage, they did not disappoint… Every song was perfect and incredible… Every song just brought your heart to new heights… My goodness, the solo’s  brought tears to my eyes as each one shined in their own light as they brought their solo’s to life with their skilled voices and incredible delivery… The Duets were just as amazing, and of course put all three together for a song and what do you have? ” Our three charming and beautiful men of IL Volo with the three most beautiful voices in the world…

The meet and greet? Well it was fast and as always you want more time with the guys.. But they were as always, Charming, gracious and happy that we took the time be with them for a moment and take a picture with them.. They are still the most caring and thoughtful young men you ever want to meet… And I promise you, you do want to meet them… So if you are planning a concert in the future, please try to get a meet and greet to go along with it…

The night ended with a bunch of us Il Volo sisters going back to the Westin for one more glass of Vino and share our wonderful moments of the concert with each other before going up to our rooms to dream of the most incredible three young men who gave their all so that we would have the most wonderful concert of our lives… That is just what Il Volo does !!!


Set list 

Il Volo 2016 Tour

 Detroit March 27, 2016

  2.Il Mondo
  4.You don’t have to say you love me.
  6. Aranjuez                  (Gianluca)
  7  E Lucevan Le Stelle  (Piero)
  8. Piove
  9. Life is Beautiful
10. Caruso
11. My Way                  (Gianluca and Piero)
12. Quando L’Amoe diventa poesia
13. Unchained Melody   (Gianluca and Ignazio)  
14. O’Paeso D’O’ Solo    ( Ignazio  and Piero)
15  Delilah
16. Eternally
17. Memory                    (Ignazio
18. Anema E Core          (Gianluca)
19. No Puede Ser           (Piero)
20. O solo mio
21. Surrender
22. Grande Amore

“Who’s Going (/Been) Where List”

February, 2016

One Last Time!


Are you ready to meet other Flight Crew Members?

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Note from Jana for DETROIT concert goers:

Just FYI – for those attending the Sat, Feb 27 show at the Detroit Fox Theatre

I just talked to someone that is a regular usher at the Fox and they are ushering the night of the Il Volo concert. She gave me some additional info on what to expect, etc. She said you can bring in a bag or purse to carry.

They will have merchandise to purchase – Il Volo has come out with some new things – t-shirts, mugs, pins, etc. So, you can put them in one of your bags, not sure if they will hand out bags? I imagine, so? You can bring your cell phone/camera, as we know Il Volo allows pictures. She said of course nothing professional/recording devices. She said the ushers do not take things away from you, unless they are abused, but they will ask you to put them away, if necessary. She said 7p is a good time to get there, but they won’t necessarily open the doors to the actual seating area at 7p. Likely, it’s about a half hour before, maybe around 7:30p, but she said there is no set time.

You will be ushered to your seat, if you have the more front rows/orchestra pit area. You can mill around and go up to the mezzanine, to look around, but be sure to take your ticket with you, in case someone asks. Just tell them you are looking and tell them you have tickets on the main floor, etc. She said to be sure not to get in the “line” for seating if you are looking around, or you will get stuck there – just go around. She says you can take pictures before the concert starts. There is also an elevator to get to the mezzanine. Doesn’t sound like security will be a big deal, but of course they will do a bag/purse check. We will need to mill around the back lobby area until the actual theatre doors open. I’m still planning on taking just my phone/camera/wallet thing. Not sure if I will buy anything or not. I want to be “object free” to stand and clap and not have to worry about anything falling or dropping, or losing anything!

Not sure what kind of line there will be at the “will call” so if your tickets are at will call, may want to be sure to get there early. 🙂 see you all there!




Let me “Show you a good thing”.  Get up and dance! ~Marie

Thanks Ann


A note from the Las Vegas Fan Faire Folk:

I want to thank all of you on the Fight Crew Blog who have chosen not only to come to The Il Volo Concert but also chose to attend the first ever Il Volo Fan Faire Convention at the Palms Hotel and Casino here in Las Vegas… Your participation will help make our goal of having fans in one place to honor Il Volo a success… We have reached our attendance goal, but we always have room for more… So if any of you would like to join our Fan Faire Convention, please email us at IlVolo@LV@outlook.com

Remember that we want all of Il Volo’s concerts to be sold out concerts and we have almost reached that goal at the Pearl theater at the Palms Hotel and Casino… So if you decide to see Il Volo and come to the fan convention, make your decision soon as the seats at the concert are almost sold out…

Thank you and see you soon.

Jeannette Giglio


Please update me, in comments, if I have it wrong or your name is missing.  It will live over there on your right under “Topics”.  

For the most reliable dates and times for an IL VOLO CONCERT call your local Ticketmaster, Venue or PBS station.





Il Volo U.S./Canada Tour Dates 2016

Fri, Feb 05, 2016 Buffalo, NY Kleinhans Music Hall

   ~Loretta’s friend
   ~Loretta’s other friend

Sun, Feb 07, 2016 Orillia, ON Casino Rama Entertainment Center
~Penina Honig

Tue, Feb 09, 2016 Montreal, QC Salle Wilfrid Pelletier Place des Arts

Wed, Feb 10, 2016 Boston, MA Wang Center
~Mary M.
~Julie Bernache
~17 high school students

Fri, Feb 12, 2016 Wallingford, CT Toyota Presents Oakdale Theatre
~John from CT
~5 friends and co-workers

Sat, Feb 13, 2016 Atlantic City, NJ Event Center at the Borgata
~Maria Leps
~Donna Cunnane
~Beverly Schreiner
~Geri Z
~Daughter Sue
~Camille Greco

Tue, Feb 16, 2016 Albany, NY Palace Theatre
~Lynn Keough
~Karen St. Germain (3 generations attending)
~Laura St. Germain
~Anna St. Germain

Wed, Feb 17, 2016 New York, NY Barclays Center
~Geri Cee

Fri, Feb 19, 2016 Washington,  DC John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts 
~Janis Blank
~ Those world traveling Granny Groupies:
  ~Joanie Brenin
  ~Deborah Beaupre
  ~Maria Leps
  ~Madeline Vitella (Maddie)

Sun, Feb 21, 2016 Easton, PA State Theatre Center for the Arts
~Maria Leps
~Donna Cunnane
~Margaret Ladolcetta
~Valerie D’Antonio
~Camille Greco

Tue, Feb 23, 2016 Hershey, PA The Hershey Theatre
~Donna Cunnane
~Janis Blank

Wed, Feb 24, 2016 Cleveland, OH Playhouse Square Theatre/State Theatre
~Mary Ann Sutton
~Mayra Berrios
~Beverly Olson
~June Solomon
~Friend Kathy

Fri, Feb 26, 2016 Chicago, IL Chicago Theatre
~Ann Scavo (anncruise)
~Harriet Eckberg
~Jeanne Thomas
~Donna McKune
~Laura Badtke (front row)

~Patricia Jamison
~Nancy Kovacs
~Linda Dawson
~Lois Hartwig
~Friend Dorothy
~Carol Herman

Sat, Feb 27, 2016 Detroit, MI Fox Theatre
~Chris Gapski
~Barbara Dixon
~Barbara’s Husband

   ~Mr. Jeanie
~Magdalena Skiles
~Barb Nelson

Tue, Mar 01, 2016 Nashville, TN Ryman Auditorium
~Anna Breeding
~Charles Breeding
~Paula Elkins
~Chris Pegnato
~Nola Martin
~Diane Varsek

Thu, Mar 03, 2016 Jacksonville, FL Florida Theatre
~Renee Bourg

Sat, Mar 05, 2016 Miami, FL The Bank United Center- University of Miami
~Marie Crider
~Ineke Poisson
~Vivian Liebgold

Sun, Mar 06, 2016 Tampa, FL Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center
~Nancy H.
~Rose Marie Paliobeis
~Maria Mutino

Tue, Mar 08, 2016 Fort Myers, FL Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall
~Marie Crider
~Ineke Poisson
~Julie Bernache
~Robert Bernache (son)
~Kate Antico
~John Antico
~Mary Strickler

~Bob Strickler
~Alice White
~Cousin Debbie

Thu, Mar 10, 2016 Orlando, FL Walt Disney Theater
~Deanne Smith
   ~Deanne’s friend
   ~Deanne’s Daughter
~Mary M

Fri, Mar 11, 2016 Atlanta, GA Atlanta Symphony Hall

Mon, Mar 14, 2016 New Orleans, LA Saenger Theatre
~Lynn B.
~Husband Ron
  ~Sister Carrie
~Mom Lorraine
~Vicki V.
~Carol Mason


Wed, Mar 16, 2016 Austin, TX Bass Concert Hall
~Sandra Schmidt
  ~Husband Luis
  ~Friend Rene
  ~Friend Carmen 
Thu, Mar 17, 2016 San Antonio, TX Majestic Theatre
~Dorothy Henderson
~Dorothy’s daughter, Jennifer
~Liz Vines

Sat, Mar 19, 2016 Dallas, TX Majestic Theatre
~Kim (Gina’s daughter)
~Daughters friend, Jewell
~Daughters other friend, Janie

~Andrea Luttrull

~Anna Rogers
~Barb Nelson

Sun, Mar 20, 2016 Oklahoma City, OK Civic Center Music Hall
~Gale Wall
~ Becky her daughter

~Gale Cramer

Tue, Mar 22, 2016 Denver, CO Paramount Theatre
~Jim Douglas

Thu, Mar 24, 2016 Mesa, AZ Mesa Arts Center (MAC)
   ~Kitty’s son
~Barbara Walther

~Terry’s sister
~Barbara in AZ
~Ruth Rapp

  ~Ruth’s sister
  ~Ruth’s other sister

Fri, Mar 25, 2016 Las Vegas, NV Pearl Concert Theater

~Marie Crider
~Ineke Poisson
~Jeannette Giglio
~Jane Caminsky
~Mary Bohling
  ~Ann (Bohling)
~Suzy Rust
~Allene Shipman

~Jeanine DuBois
~Anne Quinto
  ~Micheal (gr. son)
  ~Elizabeth (daught)
~Carol Coates
~Joanie Guyon (2nd tier No 202)
  ~Joanie’s Guest

~Ann Scavo (anncruise)
~Laura Jenkis

~Loretta Foley
  ~Steve Peacock

~Anna Breeding
~Charles Breeding

~Prese Pasco
~Norma Noel
~Linda Dawson
~Donna McKune
~Jana Vandelaare
~Joan Brenin (Joaniefl2)
~Deborah Georgini Beaupre
~Jenny Newman
~Julie Bernache
~Robert Bernache
~Luckylady (Lynne M.)
~Linda Hoen
~Mr. Hoen
~Dorothy V.
~Chris Pegnato
~Laura Parish
~Christa Owen
~Chris (cmgapski)
~Antoinette Surma
~John Kraus
~Bill McIntosh
~Beverly Olson
~Judy Thurman
~Jill Manning
~Marie Dennis
~Daughter Michelle
~Granddaughter Angelena
~Daughter Evelyn
~David H.
~Erin C.
~Ramona S.
~Lynne H.
~Erin Colman

~David Heaton
~Rolfe Johnstad
~Margaret Johnstad
~Ramona Scarth
~John Lettermann
~Mayra Aguire
~Valerie D’Antonio
~Rose Marie
~Marie Brown
~Ruth Mallory
~Melissa Doyle
~Thomas Haack
~ 79 OMG ~

 Sat, Mar 26, 2016 Los Angeles, CA Dolby Theatre

~Anne Quinto
~Myron Heaton
~Jenny Newman
~Marie Brown

Tue, Mar 29, 2016 San Jose, CA City National Civic
~Anne Quinto
~Anne’s guest
~Janet Pilkington
~Antoinette Surma
~3 yr. old son
~Kathi Balbi
~Marie Brown
~Cheryl VanDyke
~ Maureen Bozeman

Wed, Mar 30, 2016 San Diego, CA San Diego Civic Theatre

~Piratesorka (Connie)
~Shar Parker
~JoAllen Tsyitee

  ~5 family members

Fri, Apr 01, 2016 Temecula, CA Pechanga Resort & Casino
~Joanie Guyon
~Anna Breeding
~Charles Breeding
~Shar Parker
~Thomas Haack
~John Kraus